sowing the seeds of hypocrisy...

everyone hates hypocrites ayt? now it's time for you to hate me... or maybe not since you're not my main target on this little facade i'm starting.

remember my last post? i can't believe it will rattle my brain until now... ugghh... the luxuries thingy i brought about by my last post is put into reality... once again...shoot...

and it's the perfect time to start creating a mask whose smile never will wear off.
our FAMILY, well count the agents in even though they're not part of the legitimacy i'm pointing out, will be going on a overnight outing this sunday in mt. makiling... and yeah... i mentioned na agents na... i don't want them there... honestly. but since i don't want to disappoint my parents... i reserved a mask for myself... made out of pure hatred covered with the most hypocrite smile... imported from paris. the one that really resembles a happy and giddy arianne...

now please be discreet with this coz you're the only one who knows how good a hypocrite i am.

from this... i realised how plastic people work their way through the mask factory in paris. they surely don't like what they're doing... but because of their FEAR of exuding what they have inside, they have to wear a very expensive mask that no one could pay on the spot... there is an installment fee and a colateral which includes their FRIENDS or family or a special someone... and in the end... no one has ever fully-paid the mask because during their facade, the mask-no matter how strong- broke into pieces and revealed the true wearer therefore losing the colaterals the person put in the risk box.

do you get me? alam kong malabo... ganito kasi ang aking weird explantion... in paris, a lot of masks are produced... one of the best makers pa nga eh.. (haha... check my facts.. they're so unreliable) and the mask you use in your facade is from paris, that is for example.
ganito na lang para simple...

the mask- represents your whole being as a hypocrite.
the 'you can't pay on the spot' and 'colateral' thing - kasi naman if you fully paid the mask it means it won't break and shatter into pieces plus you'll wear it forever.. making you a hypocrite forever.. yehey and the colateral is or are the people involved in your plan... it could be your close friend na magbabago ang tingin sayo after seeing you as a farmer in a field of hypo-seeds.. hahaa

o cge na nga.. di ka naman super engot para di magets yun diba?

pero on the other hand.. there is still hope for me.. my plane hasn't landed in paris yet to pick up the mask eh... maybe my outlook will change once i get there.... and since i'm very selfish i think i'd forget everything else while im in the pool... di ko na lang cla proproblemahin... they don't even know they're giving problems... blah...


i feel wierd...

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