Naku, nahawa… I really really want to react on that thing… [got the idea from danica’s lj] ever since I read a certain post from there...

What are posers really? … for me, un ung mga ‘social climber’ people who try to look cool by inserting themselves in the era they aren’t really meant for… that stands for the people…

How bout the words? People define this as a way to make your life easier, y’know [like that..] shortening the long words, changing the rule of ‘change y to I and add es’ too a lot more unspecified rules… in short… slangs… kajologan daw…

But of course, I have an explanation for that… I’m not really opposing to the idea of hating poser words pero… hey, some just define it as an obstruction to your native language… wtf?

Tag-lish and conyo… are they the same? I have no idea actually…-.-

Hello naman… people are just being, different… maybe they don’t want themselves to be out of trend… admit it, we want updates in our helluva freakin life right? But the updates doesn’t necessarily mean blending in the conyo-nalized [imbento raw ba?] people out there…

haaayy...even i use those poser words sometimes [basically...only in chatting and texting]... just for the sake of bitching people out [if they're disgusted by the idea of poser-ing].. yeah... i'm a bitch..gotta problem? ..dyusko epal.. di ako yan ah..whatever nga..

Haayy, even the most uncivilized people are gradually learning the conyo way of speaking or writing or expressing themselves…

For me ok lng sa text, bhala ka… conyohin mo buong mundo pero when you talk to me… it’s either I’ll think you’re maarte or you’re one social climber…

W8.. I think I’m missing the point.. poser words.. yeah right…






I heart u? [grrrrrrrr!!!]

OMG [as in vocal]

… jologs? Yes.

So far un lng ang aking opinion…



haayy... sabi ko na, dahil sa bad weather, di matu2loy ang supposed-to-be haircutting day... haha...-_-;;

naku ah, i'm thinking of having a different haristyle by now, i hate my hair getting longer then-- trimmed! as always...-_-

i'm bored... and b/c of that, i think i'll let you see a caricature of me...by me... on paint... haha... i'm bored.. pasenxa...


see that? i look pathetic... i really need a haircut.. anyways, di nman ako lagi nkalugay eh...hehe


oh, mas pathetic ata yan... i hte my hair like that, and that happens only when i'm undecided on which haircut to take.. argghhh...

i wish....-_-;;

hope that looks good on me, i want to have a hair like that... hehe.. contrasting to the kind of hair most people like for the coming prom...^^;;

arrggghhh... to those people who know me... tingin nyo.. bagay? comment nman...

forgive me coz of this silly shallowness...tssk

and now i'm sick...-_-

not actually... just feeling sick... ulk... i hate this feeling, makes me wanna throw up...-_-... y'knw..i was knowledgeable enough to understand the painful muscle contractions in my stomach, that when you work out you won't be experiencing this agonizing pain... but hell, i did work out, i played volleyball in P.E. and i got muscle pain...which means my biceps/triceps are slowly getting used to this over production of lactic acid, which is good by the way.... but why am i still suffering from disminoreah? [chk d spelling na lng..] ...araaayyy ko...

after church, i rushed to the bathroom to throw up, maybe i ate to much bromate free pandesal and gulped in too much cheezee...--;; forgive me.

i slept from 11am - 1pm or something and when i woke up, i remembered na we'll have an investi meeting here in our house, and at that moment i wish someone would text me from my group telling me na postponed na lng ung meeting [i can't even stretch my arm to reach my phone], pero..goodness, ate cads opened the door and told me i have two guests waiting. haaayyy... ^^;;. forgive me, for i am suffering an unbearable amount of pain that is slowly increasing due to this project. arrgghhh...

ok, now it's time for me to do my thing. but i'm too hungry to do so, so i ate first ^^;; nang-alok nman ako.. kaw nman o. hehe...

tapos un... i still had fun. thanks to ate heidi who gave me this 'sambong tea' [pinakuluang sambong-- talk about noli..tsss] as a help to my sorrows [drama noh?] and then un... we continued our project but unfortunately, we didn't finish it all so we proceed to the paperworks na lng... haaayy at last we're done. ^^;; goodness.. i thought di ko kkyanin ang day na toh.

i discovered some secrets. haha... i'm not going to share.. secret nga eh...

i miss terai, hope she's fine... pag bumalik sha i'll blme her for she's responsible for me eyes.. nmmga.. haaayy... i miss my sister! yan tuloy, i had to squeeze myself beetween my parents during sleep ksi wala akong ksama sa room... scary.

BARBIE ROCKS! [new layout]

yesterday, me, diane and ate heidi went to the youth alive concert of our church--- 'akustic b tlga?' featuring barbie's cradle. actually un lng nman inabangan nmen eh [ng lahat malamang]... hehe boring ung ibang bands.. tapos my isang band na nainis tlga ko... ung 'broken'- banda ksi sala kaya sana... manners of proffesionalism nman ipakita nila.. maxado cla intimidated sa ibang bands... hmph. astig ung 'emmnuel'.. haha... ang dami inst! may violin, cielo, kahon, banjo, 2 guitar (akustic, electric), chk ung isa pang perkushon thing... ewan ko kung ano twag... bsta un.. hehe.. astig... galing nila.

kaasar... la kme kamera, di abot ng phone ko ung mga pips sa stage khit izoom.. grr... pero oks lng.. hehe. tapos andun c acel ng moonstar... ngaun ko nga lng nalaman na hindi n pla sha ksama dun eh... married na ksi...^_~ pero buhay pren nman ung band, iba nga lng vocals.. hehe...

tapos un.. barbie's cradle.. astigin... tlgang nagtanong ako kung akustik b tlga toh... kasi folk-rock music nila... c barbie ay petite, nttwa ako ang lki ng guitar nya ehehe... pero haayyy buit na lng kumanta na cla.. nabuhayan ang audience... their first song was ---(ewan ko..d k lam) ung song sa nscafe... ung 'nescafe... blah blah... all good things comin up!'-- un.. tma b? yeah cla kumanta nun tapos indpendence day, para... etc. tapos after nila.. layas na kme... haha... ^^;;

Hhaaayyy un lng...


onga pla.. new layout.. if you notice... nagsawa ako eh.. ginawa kong colorfull.. hhe.. o yan.. enjoy ah... senxa na kung ayaw nyo ng selections sa music player... hmph.. la ko makita OPM eh...^^;; bsta.. enjoy..

hope you like this new layout.

[tntmad ako magedit.. bhala na kayo sa speling at gramar...-_-]


awhile ago while collecting kina 'suki'... two children came to me to ask for their pamasko... sad to say pero i don't have coins in my pocket so i said sorry ksi i have no money... -_-... nkkguilty... those children are hoping for someone who'll give them even just a peso.. pero waaahhh... di ako nagbigay... ka guilty tlga oh...

oh well... those children? nkkguilty.. pero nung nagkalabuan kme ng isa kong friend... hmm.. naguilty ba ko? gags... of course yes... pero up to now i still can't find what my fault is in there... -_~...hindi kse ako manhid.. i'll know naman if i did something bad eh... and if i did... i'll apologize.. pero kung alam kong wala... hmm.. Lord, help naman o? ^^;;

diniscuss ng aming class president kung gusto nmen mag feastday sa boy's town marikina dun sa in-outreach-an namen... grrr... majority of the class approved pero.. w00T... i'm the lone hand raiser for the option of not celebrating the feastday there...

basically... i hate children... i hate their being makulet (khit lam kong galing din ako dun) i hate their being so hard to talk to... i hate them kasi nagpapahabol cla pag kinakausap... i hate them when they scream... i hate them...period. pero it doesn't mean na ayoko rin magkaanak sa future (haha... umabot daw ba dito?! LoL) gusto ko naman... pero i think two children would be enough... dahil ayoko ng maraming inaalagaang BATA... arrgghhh... no wonder my lowest score in the interest test fell under 'personal service' w/c includes nursing, care giving, bsta... ganun...

haaayy... about the band thing? uhgh... im outta there...-_~... not out as in i'm leaving coz even if i want to.. i can't dahil sa certain reasons.. haaayyy buhaaayyyy.... i hope i'm a freelander....tssss...

pluggie na nga lng ulet... ---> LUNACY v.1

PS... because i'm inspired with our lesson awhile ago at AP (bout knights and stuff)... i decided to make a fictional novel entitled: Oath of Chivalry ---> watch out! bka ma-publish ko to someday! hehe... (which is after a century or.. never?)


haynaku... kill me for cursing... i really hate this day... ah.. wala... i hate our presentation a while ago...~_-... i hate a certain grupm8.. yeah yeah... bat ako magsosorry e sha nga ung lumayas sa harap ko eh.. hn... bahala sha sa buhay nya... the hell i care...

oh well... that means THERE IS NOT REALLY A 'TRUE FRIEND' existing in this world... totoo yaaannn... even my 'bestfriends'.. i can't consider them a true friend... best lng.. ksi para saken mas mataas ung true sa best..

aminin nyo... ur bestfriends are just plainly your schoolfriends.. ero pag di na kayo nagkikita... la ng contact.. would you still think na friend ka pren nya... gya nunbg sa kong bstfriend nung gradeskul, la na kontak kahit tawag ako ng tawag sa kanya... unlike mannie.... a true friend indeed...

ughh... whatever nga.. i just hate this day, hay salamat at magpapractice kami as a CLUB not as a group... coz i can't take our imperfections... bwiset.. ano?! ssbihin mo na nobody is perfect? baket? sinabi ko ba na perfect ako? fuck you!

AWKWARD MOMENT starts... now

i'm still feeling awkward since our interaction with lasalle gh 2-F... why? don't ask, i'm always like this... even in first yr. when they enter.. i laugh... can't help it... LoL...-_-

anyways... oh well... guess the saying's right, it won't be exciting enough w/ the second time 'round... haha... they're right... it's actually boring (no offense) maybe i'm not so sociable to have all the fun.. eh kasi noh.. in things like this, only the 'sociables' get the 'real fun'... i still had a little fun... making funny things out of people...jke.. sma koh noh... ung activities nila (or lahat kme..prang..) ohkaaayyy?... xept for the MTV.. pero ung iba..cge na nga... ok na rin.. pwede...^^;;

haayy.. entrance.. todo... plastikan ito! i must admit.. shempre you have to control your uncontrollable outburst of laughing your guts out(yuck?)..ah eh.. basta ganun..

oh well... since i'm sensitive.. i want you to check HER xanga... check her nov.21 post... langya... insultuhin daw ba ang aking alma matter?!?! too bad kchatm8 ko pnaman bf nya.. hah! bka sha mapaginitan ko! grrr... CHECK IT CHECK IT!!!

naku.. pagod nnman ako...

oh well... this sunday is the LORD's day.. hallelujaaa.... i love GOD... pero bat lagi pren akong tinatamad magpray? sabi ko nga i'll never let Jesus wait pag may date kme (cl...tss) pero lagi ako inaantok or pagod or di ko feel... i hate this feeling... isa kong hipokritaaaaa!! hindi ko mapanindigan ung intro ko sa Godly cat. ng websyt ko... isa kong malaking sinungaling!!! naknaaaaaangggg...

ang daming b.i. sa paligid... i am slowly getting used to hear people cursing!!! haaayy...


kanina at church, yeah.. like what i said, i'll buy the tickets to barbie's cradle's concert... haaaynaku namannn... ubos na ung sa harap (150 php)... langya.. so no choice.. have to buy the 75 pesos tix...hmmph... and that's from the middle of the auditorium hanggang balcony... kelangan ako mapunta sa balcony! as in asa harap!!

isa pa toh... malamang kahit cno naman iisa ang dahilan for religious concert... barbie's cradle and moonstar... tama... yan ang rason ko.. at di ko manlang naisip na para kay Lord tong concert na toh...-_-... punish me LORD... right now.


kanina investi nmen.. nakina monte ako... haynaku... sana successful ung proj. namen... hmmph...-.-

ang sungit ng maid nila.


onga pla... bukas interaction namen... gud luck. di ako naeexite...eh pano bnaman.. la salle gh nnman...-_-...sawa na ko...

sabado nanaman

i thought i could get some rest, but unfortunately no... i didn't get any of those desirable long sleeps! oh, i must admit--- i hate our band practices (coz i'm too lazy to attend) but once we get in there, we'll be overwhelmed with our rehearsals... hulaan nyo kung overwhelmed sa kagandahan o kapangitan... ^_~ haha... basta un... sa wednesday, accdng to my untrustworthy senses, the pres (i think) of the PTA foundation will be listening to each of the band's performance, if she likes it, then we might get invited to perform during the fair. which i don't like... why? basically that means performing on stage (speaking of stage fright), and of course i have to carry, again, my organ which i think sounds WEIRD especially during the FAIR.

awhile ago, at CK (cafe konsulado) kim, aisha, larz, me and steph practiced our audition piece--- Silent Night. Wallah... stig... this is one big ORCHESTRAA!! xept for the piano i think (never seen pianos in orchestras...-_^)haha... the song is really nice... we don't have a vocalist kaya masaya kasi if we have... edi voice ya ung hahabulin ng aming tempo... yoko nga.. paimportante...

narinig ko pa nga.. our december concert (first ever gig to if ever! needs audition nga lng...) sa greenhills will be postponed due to hectic sched ng cafe... anyways... ok un.. that means more practice... pero mamomove daw sa january...

i don't think i heard it right... narinig ko ata na may selected groups (audition passed) na sasama sa 'kundirana' concert... u know what... whatttevvverrrrr.... kung pumasa kami... prang ayoko sumama... hello lng... days after that concert is the 3rd quarterly exams! haaayyy


w00T!!! tomorrow at church i'll be buying the 'youth alive fundraising tickets' for a religious concert featuring Barbie's Cradle!!! and moonstar88 (i think...that's what i heard eh..)...sama ka? hah... murang mura lng... 75 pesos! san k nmn nakakita ng barbie's cradle concert for 75 bucks? heheeeee.... nov.27-7pm-word of hope christian family church auditorium-- EDSA west... harap ng sm north edsa. c ya there!


maxado na kong busy this yr... i think lahat nman tau eh...-.- pero haayy... pagod na ko.. gusto ko magpahinga...

--- lol... natutuwa ako sa silent night namen... ang gandaaaa!!

BAD NEWS! (bad news nga ba?) nagbunutan kami kanina kung cno leader... nahulaan nyo na noh... ako nnman (di tlga ko marunong bumunot!)!! -_- meaning ako ung mag tatawag pag may practices! eh hello.. ako nga ung numero unong ayaw magpractice eh... langya nman...hmm.. nevermind.-_-

currently listening to:Misa de Gallo - Manila Philharmonic Orchestra

worst week of november...[h8 list update]

and i though this is my lucky month since i celebrated my birthday on this horribly [just now] dreadful month. isooo hate this wk... from nov 16--nov19! everything bad happened to me!!! kaasar... i wish i'd die right now! *knocks on wood 3x* and go to heaven and see God and never come alive. But hell that's pretty easier said than done... -_-

first of all, tag-board is sick again... or is it my browser who's sick? can't open the webpage..can't access my account....-_- damn

oh look at that...the xerox/printer/scanner machine is now working... well..? hindi sha katulad ng mga xerox machine na mabilis, this one is uber slow, scanning the paper and PRINTING a copy of it..... ang bagal tuloy.. and xet noh.. colored pa! the ink is tooo expensive and the scanner (na sobrang matigas ang ulo) is digging holes in our laptop... my dad downloaded THREE scanner software only to discover none of them compatible with that 'xerox' brand machine... bwiset...

during the whole school week, i was loaded with the heaviest metal in the world! kaassaaarrr...this is preposterous!!! (yak...) i hate assignments! i hate quizzes! i hate seatworks!!! so what do you think is left with my class standing sheet?

btw, plano ko mag-iba ng layout since i'm getting used to this na... inspired nnman ako sa isang song, 'welcome to my life'-- simple plan. la lng... dba? pang blog tlga ung title di tulda ng 'you can buy me now'..ano ko prosti? gags.



haayyy... lam nyo.. minsan nauubusan din ng pasenya ang isang tao, at ubus na ang pasensya ko sa pagpa2kyut nya (di naman sha kyut) sa pagpa3nsin nya (dedma nman) at sa abot langit nyang feeling na crush ko xa (hindi nman 22o) naiinis ako kay...*sigh* should i say her name... puchangnakngtimpaklong un eh....wag na lng...

at now she's using someone else pra pagselosin ako (or so i thought)... haaayyyy ako ba tlga'y lulunurin sa kamalasan sa linggong toh? ang kapal ng mukha nya nakakaawa... w8...prang ako yata ang feeling nun ah.. ah bsta... hello world? kaw bnmn di ma-obviousan sa mga desperate attempts nya... oh my... DIE BITCH! kala mo kinalolokohan ka ng mga tao? in your dreams sucker! kala mo kyut ka... hinde... panget ka.. you suck! i never thought na ganyan ka pla... feeling, mayabang, feeling, mayabang...

isa ka pa ***** haha... dyusko kunsintedora.... lol..if i were you i wouldn't tolerate your friend's desperate wishes of cuddling while in my presence... (yak.. ampeeling ko! haha... blog ko toh!)

isa pa... *** ********, kala ko ba di ka blabber? e isa ka plang langyang machinegun mouth eh... pigilan mo yang mo.. paplasteran ko yan...

know what? i hate the seniors batch 04-05... curse them. and sorry, i just hate that batch.

the lonliest birthday ever...

i never thought birthdays can be sad too...=( just like what i'm experiencing today... i would love to spend the whole day of november 16 at home, with my family who knows (duh) that a certain child existed in this same day in the year 1990... but helluvafreakin shit... first... i got late at school ... second, the pipe-in people didn't greet me! how sad... oh well, although you might say you don't want your name to be mentioned in the pipe-in for the whole school to know... hn, you know yourslelf.. and i know you want your birthday to be known... parang ako! then... people in the class started singing a happy birthday to my friend and classmate frolyne who (accdng to the pipe-in) celebrated her birthday on the 15th ut in reality... it was on the 14th... haha... people are getting pa-windang nang pa-windang nowadays... and as for me... my friends almost forgot this day! the only people who knew it was my brithday was... karla. larz. ate iori (am i right?) and hannah (really?)... haaayy...

and to add to this whole freakin miserable day of mine, our dear teachers loaded our backs with lots of homeworks... and i sooo fucking hate our trigo teacher... she gave us numberlots of homeworks na di nya tinuro... maybe she did but majority of the class didn't understand, and she's such a pig! i know.. i'm bad and i'm mean...lam ko na yan.. so don't spat that in my face for the nth time... i should be having a good day today.. pero lahat ruined na...

i hate this day...

girl boy bakla tomboy butiki baboy

girl boy bakla tomboy butiki baboy

girl boy --> ay... boy na ko...-_^

Count of Monte Cristo

as a book, that was one of our national hero's favorite.

my dad bought a vcd of it and watched it with my sister and my chubby ol' sis told me it was nice... and worth your tears...(really huh..?)... bsta.. watch nyo... actually di ko pa nga napapanuod eh...

hehe... my mom, dad and sis went to SMF today... without me! -_-... surprise daw coz they're gonna shop for my gifts! wahaha... wish ko something cuddly like a giant stufftoy na bear or HELLO KITTY!!(i'm still a kid and i cant sleep without anythin to cuddle) or if granted.. .a COMPUTER!... wahaw... pero i still wish they're gonna give me something of great necessity... like... a pair of rubber shoes coz i realy feel walking barefoot with my LA gear kasi da pads on the sole broke down... maxado raw ako malikot...hmmph... now i don't have any decent shoes to wear.-_-

hehe...i got a gift nah... haha... pera to chong! guess who gave it? our maid... awww... c ate ging! ay isang mabait na maid! kasi wala... super bait lng nya na mejo asar na minsan... haha... basta.. at least may pera nnmn ako! whahaha...

nakanampuch... na LSS ako sa 'liwanag sa dilim' ...LoL... kaya lagi ko nire-refresh blog ni nica...haha...^^;;

cge na.. baboosh... sana matuloy ang aming fud sale sa thursday kasi expiration na nung mga cinnamon twist na binili ko sa friday.. ehehe...

advance happy brithday to me...

i'm turning 14 tomorrow! yippeeee... but really, i don't feel it's my brithday...-_-...haaynaku...


1.) MY OWN COMPUTER na may printer! pentium 4 processor and.. uhm..it should have a 40 gb hard drive memory... plus modem!!!

2.) discman

3.) new wardrobe.. -kshoshop lng nmen pero i still hate my clothes... i'm too big!! i don't fit in!! shame on me.

4.) pera... kung my gift kayo sken.. icash nyo na lng... ~_^


tsss.... i think i'll not be internet-ing tomorrow...

Project Lunacy v.1

looki looki! i'm getting excited over my website!! Project Lunacy v.1 <---- i just finished the first page.. as in un palang.. so.. you won't be getting anything... but so far, i think i'll be continuing this until the end... ayoko na ng walang nttpos sa website... this is my third trial!

1.)--- anime 711: this project was halted due to limited time of internet acces, isa pa... i don't like geocities pagebuilder's web resolution.. so un... tinigil ko na.. kasi ako'y nawiwindang sa pagebuilder dahil ang corny ng graphics... walang class... hindi formal.

2.)--- melodic doohickeys: this is the first time i tried to do a website out of the overly complicated website making program... notepad. hoorah... masaya pren ako khit na magkanda loka loka na ko sa kaaaral ng notepad... un pla... codes! yes.. codes... and i have to learn the basics of html... kaso, tables lng alam ko gamiting... kya.. dahil panget ang kinalabasan... site is permanently closed.

3.) and now... presenting... Project Lunacy v.1... un na un... i'm using div's na.. pra madale...haha... abangan nyo na lng pag may content na...^_^

wish ko lng... matapos ko toh,,,


today is sunday.. therefore... today is GOD's day.. we didn't have Pastor Dave to preach this early morning of 6 am, on the contrary, we had Ptr. Marvin... at first i thought 'nah... i'm gonna sleep again kasi boring nnmn ung pastor' (sma noh?) ..pero no... he was convincing enough to encourage a lot of people to turn in to the altar and accept God's Love for them... Topic? the power of prayer... prayer without ceasing, prayer that would reach not just at the boundaries of our roofs but prayer that would reach the highest mountains... prayer that would reach GOD.

and his examples are realistic and moving... so un... i din't sleep... hehe...

oh my... malapet na bday ko! greet me! pero whatever ah.. i don't feel like turning 14...nah...

nuff said.

work centre XK35C

yey! my dad bought a xerox machine/printer/scanner! in short.. all in one.. kasi 2nd hand... pero oks lng... theonly problem is, we can't seem to figure out how it's being used...hayyy...

hintay pa kme ng taong hinire pra gawan ng paraan... hmmph.. kainis... xited pnmn ako! ^_-...


woot malapet na bday ko... sa tuesday na... hepe bday to me... i'm turning 14! yey... kaso di ko feel na mlapet na ko magbday...

my mom wants to throw a party pero knowing her unconstant mind... i bet it's not for real...and w8...she wants to invite our neighbors.. e ayoko nga kasi di ko nman friends un.. guys pa...-_- hindi ksi ako sociable noh! ...-_-...

whatever nga... gudluck in my lonliest bday ever! ^_^

w00t! someone flamed me

big deal daw ba.. haha...

i'm a sensitive person.. therefore i should react. ayoko nmn dedma...

LoL... i'm giving that bloody git too much attention...

let's give that freakin beyatch waht he/she long craved for!--- !

how lame is that... the world today is producing too many KSP people, and it's bugging me, especially when an uninvited insect flies over my blog and they pretend to be a critic when they don't sound like one...

so much for a birthday treat.


halatang kggling lng sa retreat noh... haha

kanina, i had a dream--- i was in a softball game... un lng.. kalimutan ko na eh...

tapos i watched 'hiwaga sa balite drive' on abscbn--- talk about boring stuff...-_- gusto ko lng nman dun ung guy eh.. haha...


hhaaaayyyy, saturday nnman, i guess may practice nnman kame sa CK... shet noh... i'm facing the real consequences of not studying the guitar...-_- ayoko na.


third year students of the section kalayaan of the School of the Holy Spirit of QC had an eventful retreat last november 10-12, 2004. The said retreat was held at OMC (Oblates Missionary Center) at Macopa St. Mapayapa Vill.1 QC.


LoL... i surely believe that it is not the spiritual training we students are getting excited for, on the contrary, the fact that we will stay away from home for 2 nights and three days, with our friends and dear teachers--- is exciting enough.

Having Bros. Pao and Mike around made the whole thing more humor-filled and fun. They never failed to laugh our guts out, cry tears of joy and fart the whole night through! (haha jke.. yuk)

w00t... ayoko na nga...

we had real fun, yes but there are also mushy parts where people cry exchanging palm sized hearts categorized in four parts --- love, sacrifice, gratitude, forgiveness---> i can't decide whether i'll give forgiveness hearts to anyone, coz like one friend-- i don't really feel sorry to anyone... oh great. now i'm the sinister type now.


but still, i had to say sorry to just one person, jen. sorry for discriminating her-- due to some personal issues. yes, i'm bad.. but at least i said sorry.

the other two sorry hearts went to people i'm not really feeling sorry for. for the sake of writing something and distributing it to someone... i did that. npka plastic.

my heart is getting cold and hard. and i'm not asking for some warmth and heart melting things to stop me from thinking bad thoughts on others.-_-

i am evil. i know.. but i'm not a demon.


on the first day of the retreat, at night my classm8s went to the chapel for the adoration of the exposed sacrament, they prayed the rosary and blah blah things... and me, being the non-catholic stayed alone with tow other classmates, tanya and alya... na hindi ko nman close so--- un, they went together- i was left alone, i slept, got uncomfortable, woke up and waited for them outside, thinking insane thoughts to myself, acting like a 'do nothing' queen, reflecting on the square grassy garden down an atrium like building, thinking thoughts like 'wat if fall' -- im not going to die naman eh, or 'sana swimming pool toh' then i would accidentally drown myself due to freaky thoughts inhabiting my brain.

oh well... nice try, but.. better luck next time.



Call me: arianne, r-yan, yan, yani, yanyan --> watever!

Age: 13 going on 14

Height: average for my level, but tall for my age

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark brown

Where im at: basement.


Fallen off the bed?: yeah.. when i was a kid

Had plastic surgery?: no

Had a dream come true?: yeah, minor dreams nga lng

Cheated on a test?: of course naman!


Wearing: shirt, capri, jacket, undies

Eating: Nothing.

Feeling: sleepy

Reading: this one?

Located: Home

Chatting with: no one -- myself i think

Listening: my mom's secretary talking to someone on the phone

Should really: sleep? wtf is this?


Brush ur teeth?: duh like yes?

Have any piercings?: ears..

Drive?: SOMEDAY!!

Believe in GOD?: Yes.

Ever get off the computer: Er...yes? :p


Who are your bestfriends?: hannah, mannie, peachy, karla

Who is the loudest?: karla

Who is the shyest?: peachy

Who is the hottest?: mannie

Who laughs the most?: karla

Who have u known the longest?: mannie

Do u hang out with the opposite sex?: yeh

Do u consider yourself popular?: No

Do u trust ur friends: Yes.

Are you a good friend?: Hopefully.

Can you keep a secret?: Yuh.


Talked to on da phone: mom

Yelled at: forgot...-_o

Tripped: no one

Turned down: Turned down?


What do you want to be when you grow up?:

i want to be the richest most successful person alive!

What was the worst day of ur life?: Er...can't


What has been the best day of ur life?:

oh maybe when i saw tony sun in person... *drools*

What do u usually think of before u go to bed?:

GOD, coz i'm praying...


Food: sweets, spag, cake, ice cream... blah blah

Movies: harry pottr series, jackie chan movies, passion of the christ... blah blah

Song/s: la eh

Sport: volley, badminton, sopbol, swimming

Ice cream flavor: cookies n cream

Magazine: nah

Day of the week : Friday amd wednesday (not bcoz of clubs! == PE!)

Color: red


Like to walk in the rain: Yeah

Prefer black or blue pens?: Black

Like to travel?: Yesh

Sleep on your side, tummy or back?: depends


Into any relationship?: Nope.

Outgoing/Anti Social: mejo-mejo

Big Eater: Depends :p



have you ever felt being so loaded with work that you can't sleep anymore?

have you ever felt the agony of painfuly listing everything that needs to be done?

have you ever felt cramming for a project whose deadliest deadline is TOMORROW?

nakanamtipaklong. i'm feeling all those... at once. -_- i soo hate this life.. actually this year... but i can't help it... i must excel to a higher level.. it is true... life is like a game... level one: easy, level 2: getting harder: level: hardest, and you really have to try and work your best out in order to be the 'game master'. once you've done that... congratulations. you won.

but in between those levels are times that we almost want to give up, times when we like to have the game over. times when we lack courage to continue because of fear of failing... oh well that's normal... but in this kind of game we call life... there is no 'reset' nor an off or on button. once you switched it on... you're on. and switching it off is easy, but just like loosing an actual game, get ready to face some criticisms, teases and all the awful things in things to be thrown on you... just because you decided to push off that button and leave the helluva freakin place.

that's cowardice friend.

pushing the button off is like choosing death over life.


i don't know why i did that... oh well nevermind...

haayy... i'm starting my own WRITTEN journal here... coz i remember i have this compiled notebook which i'm keeping for over a year but still there are lot of spaces to be filled... hehe... in that notebook i'll fill in all the PERSONAL and PRIVATE things about me that i do not want to flaunt to the public. ^_~


arrghhh... that's it! i'm already fed up! i tried for almost several times, but failed... although i'm just compromising with my moods (does the acceptance mudra)... tsk.

the mobile phonetool i installed in this pc for my cellhpone in actually working GREAT!!! -__-... really and i sooo "LOVE" -_- it! first off.) it SUCKS!!! grrr....-_-


oh well... i think i'm missing blue again.. and thank goodness... di na maxado feeling c red! or am i just not noticing her recently? oh i don't care... pag pinag-uusapan nmen c blue... i want to tell the people na di ko na sha crush.. w/c is true.. pero meron pang onte... hinde hinde... di ko tlga sha kras.. IDOL lang... haha... ayoko naman ideny... kasi aykong maging sinungaling. --

lang ya tlga tong buhay na to... tuwa ako kaninang english... di ko maisip, marunong ako magoutline ng mga naka2windang na topics!! and we got the highest! yey!

hehe... -_-;;

from mobile to PC

how do you that? kase nman it requires cable sync or blutooth.. eh kaso kelangan ng username and password.. san ko kukunin un! grr... i'm having a hard time figuring these things out...-_- l8er nga

thank GOD it's FRIDAY!

hello everyone! it's been a day since my last post! oh well, i'm still affected with the blogging fever. -_-... i have not loose track of updating what's recent around me. haha... well... since today is friday, i knew i'd be carrying loads of homeworks!!!-_- and to think.. i haven't started any of those! yihaa! project deadlines are approaching once again.. and i'm on for another chase of grade hikes... haaayy... karla's bday is soon! advance happeee birthday!!! and mine too... i'll be celebrating on th 16th.. hapee bday to me.. ^__^ i'm 13 going on 14!!!

haayy.. my day today was semi-good and semi bad... today is a first friday mass, and this is the very first time i enjoyed the mass in skul... b/c the priest was soo gay.. and he's voice is high, he's funny too!!! haha...


pero badtrip naden.. bcos of certain pipol. they did nothing offensive, they didnnothing to harm me, they did NOTHING actually, but i believe in my intuitions and by the way look at me stare of just catch a glimpse, i already knew they hate me. ha! SAME HERE! i hatee you TWO! haha.. i duno... when i see them.. uhm... nvm nga...


awhile ago i was talking to larz.. about this extra sensors we might have if we try to meditate and open our chakras... i explained to her the processes i didn't dare to do... (they're not really scary but the fact that you want to open ur third eye.. uhmm)

of course the very first thing is find a quiet place... a place where you can meditate. do this at night...^_^

then, do the calming mudra (i know you know that! the usual meditation position... the index finger touching the thumb? dba dba?) and concentrate on the first chakra... the groin, that is. once you feel your energy starting to form around that region,and in your mind you see an energy ball at that area hold your breath and push that energy to the next chakra, in the navel. -- this means you have opened the first process.. bsta it's the matter of opening it fomr bottom to top.. there are 6 shakra openings... in the groin, navel, below the ribcage, heart, between your eyebrows (third eye), and top of forehead. when you have opened all of this....

expect a change of life.


third eye

third eye. yes, that's the topic i'm going to use in my term paper. haayy, actually i made that topic in a rush and i was surprised our teacher ranked it #1...say what?-_-

ok. whatever.

look at my topics rundown:

1. feng shui

2. palmistry

3. numerology

4. dreams

5. third eye

haha... things which includes skeptism around religious or spiritual matters are interesting to me. hehe... that's why i chose those!

sometimes, we doubt if there really is a GOD. as we grow older, we dig questions only our faith can answer. Faith is believing, trusting, and serving GOD (which you cannot see). Our faith is tested in times of doubt, believing, trusting and serving something you cannot see proves your faith.

Faith can't work alone just by believing, coz as a matter of fact-- Everybody BELIEVES in GOD, including satan. It is the devotion of his people that counts.

even the word FAITH is an abstract noun.

oh, was that our of topic? i really want to insert that... really. ~_^

is it a sin to choose those potential roots of skeptism as a topic for your term paper?-- which may possibly lead you to a more confusion filled brain?

i really don't know.-_- i'm quite confused... i need someone... an expert in the field.


music: moonlight sonata- ludwig van bethoveen [i'm getting creepy and classical]

book of the moment: the little giant encyclopedia of superstitions [here i go agen...]


ppsst... i ate 3 isau's kanina!! haha.. soo yummy! ^__^


my mind is.. sabog.-_- can't think of something worth-reading to write...--;;

simpler life

it's been a couple of days since i last updated.. oh well... nothing MUCH happened really... during our helluva LONG supposed-to-be-sembreak, our whole family went to bicol to visit my lola..mamay! and also to visit na rin may lolo's puntod. it was really fun! i got a 'jet lag' haha... or was it a 'car lag'... my butt hurts... from manila to bicol is 12 hours... plus 2 hours because of traffic in san pablo, laguna.. which means... i travelled for over a day!!! whattatrip! pero it's worth it naman... i saw mount mayon agen.. and took a picture... kaso phone ko lng gmt ko coz we forgot to buy a film..-_- haayy... i still adore that national wonder despite it's imperfections due to it's last eruption...-__-

and then, we played badminton, went to tabaco for pasalubongs, tapos i bought a ponytail for 10 bucks! ang cute nga eh.. ung parang worms.. teeheee...the best part...

i ate DJC halohalo!!! i wish i could share all the travel captures but unfortunately for me, i'm still working out on how to make the cellphone program work with xp coz it's not compatible with the OS... darn noh!! darn!!!grr..

so far.. so good.^_^

haayyy... i love my mamay... when she knew na we'll pay a visit to bicol, she took a bath for over an hour and cleaned the house! tats naman kame!!^__^

tpos... we visited some of our relatives in libjo! i enjoyed it sooo much kase dame food! and puro kakanin, i ate bico, ube, inangit... basta puro malagkit rice! tapos i saw a kitten hiding between the rice sacks!! soooppperrr cute.. haha... i took it's picture!!! tapos nagtatago sha... natatakot... cutteee!!

then.. we moved on to another house... there naman we ate fish kusido.. sarap! tapos may gata sa manok... supperrr yummy!! tapos kung sa kabila may kitten, dito may puppy!! shocking cute... his mother is color white with brown... sha naman black and white!!! 1 week old palang!! tapos ang tba... para shang baby cow! ung moo moo cow!! supper cute.. di pa madilat ng mashado ung mata tapos wala pang teeth!! haaayyy... i sooo love pups and kittens.. kaso yaw ko mag-alaga.. hehe

edi yun... the night before we left... we went to the cemetery... LoL.. malas ba kung makatulog ka sa ibabaw ng nitso? ako kasi eh... hehe.. lola ko naman un eh.. hehe...^_^;; haayyy... so much for the long weekend.


during our stay in bicol, i already knew that we're going to live a simpler life, life without working fosets, life without roofed bathrooms, life without maids... in short... simpler life nga eh!

when we take a bath, we would get our own pails then magbobomba kami ng tubig sa labas... good thing is, sa loob naman ako naligo, di sa labas tulad dati.. LoL... parang marimar bathroom.. haha.. i miss those 'bomba' times.. kasi dati may pump kami ng tubig eh.. ngaun.. wala na!

haaayyy... ang saya sa bicol... maraming stars!!! malamig ang simoy ng hangin!!! aliw.

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