i'm not dead!

LoL.. welcome to my new layout.. well the layout is not pretty new to you... but the motif and theme is new!
you see... it's a dull kind of green.. but because of the totally rockin linkin park theme i have here... the dull turns to bright! hurrah!!!

we had tennis awhile ago... and i had my friggin 2nd day.. you know what i mean... ^_^

i wasn't able to do well.. er.. that was in my opinion... o cge na nga.. since i don't do well everytime we do the sessions.. i think i'm not in the right position to give myself a scale of 'how far is my tennis skills somehow?'

well as you can't see... i'm not anywhere around home.. i'm in FCM... doing my usual neopets gaming sessions... our computer is wrecked and it doesn't reply to popups... even though we don't have popup blockers... and copy-pasting a shortcut in a new window won't work too because most popups i open is javascript powered... so ayun... chill.

i'm bad... my sister and i are supposed to be grocery-ing for foods for tomorrow's trip but i excused myself to give time for my selfish desires... we also ran out of nternet card na... and i'm saving...


uhm... uhmm... my mind is blank... back to the games!!!
i'm so happy!
i got my allowance na... i mean it's an utang kasi... from last year's summer job... lupit noh? 1 year akong naghintay ng sweldo... haha... don't ask. basta i'm happy..

i don't have any decent summer job to enter... kasi i'm busy preparing for college entrance tests nga diba... and we had milo pa... and we have... blah.. wala na pala.. haha

i miss my friends...^_^

linkin park rocks! \m/

weeee... i love linkin park... i'm rockin wit them 2day! haha... wala lng... funny.. i'm slowly getting into the radical punk type... haha dun want that to happen... i'm just depressed... i need to take this out...

why does it feel like i'm about to die?
every night i feel this same agony that's torturing me less during the wee hours of the day but it's pulling itself to the extreme every night when i sleep..hmmm...

it's like i'm being kulam-ed. LoL... the pain concentrates on my left chest... ok.. breast.. or maybe the heart itself.. i dunno but it freakin hurts... like when i breathe... it would be a labored kind and i can't continue heaving a deep sigh because the pain is triggering... like a nerve would explode and i'll faint.. and i'll never wake up.

ok.. i'm dead!

and when i'm dead... i'll go either up or down.. but first... i'll do a little freak to those people who made my life either happy or sad... i'll chat... with those people i wanna say a formal goodbye to and i'll also chat to those people who fuckin ruined a day or two in my life and scare them to hell.

i'll post in this blog... my last post explaining gratitude to those i love and apology to those whom i've hurt.

do you know what this means?

the more the merrier.. SHUT UP!

currently listening to: breaking the habit - linkin park

i hate them!!!!
i'm turning green... shit! fuck them all!
tita ammbi's car will be used this sunday for the outing... which means... EVERYONE will join.
and i hate everyone so sunday is not my dayy!!!

argghhhh.... i'm turning valentina naaaaa!!! shiiiitttt.

bwisit talaga... i don't like it when a lot of people join our FAMILY outing... especially if they're not really part of OUR family.

i'll kill someone who considers this outing a FAMILY outing. coz it's now a BUSINESS OUTING! pucha... kami pa ngayon ang sabit?!
humanda kayo sa kamandag ko!
bwiseeeettt talagaaaa...

ano gusto nyo palabasin? utang pa namin sa mga ahenteng yan na naging manager c daddy?
mga gago! baliktarin nyo man ang mundo... wala kaming utang na loob sa inyo!

nagseselos akoooooo!!! puchaaaa... *naiiyak na ko*

kayo lang ang pinag-gagastusan ng mga magulang ko... pa outing outing pa kayo.. ayusin nyo nga ung production nyo! every week naghahanda kami ng lunch nyo! mahiya nga kayo... parang linggo linggo may burol dito ah!!

putanginaaaaa....galit ako... syeeettt!

i already started the facade.. awhile ago...

the bookworm is back!

not really a BOOKworm but if that's how you describe a person who loves to read... pwede na rin...
but i would rather call myself an e-book worm.. hehe...

LoL... i'm not yet finished with series of unfortunate events 2...-_-;; i'm always busy with other things...
awhile ago i downloaded the da vinci code (yeah, haven't read that parin.. i mean i did... the first 2 chapters but i have to return the book na eh... and i don't intend to spend money for it.. kaya ayan.. it's download time!) and angels and demons (yeah! the ampigram cover is waaayy cool!).

it's reading time once again... haha...

puhlease... i'm neither cheap nor a pro-piracy activist... i'm just being practical... what's less than 30 minutes of download time in exchange for a 335 (or more) worth of a single book purchase?

check your downloading softwares... you might want to search for some good books too... unfortunately i doubt you can find every book you want.. but still.. think about it..
i use limewire. ^_^ go on...haha...

btw.. i love linkin park! \m/


i just came from the tennis clinic... woew.. as usual... tired. i still don't know what to do with my jealousy... ang sama ko noh... cge cge... i won't be... from now on.. good girl na ko. haha...

yesterday was also tiring... i went to mama beth's store to help kasi she doesn't have any helper na eh... i thought managing a sari sari store is easy pero hindi pala.. her store kasi is a carinderia-slash-sarisaristore-slash-bakery.... o diba ang saya?

haha... kasama ko cousin ko... wahehehe... eto ang pinaka ayokong itinda...

baket? kasi iba iba ung presyo.. nkkwindang and i have to use the calculator pa.. kainis...
pero i learned kung pano magbukas ng kaha ng sigarilyo.. haha.. saya..
i quoted this from my idol.. valentina...
"i can always pull it off, because... i'm valentina"

LoL... i'm using that line frequently na nga eh.. haha...

sowing the seeds of hypocrisy...

everyone hates hypocrites ayt? now it's time for you to hate me... or maybe not since you're not my main target on this little facade i'm starting.

remember my last post? i can't believe it will rattle my brain until now... ugghh... the luxuries thingy i brought about by my last post is put into reality... once again...shoot...

and it's the perfect time to start creating a mask whose smile never will wear off.
our FAMILY, well count the agents in even though they're not part of the legitimacy i'm pointing out, will be going on a overnight outing this sunday in mt. makiling... and yeah... i mentioned na agents na... i don't want them there... honestly. but since i don't want to disappoint my parents... i reserved a mask for myself... made out of pure hatred covered with the most hypocrite smile... imported from paris. the one that really resembles a happy and giddy arianne...

now please be discreet with this coz you're the only one who knows how good a hypocrite i am.

from this... i realised how plastic people work their way through the mask factory in paris. they surely don't like what they're doing... but because of their FEAR of exuding what they have inside, they have to wear a very expensive mask that no one could pay on the spot... there is an installment fee and a colateral which includes their FRIENDS or family or a special someone... and in the end... no one has ever fully-paid the mask because during their facade, the mask-no matter how strong- broke into pieces and revealed the true wearer therefore losing the colaterals the person put in the risk box.

do you get me? alam kong malabo... ganito kasi ang aking weird explantion... in paris, a lot of masks are produced... one of the best makers pa nga eh.. (haha... check my facts.. they're so unreliable) and the mask you use in your facade is from paris, that is for example.
ganito na lang para simple...

the mask- represents your whole being as a hypocrite.
the 'you can't pay on the spot' and 'colateral' thing - kasi naman if you fully paid the mask it means it won't break and shatter into pieces plus you'll wear it forever.. making you a hypocrite forever.. yehey and the colateral is or are the people involved in your plan... it could be your close friend na magbabago ang tingin sayo after seeing you as a farmer in a field of hypo-seeds.. hahaa

o cge na nga.. di ka naman super engot para di magets yun diba?

pero on the other hand.. there is still hope for me.. my plane hasn't landed in paris yet to pick up the mask eh... maybe my outlook will change once i get there.... and since i'm very selfish i think i'd forget everything else while im in the pool... di ko na lang cla proproblemahin... they don't even know they're giving problems... blah...


i feel wierd...

i'm jealous again...-_-;;

this is the first time i felt this kind of feeling... because duh.. this is the first time i encountered this situation...-_-;;

maybe i'm close to being a rebel child... beat the crap outta me and i'll kill myself... remember my stupid attempt to actually end my life? damn.. that's the most stupid thing that ever came to my mind... to actually doze myself to death with a hairclip...

stupid stupid.

who am i jealous with? it's not just a who... it's a group of people my father is managing... since he is now a unit manager... i suppose most of his income goes to 1) paying ammortizations, taxes, and other debts 2)our tuition fees and 3) his agents' luxuries!

every week we are feeding more than ten people in the house... and that's the only day we're cooking food better than our usual daing for breakfast, sabaw for lunch and nothing for dinner...
although i enjoy the good food we serve when they're here... it seems like it's the only occasion where we get to prepare something better!

every outing, overnights and stuff... they're always there! i can't spend a single outing just with my family!
our car gets loaded not with our baggages but with them!
they fill our house every week and still i don't think they're getting the right motivation to work harder! earn more! and give back what we really deserve...

blah... i don't hate them...
i just don't like the idea of spending every luxurious event for them not for us... it's like WE are supposed to please them when what real life demands is the vice versa of it...

see my point... by now you might think i'm the afflicted one but no... this jealousy is just out of place... i'm just ranting my blahs out...

happy birthday hannah!

it's my bestfriend's birthday today... let's sing... hapy birthday to youuu!!!


my dad bought me a new guitar...
ahahahaaaayy... wala lang... just happy... we should have bought it for 2,800 kaso daddy bought a tuner and a cable wire pa eh so now it costs 4,6... -_-;;

hehe... ayus na rin...=)

what i like in guys (survey!)

gawain ng bored... got this thru friendster..

what i like in guys
1. Suplado: no
2. Mr. Shades: it's alright as long as it's needed..
3. Bad boy: nah
4. Masculado: no... tama lang... parang sebastian in cruel intentions 1! hihi
5. Guys who give flowers: sure... basta red roses
6. Smiling face: sure! pero nice teeth ha?
7. Hiphop: not really...
8. Guys who ask permission b4 courting: i like that... para hindi pakiramdaman
9. Has earing/s: wag na.. mag-away pa kami eh...haha
10. Used to chew bubblegum: sure basta hindi habit.. haha
11. Long-hair: no
12. Bald: no
13. Antipatiko: get out...
14. Torpe: not really... basta he's working on it..
15. Computer-games adik: no thanks... lalo kaming mag-aaway
16. Basketball player: sure pero not for a living ah...
17. Mr. Count-my-ex's-till-you-drop: yak
18. Mestizo: pwede. ok rin moreno basta di negro... negra na ko eh.. ahaha
19. Guys who sing well: sure!
20. Quiet/tame: uhmm... no... basta nasa lugar
21. Cumlaude: gusto ko suma! haha... sure
22. Formal: nope.. 50-50 etiket ko eh... haha
23. Friendly: malamang
24. Mr. I have an opinion about anything & everything: wag na lang...bka idemanda ko yan
25. Motorcyle guy: bike na lang ok?
26. Rocker: no... bsta marunong mag play ng instrument... guitar
27. Skate boarder: wag na sagot ko pa pang ospital mo
28. Alaskador (prankster): ok lang... wag lang magpapaiyak
29. Flirt: sino bang may gusto nito? shoo
30. Mr. Campus Crush: pwede...
31. bigotilyo: noo
32. Painter: sure! basta not for a living ah...
33. Galante: obcors
34. Mr. Love Letter: ayos!
35. Maporma: ayaw... simple na casual lang..
36. Talks Too Much: no
37. Soccer Hottie: aba.. tara!
38. Anti-Christ: go to hell
39. Mama's Boy: mahiya ka nga...
40. Hangs Out With His Friends A Lot: not really..
41. Mysterious Guy: cge
42. Cute Idiot: ayoko sa mga tanga eh
43. Guitarist: obcors
44. Wide Vocabulary Guy: oo! this is a must.
45. Loves you: er... duh?

it's 1:49 pm

nothin much happened this morning... as usual.. church....
the band there's getting heavier! i mean... we're like having a 45 minute concert!
it was really fun... the interludes and solos... LoL... it's a 12-man band.. everone's a professional expecially mr. idol..the great pianist for me! haha... the 'greatest' slot is still vacant...
there were three trumpets and three saxophones... woah... haha... stig i love the electric guitar.. galing galing.. clap clap... ang saya.. nakakiyak! haha...
LoL.. whenever we sing 'above all' i can't help but recall 'the passion of the christ'...
crucified, laid behind the stone... you lived and died rejected and alone... like a rose trampled on the ground... you took the fall and thought of me... above all...

seriously, i'd rather have the whole 2 hours doing praise and worship songs... hanep.
kaya nga i love my home church... every sunday i'm attending morning concerts in a real auditorium! wahehehe...

how ironic, whenever i wanted to update my blog during eventful times, i always forget and the next time i sit here i couldn't remember anything memorabe for the past few moments... but still i get the hang of blogging and prolong my posts with random thoughts... ahhahahaaa...

this day i'm so happy... bakeet? kasi nakapa ko ung theme song ng DARNA! haha... so happy.. the part of 'hawakan mong aking mga kamay...' tapos ung strings blah... i'm so happy talaga... favorite ko nanaman c darna... when i was a kid i used to like her kasi we have a lot of darna comics kaso nawala na ... tapos i got more interested in animes kaya nakalimutan ko na sha...pero now that she's back.. masaya na ko!
ok lang nman c angel locsin pero i get to appreciate Valentina more kasi idol ko c alessandra de rossi... haha walang aangal!!!!
pero i don't like her acting dun... hehe....

ok.. so diba... i hate sandarafuckingidiottangaengotgaga parkputanginanyapanget... now i hate sarahpucha geronimograsa... haha don't blame me... pagpilitan banaman ang sarili sa reload? what's more? partner pa ni hero.... eeeewww? matatanggap ko pa c erich eh.. pero yun? yuck epal... wala na shang ibang ggwin kundi magpakyut! eeeeewwww.... ano bayan hero! mas matatanggap ko pa na bakla ka sa reload imbis na ung partner mo kung hindi tanga , pakyut naman! haynakkkkooooo


that's me... my case right now is sooo common... i'm jealous of my sister, like most younger siblings do...-_-;;

pero i don't hate her... i love her sooo much nga eh.. kaso i'm jeaous how VERY fortunate she is that even though she failed her dream school (ateneo)... she passed UP naman....
aside from that... her application form for a scholarship in Starr Foundation in New York was granted... and later she'll be recieving loads of dollars a month...

and if she wants to study in the states, someone will always be there to support her financially... weow. and my parents don't have to spend a lot with her tuition pa...
-_-;; i'm proud... pero jealous paren...

parang ang ironic para sa status nya na maging scholar diba? she's not poor! we're not poor! pero blah.. she's intelligent kasi eh...
hah! if i know... anyone can top in FEU-fern HS! ilipat mo kaya sha sa Holy... makaka line of 9 kaya sha?

i don't think so.
the comptetion here is damn tough you need to shed your blood to get a decent score.
i'm thinking a lot of things regarding my future... how will i pass the upcat? what wourse will i get? how am i going to get a scholarship grant with starr?

blaahh... i need to study hard... everyone is smart. and i have to be smarter.

it's nice listening to others...

LoL... i'm listening to my friend's semi-broken love life awhile ago and it's really funny... sama noh?
funny nman talaga eh...
kahit na gano katalino ang tao super dupe parin ng heart... tsk.
i learned something new.... about the Monasteryo ng Sta. Clara... you offer eggs then you write your wishes to a piece of paper and the monks there will pray for it... the number of eggs to be offered depends on the weight of your wish... there's no harm in trying... the monks are catholics nman eh... di nga pla ako catholic pero hindi nman masma eh... they'll pray for you, i'll pray fo myself too... blah.

more? the church is somewhere in katipunan.
i told myself to visit it sometime.... ^__^

yay! it's done!

at last... i'm done with my entrance test review..what a relief.. actually no... the dryrun was freakin hard i don't know where in my brain i stucked that knowledge... haha... i failed... like most of us... with a horrendous average of 39%! how great... pero duh... their dry-runs are usually harder than the actual exams eh.. so i won't worry... my sister also failed hers last year and yet she passed UP... haha... ^^;;

o cge cge... onga pla.. i started my blog in friendster... haha.. la lang just trying kung hanggang san ang extent ng kanilang features...
anyway i won't get serious with that... blogger is way better... hehe...
oh... btw... wala lang.. i'll be changing from v.5-6! haha... Blog-girl na pla ko... haha.. watch out na lng for my new template...

i woke up very early this morning only to find out na hapon pa pla ung clinic... kainis.. di na tuloy ako inaantok... eheheee...
uhm... so far yun lang... sayang my sister and i wont be able to join my parents in prayer mountain since we have agendas for today... :(

yun lang...


it's a known fact that NO ONE, not even a person who considers her life an open book, confides her whole life to a certain person...
an individual holds secrets only he/she knows and of course secrets he/she doesn't want anyone to know...

people may laugh
people may judge
people may discriminate
people may think he/she's insane
people may think he/she's a dreamer...

so, puro pala tao ang problema eh?
it's just that people are sooo judgemental.

sometimes i feel na there's no point of making a blog since it won't guarantee you privacy and in the latter part you can't explain your own feelings kasi alam mong may bumabasa and alam mong it's either may matatamaan or may mag bablab... just like my 'hate list' (if you remember)... puro blind items kasi kilala ng mga majority ng readers kung sino yun... as much as i want to put up a backstabbing blog for myself, i just couldn't.

i'm getting off-track...
back to intimidation...
everybody's a dreamer... dba?
pero no one speaks out her dreams kasi nakakahiya, especially if she's a NOBODY in their world...
take me for example, i'm just average... you can say i have no known talent that is superior to others. i'm an artist, but someone is always better than me. i like a lot of sports, but it doesn't show in my personality... because someone is always better than me. i like music, but it still doesn't show coz i don't make a statement saying i can't live without music. i'm a webdesigner, but someone will always be better that me.

so i get intimidated, i'm not getting any further in my personality enhancement scale.
i'm very much affected with my surroundings. blah... inferiority complex.

even before the word blog boomed, i was blogging na... 3 yrs na nga eh... pero now that a lot of people started blogging na rin, i feel out... kht na pioneer na pioneer and dating... haha.. wala lang..

lam nyo ba ung isang episode sa lizzie mcguire? ung kay gordo? he likes retro music (mejo retro lang pero old..) pero when ethan craft, with the help of liz and miranda, made it a popular trend in school gordo feels his 'passion' is not his' anymore... kaya, he lurked himself in flying model aircrafts instead... -_-;;

ganun. haha...ang ewan ku ngaun...
huwaw! my bneficiaries din pla ung advantage card ni mommy sa sm! hihi, we'll be having a lot of starbucks gift cheques soon! hihi...

freakin cheap?

haha... almost everything i'm wearing today is from divisoria.. haha... the jacket the blouse the pants... well except for the slippers.. hehe... last week we went to divisoria for my sister's supposed-to-be wardrobe update since she will need it in UPLB, unforunately when we got home only one of her blouses fits her well and the others were too fit for her... and now they're mine.. haha...

during our bargain hunt (LoL, everywhere is a bargain...) i almost gave up on walking since my legs are in great pain due to the tennis drills. whenever we approach a staircase or any elevated platform for that matter, i curse and try to build up ATP's more that enough to carry myself for a single step... that sucks. i almost thought i'm going to get limp!

but luckily, as you can see i'm still capable of typing and walking down to this basement to face my friend.


it's MSA day today, and this would be the 2nd to the last meeting of our ultimately boring lessons!.. huraah... -.-
i can't say i didn't learn a thing coz honestly i think i'm becoming more competetive... haha... cge joke lang yun.
remember the other day? may strike kaya i had a hard time looking for jeeps in katipunan... pero today ayus na so thank God.

i have a suggestion... why don't gasoline shops avail the price hike only to private vehicles tapos standard price na lang sa mga PUVs? para di taas ng taas ang fare... sooper inconvinent for me na maghanap ng 50 cents sa wallet noh... tpos when i pay six they won't return the 50 cents anymore... grr...

ok.. nuff bout that...

awhile ago while eating in mcdo, 2 mcdo girls (ano ba tawag dun?) approached me. tapos naparanoid utak ko, i was thinking if i did something wrong... and the only could-be-wrong thing that entered my mind was when i ate my sandwich (which was not a mcdo product) and demanded for 3 kechups for one regular fries. pero shempre, poise dba..

i was tinged with relief when they revealed their purpose for approaching me, wala lang pala eh, girl#1 introduced me to girl#2 which was analyn and said she was the one who cooked my fries, she interviewed me lang naman kung masarap ung fries, kung kulang or sobra sa salt and shempre i answered... sabi ko sobra ung salt chaka ang saggy, di tulad ng jollibee....

haha.. joke.. shempre sabi ko ok lang nman, ubos na nga eh. haha...


sometimes you just have to do your part ...

last sunday, uhmm yesterday pla... my parents are discussing certain matters about work and family (specif. my uncle) and they were burdened so much...-_-;;

ayoko ng ganun, my dad was super furious because his cellphone was stolen by some freakin idiot who doesn't know what's hot today... what's worse, sa loob pa mismo ng bahay nanakaw... bwisit... kasi nman ung mga guests nmen noh, nagsasama pa ng boyfriend ng daughter.. ano kala nyo sa bahay namin... may burol na magbibigay ng kape at biskwet?!

bwiset talaga... tapos we're having problems pa with my uncle dahil sa bisyo nya... haaayyy...-_-;;

in short, bad mood buong bahay..
my mom was sad too.. actually lahat kme...

tapos, that after while i was answering my homework my sister told me if want to tag along with daddy sa SM, magcacanvass ng phone and computer...
ok, so pumayag ako and since i'm done na with my work...

lahat kami ng mall, just for the sake of entering a comfort zone...
tapos ayun, that night ang generous ko... i treated all of us in yoshinoya for dinner... kasi ayaw ko sad sila the whole period... my mom was planning on skipping dinner pa nga eh.. kasi lam nyo yun.. ang hirap ng maraming problems.. pero i said na hindi kayo mkkhanap ng solution pag gutom kaya it-treat ko na lng kayo..

after dinner everyone was happy... i made a deal with them which says 'no frowning' kahit ngayun lang...

blah blah...

and that was my part of cheering my family up.

kainis, strike pla ngayon.. hirap maghanap ng jeep...-_-;;

alang kwenta...-_-;;

pagod na pagod na pagod na ko...-_-;;

kaninang umaga tennis, early this afternoon i have classes nnman... sobra na... ang sakit na nga ng katawan ko di ko na mabuhat sarili ko sa overpass...-_-;;

tss... grrr.. ayoko na magcommute... haha... masaya kaso epal pag walang SOBRANG pera... lam nyo yun... mahirap magpigil gumimik sa katipunan... haha...


so far.. ayus paren... haha... -_-;;
i'm planning on making a new layout.... version 5.1 kung bga kaso i'm still thinking on the image... haha... -_-;;

walang magawa.
c'mon ang bagal ng oras... ang tagal pa ng may19! kupal!

er... wala lng... -_-;; ang boring ng buhay sa MSA...

i had a dream... i didn't pass UPCAT daw... haha... epal... in my dream i was crying as i lay petrified on the floor holding the paper which says 'sorry, you didn't pass blah... tpos may grade...' alang hiyaaaa...

ginagago ako ng utak ko ah..
pero i believe it won't come true.. haha... faith lang yan...^^;;

uhm.. wala mashado nangyari ngayon... as usual... lam nyo na buhay ko ngayong summer dba? aral laro aral laro.. repeat sequence for as long as you want...

hmmm... err...-_-;;
haha... ala tlga kong magawa... -_-;;

nga pla... i want to buy..'confessions of a shopoholic', 'the da vinci code', 'where to park your broomstick'... ok in short gusto ko bumili ng isang buong library.. haha..

umiral ang pagka nerd. -_-;;
bookworm pla...


err... bale.. ughghhh... bwiset... i'm not writing anything substantial pansin nyo?
magq-quiz na lng ako... teka

i'm out!

hehe... i'm here n prince david's condo, waiting for larz.. haha...-_-;; wala akong magawa kaya eto... nagsasayang ng pera sa internet... ^^;;

i went to nat'l bukstore awhile ago and window shopped for books! yeah! books books books! i really love books kaso my vocabulary isn't getting any bigger... -_-;;

haha... wala lng... stig i saw series of unfortunate events... it's worth a lot of bucks talaga pero sulit nmn kasi enjoy basahin (regardless of the title)... unfrtunately, i'm involved in some sort of piracy over the net and i refuse to pay such amount! haha... ^^;;

er... kung marami lang ako pera edi sana bumili na ko ng maraming libro.. hmmm... bat di ko napasin, pwede ko rin iconsider ung size ng nat'l bukstore katips para sa aking dream house! haha... minus the authenticity nga lang... ^_^

ang daming skulm8s dito... pakalat kalat... hehe... la lng...

whew. gutom na ko.. ^_^... cge out to lunch muna... ^____^;;

where's the moon?... THERE!!

hmm.. masaya rin pla mag tennis kaso mainit...
perfect pra sa mga gusto magpa-tan... tss.. count me out. -_-;;

hmm... un lng pagod ako eh.. bukas mag-aaral nnman... kainis.


i added/retained some songs in the music player... feel free to listen to some... and nope-- they're not mp3s so it won't take a lot of time to download a whole song... enjoy!

if you want WMA songs for yourself... browse through my links and transport yourself in 'music galore' ... =)


weow.. my sister and i will be having this summer tennis program with milo.. hha... ang weird... i'll really be busy this season... pero at same time.. being busy doesn't mean your not bored

so parang eto ang weekly routine ko..
aral, laro, aral, laro, aral, laro, rest!

haha.. gud luck...

walang magawa...

tss... -_-;;
ang boring talaga ng summer na toh...-_-;;
bkit lahat ng family outings by may pa?!! shoot... nababagot na ko... i don't want to spend the whole summer studying, (although masarap tumambay sa katipunan...^^;;)
ayoko rin mag chill sa bahay noh... i wanna go to bicol! i wanna eat djc halohalo!... gusto ko makita ang mayon!...

leche... boring.
gusto ko gumimik...-_-;; *iyak* kaso magisa lang ako... haha...-_-;;...

ryan philippe...
ryan philippe...
haha.. ang gwapo talaga nya... *drools*

ang baba talaga ng standard ng pilipinas sa pagpili ng mga artista!!
ang papanget umarte ng mga nakikita ko ngayon!!! haynakoooo...

alam nyo ba... ayoko kay sandara... haha.. big deal...
ayoko sakanya... kaya.. ayoko shang bumalik sa korea... baket? pag nalaman ng kanyang mga kababayan na naging artista sha sa pilipinas (sumikat pa), mapapahiya tayo! haha.. isa shang kahihiyan sa movie industry.. ang kapal ng mukha nya...-_-;;

manhid ba sha? hindi nya ba feel na she's meaking a fool of herself? haha... napakagandang strategy para sumikat...

ayoko rin kay sarah geronimo... ang yabang na nya... pakyut pa... sobra! hatest song: LUMINGON KA LANG! leche... bat kelangan nandyan si japoy?! (don't get me wrong, i like japoy) hindi sha bagay sa ganyan ka cheap na music video no! at hindi rin nya kalevel sa kakyutan yang sarang yan oh!

no offense talaga.. sana di na nag showbiz c japoy...-_-;;
pasensya na... gawain ng bored.

just wait... maybe by my next post i'll be able to talk sense.
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haayyy... so busy.. studying! haha... naninibago ako sa sarili ko... i haven't seen myself with this certain vigor for studying... pero kahit na sunog sunog na ang kilay ko... nothing's happening paren...-_-;; grr...
shoot that math!.. i h8 math talaga...-_-;; ewan ko sa sarili ko... ayoko ng math kahit na my dad teaches advanced calculus.. bat kaya?

haayy.. cmula ngayon sbay na kami ni larz uuwi from MSA... yehey.
Lol.. buti pa ung class nila.. masaya... pero ung amen boring... boring boring.. supper...borrinngggg....

gusto ko gumimik, kasi sa tuwing uuwi ako naguiguilty ako... imbis na magaral.. maglalakwacha.. kaya wag na lng.. haha..-_-



my review classes with MSA started yesterday... blah.. i know what you think.. alam kong mahal don, but what i have in concern is the academic advancement program.. not just the tips and tricks in taking CETs...

anyway.. damn... full day nga pla ang first day.. and i have to sit there for about 10 hours, listening and trying to catch everything the teacher says... shoot... and hirap ng diagnostic test!!!
supperrr.. hard!!!
they're expecting us to finish answering the whole book in 3hours... weow!
pero natapos ko yehey! pero the math was so hard i wasted most of my time recalling the basics in 1st yr algebra.. ggrrr....
tapos.. my mind is so worked up na kaya di ko na nireview.. haha... and while waiting i spent the whole 30 mins doodling on the cardboard scratch they gave us.. haha.. stig.. i finished one side for the whole day... then the other...para bukas!

lunch time.
wlked until.. jollibee.. gusto ko man mag kenny roger's i can't kasi diet ako, sa food at sa pera.. haha...
along the way i met some batchmates... sa loyola naman cla.. hehe...
pagbalik sa MSA... met larz.. blah... pauwi na pla sha.. and i have to stay for another 5 hours...-_-

after lunch...
math lecture... sobrang tawa tawa ng hiyang hiya ako sa sarili ko... my seatmate is sooper smart he kept mumbling about the answers and the terms..blah blah... walang hiyang buhay to.. i can't raise the flag of my alma matter... di naman ako bobo sa skul pero dito i feel inferior and most unintelligent...

tapos i can hardly follow the discussion with FACTORING!
darn that factoring! nakalimutan ko na nga kung kelan tinuro yan eh.. tapos the only thing i remember about factoring is...nothing!
leche... dagdagan mo pa ng quiz!
'exchange papers!'
shoot! kung di banaman ako pinagtakluban ng kabobohan....-_-;;
as much i'd love to check my own paper.. i have to give it to another person and wait till i get humiliated.
walang hiya talaga... perfect...
tapos ako.. wala pa sa kalahati...-_-;;
tapos may homework... 16 pages... -_-;;
LORD HELP ME! this is too much!


tapos super ayoko pang magtanong sa katabi ko kung pano nakuha ung factor ng (x2+16x+8)?
dahil mauubusan ako ng pride... haha...
the only consolation i got is when english came... i thought mejo pasado na ko dito... di naman ako nagkamali. pero outstanding talaga tong seatm8 ko...-_-;; gusto ko ng lumipat!!!

ngayon ko lang na gets ang parallelism at dangling eklat.... haha... mas nagets ko kasi malinaw ung pagtuturo... *oops*.

tapos... blah blah...

uuwi na ko! yehey!
commute -dotdotdot-

INTERNET!---eto na yun so babay!

good afternoon =)

diet update: i can't say it's not working coz honestly... it is! yay!
yesterday we went to my cousin's grad bash... it was fun.. especially the food but i controlled myself and ate only what my stomach could digest and dispose out... without rice of course... LoL... i am way over the possible regrets of not having rice in your plate coz i'm determined to lose weight... but since this stupid monthly period came in the the way... i have to drop off the taebo sessions and resume it next week... which will be my tutorial week but it won't harm my schedule so i stay out of worry. ^^;;

haaayy... i can't wait till may... i'm excited to go to enchanted kingdom. -_-;;

there will be a change (a decrease actually) in the list of things/people/ideas i highly adore (before)...

1. tony sun is now out of my world
2. include mark feehily there...
3. i'm not into anime anymore...
4. but i'm still into sanzo and sendoh
5. i'm promised not to force myself in singing in mandarin or japanese... coz i will look stupid (i said I..not you or we for that case)

so far that's all.

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