linkin park rocks! \m/

weeee... i love linkin park... i'm rockin wit them 2day! haha... wala lng... funny.. i'm slowly getting into the radical punk type... haha dun want that to happen... i'm just depressed... i need to take this out...

why does it feel like i'm about to die?
every night i feel this same agony that's torturing me less during the wee hours of the day but it's pulling itself to the extreme every night when i sleep..hmmm...

it's like i'm being kulam-ed. LoL... the pain concentrates on my left chest... ok.. breast.. or maybe the heart itself.. i dunno but it freakin hurts... like when i breathe... it would be a labored kind and i can't continue heaving a deep sigh because the pain is triggering... like a nerve would explode and i'll faint.. and i'll never wake up.

ok.. i'm dead!

and when i'm dead... i'll go either up or down.. but first... i'll do a little freak to those people who made my life either happy or sad... i'll chat... with those people i wanna say a formal goodbye to and i'll also chat to those people who fuckin ruined a day or two in my life and scare them to hell.

i'll post in this blog... my last post explaining gratitude to those i love and apology to those whom i've hurt.

do you know what this means?

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