Life Lately and a slur of random thoughts

❉ First of all, Happy Holidaaaays! Here's a square card for ya! The watercolor elements are part of a freebie pack at Creative Market. Font used is Trendsetter. :)

❉ Apart from that card I also made a couple of others after snagging some free design resources yey. Here you go:

Fictional couple, date, and venue.

This could be for us, I'm just experimenting with black. The date is set but the venue isn't final yet lol. What do you think? :D

❉ Most of my favorite lifestyle bloggers have not updated in weeks/months 'cos they're too busy travelling and posting snaps instead. Also, they're all kindof moving to youtube, doing this vlogging thing. Of course, I'm on to it too. Charot. But no really, I just ordered an HD webcam at Amazon via Uskoop (which is taking too long already...) so I could try vlogging too HAHA. I'll sell the thing if it doesn't work. LOL

❉ You know when you consider yourself an introvert and people think you like to be left alone in thought. And they think you're this kind of person who's really deep and shiz cos yeah, that's how quiet people are, right? Nope. I just realized I'm this kind of dumb quiet person who likes to be left alone. Just that. I don't really ponder upon things and humanity and philosophy and blah. Which makes me kindof sad. I always thought I was a thinker, turns out I can only think lol.

❉ On to the wedding preps! Thinking about my friends and family and the possible people I could ask to become our ninongs and ninangs, I realized that gooooosh am I really so withdrawn to people? Reading through my guest list I can see that oh wow I know A LOT of people, but when I ask myself if I want to see them on my wedding, I get second thoughts. Haha! Errr...

Truth be told, I want to get Oasis Manila as our venue, but it's just too expensive. I've already settled into a very simple theme, a simple gown, and a simple setup overall. But if we upgrade the venue, my gown will look too simple, my styling too weak, then suddenly we have to upgrade everything! Aaaargh. Bakit ba kasi ang gastos magpa-kasal lol. To be honest, if we weren't both paying for a car and a condo at the same time we'll be able to save up for a more bonggang wedding lol, not that I'm gunning for one but Oasis is really that lovely huhu.

❉ By the way, I started the HCG diet last week. What right timing no. I can't say if it's working yet but it does work as a fab appetite suppressant without the caffeine! I've been stocking on bags upon bags of frozen broccoli florets (from Landers!) too because part of the program is to consume a lot of greens and eat just 500 calories a day. I KNOW RIGHT. I'm killing myself again. But let me just work on this right now and see if I'll lose weight haha!

❉ I'm watching First Kiss for the Seventh Time and it's so freaking oppa overload! I hope they included Song Joong Ki though! I still don't understand how the story works and how ate girl became acquainted with all the boys but I couldn't care less 'cos it's only a short series and those men are but fantasies! Except maybe for Lee Min Ho who's not part of the cards! OMO <3 

So, if I were to pick just one of the 6... I'll probably choose Lee Joon Ki 'cos he's the one with the most realistic angle, he's a church oppa, and they (uhm, we. haha) go way back in childhood (who cares if I don't remember lol). 
  • Park Hae Jin is also realistic, but he's too workaholic for me. 
  • Life will be too dangerous with Chang Wook, though I'm tempted because who doesn't want instant martial arts skills? 
  • I don't care about Kai at all, I don't want to learn Chinese either. 
  • Hard to let Taecyon off because he seems so sincere, willing to give up everything he has, but then I didn't want him to break off with his family because of me (ang haba ng hair ko ok), and I also didn't want to get kimchi slapped. So, nope.
  • Oh and finally, I love Lee Jong Suk! He's just so charming and perfect and everything but it's gonna be a pain getting caught in his showbiz affairs LOL
Lotte Duty Free must have spent a fortune producing this! Waiting for Lee Min Ho's episode!

❉ Another thing I'm watching right now is The Legend of the Blue Sea starring Lee Min Ho and the immortal Jun Ji Hyun. It's so freaking hilarious! And LOLOLOL at Jo Jung-suk appearing and all the Jealousy Incarnate references HAHAHA. ♪ ♪ ♪ No no no no noooo ♫ ♫ ♫ I swear SBS is doing well with these unsuspecting crossovers haha.

❉ I wanna go home naaaa. I just filed for a leave tomorrow and the next day (30 is PH holiday but it's not in the US so... sad) even though I don't have enough leave credits anymore huhu but I don't care lol.

❉ This snowflake bullet is super cute.

[Review] SILKYGIRL Hi-Definition Brow Liner

I've been getting nice remarks about my brows lately but no one's asking me how so ako na lang magtatanong sa sarili ko haha. HOW?!

Dasal. Dasal lang talaga. Char. Ok, let's get to the point.

SILKYGIRL Hi-Definition Brow Liner is probably the best brow pencil I've used. As in! Even after swatching the much raved upon K-Palette products, I still think Silkygirl is better! I'm no pro but this is really good.

What's nice is that it only costs ₱299!

What to love:
✓ Angled tip - so it's self sharpening. Perfect for outlining and filling-in
✓ Waxy and pigmented finish. Unlike other brow pencils, this one's smooth and waxy which is good for me because I don't have the patience to fill in my thin brows with a hundred strokes hehe.
✓ Spoolie is super soft

For me, this is already enough to keep my brows neat and visible haha 'cos I have very thin brows hehe! If you want to glam it up some more, put on some brow powder for a fuller effect, lash it with a brow gel to set, and highlight the skin around it to define it some more. In short, use a ton of other brow products lol. :) Again, I'm no pro so I love simple and easy to use products like this. And since I'm not really gearing towards fleeky, instagram brows, but just want natural looking and fuller brows, this is heaven sent!

Sadly, it's only available in two shades: dark brown and black. Not a problem for me though 'cos I only use dark brown. :) Right now I've only seen it at Landmark Trinoma, and just recently, at Robinson's Supermarket (Regalado, Fairview at least)! Sooo happy I don't have to go all the way to Trinoma to restock! I've finished three of these already. I even had a hard time getting my second 'cos I kept asking 'Do you have Sky Girl?' Haha.

Anyway, to make it much much easier for you to do your brows, have it groomed hehe. ;)


Venue hunt: Oasis Manila

Located along Aurora Blvd., Oasis Manila is definitely a delight to see coming from the dirty roads of Quezon City. It definitely looked like a hidden oasis, tucked amidst the hustle and bustle of metro manila. Sooo muuuuch greeeeen! I love it! If you're eyeing for a garden wedding, you might want to check this place out.

Here's a pic spam of the venue, their available function rooms, and a look at their rates. Enjoy!

View of the garden and the roundabout driveway. Everything is well landscaped, the plants are blooming too. :D

Walkway bridge to the building.

All amenities can be used for free if you book. Perfect for prenups and photo-ops.

Koi pond under the bridge.

Now to their function halls. The biggest they have, which can accommodate up to 350 guests, is the Pavilion. It's the standalone complex on the right side when you enter.

Nice and spacious, glass-walled, fully air-conditioned, and with a stage on one side.

Ceilings are adorned with full white drapings, Japanese lanterns, and crystal drops.

The side of the Pavilion has direct access to the garden

Next up,
The Verandah sits on the second floor of the Oasis building and has a maximum capacity of 300 guests.

Lovely ceiling! The end of the hallway is where the actual veranda is hehe. You can use it as a cocktail ground, or a photo booth station, whatever hehe.

One side of the hall is fully walled with floor to ceiling glass, and overlooks bamboo shoots and trees. Super ganda.

Honestly, I prefer the Verandah over the Pavilion 'cos it's also big enough, you can even use the space before the entrance as a lobby for registration AAAAAND it's across the bridal suites as well. So convenient :)

Located at the third floor, Orchard hall has a maximum capacity of 150 guests. During the time we visited they were setting up for a Christmas party. If I remember correctly, it was Verleo who catered this one.

No round lanterns, but fully draped ceiling with crystal drops and pin lights, check!

Cute setup!
Bridal Suites
Free for use if you availed any of their wedding packages. They have three rooms, this one below is the biggest one,

The two other rooms are similar in layout and have floor to ceiling windows overlooking the garden and Pavilion. It's smaller than the previous room but it's definitely better because of the view!

Oasis Manila has wedding packages with Hizon's, Verleo, and Josiah's. Other accredited caterers include Bizu, K by Cunanan, and Tamayo's, but you have to book them separately from the venue. If you wish to get other suppliers aside from the mentioned, you'll have to pay a corkage fee.

They have a two-storey parking building with valet service so yey!

Rates (2017)
Their venue rates range from ₱55,000 to ₱90,000. Wedding packages range from ₱168,000 to ₱259,000. Pretty hefty for us but the inclusions are quite good. :)
Location and Contact
If you want to get a more tailored quote, you may reach them here

169 Aurora Boulevard , San Juan City, Metro Manila




That's it! I would love to get this place but it's too expensive for us right now, considering we just started saving haha. :) I've read and heard a lot of good reviews for this venue so I think this is one of the good ones! :)

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Q&A with Doc Pao: On maintaining a healthy heart this coming year

With Christmas just being around the corner, we felt like it was time to touch base with our favorite doctor and ask how 2016 has been for him. Doctor Paolo Bellosillo, our favorite nature therapy doctor answers a few questions for us this season of giving. Read on and learn more about what he has to say.

It's Xmas season once again, how has 2016 treated you in terms of health and spreading the word about your advocacy?

The Mission of helping people Live A Legacy this 2016 has been a blast. Starting of the year of 2016, many came for the need to detoxify and lose weight. Towards the middle, chronic and degenerative diseases of the heart and kidneys started piling with comorbidities existing in every individual. The third quarter received much need to address cancer patients while cascading various preventive medicine techniques to senior citizens and the youth. Lastly the fourth quarter starting with October became a preparation period for those who have chronic stress and fatigue who are usually exposed to much pain due to inflammation, mostly professionals who experience pain in the areas of the head, spine both cervical and lumbar and lastly of the chest which is usually circulation based. You can say that a lot of people are indeed in need for some healthy ageing.

What is the one thing you wish people would make as part of their NY resolution?

Knowing we only have one life, it is so valuable that in hope, I pray others would reduce all practices that will prove to be a threat to life. An example is smoking, drinking alcohol and eating beyond one’s capacity of unfriendly fats and too much salt and sweets. Perhaps being mindful of one’s gift, Intellect Will and Soul, sound decisions can be made. So think of yourself and others too.

Do you think there will be more heart related sickness in the future and how can people avoid it?

Well policies exist as well as institutions to help mold the awareness of people about what’s good and what’s not but certainly there are big factors that are at play, personal decisions and dispositions, societal norms, product and activity fads created by media cascade dependent on the period and season, ways and means to cope with stress, urban and regional existing interplays of land uses and activities which actually affect the movements and living of people; there may be more but these certainly are factors that will dictate how much heart related sickness would occur.

What's one thing that people need to do to make sure they maintain a healthy heart?

Know who you are. You are God's child and have been given one heart. Once it stops beating you are gone forever. Know your role, you’re a team player in your family and community. Others need you. Know your limits. Master yourself. You can’t manage something you can’t measure. If it’s about health, see your holistic medicine or integrative medicine specialist who will view your health as a whole system and not by parts. Commit to good sound and safe change in your lifestyle, be it nutrition, fitness, sleep, relationships and of course spirituality. Talk to your specialist for a customized program. Believe the truth that while stem cell therapy can help repair and regenerate tissues even that of the heart, on an acute episode or attack, stem cell may not right away regenerate the infarct part of the heart, that part of the heart will die and its function will be diminished to an extent that you might lose your life hence knives and scissors would be the only way to help you- surgery. If you can stay away from knives and scissors, do so, although it may help on emergency cases much uncertainty is also present when one is opened.

What's one thing that people need to avoid to make sure they don't trigger a heart attack?

Stress brought about by lack of appropriate sleep, diet and exercises. When you sleep, sleep without the phone the noise and the lights which hamper proper sleep. When you feel like celebrating this season with cheese, protein preservatives like ham and sweets like cakes, pastries and ice cream, making these part of your daily diet is a no no, it will just cause more problems for your heart as these substances will eventually cause the hardening and stiffening of your arteries. Lack of proper coping with stress can cause surge in stress hormones which eventually may cause rise in sugar and lipid levels which further increase your cardiovascular disease risk, due to the inflammation they bring. Going out on a daily high consumption of pro inflammatory food without exercising at least for 30 minutes may cause build up in plaque within your arteries and other blood vessels. All these things mentioned put your heart at risk, because you failed to live a healthy lifestyle- live to the fullest by making sound and calculated decisions that increase your life expectancy and longevity.

Venue hunt: The Village Patio

Looking for a wedding venue that fits the budget is easy. But it also has to fit a lot of other things too, like 150 people and my certain arte for aesthetics - and that's when prices start to rack up. We're lucky to have found The Village Patio though: it's within budget, very near - just at Maginhawa St., Quezon City, and looks pretty too!

Here's my first impression of the place. Wrong label, check! Since we couldn't afford an out of town venue to discourage guests from flooding our wedding, we figured a wrong signage would do! Everyone will be lost and we're all gonna be busy without our phones nyahahaha. Kidding ;)

They'll get it fixed, don't worry ;)
The Village Patio is an indoor garden type venue. It's not airconditioned, take note, so you might want to consider an afternoon to evening event during ber months when it's cool. It's big enough for 100 to 150 guests, but looks tight for 200. 

To be honest, when we came there, the place feels very dirty. Apparently, they had an event last night and they're in the process of cleaning up, but the kuya was kind enough to let us in to look around and take pictures even if we have no prior appointment. Thank you!

When I first entered, I was immediately caught by the ceiling! <3 Aaaah look at thoooose!

  • Elevated stage area
  • Holding room - small, dingy, just enough to really hold your extra stuff. Too small for a bridal room, so go prep somewhere else.
  • Restrooms - dirty and smelly during that time lol.
  • Ceiling adorned with hanging planters, round lanterns, and Christmas lights - super pretty!
  • Plants all around
  • Parking is along Maginhawa St., but an attendant will be present during the event to guide guests

Close look of at the stage area. The plants look gloomy and about to die. :( Roofing needs some polishing too.

Panoramic of the venue. It looks really wide. Buffet tables on the right, photo booth on the left, carpet at the center, tables all around. I could imagine where things are going to be placed and it looks okay in my brain haha

Shot facing the entrance gate which is covered with a small garden rock pond that looks like this when you face it,

Initial thoughts on this one: where am I going to enter? Left or right side? Nyahaha! The thought of it very slightly alarmed me because I refuse to come from the holding room on the left because it's small and ugly, and coming from either of the pathways looks unbalanced. My carpet would have to meet me on one side which looks off, oh nooooo. So there, I'll just fly over that bulging rock. Problem solved.

I noticed too that there's very small room for your entourage people. If you'll get worried, a coordinator would take care of that for you. And a stylist could build an arch and cover the pathways to it with curtains or whatever, so you could get an entrance from the center and no one would know which side you entered from hahaha. Issue?!

The wooden crate backdrop was used for the photo booth, but you can borrow it and maybe use it for the stage instead.

Another view!

And finally, a closer look at their lovely ceiling! <3

I'm very specific with styling, but as much as I want to get K by Cunanan to cater our wedding, they're just too expensive for us. I want tiffany chairs, burlap table runners, and tall fresh floral centerpieces. Thankfully, I saw from their old events that they could pull off a kindof rustic, earth-colored themed styling for the tables so yeheyy! That's not even our theme (yet) hahaha.

The Village Patio is owned by Tarlaqueña Catering so after taking pictures we went to their office at Anonas, just a ride from the venue. 

When I saw their sign I was like, uhhhhmmm are we really getting them to cater our wedding? Not to judge, but the facade of their "office" looks like a closed down carinderia. Okay, I just judged them. We still inquired nonetheless, future mother-in-law recommended the place and said their food is good and since I'm all about good food and pretty venues, we had to complete this ocular and get their rates.

They were closed that day but since there's someone in they allowed us to inquire, so nice of them! The place looks dirty, smelled like dogs and really just gave me an odd impression. But everything changed when they handed me the rates,

Rates (2016)
Venue only rate is at ₱14,000 for 4 hours. That's really affordable, but you have to pay ₱40,000 corkage fee for third party caterers.

Wedding packages range from ₱138,500 to ₱186,800 for a minimum of 150 people. The most expensive package already includes a photo booth service, souvenirs, and a professional host/emcee. Isn't it fun they're supplying for almost everything na? <3
Another thing I liked about their package is their payment terms. You only need ₱10,000 to reserve, 50% can be paid 3 months before the event, and the remaining amount - 3 days before the function. That gives you enough time to save.

Note that these are their 2016 rates and are subject to change without prior notice.

Location and contact
If you want to get a more tailored quote, you may reach them here

185 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village , Quezon City, Metro Manila (Venue)
1 Anonas Extension, Sikatuna Village Quezon City (Office)

(02)426-1554, (02)921-5354


Aaaand that's it! We're considering this venue but still checking out other options. If you have any experience with this place and their food, please I would love to hear you out! :D

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Venue hunt: Don Jose Heights Clubhouse
Venue hunt: Oasis Manila

Life lately and how the heck do you plan for a wedding

A couple of thoughts regarding our, uhm, engagement nyahahaha. We already have a date, which is less than a year from now, and so far we haven't argued on anything yet. Sosyal! We're both aware of a lot of couples going crazy planning for the specifics of their wedding so we promised ourselves we're not quarreling over anything (like we've done for the past 5 years yihieee). Jeckie and I didn't want to turn into a Bridezilla and whatever-its-counterpart-is* so Lord, help us keep our promise intact!

My Dream Wedding

So. I don't really have a dream wedding. I just have certain aesthetic preferences lol, that sounds like an excuse but yeah. I even surrendered to the thought of getting a civil wedding instead, as long as it's followed by a very intimate reception at a very badass buffet *cough* Spiral *cough*. All in order to taper the cost of feeding some 200 guests and sparing myself the trouble of all the preps. But then, I have a very big problem with civil weddings.

Our City Halls are ugly.

They're not good in photos. I'm not walking in a pure white outfit, all glam and pretty, flowers on hand, to board an elevator (if it's functioning) with 8 other sweaty, agitated, and dismayed citizens of the Philippines who have transactions in other parts of the building. The thought of it irks me. I'm here getting married and I'm not about to be surrounded with the negativity of people's complaints about the inefficiency of their city government, or about a sinkhole in their barangay that hasn't been covered in years. Anyway. Google pacified my horror-stricken nerves by telling me that not all civil weddings are urghly (in venue okay). There's this one, super cool looking venue that made me reconsider about pushing this type of wedding.

Enter, The Supreme Court of the Philippines


Look at that facade, I'm totally sold. Everything to get nice pictures haha. Jeckie's mom knows a chief justice's brother so that kinda made things more possible to pull off. I think.

I've created a Google sheet of our wedding planning progress. I have a checklist, a guest list, supplier contact numbers, possible venues, possible caterers, blah, blah, blah. I've also joined a couple of wedding groups on facebook to get ideas. I sure am very excited to get in touch with suppliers and save up for it. But I also didn't want to stress too much about it. I read that the venue and catering are primal, so that's what we want to slash off first. The rest we'll worry later on haha.

So, are we getting a Supreme Court Wedding?

Nope. Just wanted to share how stoked I was about the idea of a supreeeme wedding nyahahaha. Jec and Yan invites you to a supreme wedding, how cool must that look on our invites!

*Just googled: it's called GROOM KONG!

ETA: All my wedding chorvaness will be tagged under 'Wedding' like malamang haha. Check it out heeere!

Thinking out loud

// I wasn't able to sleep well this afternoon because I got too occupied with eating pies, playing Dots & Co, and watching The Legend of the Blue Sea, that or I really just can't sleep so I decided to succumb to distractions. I haven't figured how to better fix my sleeping schedule. Right now I'm getting complete hours on an alternate basis. Because I didn't sleep well this afternoon, I'll be able to sleep long and tight this morning (I'm already super sleepy right now). Then stay up late the next day, then get a full rest on the following. It's been my cycle ever since I worked the night shift and it's so not good. God help me.

// I'm wondering if this guy from the office is cheating our company getting free parking slots everyday by taking the slots dedicated to day shifters, just because he knows the night shift slots never get full. You see, our company developed an app that allows us to reserve parking slots. There are two schedules, day shift and night shift, and you get to pick whatever. Day shift slots are given in increasing order starting from, say #1. So the first to reserve gets #1, then #2, and #3 and so on, until #100 or whatever the last number is. On the other hand, night shift slots are given in decreasing order: #100, #99, #98... down to #1 (for the last slot left). This logic was placed to minimize the chances of 2 cars getting the same slot, you know, just in case someone overstays and the other wouldn't have anywhere to park.

Now. The night shift parking never gets full, I can attest to that. So the chances of seeing the lower numbered slots occupied is rare. That only happens when someone overstays and the other car is forced to get other slots.

But this guy. I've been seeing him park all week on these low numbered slots and it's gotten me super curious. More annoyed actually. The first few times I saw him park there I thought, okay maybe his slot is still taken. But come on it's been more than a week, how unlucky can you be.

But yeah, it's very easy to get free slots. The guards wouldn't know what's assigned to you anyway, and they only check your plate when you seem new. Eventually they'll recognize you and won't bother checking anymore. Anyway.

// I appreciate that my bosses know how fully loaded I am with work and insist that I charge any overtime hours I may have incurred. Thing is, as much as possible I avoid working overtime because it freaking messes up my sleeping schedule all the more. But they think I'm so busy I needed to take a weekend to work overtime and I'm like yeahh I am that busy but I will never ever give you my weekends. Are you kidding me. I'm not running for employee of the month.

// Afternoon meetings are killing me. You know since DST happened I've been cursing my schedule even more. 3pm CST meetings are 5am here and by that time I should already be on the way home lest I perish in the rush hour traffic. Earlier this morning I had a 6am meeting, too late for me but what can I do. I can't stay longer in the office because of traffic so I decided to take the call from home. Can you believe it, right when I was about to call our internet connection went bonkers! My goodness! I couldn't call and connect remotely. Thank God I had a pocket wifi. But during the entire course of our meeting I was scared that my bandwidth will suddenly get depleted, right in the middle of a web conference. God only knows how much a remote connection w/ screen sharing and an international call would amount to. Perhaps some gigs, and I only have six.

// Lord, I hope our country's internet infrastructure improves next year.

// Other than my usual rants I'm actually doing fine, just sleepy. And cranky. I can't pick my nose there's a pimple inside. Argh.

Tis the Season to be SEPHORA Glammin

It's officially 17 days before Christmas and I'm officially putting my diet on hold. My dream body isn't gonna make it in time for the holidays so let me ditch all my faux eating plans and focus on something else!

Parties here and there are going to eat up your holidays, but before you eat your way, look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you're presentable at least! Gone are the days when all we cared about parties is the food. Now that everything is snapped and shared to social media, you don't want to be tagged with a mountain of food and a greasy face. Keep the mountain, let's work on the face. Kahit pano let's be glam. Parang ganito. Gandang di mo inakalang makaka-tatlong plato. ;) Charot

Special thanks to my friend, Ivy, who's a hair and makeup artist (follow her on Ivyoutiful!), I was transformed from that guest who's only after food, to that guest who's still after the food PLUS good photos! This soft glam look was from a random make-up session eight months ago which is also perfect for the holiday season. It's the glam look that's not scandalous. No glaring red lipstick and no fake lashes. Pure nude elegance. This is the look that will keep you looking poised even after your fifth round at the buffet table. And with the help of Sephora Philippines, you can easily recreate this look using their wide array of high quality beauty products.

Ready? Let's go!

For a smooth and blemish-free face

1. Benefit Cosmetics - The POREfessional Face Primer
2. Sephora Collection - 10hr Perfect Foundation
3. Benefit Cosmetics - Boi-ing Concealer

Using your fingers, make your skin smooth, tight, and ready for foundation by spreading a pea sized amount of the POREfessional face primer all over your face, including the neck. Next, get a single pump of Sephora's 10hr Perfect foundation and using a liquid foundation brush, spread it evenly all over your face, lightly brushing some on your lips as well. Lastly, apply the Boi-ing concealer under your eyes, on the laugh lines, on the sides of your nose, and on pimple marks and spots you want to hide, then blend with a brush.

Your face is now set!

For expressive eyes

1. Benefit Cosmetics - Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil
2. Benefit Cosmetics - Ready, Set, BROW! Clear Brow Gel
3. Zoeva - Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette
4. Two Faced - Sketch Marker Liquid Art Eyeliner
5. Sigma Beauty - Sinuosity Lash Mascara

Starting with your brows, use the Goof Proof eyebrow pencil to outline and fill your brows. Its tear shaped tip helps define the shape of  your brows, and the spoolie at the other end makes for a good blender and filler. Set it using the clear brow gel.

Using the Nude Spectrum eyeshadow palette, let's get you smokey brown eyes! Pick a light color and apply it on the inner corners of your eyes and up to the brow bone. This will act as base and highlight. Next, get a soft brown shade and apply it to the crease, stopping below the brow bone and avoiding the inner corners so your light base remains. Finally, take a darker brown shade with shimmer and apply it on the outer corner of your eyes. Blend to make the transition look smooth and seamless, and for more definition, brush it carefully on your lower lash line as well.

Add more drama to your eyes by applying brown eyeliner; just a thin line across your outer lids will do. No need to wing it ;) Lastly, curl you lashes and put on a single pass of Sigma Beauty's lash mascara.

Now your eyes alone can speak volumes!

For an unmistakable glow

1. Edward Bess - Threads of Silk Powder
2. The Balm - Mary-Lou Manizer
3. Cover FX - Contour Kit

It's time to put more life on your face! Apply EB's Threads of Silk blushing powder on the apples of your cheek, making sure you're smiling as you do so! Using a contour kit, map your face and brush a deep brown powder along your jawlines, under your cheek bones, on the side of your nose, and above your temples. Blend carefully to achieve subtle shadows and the illusion of a slimmer face and a sharper nose. ;)

Lastly, let's light you up with up with Mary-Lou Manizer highlighting powder. Apply thinly above the jawline, below the eyes, on the forehead, and on the bridge of your nose to get that subtle glow and light up your features.

Aaaand you're ready to shine!

For well-defined and radiant lips

1. Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire - Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour
2. Sigma Beauty - Lip Base
3. The Balm - Read My Lips Lip Gloss

You don't want to miss your lips! I've chosen products that have lighter nudes to finish off the soft glam look. Outline your lips using the Sigma Beauty lip base, and for a better effect, go on and fill your lips with it, this makes for a good base and will help your lipstick to stand out.

Now apply the Guerlain lip colour, starting at the center of your upper lip and slowly moving outward toward the corner. If it feels stuffy, blot it out with a tissue paper. Finally, put on your lip gloss to complete the look.

Almost done!

Last but not the least, make sure everything stays in place with spritzes of Mario Badescu's Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater.

This light, hydrating mist helps your skin look radiant and acts as a setting agent to keep your make-up from wearing out faster. You don't know when you're attending back to back parties. With this product on, you're going straight to your next venue without retouching! Sosyaaaal!

Aaaand there you have it!

I'm sure you're excited to take on this look using these amazing products. Not only will you look glam, glowing, and gorgeous, but people will also definitely ask you how you did it. Short answer: Sephora! Long answer: show them in detail or lead them to this post! :D

Ready for the parties? Shop more make-up products on Sephora PH here!

*Disclaimer: This post was created for a Nuffnang x Sephora PH contest. All products featured are only suggestions on how to recreate the look pictured above. They were not the original products used. :)

Before I get back to work

// I'm too swamped with work I can't focus on it at all.

// I'm observing this couple from afar, curious about their relationship. Err, not really. I think it's mostly because I'm curious about them independently. The guy looks like a badminton player - he's tall, Chinese, lanky, and I caught him wearing Li-Ning shoes once lol. The girl on the other hand makes me want to sing ~ Parang di ko yata kaya, ang sa buhay ko'y wala kaaaa ~ every time I see her. I mean, she looks like Jessa Zaragoza okay.

// I ordered a small tub of Lily's Touch Miracle Cream from Lazada after Michelle Dy endorsed it on youtube (hay the power of endorsements), and also after reading a lot of mixed reviews about it. I put it on today instead of my usual BB cream. I've been warned it can be too white and fudge it really is! Will make a review of it in a separate post. Hmm... can I just say that while it did come off too white for my skin tone, it kinda looks good on me. Yay

// I have a test in three hours and that I'm stressing about right now because I couldn't set up enough test data to run it. Anyway. Test is over and I was disconnected the whole time because fck telcos!

// Around 10pm last night, I rode an Uber from Maginhawa to Fairview and was surprised at the 1.7x surge and Waze suggesting we go via Mindanao Ave. instead of the usual Commonwealth Ave route. I AM SO CURIOUS. What happened last night? The surge has been on since 8pm (if not earlier). Very unusual for a Sunday evening.

// My phone is filled with photos of restaurants I've eaten at recently, mostly Japanese, and I haven't got the time to feature them. I think I completely forgot how to blog about food.

// Errr, I think I was supposed to share about something but just now I'm getting really frustrated that we lost network connection right in the middle of a testing! As an offsite resource, my job requires me to work via remote connection since our computers are housed in the US. We're connecting via virtual tunnel to be able to access our machines and do some QA stuff, but right now, it's been down for more than an hour and it's stressing me out.

// I don't really care about our company but this frkn looks bad for our image as contractors. I'm only after getting my job done but heck how am I to move on?! Note to self: on my next job, I'm not working the night shift and I'm not working remotely.

// Good news! Payment for the last sponsored post I wrote just came in! Thank you Lord, you know I'm so broke right now!

// Hope you have a great week ahead with no network interruptions!

My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist

All I want for Christmas is an upgraded kitchen: new pots and pans, a working stove, a new refrigerator, a bigger oven, and everything else to make cooking a better experience for the family:  specifically for my sister (who loves to cook), my mother (who hates cleaning up after cooking), and me (an overall kitchen disaster).

With the launch of our small business, Pocket Pies PH, the need for a kitchen upgrade has become urgent! Thanks to De'Longhi's catalogue filled with dreamy kitchen and household products, we've capped off our wishlist and noted the top items we'd love to have on our countertops. The De'Longhi brand dates back to 1902 as a small spares workshop in Treviso, Italy. This family run business is strongly committed to design and innovation that by the 1950's they became an incorporated company. With the introduction of new electric household appliances in the 70s and 80s, De'Longhi saw its fast growth in the international market, further establishing their brand, and expanding their market reach.

Today, they are regarded as a fast-growing, multi-specialist company, with a solid reputation in delivering high quality, innovative, and Italian designed kitchen and household products. Bongga!

Their online catalogue is a delight to look at, and because of their commitment to constantly provide something special to their products and technology, I've instantly become a fan!

Here are my favorite De'Longhi products that's sure to solve our every kitchen woe:

1. For hassle free cooking:  Low-oil Fryer & Multicooker 
I've previously shared about this small business my sister and I recently opened. It's called Pocket Pies PH and we sell homemade savory pies in Herb Tuna, Chili con Carne, and Chicken ala King.

Uiiii, bibili na yan! Php150 lang for an assorted box!
As much as I wanted to help my sister with baking and cooking and all, I'm simply not wired to be good in the kitchen. Which is why all I can offer her is what little marketing skills I have, a ton of moral support, and a chance at making her life easier by scoring this wonderful De'Longhi kitchen product.

Imagine how quick and easy it would be to cook our pie fillings with this!

The De'Longhi Low-oil Fryer and Multicooker EXTRA FH1363 is a low-oil multicooker equipped with SHS double (Surround Heating System) ensuring excellent cooking performance and perfectly healthful meals.

What I love:

✓ Time-saving - being equipped with SHS means your food will cook quickly and efficiently
Auto-mixing - an automatic mixing paddle saves you from the effort of mixing your food! It can also be removed in the case of more delicate dishes.
✓ Non-stick - the inner bowl is treated with non-stick and anti-scratch ceramic coating
✓ Low-oil - because of its non-stick feature, less oil is needed to prepare your foods.
✓ High capacity - the bowl can carry around 1.5kg to 1.7kg of ingredients. Totally ready for a feast!
✓ Easy to clean - the lid, paddle, and bowl are all removable so it's very easy to clean.

Here's a video to convince you how haveyyy this product is, ANG DAMING PWEDENG LUTUIN MGA BES!

Next up that I'd love to have in our kitchen,

2. The perfect wake up call: Drip Coffee Maker

Our dream mornings would always include the fresh aroma of brewed coffee and toasted buttery bread. While my sister is busy with her multifry, I'd probably be busy making coffee for the family and watching her closely, careful not to mess around!

The De'Longhi Drip Coffee Maker ICM 14011 is just perfect as it's an easy to use coffee maker that guarantees a perfect breakfast for everyone! Amoy pa lang gising na gising ka na!

What I love:

✓ Eco Function  - it shuts down automatically 40 minutes after brewing time. Saves energy and prevents your coffee from burning
✓ Easy to use - just like your regular coffee maker: add a filter, pour in your grounds, fill the tank with water, then let it run!
✓ Aroma Button - this feature lets you adjust the brew cycle so you can choose if you want your coffee aroma light, medium or strong.

3. For that ideal breakfast: Contact Grill

Now that coffee's been taken care of, let's move to the next! With the De'Longhi Contact Grill CGH 902C, you can make all sorts of subs and burgers, press your panini, and even grill sausages and patties. Talk about an elevated breakfast experience!

Na-excite ako dito! I knew it would be the perfect addition not just to our kitchen, but also to our food business! When the Holiday season is over, my sister and I plan to market our signature fillings in sandwiches instead. The De'Longhi Multifry and Contact Grill would be the perfect combo in creating delicious gourmet quaility sandwiches everybody's sure to love!

This is probably my favorite De'Longhi product next to the Multifry because of how much it can do!

What else I love:

✓ 5 Cooking Functions - works as a contact grill, panini press, full griddle, half griddle/grill: all to aid in cooking the best paninis, burgers, and grilled meat and vegetables.
✓ Removable Plates - comes in two sets of removable die-cast plates you can use as a grill, a griddle, or a press.
✓ Ceramic Durastone Coating - the plates are made with non-stick and anti-scratch material that have high thermal conductivity; ensuring heat is distributed uniformly throughout the plates, and guaranteeing that your food is cooked evenly.
✓ Accessories - the Contact Grill includes 2 fat collector cups and a spatula for healthier cooking.
✓ Perfect Oil Drain System - the Contact Grill is also designed to efficiently drain fat and oil, ensuring 100% healthy meals without having to add any more oil or butter!
✓ Dishwasher Safe - the easily removable plates are both easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

I could rave on an on about what else I want our kitchen to have from De'Longhi, but I realized their catalogue is filled with other amazing products the rest of our house could benefit from as well. Just take a look at this:

4. Big help for the basement: Dehumidifier

We have a basement where my parents' office is located and I usually can't stand it there because the air tends to get stuffy and I get allergies quickly. I know the De'Longhi Dehumidifier DNC 65 is exactly what we need because it removes the extra moisture in the air and has an antibacterial filter as well.

What else I love:

✓ Extra Quiet Operation - run it overnight and you won't be bothered by the sound of it as it hums at a mere 34 dba. Consider that a whisper.
✓ Light and compact - with a weight of 5.5kg and a width of 17cm, it's one of the most compact dehumidifiers in the market. Its pullable handle also makes it easier for you to move it around.
✓ Ionizer and Purifier - with its anti-bacterial filter and built-in ionizer, the air is cleared with dust and bacteria and is made healthier with pumps of negative ions.

5. And for my room: Air Purifier

I've been meaning to get a decent purifier for my room because it's already the cold season and that means I'm more susceptible to allergies. I'm sure it's gonna be a delight to invest in the De'Longhi Air Purifier AC 230, because it's got a lot of different filters that ensures my room is breathable and free from bacteria.

What else to love:

✓ Air Quality System (AQS) - this smart system constantly screens the quality of air around it, and reflects it via the built-in air quality LED indicator that changes color from orange (bad air quality), green (moderate quality), and blue (good air quality).
✓ Air Filtration System - it has 5 different filtering layers ensuring that air you breathe is safe and free from harmful elements:
  1. Anti-dust pre-filter
  2. HEPA filter for small particles
  3. Carbon filter for harmful gases
  4. Nano Silver filter which is 99% effective against bacteria
  5. Photo-catalyst filter with UV light for fighting against all air impurities
  6. Built-in Ionizer that neutralizes dust particles, pollen, car fumes, and smoke contained in the air
✓ Sensor Touch Screen - an elegant and easy to use control panel containing all the buttons you need to operate the machine
✓ Gas and Odour sensor - when the machine captures particles of smoke and dust, it accelerates the fan speed and cleans the air in a faster, more efficient way


Clearly, De'Longhi is a must have in every household. It's hard to look for an established brand that produces products with uncompromised style and performance. I'm very happy to have learned about it, and I'm looking forward to my first De'Longhi product! Life will certainly be better everyday.

To learn more about De'Longhi, please visit Concept Specialist, Inc., their official distributor in the Philippines.

How about you, what's in your household wishlist? :)

​10 things to do on a BGC staycation

So you've decided to take a breather from all the lemons life throws at you, but couldn't afford to plan for an elaborate nature getaway. Since all you needed is a couple of days away from work and stress, you figured it's a good way to stay nearby and enjoy a city. Your pick, BGC.

Bonifacio Global City may sound like it means purely business but this district has evolved to cater a lot of other agendas as well. From leisure parks, art walls, shopping centers, and restaurants, the place is brimming with life, and getting caught in the middle of it is one such adventure that'll surely revive your spirits.

Before planning your day, make sure you got yourself booked in a cozy place. Pick one that fits your taste, and is affordable and central, so that getting around the city will be a breeze. Search online using booking sites like for hotels in Taguig that will fit your budget and needs. This way you can compare hotels in terms of price and amenities. That's the first thing to do! Ready for the rest?

2. Go on an art walk
BGC's artscape is a vibrant one and is something the city government puts much effort in. Walking around the district you'll see murals and sculptures everywhere, each with a distinct theme, all contributing to the city's dynamic urban culture. During the regularly held Art BGC Festival, you'll get a chance to join walking tours that'll show you these murals. Otherwise it's easy to embark on your own tour with this map of mural sites :

3. Join a fun run
BGC is a prime location for races, and joining a fun run is no doubt one of the best ways to explore the city. I know you want to relax, but a good run will help you sweat all that stress and lift your mood. If you're looking for upcoming runs stationed within the area, you may check Pinoy Fitness or Takbo PH. Otherwise, you can always go on a leisurely jog on your own, with BGC's wide roads and pedestrian friendly streets, you're granted a safe and energizing day ahead.

Related: Run BGC Urban Adventure 2014

4. Go shopping
Being a highly commercialized district, BGC is full of shopping areas. There's Bonifacio High Street, Central Square, SM Aura Premier, Market! Market!, Uptown Mall, etc. I tell you, wherever you're situated, you'll always find yourself walking distance to at least one of these places. So get on your comfy shoes and go on a retail therapy. It is said to alleviate anxiety levels and a whole lot of psychology backs it up too. No shame in being a shopaholic!

5. Watch a movie
And not just a regular one, get it in 3D. For a more immersive experience, Bonifacio High Street Central Square offers 4DX movies that you'll greatly enjoy. Read about my experience here! If you're looking for more privacy and an exclusive feel, there's SM Aura Premier's Director's Club and Uptown Mall's VIP cinemas with the comfiest setup ever. Reclining La-Z-Boys anyone? I'm sure they won't disappoint.

6. Visit parks and museums
BGC is home to a lot of interesting spots to chill out and get fresh air. There's Track 30th which is perfect for morning jogs, meditation, and art appreciation. There's Terra 28th for the child in you where you can marvel at the interactive playground and art installations. And finally there's Turf BGC if you're game for a round of football and a new set of friends!
BGC is also home to The Mind Museum, a world-class science museum with over 200 interactive exhibits and 5 main galleries. If you're interested in history, there's Philippine Army Museum and Library and Philippine Veterans Museum which are outside BGC area but is within Taguig City.

7. Go clubbing
If you're feeling like you need a wild time, lash it out on the dance floor! The night scene in BGC is just as lively as its counterpart. There's Valkyrie, The Palace Pool Club, Hyve, Club Haze, Prive Luxury Club and more. Dance and socialize like there's no tomorrow. It may get wild, but if that's just what your body needs, go for it!

8. Just chill
What else to do? If you don't feel like going out, you can always enjoy your time alone. Wake up late, have a longer breakfast, go on a movie marathon, have pizza delivered, and finally catch up on your reading list. Take everything slow, bask in the pleasure of being still. Once in a while we need that time alone, cuddled up and away from worries and responsibilities. You deserve a lazy day from all that work!

9. Go on a food trip!
You shouldn't miss this. The variety of restaurants littered around BGC is more than enough to fix even your most specific cravings. Walking around the district is not just a refreshing experience, but a gastronomically satisfying one too. BGC is a certified foodie hub, with lots of spots offering different restaurants. There's Bonifacio High Street, Forbes Town Center, The Fort Strip, BGC Stop Over, and more! I haven't even mentioned the malls! :D

If  you're lucky, there may just be a BGC Food Tour being organized during your stay where you can join fellow foodies on a food crawl to select restaurants in BGC.

10. Pamper yourself
Nothing beats a hard day than a complete pampering session. Manipedi + foot spa + full body massage is just the ideal package for someone who wants to reward herself for a job well done at adulting. If you don't mind splurging, take advantage of your hotel's in-house spa service. Otherwise, there are other more affordable options outside like The Spa, Manos Nail Lounge, Nail&Co, Cheenee & Cookie Salon, and more!

I'm sure there are more things to do that were not covered here but rest assured that you'll never run out of things to do when you decided to stay at BGC. What other fun activities can you think of?

Happy staycation!

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