at least i passed

i got a 2.75 on chem17. i suck.
so what's 2.75? that's around 61%-65%. whattagrade. but at least i passed, and i didn't have anymore of those deadly jitters i felt when i was waiting for my chem16 grade. i sort of got used to it. you know, i have the right to feel slightly unalarmed because it's not my first time anymore. hehehe

anyhow. no laptop for me. FOR NOW. i'm still saving my way through it... i'm 14.2857% done with it. hahaha. maybe next year... yeah.

my parents are going to batangas tomorrow and they're going to drop me at Calamba then i'll head to Los Banos to pack up my things. boring boring boring...

HEY! i dreamt of RYAN AGONCILLO awhile ago!!!
i'm so happy and giddy and bouncy and... oh you should know how i feel! and the best part of it was... JUDAY WASN'T THERE!!! start the feast dammit!
it was just a short dream, he's asking me to LINK HIS BLOG TO MY BLOG and i was like sure sure sure sure sure!!

and that was it. haha

waiting on the world to change


we went to TriNoma, the new mall across SM North Edsa. their level parking was HELL. the beam is too low, the ramp is too high, the lanes are too small (and it's a freakin 2-way) and the way the parking spaces are arranged is really confusing. in short, we didn't get a parking space. so we went out and tried to look for the entrance of their north avenue parking lot but when we got to the junction, we thought it better if we just go back to SM, afterall, we just wanted to look around to see what's up with TriNoma. and so we went back to SM. lol. SM is still the best... at least their parking space is better and we don't have to worry about getting lost. anyhow, i'll get back to TriNoma one day when it's fully functioning already. :)

we parked at the rooftop of SM's level parking for the first time and there we ate dinner. as usual, we bought the infamous picnic basket packed with sawali plates and banana leaves. we have fish, veggies, mangoes, and luncheon meat. lol. what a feast! at least we were able to save 500 worth of dinner in yoshinoya. hehee. after dinner we finally entered the mall and blaaaah...

yada yada yada...

i pity my uncle. he's retiring soon and this son a b*tch chief of legal police wants to chuck him out of PNP. wtf! he's not doing anything wrong! and if my hearing serves me right, this chief was his classmate years ago when he's taking law.

and you know why they want to shoo him out? because when he retires he's going to get all the pension and retirement benefits a high ranked police would get. and the bitch of a chief wants him to compromise and give him a share of his 'future fortune', which is so unfair and downright preposterous. whaaaat? you want his retirement benefits? why don't you retire yourself!!! after all you're the 'chief', you're gonna get better benefits. fuck you.

what's up with that?! i also heard that the chief is part of a group of syndicate. grrr... my my. my uncle is too righteous and kind to encounter such monstrosity. he just lost his wife, and now you're trying to rob him of his retirement benefits!! where is the justice there!!!

and now... they're bringing it to the court. it's gonna take a long time but i'm praying for my uncle to win this battle. mehn.

i'm starting to hate PNP sans my uncle.

IN relation to policemen... last saturday i finally watched 'Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros'. mehn, super laughtrip!!! go Maxi! i love him! i love the *ehem* romance (if you would consider it romantic)... kinilig ako e! hehehe. weee i was squealing a night long! i love the film! and wotcher.. i even cried! i cried when Victor (the police) rejected Maxi's letter. i also cried when Maxi's father was killed. oh my golly, i love gays so much! go Maxi!!! and yeah, i know the movie's not a tear-jerker but i'm just so shallow.


without a cure

i hate myself for wasting electricity this much. heck, i'm online again! i've always been online ever since i came home... which is quite a good thing because i don't have to spend a lot on net cafes and i can do a lot of things for as long as i want! like this new look for my blog. it's not a lot, i know. new blogger provides really limited features on template designs that's why if you want to include something foreign in your blog -by foreign i mean stuff the new blogger template editor doesn't recognize- you have to get a good hack (if you know how to) or just get a good hack resource.

the first ever hack i used for this xml layout came from Hackosphere and it's called Selective Expandable Posts. you know, the 'Read More' link... a link at the end of the first half of your long entry that will direct you to the post's permanent link where the whole entry is displayed. i tend to type a lot that's why i considered taking the hack.

sometimes i hate blogger for not developing important features like that. however, there are still loads of lovely things about new blogger that would compensate for that lack of... chorva. >_>

weee. for this layout, i used the page element editor to attach a header image. and i had to adjust the margin to a negative value so that the image would align to the left. blaaah. this is originally a Minima :) so yeah, aside from that i also took some properties from the layout, Harbor. if you notice, i took Harbor's sidebar/post divider. hehehe. i should've hosted it myself but then this layout is just a doubly-edited default blogger layout so the images must be theirs still. haha except for the header though... duh.

haaay. i want to go to the mall. XD

i bid you farewell

we went to the doctor awhile ago to consult my alleged heartburn. well, i was right, it was really a heartburn but it's also something worse. hehe. the doctor, in her outrageously commanding voice told me to avoid all these foods:

coffee, softdrinks, tea, cold drinks, chocolate, milk, sour foods and tomatoes!

and prescribed me to medicate on antacids and this medicine that will counter the reflux of acid from my stomach. she also said that the fact that i'm already feeling something pricking through my chest is a sign that my stomach lining is already wounded. the more i take in an inappropriate diet, the more wounded it would be and the next time i feel like vomiting i'd be spitting out blood. well, ulcer would probably be next... i'm well aware of that. mehn.

however, it's a good thing that it isn't critical yet... at least i still have time to heal myself and get into a good diet. mehn, the doctor sounds really strict i feel like she loathes me. hahaha. i know it's my fault, i drink too much coffee and i feast on tomatoes like there's no tomorrow and the doctor knows that... she knows how hard it is to advice a teenager to cut off with her vices. that's probably why she's talking to me the hard way... like she's a howler sent by Mrs. Molly Weasley.

i don't have that. but now, i'm going to kill myself just to get that one virtue that would change my life (better yet... that one virtue that would keep me alive).

so yeah, i'm going to eliminate my favorite treats from my diet. bye tomatoes... i will miss you but rest assured that as soon as i get over this sickening pit i dug myself i'm going to come back for you and we'll live happily ever after!

goodbye coffee (or caffeine generally). you know how much i love you, that will never change. you're still the best drug in the world. see you when i get better.

*sniff* *sniff*

now let's leave the dramatic exit of my loyal sidekicks and move on to the introduction of my new companion.

my dear friends, here's TAP WATER! he'll be filling in for coffee. though i know it's one of the hardest jobs to do... i know he'll make it! lol

yeah, so hello water. you're my favorite drink now, how does that sound?

water: boils


err... apparently water still hates me. wait till we get along... it's not gonna take forever.

hehe. i'm so weird.

some things are better off untold

people who say that end up blogging their lives anyway.

this is the first day i'm spending whatever is left of my summer vacation out of the university and it sucks because the sky is not rejoicing with me. >_>;

wait. today is our batch reunion! and i'm home. i told you i'm not coming. i don't have any reason to, anyway. not that i don't miss my batchmates... i just hate the weather right now. grrr..

i'm freeeeeeee

yet i'm so bored. guess where i am? i'm here at edsa shang. chilling out, wasting money online. and they freakin charge 60 pesos per hour! i guess i'm not really used to it, back in los banos i only pay 20 per hour and at home we only pay 400 a month for unlimited internet access, so why am i here? what am i doing here? the answer is... i don't know. haha. this internet shop is like 300% more expensive. haha hello arianne, you're in metro-effin-manila. so how was this day?

yeah this day started out really freaky. so after the victory christian fellowship i attended last night, i went back to the dorm and drank a high-kicking instant coffee to last me till the wee hours of the night cos apparently i haven't studied for the final exams. so there i was staring blankly at my notes, not really doing anything productive. i continued doing so until i reached 12mn. i'm still wide awake oyeah! so there i continued to stare blankly at my notes until boredom struck me and what do i do when i'm bored? lalalala don't play with you doodle! doodle doodle doodle doodle it tonight! roight. so i doodled, you know me so let's skip that.

blah blah blah blah don't play with you doodle...

i was still busy doodling and the same time reading my notes when a CAT suddenly passed me by. i was like, 'hoy. anong ginagawa mo dito?' my eyes immediately darted to the door and saw it double locked (triple even) SO HOW THE HELL DID THAT CAT ENTER THE DOOOORRRRMMMM????? i panicked and checked the time. and mehn would you believe it's 3:07am already??? knowing my watch it must be 5 minutes advanced so hell it's almost 3am.

mehn. why do strange things happen at 3am? so you see, i took that freaky incident as a sign that i must go to sleep already, even though the caffeine is still kicking malevolently in my nerves. so yeah, i fixed my things and went to sleep. only to find out i can't sleep! oooh this is so not new. i'm used to it. so i just lay there in my bed, paranoia consuming over my head. i'm imagining things. spooky things like the cat purring. it's not healthy to stay that late, i'm mutating into a zombie now.

so there, i didn't sleep. not even an effin minute. i can't sleep dangit!

i sat up at 5:30, ate breakfast, took a bath and finally made my way to physci building for the finals. yadda yadda yadda... it was easier. i just hope i pass chem17.

and now?

after the test i rode the bus to ortigas. now while in the bus, there's this maranatha teacher who stood up and started preaching the gospel. well, she's not so convincing because she looked snob but then the funny part was when on the height of her preaching, the bus stopped and several vendors entered, so along side her "hallelujas" we hear "buko pie? buko pie?" "mineral! C2!" "mani! mani! mani kayo dyan! bagong luto!" and also "crackers! espasol! shingaling! cassava!" ahahahahaaaa. and she looked annoyed. oh well.

and right after her preaching, the conductor turned on the radio and this came to our ears, "people killing people dying, children hurtin and you hear them crying, CAN YOU PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH...." lalalalalaa... oh what great timing Love Radio. hahaha

and then... i went to megamall and ate lunch in yoshinoya and guess who's behind me on the counter? hehe nothing really, just Kris Lawrence. i'm not really his fan. heck i only recognized him because of his trademark way of wearing a bandana under a fedora and his KL bling-bling. now who's vain yo?

and so after eating i looked around a bit. i was fighting the urge to go home because i'm really sleepy but i realized i won't be given another chance like this to do everything i please without thinking about schoolwork and worrying about my decaying grades... so i indulged! i didn't buy a lot, in fact i just spent most of my money on food... i mean on coffee. hehehe.

i went to national bookstore to buy some ballpens but i got discouraged by the mob of consumers and the suffocating atmosphere. i've lost track of time, while i am only ABOUT to enjoy my summer vacation, these people are just ABOUT to start another schoolyear. unfaaaair. can't take the loooong lines so i just tried some ballpens on the counter and didn't buy anything. how fascinating. ballpens are really fascinating... they come in different colors and different ballpoints and well, they're just so coool. hehehe then someone poked me on the back! it's aika! and there's mai too. hihi small world! glad to see them again.

blah blah blah blah blah. then i went to shangrila plaza just to check it out. bought some coffee. and aww i saw PJ Valerio again! he's so cute. mehn. he's way better looking in person than on screen. hahahaha. so he made around 50% of my day. the first part of this entry explains what happens next. so if you can still follow my day (hope you do!) after walking around the plaza i went online and the first half of the entry was made at that very expensive net cafe. can you follow? cos i don't really care if you can't.

then i went home. good thing i took an airconditioned bus instead of an ordinary one or else i'll be soaking wet right now.

ooooops. i forgot to bring my lab manual in which my most recent doodle was inserted. aw mehn. ok, next week when i get back to los banos i'm not gonna forget it for sure.

what about tomorrow?

i'm not coming on the reunion. maybe because it might rain hard and i have no transpo. and maybe because i'm DEAD TIRED right now that i can't afford to go out anymore. i miss my batchmates, yeah but not as much as i miss resting. forgive me. maybe next time? i'm just too worn out for my own good.

victory christian fellowship

it's a christian fellowship here in uplb at the 5th floor of Vega Center. it was great! ehehehe, eh first time ko kasi eh. and i must say it's better than the last youth fellowship i attended. sabi ko nga i'm going to continue attending this 1st sem para naman happy ang spiritual life ko. kasi feeling ko ever since i entered college i'm becoming more and more distant to Lord, eh ayaw nya non. at ayaw ko rin non kaya nga i'm so thankful that july introduced this thing to me. it's full of friendly and joyful people and i love the music. ganun din kasi ung kinakanta namin sa church namin pero mas gusto ko yung dito... rock! hahahaha...

o yun nga. i saw a lot of familiar faces. you know, people i never thought would consider a place like that. lam nyo yun? pero it's nice to know na ganun nga. labo. hehehe o basta. i had fun.

temptation temptation. internet=temptation. instead of studying for our final exams tomorrow. eto... blog! okok. aalis na rin naman ako.. so just wait.

oh yeah, before i forget. the guy i was online stalking eras ago(oo sha nanaman! haha) i saw him today! haha and hindi na sha kasing gwapo gaya ng dati. hahaha and prince? i saw him sa mcdo nung isang araw.. he cut his hair. ayon, di na rin sha kasing cute ng dati. hahaha o sige forget about them...

tomorrow is the day!!!

aral na kooo!
pray for me! I NEED TO PASS!!!

girl from ipanema

bloomfield's version is so much better than sitti's and the original artist's! i'm loving bloomfields more and more! hehehe

so.. today is wednesday. one more sleep to go before i'm OFICIALLY FREEEEE of all the err... troubles of summer classes. haaay, my summer is ending sooooon and i can't believe i haven't done anything fun yet. yeah, i'm counting on the sem-ender!! yey! sem-ender! although i'm not close to most of my lab mates... there's july and kat. with them i can bear everything. hahahaha i just hope july would still consider the outing if all 3 sections are present.

which, again, leads me to talk about A-3L. july makes me wonder a lot. what the hell is so despisable with that section? as far as i'm concerned, they're not doing anything wrong. hahaha so what's up with the whole avoiding them when we happen to pass each other by. lol. yesterday i accompanied her to an internet shop to search for a song she's performing 3 weeks from now and there we saw some A3L guys plus kriston. she almost wanted to transfer net cafes... but whatever. i'm not writing further about this.

hey. robin is here! and he's done with math36! good for him! hehehe

i'm excited for tomorrow. i just hope it doesn't rain so that i can push through with my mall hopping agenda. actually, i'm not gonna buy anything... cos i don't need anything right now. i'm tired of megamall and there are a hell lot of malls around mega so i must try them all before i get robbed of the opportunity.

heeey! i have a new doodle!! and the title, 'starbucks'. hahaha because when i finished the piece the starbucks logo that i drew looked like the centerpiece. bwahahahaha. i haven't scanned it yet. wait till tomorrow night. hihihi.

hmmm... you know what. i'd love to shut up about mike. okok. i'm not talking about him anymore. :) i just realized that "we" are not gonna happen. yeah, and i'm so cheerful about it. i just want us to be friends! yeah, that's more like it. referrals can come in handy if someday... the wind blows me to apply as a barista. i want to work at starbucks. >.< haha just like you, really.


i don't understand. i joined this community in called Elite Artists to at least give my artworks a little exposure. i submitted this piece because it think it's worth the attention of some artists. i consider it my best piece so far! and they denied my submission saying they don't accept doodles and sketches.

yes it's a doodle, but it's NOT just a mere doodle which can be described as 'a fruit of scribbling idly while procastinating on studies'. i started out with DOODLING and i ended up with a masterpiece. i didn't draw aimlessly. on my doodles you will see MY LIFE tangled up on a graphing paper.

doodle. a shallow word, a foolish activity. now is it? dooooodling. it's the only thing i'm good at. and i don't even need to get in the mood for it. why do people ignore doodles and take them as trash? something not worthy of the limelight? something 'unfinished' and not fit for display?

i tell you, doodles reveal more secrets that most artworks. uggh, believe me and look at the back of your notebooks. see what you've written/drawn on them. there's your crush's name adorned with cute little hearts and frilly borders. that's art. doodle is ART!!!!!! without you knowing -your idle moments, the times when boredom is knocking you off your feet- is the time when you absentmindedly pour out your dormant creative juices.

whatever. i'm looking for a new club.
and i'm going to draw a new doodle tonight! yehey!

who says i'm grounded on coffee?

no mike for today. i thought i was gonna see him but no... he's probably off duty. i mean, it's a sunday, for crying out loud! of course he should be out. lol. anyhow i had fun this day...

first we went to church, then we headed directly to MoA. we parked outside the imax theatre and ate IN THE CAR. yes, as in we brought a bunch of picnic baskets packed with sawali plates and banana leaves. we feasted on rilyenong bangus, fried tilapia, mangoes and cucumber. love it. hahahaha. then we finally went in the mall. we didn't do much, in fact we have no plans in mind, we just want to stroll and me? i just want to see mike ♥ lol.

i thought my mom's really really serious with me being grounded on coffee but i realized it was just a big joke when she pulled out a bill from her wallet and cheerfully asked us to buy 3 drinks. i was beyond dumbfounded.

finally! mom, you're the greatest! i even prepared myself to sneak out of the car to get some coffee but mehn, i'm speechless. hahaha

so there. i'm high on coffee.
sadly though, like what i've mentioned earlier. mike wasn't there. but i'm not sad nor disappointed that all my efforts planning for our dramatic (LOL) re-encountering was wasted. hahaha. in fact, i was sort of thankful that i didn't see him today because... i don't look my best. i'm not on a red day. pms makes most girls look prettier, i believe sooo. and the first time i met him... i had my first red day and naturally when i look in the mirror there's still abnormally red tint flushed on my cheeks. at times you gotta hate it when that happens but during that time i didn't care. haha, i was thankful even.

nevermind him. after a short while, we left... then we went to my cousin's house (she just gave birth!) to pay a visit. blah blah blah...

orayt. i guess that ends it. :D


mom says we're going to MoA tomorrow. and to me.. MoA spells mike ♥
i can't believe i'm not yet over him. >.<

unfortunately... i'm grounded on coffee!! and my mom is so serious about it. as in "hindi ka pwede magkape!!" hahaha. ok lang yun. i mean, if he's not on duty then i'm not buying anything! but if he's there on the counter, then i'm buying a tumbler, i've been planning on buying one anyway (swear, it's not an excuse), i just couldn't get the chance OR i just couldn't get the right person behind the cash register. hahaha. and look, if i buy a tumbler i'm gonna get a free drink, which i'm going to turn into a coupon to use for the next time. lol. why, i'm so excited to see him again. just that. to see him again. yeah, it would be better if we actually talk. but it's better not to look forward to that. i'm not getting my hopes up. shempre naman.

haaaay. i'm thrilled! tomorrow must be a damn good day! it should be! it must be! (arrgh, is there a stronger term?)
whew. now i recall something...

if you're destined to get something, the universe itself will conspire to its fulfillment.

which means, i shouldn't be planning on how our next encounter should be like because if we're destined to meet again, the universe will do the planning.

fck. what's happening to me? i'm now taking the whole universe into my silly, little, and could be imaginary lovelife! and wait... why did 'destiny' suddenly barge into this one???

i don't know what's happening to meeeeeeee.

let's give it a toast, shall we?

success is the ability to accept one failure after another without losing your enthusiasm

oyeah! kumusta naman na 1 out of 6 long exams palang ang napapasa ko? this is not new to me mehn. last term i only passed 2 out of 8 exams and i still passed the subject! though it doesn't give me a reason to stay unalarmed and indifferent. i want to transfer pa naman... as in transfer to diliman in another course. ikamamatay kong mag chem. eng sa diliman (khit na marami nagsasabi mas mahirap sa uplb) kasi... majority of their oblation scholars are in chem. eng! i'll be totally ridiculed and humiliated if ever.

let's leave that topic.

i miss GRAVITATION!!!! lalihooooooo! alam nyo ba yooooon? hah! anime yan... yaoi! wuhooo!

and wait... i want to have a sem-ender for our chem17 class (kung papasa ako). i mean ok na sakin yung section A-1L lang (LOL. hlatang my ayaw na section o). hindeeee, joke lang. cge cge khit buong chem17 na lang. anu ba naman yung 60 people diba? classmates ko parin naman yun. hahaha. as if naman my sem-ender talaga. pero di nga... gusto ko my sem-ender para masaya. i haven't gone out yet! i want to swiiiimmm!! yeeey.

haynaku. please please kailangan ko pumasa sa chem17. napaka-grrrrr naman kasi ng mga lab exams namin. as in grrrrr i'm totally clueless on what to do. grrrrrrr

lol. basta. on the 21st... last lecture exam!!! and on the 24th *drumroll please* -- FINALS NA! hahaha. ang tamad ko talaga mag aral. as in malala pa kay juan tamad. as in i'm wishing for the lab manual to turn into a howler and just spit out everything that's written there para at least maka-"aral" kuno ako. then poof! it'll burn to ashes and disappear! hahaha.

weeeeee. excited na talaga ako matapos ang term na ito!
gusto ko na mag MoA! at mag starbucks para makita si.... hahaha. di na ko bbli na kape... cguro bbli na lang ako ng tumbler. grounded ako magkape ngayon. nag-ala howler ang nanay ko dahil nga dun sa heartburn thingy.

failures. failures. failures. i wonder if i'm becoming a big failure right now. i mean, academic-wise... (meron bang academic-dumb? kasi ako yun)... wala! wala akong maibubuga. eeeeh.. whatever talaga. kulang lang ako sa aral at sipag. hmmph.

naku naku. tnatamad na ko.


mehn. i cried last night because i couldn't take the painful contractions in my chest. and it's already 1am. my sister was supposed to bring me to the hospital but i figured i wouldn't be able to bear the long walk to the main street. i was gasping for air, i might collapse wtf. it's like this, whenever i breath in hard, i feel this piercing sensation prick through my chest. i believe it's a heart burn. this is not the first time it happened but heck, this was the hardest i went through for this freakin illness (or whatever it is). it lasted from 1am until NOW. but it's more tolerable now unlike last night where it shocked the hell out of me.

and now i realize. i've been having assumptions on why this hellish thing happened to me. i am hyper-acidic. i just realized it now that we're discussing pH and acid hydrolysis in class. coffee is acidic, softdrink is acidic, milk is acidic, choclolate -sadly- is acidic, tomatoes (my favorittteeee) are acidic. and i hardly drink water when i drink commercial juices. i've been feeding myself with too much acid, and to add to that, i have muscle pain right now... which means there's an over-production of lactic acid within my body. and when i skip meals, i wonder what going on with my intestinal tract (which is acidic too). oh fuck it. i don't want to carry this burden forever.

and yeah, hyper acidity causes heart burns because... err... as far as i know, the gastric acids are regurgitating and it directly affects the breastbone. i'm not explaining further. i hate myself when i talk junk like this.

wheeeew. i'm going to drink a lot of water from now on and i'm going to try an antacid. but pleaaaseee, i can cut off with sodas and teas... just don't take coffee, chocolates and tomatoes away. >.< and oh my golly, i don't want to get an ulcer.

now onto this day.
i'm so relieved that the practical test is over! yeheeey. early morning, like 5am, i woke up my sister because i promised her we're going to play tennis. actually, she doesn't want me to go because the heart burn is still there but... i'm the one who insisted because i want to plaaaay. and so we played from 6:30 to 8:15 after which i went back to the dorm to prepare myself for the practical test at 9am. hahahahaha.

i sucked.

i was only able to identify 2 ions out of 5. but i'm not fretting over it. our instructor also returned to us our 2nd lab and 3rd lecture exams. i failed both! no surprise. i got a 55/100 on my lecture and a freakin 46.25/100 on the lab. and by the way... only 4 people in our class passed the lab exam. hahaha. but seriously, if this were my first chemistry ever... i would've killed myself for sucking big time. but nooooo... i've been trained to face a thousand failures without getting depressed. and besides where's the challenge when you go through things unharmed? you gotta shed blood once in a while. eheheheee.

i'm going home tomorrow night! yeheeeey!

prince of tennis

i've been itching to blog since yesterday but i was too worn out to carry myself across the street and go online. so now, just let me be...

yesterday's highlight would be me and terai playing tennis, AT LONG LAST. we played at the lawn court of Baker hall and shared the court with 2 cute guys. hahaha. that's what i've been itching to write about -yeah i'm so pathetic- this cute guy, whose name happened to be the same brand of racquet i'm holding that moment- Prince ♥... looks like Cogie Domingo. but he's much leaner and athletic looking unlike Cogie who looks skinny on screen. anyhow. it was so much diyahe to play on the same court with them. heck, terai and i almost wasted our time picking balls because we're only beginners and we're still - so to speak- feeling the court and warming up! and these guys, these freakin guys are playing at highspeed effortlessly! as much as i'd like to transfer courts, i'd rather not kasi... e kasi ang sarap nila panuorin.

although..... i couldn't say they're better than my milo friends. hahaha. magkaganunman... the guy named prince... he's so cute. >.< prince prince prince prince prince. haaay. i'm loving Prince (the brand) even more. do you remember the time i was wishing to have a prince tennis cap? now imagine if i wore that cap yesterday. hahaha. i'd look like i'm screaming his name all over my head. hahahaha. so not gonna happen. but then it doesn't change the fact that i've found another crush to think about... again. haha, at least NOW i go for real reachable people unlike before that i go gaga over celebrities and anime bishounens. hehehe. and hey, he looks like an upperclass tennis varsity. that is, if he's studying here cos his shirt spells FEU. so whatdoesthatmean?

well, that's all.... for yesterday.

today: my friend lau texted me asking for the surname of my other other crush (the one i was online stalking). blah. then she told me he got accepted in diliman, industrial eng'g. now huh? as far as i know his schedule (oh, i'm a stalker remember) he didn't take math36 here. in fact, his course here doesn't require math36... so? whatever. i'm like 90% done forgetting him. it's ok, it's ok. yes seriously.

i'm so good with forgetting guys. i guess love hasn't hit me that hard yet. hahaha

and so...
i'm excited for summer classes to end. it'll be finals day on the 24th and after that... i'm FREE of all the hassle that has been plaguing me. i have to be rewarded for putting up with too much shit this summer.

next news: the plot bunnies are working remarkably well these days! apparently i've come up with a rather amusing story about Harry and Draco. i can't wait to write about it. i've just given Harry the MOST DIFFICULT CHOICE OF HIS ENTIRE FANFICTION LIFE. right. and of course it involves Draco. awwww. haha ok so maybe i'm boasting too much about how i gave him the 'most difficult choice' in this entire fanfiction life but you see, i imagined putting myself on the same situation where i am about to put him.... and i couldn't decide on what to do. it's really haaaard.

so. what if you met your one true love (your ONE TRUE LOOOVEE) and you came into the super romantic stages of courting blah blah blah. you two were just sooo in love with each other and you, YOU, having a really complicated life thought you can't live without him. both of you can't live without each other. and then... news broke to you that you're experiencing a severe case of schizophrenia (sp?) and you realized that your one true love is just a manifestation of your critically growing psychological illness. now, would you still want to get cured?

the summary is mine! i'm turning that into a story one day. so..


i miss watching anime. and i've realized i've outgrown that period of being such an obsessed otaku. nevertheless, it doesn't mean that all the tv radiation i got from watching too much anime before has been put to waste. no. never. i might have lept a hundred steps away from my ex-love but there's still a space in my heart reserved for it...

i miss gensoumaden saiyuki, slam dunk and naruto! i want to watch them all over again!!! i'm going discuss each of them in detail.

GENSOUMADEN SAIYUKI - i looooveee Sanzo. in fact, in school i play the role of Sanzo (of course only with my friends)... and his godly counterpart in the series, Konzen, is played by a good friend ate martha. huhuhu. and i have my own Goku as well.... erikaaa. i miss you. what i miss most about it is the story and the soundtrack. the soundtrack is superb. i love it. jrock at its peak! well that's just me, i appreciate a lot of japanese songs because... duh... i grew up desperately trying to learn and sing them. in faaact, i'm downloading some of their 1st season songs because i can't seem to find them in my backup cd's. grrr.

and what more could get me attached to the series are the pairings! this is not new. i'm a yaoi fangirl. i squeal over hot shounen couples. i write gay stories with mature content. if you know me, you should understand.

SLAM DUNK - aaah. basketball. i'm not good with that, let alone any other sport. but then again, the humor got me stuck with the series. as well as *eherm* the shounens. SenRu is on the top of my list. care to argue?

NARUTO - hahaha. it's still up and running! i guess it's the most popular jap manga/anime/series. ever since i entered college i haven't been given a decent dose of my favorite animes. and it pains me not to watch it on a regular basis. that's why i'm starting to be a hassler on the art of illegal downloading and piracy.

oooooh. you know my two most favorite anime soundtracks would be from Gensoumaden Saiyuki (1st season) and Gravitation!!! whenever i listen to them, i'm like being brought back to the past, during the times i gape wondrously at every saiyuki, slam dunk and naruto poster we pass by on the mall.

i miss those times.

ah, and right now i'm cleaning up my mp3 player. have to get rid of a couple of junk to give space to my new mp3s. yeey. whew. sadly though, our trusty antivirus has detected another trojan horse generic from my mp3 player. hahaha. not to worry, i'm killing that freakin horse soon. yeah. haaay i have a lot to do today. i have to do prepare for our practical test on the qualitative analysis of cations and anions. whatever that junk means. boooo.

oh look, i'm having a category for anime. hahaha

during highschool... i also remember putting up YFC. oha. it's not youth for christ... it's Yaoi Fangirls Congregation. now it's dead. booooooooo.

on school orgs:
i'm planning on joining an org (or orgs) sometime in the future... here are the ones that appeals most to me:
SChEmes (society of chemical eng'g students)
ESG (eng'g students' guild)
ChemSoc (chemical society)
up painter's club (although from what i saw, they mostly do anime portraits but...nvm)
up writer's club (though i'm not even a bit qualified. i'd like to try)

aaahh. whatever.
fuck. i only have 1 GE on my coursework next sem! this is killing me... T__T;

i want to have my own laptop!!! i can't go pestering my dad everyday to move out coz i'm going online. haaaay


fine day it is!


i was right. i love this day. i just slashed off 3 items from my wishlist! a new wallet, a pack of black elastic bands and tennis balls. hehe. see, it's really simple. and knowing that i'll be slashing off more numbers in the future excites me!

oh, this morning we went to the church per usual. and because it's mother's day, by tradition they gathered all the mothers in the front and gave them gifts. they give three gifts every year, mother's day, father's day and graduation. how nice. the last gift i received from our church was during my highschool graduation and i won't be getting my next gift until after 5 years OR if i become a mother sooner than that. lol.

hmmm. last monday my dad bought a pirated dvd of spiderman 3. it sucked. it's like whoever caught the film only used a cheap video camera and hid it in his bag. it's so obvious that he's trying to hide the camera. there were a lot shoulders and heads blocking the screen and the very inconsiderate pirate is always adjusting the lens of his camera so the whole steamy action between sandman and spidey is blocked by this stupid hand. i won't rant further. i mean, what am i expecting anyway? that's why...

we watched it again awhile ago. spidey occupied 6 cinemas and all of them are in premieres. mehn. i love it. and hey, i have a new found pairing!!! if you know me you should know who the lucky blokes are. oh, that's already a hint. yeey! *enter fic hunting mode*

orrryyyyt! i love my new wallet! it's exactly how i want my wallet to be. it's big, red and most of all it holds a lot of coins!!!

finally! TENNIS BALLS! i can't wait to get my tuesday afternoon off! my sister and i are going to play this tuesday! i'm so excited. weeeeeeeee.

i was also supposed to buy a centrifuge tube from national bookstore but when i saw the price i was disheartened. back in los banos a single tube only costs 18 pesos but here, it's 37! fuck the difference. and they're both Pyrex, what's wrong with that?!?

boohoooo. that centrifuge tube is not going to ruin my day, no matter how its price pissed me off.
i'm still yo ol' giddy gurl.

whoooops. something that touched me this day... two of my three daughters from elbi greeted me a happy mother's day!!! i didn't expect it! back in the dorm we're one big happy family and i'm the mother of three kids- kimmy, kyndi and kachee. and all of them have different fathers who are clueless that they have a daughter from me. LoL. thanks for the greeting, kyndi and kachee. i miss you three a looooot.


101 wishlist

now i realize why it's so effective. if you were to write down 101 wishes, you'll probably run out of things to ask for come the 60th of 70th number, so you write random little wishes just to complete the list. well, chances are the random little wishes will go granted first since you have a list to remind you that you want something and since it's just a little cheap wish, you won't think twice on indulging over it. then you'll have one number to strike off your wishlist.

actually that's just my observation. but seriously, or in a deeper sense, we're just so blessed! we just don't notice it because we think there are things that should occur naturally. like the air we breathe. it's a blessing! and we ignore the fact that we're blessed with a perfectly proportioned athmosphere because it happens everyday, we breathe in and out normally. but what if we're not blessed with that? then we're dead. what about our friends? they're one of the biggest blessings God gave us and we didn't even ask for them. we didn't even write it down on a wishlist but we're like automatically given friends that would suit us best.

isn't it great that we don't have to include the most essential things in a wishlist because God has already given them to us even without asking? there's so much to be thankful for more than the things you get in your wishlist.

God is a generous God. he provides us with our needs. i'm so glad for that. the things i have on my wishlist are only the material things that would satiate the human flesh. i'm grateful that God only left us with secondary to little things to ask for since he has already provided everything we need to survive, including Him.

i'm writing a new version of my 101 wishlist! yey! hehehe

wouldn't it be nice

i'm home! i'm home! yesterday was horrible. i was disappointed with how i took the exams. i guess everybody was, anyway. whattakiller. i don't know what to do. i'm totally clueless! and i studied. i studied! that's the irony. i felt like i did the right(est) thing by studying only to find out i'm still going to make gazillions of mistakes. this is so unfair. hahaha.

i brought my things during the exam because i'm going straight home afterwards. and i did. but i didn't know going home could be a big pain in the ass as well. it has never been this way. actually ganito yan, the bus left me! as in i chased the bus just like in koreanovelas but sadly i still missed it, or it left me. there's a difference. hahaha. ang laboooo. basta. and it's already 730. i'm afraid no more cubao buses are going to pass by. but duh, i'm here last night so what does that mean? yeah. haha and weirdo ko talaga.

i have limewire again! yey. i'm downloading lots of josh groban and bloomfields. so soooory.

tomorrow has to be a great day. it has to beeeeee...

tomorrow is the day!

it's both dreadful and exciting! i have two exams in a row and i have to go home before the the last trip to cubao leaves me. but given the tight sched, i'm still more excited than dread-filled. simply because a) i'm going home already and that's a gooood reward for me b) tomorrow marks another day to be slashed off the calendar. meaning, summer classes will soooooooon be over! and of course c) loooooonnng weekend! i'm so thrilled.

ah, i remember. there's still one thing cranking up my bones right now. practical test! *sweats* our practical goes like this, we simply have to separate a solution into individual cations and identify them. it's rockin my brains yo. i don't think imma break a leg by then. i'm afraid i'll get all the cations and anions wrong. i'm nervous, yeah. and tonight i have to make two prelab reports and study for two exams. whooo. and i still have time to blog, oh yeah. i'm so excited for tomorrow. we're doing the same old qualitative analysis on group D cations, sorta like the practical test but during the test we won't be holding kodigos and we have to memorize a whole junk of net ionic equations. what blasted fortune i have. and our lab group is really faaar behind the other groups. it's amazing race inside the lab! the first group to identify all the cations present in the solution gets a plus 3 on the postlab. i badly need that plus.

you know what, i scored 0.95/5 on my prelab report awhile ago. shoot me mehn. and i got a 2/15 on one of our drills. my quizzes garnered an average of like 46%. but i'm not despaired over them. that's how exactly how my chem16 standing goes like and i still passed, though without flying colors, i still passed. i feel like i got a pink mark, you know... almost close to red, which is a failing grade. and i always wear pink. lol. anong konek?

hahaha. i really wish to pass this subject. hope you're with me!

who's yo daddy?

yeeeey! i just went online to to make this entry on my dad's birthday! sad coz i'm stuck here in elbi right on this very special day. grr... weee. i'm so excited to go home on FRIDAY! it's the first time i'm going home on a friday!

anyhow. here's how exciting my friday is. :)

9am-1pm: lab
2:45-4:15pm: 3rd lecture exam
5-7pm: 2nd lab exam

oha. exciting diba?

good news! my lab groupmate is going to burn 28 episodes of Death Note series for me! lol. i'm so excited. now i'm hunting for a cheap large-capacity dvd cd. yeheeey.

come on friday!

i thought i'm going to feel sick for the whole week cos apparently, i overindulged on food on the last 2 days that's why i'm suffering from lbm right now. huhuhu. i'm also vomiting like hell and i feel dizzy all the time. hope it's nothing. yeah, i know it's nothing. i drank a glass hydrite solution awhile ago and it seems to work well. yey. tomorrow i'll be all hale and healthy!

haay. they returned our first lab and lecture exams already. i got a good score on the first lecture exam! by good i mean i didn't fail and i went beyond 60%. however on the lab exam, i failed! why, i'm so careless!! i was mentally cursing myself for commiting such negligent errors, i should've passed the freakin exam if i only put those square brackets on my lewis structures! grrr. anyway, i'm not sad. as in i'm not. i'm just 1.5 points away from the passing. which is good enough considering that i'm such a sucker for chemistry. one thing though, i'm scared to know my grade on the second lecture exam. i know i deserve a low score because i didn't study! as in. haaaay.

this friday and saturday we're gonna have another set of exams. whew. how exciting.

hmmmm. setting aside my boring misadventures into the world of chemistry, let's go to the most promising things i'm looking forward to AFTER i get over chem17.

first, i'm excited to go skating with my sister in mall of asia. i promised her that i'm gonna bring her there! well, of course i have ulterior motives with inviting her.... mike! hahaha. i miss him! but not the 'crush' type of miss. i miss him like i miss my batchmates and elbi friends. :)

second, i want to get a loooottt of sleep. oh, i'm not really sleep deprived. i still get 8 hours of sleep a day. i go for 12mn - 8am. BUT i just can't seem to get enough of it. why, don't you? we all love to sleep.

and finally, i want to get fit! hiyaaa!! i'm going to ressurect the long dead exercise routine i've established last year. i'm getting fatter talaga. my arms are getting bigger, my thighs are expanding exponentially, my belly is bloating like hell and well... i just need to get thinner.

sixtreme reunion.
sounds fun. but i'm still not sure if i could come, our finals could be on that very same day. they're planning for a theme... hs stereotypes or hs uniform. i don't like both. lol. stereotypes are sort of offending. what about the nerds? i mean, would anyone admit something like that? come on, we're not america. peace mehn. hmm... i would love to wear my old school uniform but i believe i've thrown (or burnt) them out already. and besides, it's all worn out and full of boysen stains and paint splats. wouldn't want to look like a beggar.

this is so corny. i'd rather be in casual. :)
do i sound like i hate it? i hope not. i'm happy that they planned for something like that. i can see it'll turn out great.

oh i'm excited for this weekend!!
come on fridaaay!!!

a fool's report

this thing stressed the hell out of me

it's my hand written full report on chemical equilibrium. wah. i had a super headache while re-writing it from my yellow pad. anyhow, i'm so proud i'm done with it. and it looks typewritten from afar! yey. i'm so proud of my handwriting. handwriting lang. haha. my left ring-finger is so heavily calloused already. and to think my future husband is going to insert our wedding ring on that same calloused finger. huhuhu. lol.

anyhow. i'm so glad i'm home. i failed to save even a single cent from my allowance because i finally bought the white musk perfume i was saving for. at one point i regretted buying it because i thought the free moisturizer is a good catch but no. it stinks. i hate the smell. and now i look at the fancy label on the crystal perfume bottle that costs a thousand plus for a mere 60mL and sigh. hehe. i've been searching for that powdered musk scent ever since larz introduced it to me when we were in highschool so when i first saw it, i promised to save for it. it just happened that they have a promo that for every 1000 you get a free moisturizer. i was blinded by that. the perfume still leaves me nostalgic but i have to give up on the moisturizer.... OR i'll try to make it smell better. y'know... experiments. oooh, let's do that. next time i'm just going to buy the cologne version coz it's cheaper. :)

ryan has a billboard in edsa! ♥


another one bites the dust

whoa. i so like our teacher awhile ago! i just hope he substitutes our original teacher more often. hehe. he gave away 500 pesos to the first person who got the problem right in 3 minutes. and hell he did. o.O

i wish all teachers are THAT generous.

kat, july and i passed by the registrar's building awhile ago and we saw the whooping, death-defying truth behind TOFI (tuition and other fees increase). the minimum overall fee i saw was around 21,000 plus. the most expensive course is BSStat with 24,000. my course is around 23,000+.

it might still seem a little compared to other schools but from last sem's maximum fee of 7,000+ i can't help but feel overwhelmed by the 300% increase they imposed on freshies. oh well, at least i'm not part of those who paid that big. we're still so lucky. thank you Lord. yey.

tomorrow we'll have our first lab exam at 5-7pm. then saturday morning is our 2nd lecture exam. aw mehn, i really hope to pass this subject. >.<

okok. gotta study!

way back into love

it's already may! 18 more days to go before summer classes are over! i can't wait!!!

for the third time, they changed our schedule again. i'm back to the 9-4 sched. i hope to get used to their fickle-mindedness soon before i leash out my fury on their inconsiderate descisions.

i remember a Bible verse where Jesus said that 'whatever you do to your brethren you do unto me'. awhile ago, while ate joyce and i are walking home, a stranger called on us, asking for help. while listening to his explanation and trying to grasp what is it exactly that he needs, i thought "uhm, ok. can you just stop explaining? get to the point and i'll help you with whatever it is that you need..." in the end he said he needs to raise 65 pesos to be able to go home. he even explained that he is not a bad guy and doesn't intend to do us any harm.

actually, i wasn't holding anything that time aside from my umbrella so i just invited him to the dorm, which is just a few steps from where he called us. i don't know, i didn't even suspect him. i just gave him money. and i gave him more than what he expects because it looks like he hasn't eaten yet and could pass out right there and then. i politely ushered him out of the gate and reminded him to buy food and go straight home. so he went off, thanking me along the way.

well, he didn't look like a bad guy.
let's hope i'm right.

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