Naku, nahawa… I really really want to react on that thing… [got the idea from danica’s lj] ever since I read a certain post from there...

What are posers really? … for me, un ung mga ‘social climber’ people who try to look cool by inserting themselves in the era they aren’t really meant for… that stands for the people…

How bout the words? People define this as a way to make your life easier, y’know [like that..] shortening the long words, changing the rule of ‘change y to I and add es’ too a lot more unspecified rules… in short… slangs… kajologan daw…

But of course, I have an explanation for that… I’m not really opposing to the idea of hating poser words pero… hey, some just define it as an obstruction to your native language… wtf?

Tag-lish and conyo… are they the same? I have no idea actually…-.-

Hello naman… people are just being, different… maybe they don’t want themselves to be out of trend… admit it, we want updates in our helluva freakin life right? But the updates doesn’t necessarily mean blending in the conyo-nalized [imbento raw ba?] people out there…

haaayy...even i use those poser words sometimes [basically...only in chatting and texting]... just for the sake of bitching people out [if they're disgusted by the idea of poser-ing].. yeah... i'm a bitch..gotta problem? ..dyusko epal.. di ako yan ah..whatever nga..

Haayy, even the most uncivilized people are gradually learning the conyo way of speaking or writing or expressing themselves…

For me ok lng sa text, bhala ka… conyohin mo buong mundo pero when you talk to me… it’s either I’ll think you’re maarte or you’re one social climber…

W8.. I think I’m missing the point.. poser words.. yeah right…






I heart u? [grrrrrrrr!!!]

OMG [as in vocal]

… jologs? Yes.

So far un lng ang aking opinion…


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