My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist

All I want for Christmas is an upgraded kitchen: new pots and pans, a working stove, a new refrigerator, a bigger oven, and everything else to make cooking a better experience for the family:  specifically for my sister (who loves to cook), my mother (who hates cleaning up after cooking), and me (an overall kitchen disaster).

With the launch of our small business, Pocket Pies PH, the need for a kitchen upgrade has become urgent! Thanks to De'Longhi's catalogue filled with dreamy kitchen and household products, we've capped off our wishlist and noted the top items we'd love to have on our countertops. The De'Longhi brand dates back to 1902 as a small spares workshop in Treviso, Italy. This family run business is strongly committed to design and innovation that by the 1950's they became an incorporated company. With the introduction of new electric household appliances in the 70s and 80s, De'Longhi saw its fast growth in the international market, further establishing their brand, and expanding their market reach.

Today, they are regarded as a fast-growing, multi-specialist company, with a solid reputation in delivering high quality, innovative, and Italian designed kitchen and household products. Bongga!

Their online catalogue is a delight to look at, and because of their commitment to constantly provide something special to their products and technology, I've instantly become a fan!

Here are my favorite De'Longhi products that's sure to solve our every kitchen woe:

1. For hassle free cooking:  Low-oil Fryer & Multicooker 
I've previously shared about this small business my sister and I recently opened. It's called Pocket Pies PH and we sell homemade savory pies in Herb Tuna, Chili con Carne, and Chicken ala King.

Uiiii, bibili na yan! Php150 lang for an assorted box!
As much as I wanted to help my sister with baking and cooking and all, I'm simply not wired to be good in the kitchen. Which is why all I can offer her is what little marketing skills I have, a ton of moral support, and a chance at making her life easier by scoring this wonderful De'Longhi kitchen product.

Imagine how quick and easy it would be to cook our pie fillings with this!

The De'Longhi Low-oil Fryer and Multicooker EXTRA FH1363 is a low-oil multicooker equipped with SHS double (Surround Heating System) ensuring excellent cooking performance and perfectly healthful meals.

What I love:

✓ Time-saving - being equipped with SHS means your food will cook quickly and efficiently
Auto-mixing - an automatic mixing paddle saves you from the effort of mixing your food! It can also be removed in the case of more delicate dishes.
✓ Non-stick - the inner bowl is treated with non-stick and anti-scratch ceramic coating
✓ Low-oil - because of its non-stick feature, less oil is needed to prepare your foods.
✓ High capacity - the bowl can carry around 1.5kg to 1.7kg of ingredients. Totally ready for a feast!
✓ Easy to clean - the lid, paddle, and bowl are all removable so it's very easy to clean.

Here's a video to convince you how haveyyy this product is, ANG DAMING PWEDENG LUTUIN MGA BES!

Next up that I'd love to have in our kitchen,

2. The perfect wake up call: Drip Coffee Maker

Our dream mornings would always include the fresh aroma of brewed coffee and toasted buttery bread. While my sister is busy with her multifry, I'd probably be busy making coffee for the family and watching her closely, careful not to mess around!

The De'Longhi Drip Coffee Maker ICM 14011 is just perfect as it's an easy to use coffee maker that guarantees a perfect breakfast for everyone! Amoy pa lang gising na gising ka na!

What I love:

✓ Eco Function  - it shuts down automatically 40 minutes after brewing time. Saves energy and prevents your coffee from burning
✓ Easy to use - just like your regular coffee maker: add a filter, pour in your grounds, fill the tank with water, then let it run!
✓ Aroma Button - this feature lets you adjust the brew cycle so you can choose if you want your coffee aroma light, medium or strong.

3. For that ideal breakfast: Contact Grill

Now that coffee's been taken care of, let's move to the next! With the De'Longhi Contact Grill CGH 902C, you can make all sorts of subs and burgers, press your panini, and even grill sausages and patties. Talk about an elevated breakfast experience!

Na-excite ako dito! I knew it would be the perfect addition not just to our kitchen, but also to our food business! When the Holiday season is over, my sister and I plan to market our signature fillings in sandwiches instead. The De'Longhi Multifry and Contact Grill would be the perfect combo in creating delicious gourmet quaility sandwiches everybody's sure to love!

This is probably my favorite De'Longhi product next to the Multifry because of how much it can do!

What else I love:

✓ 5 Cooking Functions - works as a contact grill, panini press, full griddle, half griddle/grill: all to aid in cooking the best paninis, burgers, and grilled meat and vegetables.
✓ Removable Plates - comes in two sets of removable die-cast plates you can use as a grill, a griddle, or a press.
✓ Ceramic Durastone Coating - the plates are made with non-stick and anti-scratch material that have high thermal conductivity; ensuring heat is distributed uniformly throughout the plates, and guaranteeing that your food is cooked evenly.
✓ Accessories - the Contact Grill includes 2 fat collector cups and a spatula for healthier cooking.
✓ Perfect Oil Drain System - the Contact Grill is also designed to efficiently drain fat and oil, ensuring 100% healthy meals without having to add any more oil or butter!
✓ Dishwasher Safe - the easily removable plates are both easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

I could rave on an on about what else I want our kitchen to have from De'Longhi, but I realized their catalogue is filled with other amazing products the rest of our house could benefit from as well. Just take a look at this:

4. Big help for the basement: Dehumidifier

We have a basement where my parents' office is located and I usually can't stand it there because the air tends to get stuffy and I get allergies quickly. I know the De'Longhi Dehumidifier DNC 65 is exactly what we need because it removes the extra moisture in the air and has an antibacterial filter as well.

What else I love:

✓ Extra Quiet Operation - run it overnight and you won't be bothered by the sound of it as it hums at a mere 34 dba. Consider that a whisper.
✓ Light and compact - with a weight of 5.5kg and a width of 17cm, it's one of the most compact dehumidifiers in the market. Its pullable handle also makes it easier for you to move it around.
✓ Ionizer and Purifier - with its anti-bacterial filter and built-in ionizer, the air is cleared with dust and bacteria and is made healthier with pumps of negative ions.

5. And for my room: Air Purifier

I've been meaning to get a decent purifier for my room because it's already the cold season and that means I'm more susceptible to allergies. I'm sure it's gonna be a delight to invest in the De'Longhi Air Purifier AC 230, because it's got a lot of different filters that ensures my room is breathable and free from bacteria.

What else to love:

✓ Air Quality System (AQS) - this smart system constantly screens the quality of air around it, and reflects it via the built-in air quality LED indicator that changes color from orange (bad air quality), green (moderate quality), and blue (good air quality).
✓ Air Filtration System - it has 5 different filtering layers ensuring that air you breathe is safe and free from harmful elements:
  1. Anti-dust pre-filter
  2. HEPA filter for small particles
  3. Carbon filter for harmful gases
  4. Nano Silver filter which is 99% effective against bacteria
  5. Photo-catalyst filter with UV light for fighting against all air impurities
  6. Built-in Ionizer that neutralizes dust particles, pollen, car fumes, and smoke contained in the air
✓ Sensor Touch Screen - an elegant and easy to use control panel containing all the buttons you need to operate the machine
✓ Gas and Odour sensor - when the machine captures particles of smoke and dust, it accelerates the fan speed and cleans the air in a faster, more efficient way


Clearly, De'Longhi is a must have in every household. It's hard to look for an established brand that produces products with uncompromised style and performance. I'm very happy to have learned about it, and I'm looking forward to my first De'Longhi product! Life will certainly be better everyday.

To learn more about De'Longhi, please visit Concept Specialist, Inc., their official distributor in the Philippines.

How about you, what's in your household wishlist? :)

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