city of angels

i cried big time last night after watching it at qtv. sorry naman, i'm not really fond of movies. hehehe :( such a tear-jerker, why does maggie have to die when seth just gave up his pevious life to be with her? grabe. unfair ba? unfaaair!! oooh, so that's where the famous scene with a bicycling meg ryan came about. hmmm, it doesn't pay off to be so outdated with what's in... before. nyahaha

i'm leaving in, hmm, 2 hours! hehe, haaay why do have to meet for a presentation? hum2 pa? sorry talaga, i'm not used to practicing fo pesentations eh. that's so gradeschool. haha, i miss hum1 tuloy, wala lang puro impromptu, di kailangan magmeet total... matatanda na kami lahat. keri na yun. pero sige, bear with it, bear with it, i'm the oldest in our group. what i can i do? i don't even want to take charge, so bahala ka na aiza. haha haynaaaaku.

oh by the waaaay!

after finishing Ouran Highschool Host Club, Lovely Complex na ko ngayon! hehehe :)
mejo sad nga ako e, kasi wala kaming dvd burner and i badly want to save my video files separately kasi nanganganib ang memory ng computer na ito. hmmm, nanghihinayang ako sa mga cd-r na binili ko. they're not enough!!!

magpapaburn na lang ako. hmmmph. >___>;

not enough sense

i was reviewing my notes awhile ago, take note: it's my first time to actually get my ass with reviewing over the weekend. that's not me, usually, but i'm breaking some bad habits here so you ought to be happy for me. hehe

church went well, i can't say i'm a wholly spiritual person because i'm still subject to dozing off during homilies, but i appreciate it that i get to pick up useful words of wisdom everytime i step in the room. it makes me more, hehe, wise? ewan. siguro ganun.

everytime we walk to the auditorium, we pass by the sunday school room. they have transparent walls so i can see what's happening from outside. damn it, i miss sunday school. i missed being a kid, being with my church mates, i miss teacher Flor whom i got really close to back then, i miss my classmates... who are now handling the kids. everytime we pass by that room, i feel regretful that i didn't pursue being a sunday school teacher just because i went on year long hiatus from that church. huhu, if only i attended class regularly, i could've grown up to be one of the teachers there now. hay. pangarap ko yun eh.

anyway. maiba naman

so eto. i'm came across a friend's blog awhile ago. crush ko yun dati eh. and when i read his blog, ayun, crush ko na ulit sya. lol pero the chances are slim na we'll close, as in. haha he has his own circle which isn't exactly unpenetrable (in?un?heh) but really, there are slim to no chances at all. i admire him for his sense. that's where it all (well, most of it) went. you know i think i can talk to him seriously.

so may trend talaga, yung mga nagiging major crush ko... mga sensisble people. kahit na pinipilit kong magconform sa ideal crush type ng buong mundo, in the end i still fall for the different kind. fall in crush lang naman eh. haha :\

a date with my mom :)

my charger broke so i asked ate theresa to buy me a new one, but it also won't work so i decided to have it fixed at fcm. i thought the battery is the one at fault but it turned out the new charger is the defected one. so i bought a new one instead of returning the defected item back because a) it was bought at a different place and b) i need to recharge asap.

haaay pera.

actually, my mom came with me. before i came to fcm, she left with my dad then not a few minutes later they're already back. looks like their plan didn't push through, but from what i perceived they had a quarrel. i was about to leave already when mommy asked me if she could come with me. i said no problem, i knew she needed some time out after God knows what they argued about. i kinda took pity on it and took her with me, dad knows i'm leaving but not with her. i didn't really tell him i took her out. hahaha i want him to look all over the house and panic. bwaha

so we went to fcm... then when my problem is settled and we have nothing else to do, i said maybe we could just go to the mall to chill. honestly, this isn't part of my plan but i want to make her happy this day, who knows what's bothering her? (anyway, she's not all sad about the quarell, it's nothing actually. seriously) so we went to the mall to chill, hehe, we just commuted! hehe i was somewhat hesistant to take her out to commute because well, she's my mom, she hardly commutes nowadays (well, ever since we got a car), i'm afraid the heat and the pollution will hassle her big time but i was wrong. hehehe :) we were happy! i was happy about it. totally happy that i was able to take my mom out to mall and pay for, for... the fare! hehehe it's a date! it's a date! and how much did i shell out this day? 1000 pesos omaygaaaad... kasi i bought a gift for july and a gc for kuya noreens, the charger, a box of cereals and paid for a debit card appplication. haay

i'll probably get serious saving money, even with the unnecessary deprivations.
i'm all hyped up for my debit card! weeeee :)

thanks anne for introducing express cash to me hehehe :)

meron pa

this is what happened yesterday, hehe.
sa kagustuhan namin ni terai na makatipid sa pamasahe sa bus, we were convinced na sumabay sa car ng daddy ng friend ni anne papuntang sta. rosa. o diba ang layo? but the thing is, free naman until sta rosa so we took the van from there na 65 pesos lang to cubao. ayos diba... if you compute it, naka-save kami ng around 40 pesos plus traffic! ang bilis ng byahe. bwahaha :) at nakilala ko pa si eirrol na friend din pala nina alya, patti and ace (hs schoolmates) at POSIBLENG naging roomate nung crush ko dati sa newdorm. haha, bat ganun diba. small world. batchmate pa sha ni terai sa upjes. hehehe.

ok, yun lang. :)
thanks for the ride, sobra! hehehe

in memory of my excessive posting days

more entries per day = more gibberish.

diba? but now that i blog less (but still regularly), i'm slightly deviating from the self claimed title of this blog. not that i write with sense you know, which is hardly ever the case, but at least in a span of time i wasn't able to blog, my entries became more a of a gist than an overly exagerrated stupid teenage account. mas, err, condensed and less-detailed and wala lang... :) at least i don't go overboard offering my whole life on a platter.

wala naman akon stalker so ok lang. hahaha (or so i thought... hmmm) mag-post kaya ako ng suspicious IP addresses? hahaha joke lang, give me more traffic!! and more comments! and more link-exes! hahaha magpakilala naman kayo. it doesn't help to know which province you came from (because, I KNOW. bwahahaha). hello, let's be friends. mabait ako, pramis. :P

na-realize ko. masakit palang matawag na GEEK. but they're my favorite stereotype! i love geeks/nerds/dorks but to be actually classified as one and be treated with utmost disgust (which i deem is bewilderment in disguise. ayaw pa aminin mga shunga.) is just, heart shattering. hahaha

isa pa. yesterday, i realized something after deleting the Ouran series (4 gigs) from my media device, to make way for a brewing obsession with Lovely Complex (3 gigs). YOU CAN'T KEEP EVERYTHING. KA's right, i got the thought from her blog and was struck by the reality of it. you can never have enough storage space for your favorite files. you'll always have to dispose something one way or another to give space for something more urgent. see? i've consumed the whole 8gigs memory of my player by saving Ouran and now i need another gigabyte full of storage for a new series.

wow life. :)

gusto ko na ng laptop. :P
and a smashing portable harddrive not less than a hundred gigs.

not really.

stupid title. can't think of any. i'm really making good progress averting myself from consuming the world wide web on an unreasonable count. it's only the first time i saw the net since this weekend... and it's already thursday. hehehe nice diba?

oh anyway. i came online to download our physics handout (and of course do my downloading and copying). thank goodness it's already out in its complete form! hehehe 66 pages of junk, woooh i can't do with just that. i need to work hard!!! it's not easy you know, i actually thought it's simpler than its prerequisite subject but i guess they're just the same, though i'm more interested with what's now because... because... it's electronics? siguro. ewan. freak.

okokok. soooo...

monday, 23rd: no classes yet. still at home. got sick. was badly reprimanded by my mom. took medicine and stuff. hopefully... yeah.

tuesday, 24th: my uncle drove us to elbi with my mom. came in to deliver the beds (folding beeeds with foams. they're kinda nice and comfy), chairs, a stool and more stuff. still sick but i came to school because i can't afford not to. not when i'm trying to build a better acad life. haha, sige maniwala ka.

wednesday, 25th: feeling better... because of the bed. :P i have tonsilitis and i still drank cold drinks, sweets... grabe. i hate myself. minsan.

and now: wala, pagod. i just finished doing my immediate homeworks (oooops! ngayon ko lang naalala, may homework pala akong di pa nagagawa. haynaku.)

so yun. gagawin ko na muna...
shempre after magdownload. haha

piano mode

sabi ko na nga ba may future ako sa electronics eh. hehehe i fixed the pedal! yaaahooo! hehe, now i can use the organ again. hehe, namiss ko sya! :) i stopped playing kasi sira nga yung pedal and ang arte ko, i want the grand piano tune to be sustained all the time. after all, i'm playing classic pieces so i need a pedal. hehehe

grabe voldy (that's the name of my casio organ), it's been a while. hehehe. so how did it get fixed? actually, binuksan ko yung mismong pedal, buti na lang di sya mahigpit. hindi ko alam kung anong concept ang na-utilize ko at gumana sya basta i just aligned some wires and the spring tapos tenen! gumana! hahaha

parang yung charger ko lang dati na ayaw gumana... pina-ayos ko pa yun a... sa isang locksmith-slash-sapatero-na-may-background-sa-electronics, well... after finding out the source of the problem (broken coils), edi inayos nya..pero wa epek. so dahil dyan... ako na ang nag-ayos. inulit ko sya... and pinagpapawisang kinabit ang mga wires habang nakasaksak sa outlet... i need to feel the current kasi para makasiguro na tama yung pagkaka-kabit ko. and tentenenen! naayos ko naman sya... temporarily nga lang kasi bumili na lang ako ng bagong charger. hehehehe

ok so far, i'm printing music sheets...
Lullaby and Lost Memory from the OST of My Sassy Girl.

hehe, actually nakapa ko na yung intro ng Lost Memory pero i guess it's better to have the original score parin hehehe. :) excited na ko. hindi pa ko nakakabuo ng isang piesa since Grande Valse Brilliante (chopin). haha, i need tiiiime. :) :) :)

here's where you can get Asian OST sheet music for free
Soda Sheet Music

yeeeey. :)

natutuwa ako, when i opened the piano seat (kasi may compartment yun), naka-tatlong clear book na pala ako na puro piano pieces. well, hindi ko sila lahat naaral. tamad ako eh. nakakapagod din magbasa ng nota. >____>;

sige sige, piano mode muna ko! ehehehe
tamang tama, may bagyo.

why i'm starting to hate rinoa heartily

you can hate me for this because who's speaking is a biased final fanstasy ignorant basher.

2 things:
@ she always gets cosplayed. i'm tired of seeing her in cons. her dress is so simple, and she's one of the most cosplayed, not to mention 'default' cosplay character in the world. when you a visit a con you'll see tons of rinoa's flaunting around. really, like get out of my faaace!!!


@ i was irritated by her in monty oum's dead fantasy II, i know he loves her and whole ff cast (because the vid is all about whacking the DoA girls dead), but she's a big scene stealer with oversized wings and exagerrated celestial powers. well, i'm certainly not a ff enthusiast so i'm not sure if she really has wings (but i doubt she has), but demmit she's just soooo irritating. imagine sailormoon talking a minute to transform with her adversaries just gaping at her, now put rinoa in her place. that's dumb.

so sorry. this is totally pointless. in the first place, i shouldn't hate her just because she gets cosplayed a lot, i just think there's no enough creativity with her outfit. second, it's bad enough if DoA wins over FF in a fanvid, so if it means having rinoa take the spotlight with the vid's last few minutes, i can bear with that.

so in short, to save myself from hating a lot of people (rinoa cosplayers, monty oum and sailormoon), i took the common denominator.

hehe, i didn't really expect you to put up with this entry well.
i'm annoyed at myself.

a very immature post.

afterall, it's working

i just came online to get our physics handouts from our prof's multiply site (but i can't seem to find the right file >_>). then of course, along with it goes my internet iteneraries.

♠ i'm trying to minimize my internet consumption because i know it's one heck of a disturbance. so i'll get you a daily gist of what happened from the last time i updated.

sunday, 15th: went to church then to los banos to bring in our stuff. i just moved in to my new apartment. :)

monday, 16th: no classes for me yet. took time to get a feel of our apartment. still super bare, but it's bearable... i just can't take the silence at times hahaha. oh, and i met our neighbor to the right... kuya robert. :) well, he's really friendly, he's the one who came to us for an introduction and some err, warnings. :)

it's really weird. i felt different but i guess it's still better than before. when we came to our previous dorm for a visit (my sister still lives there), so many things have changed! they've installed emergency lights already, new curtains, a refrigerator (which is under strict custody of tita beth) and new tables. it's better to look at. it's super clean now, but i still can't take the price. hehe

tuesday, 17th: first day of classes. math36 was my first class. i still got the same teacher so i'm more determined to pass now. :) hehehe, my other classes were scary. i still feel intimidated with chem32, phys13 scares the git out of me, stat1 was err, unpredictable.

well, most of my classes... i thought they're going to be pretty bearable except for 32 which is a natural killer...but i guess i'm wrong.

ok, i'll just work harder from now on. minimize going to the internet, like now! save lots of money and segregate for crying out loud! we don't have trashcans yet in the apartment and there are lots of ants. hahaha

and now, 18th: it's LAURA'S BIRTHDAY!!! happy happy birthday! i attended the parade thingy for the freshmen, so hot, so boring... but not really. at least i get a merit for the org. T__T; not that i came to socialize, really. :-/

OH, and i have a new crush.
i have a lot of crushes, i have an EE crush (who looks pretty neat but lame at times), and an IE crush (who badly needs a good shaving, he looks like a ganster and i liked him for that haha) and now i have a crush on an orgmate. well, we've known each other before he came to the org... we were classmates once. let's just say, i liked him for being sweet. :) i don't know, i don't care if he's naturally like that or if i'm just imagining things but he has charisma, yes. that's the perfect word to describe him. :) when we talk i feel like he's really interested with what i have to say even though they're just silly reports of me promising to work hard over my failed subjects... haha, he doesn't drop conversations easily and when he asks me how am i doing, i feel the sincerity.

haha kasi, the question 'kumusta ka naman?' (and other versions) has become more of a greeting to me than an actual inquiry that must be answered... but when he asks it, i feel obliged to give him the right answer. hahaha, not that i don't. well, i usually don't answer that question straight out... i always say 'ok lang' because it's half-true so it doesn't make me a full liar. hahaha wala lang, i feel like i can't lie to him, becuase he understands. :) hehe.

o, yun lang naman. :) i invited terai to sleepover at my place today because my 2 roomates are going home tonight... no classes tomorrow e. hehehe :)

ay, grabe!

"Pilipino ako, sapat na yun na dahilan para mahalin ko ang Pilipinas." - Bob Ong

napakatanga ko naman para makalimutang batiin ng Happy Independence Day ang Pilipinas nuong June 12. anyway, eto... Belated.

sa tingin ko talaga, wala akong sense of nationalism. pero i don't hate the Philippines, feeling ko lang, sa panahon ngayon... it's not practical to be nationalistic kasi for me it's just an ideal thought. though alam kong may mga ganun, i don't think it's real enough.

i love my country. o siguro, i learned to love my country because i don't have the power to chose the right combination of genes to be Puerto Rican.

o diba ang sama ko.

pero seryoso, hindi man ako hardcore Nationalist, mahal ko parin ang Pilipinas... not because i'm stuck being one but because the mere fact that God put me here makes me feel that this country needs something that i have to offer. pero, ayoko munang irealize yun. poor pa ko, mag-aaral muna ko. g-graduate, then i'll see what i can do.

wow, Philippines!


currently: re-reading the complete beta-read version of my fic! ah! i'm so excited to republish it! :) thanks so much my dear! i was damn flattered when you said you still cried after your second read. man, i think imma cry as well. :)

then after that, i'm gonna watch Ouran! yeheeey! i have to finish it before school starts to refrain myself from watching it online. hmm... save mode.

june13: went to pansol with my family and my dad's agents for their mid-year planning session thingy. my sister and i tagged along because of the pool. man, i love the resort! zen inspired and japanese landscaped. so lovely! :) someday i'll have a house that big! hehehe

awhile ago: went to buy some stuff at the supermarket. deciding which bed to buy and how to deliver it to our room is becoming a big hassle now. i guess i have to stick with a foam after all, or before my roomates and i settle for something. we still need to talk. haaaay. :)

and the dispenser, please Lord. potable water is all i ask for. :\

missing video codecs

so you see, yesterday was tiring but productive, i got myself enrolled for the first sem, paid the apartment, downloaded dead fantasy 1 and 2, printed New Moon, and got the complete series of Ouran Highschol Host Club (at the cost of 4gigs which nearly robbed my player all its storage space).

but i can't play the series with our player! i gathered that some video coded is missing! at first i downloaded media player classic because that's what astra uses to play vids but an error popped out saying they can't play it blah blah... because i don't have the supporting video codec for it.

i don't know what the heck a CODEC is. but i'm learning, i'm currently downloading K-lite Codec Pack... hope it helps. specifically i just need an xVid codec but whatever. i'm crossing my fingers on it! T___T;

reg na ko!

i knew this day's going to be extemely exhausting for me. i left qc at 6am and arrived here (btw, i'm still in elbi) at around 8am. i met first with the apartment owner to pay and get the keys then i went to enroll. i actually dread going through it alone, i badly need company, but thank God i met Leonard on the way to CEAT! yehey! so we went together. thankyou thankyou, at least i'm not alone! we haven't seen each other for a semester hahaha but this sem we have two common classes! yeheeey! and i kind of convinced him to take SUTC with me as our major. hahaha, i'm so looking for company. hehehe

T___T; i'm a sophomore at last. cheers.

i also had to apply for overload because of one tiny extra unit. what the hell is wrong?! i can't figure out how they would let me go through all the hassle of walking to a fro the EE building just to work out a stupid overload permit! anywaaaay, it's okaaay. at least i'm already registered and for the most part, Leonard was there so hurray hurray! :D

currently doing my interent agenda which includes tons of downloading. hehe XD
and heeeeey! i've printed New Moon already! can't wait to read it! :)

i realized i have to spend most of this saturday to CLEAN the apartment. the caretaker said it's already clean, BUT IT ISN'T! lots of ants, dust, cobwebs on the ceiling, hard-water on the sink, faded wood parking... oh it's so dirty. i agree with you yndi.

this saturday, i'm going to bring a broom, dustpan, mops and floorwax. haaaaay, i'm excited to get it cleaned! XD

hello, dear beta!

check out sailorfroststar11's profile. :) she's the one beta-reading my fic at ffnet.

i'm just grateful to have her beta my fic. well, for the most part... she does her work really well and she's updating me every now and then. :) i've had the 4th chapter proofread and i'm about to upload it now. :) weeeeee... makes me wanna write some mooooore. hahaha

hopefully tomorrow's gonna be a great day. i want to accomplish a lot of things that need to be attended immediately, like the registration and the apartment thing and well, my internet agendas that require lots of download time hehe. will be meeting with anne too, so yay for the company! :) i actually hate walking alone. >___>; hahaha


photoshop 7 brushes :)

hehe this is a promotional entry :)

Graphics Illustrations is probably the best source of free high-resolution photoshop brushes i've come across. Well, you need to be part of their newsletter to avail of the download link but it's all worth it once you receive that mail. :)


romantic princess

i'm left with the household chores! boooo... terai will be leaving for elbi later. haaaay. pero bukas, ako naman! i'm afraid of the tuition fee... what if tumaas? i can't make a proper cost of matriculation assessment with their irregular hikes. haynaku talaga. i just hope mom will give me more than enough money for the tuition, apartment and fare... because i'm counting on my internet agenda and dvd scouting to make my day and without extra money all of those are down in a big blur. >____>; i'm also looking forward to checking the apartment and listing what's needed to be put in, like appliances and furnitures. haha, that's like a major concern! if we come there with the unit totally bare, we'll have to eat outside because there's no tables and chairs... ayoko gumastos. i'm trying to save a lot of money for this sem because i want to buy a lot of things. T___T hopefully there's a cabinet please let there beeeee. it's already a big hassle for me to carry the refrigerator (which won't be delivered till next next week) and the BED!

pero hmm, i was thinking to just buy the bed, cabinet, tables, chair and stuff at the Bodega ng Bayan para free delivery at mura! and i want to go there to canvass! it seems fun and exciting and yeahboi masayaaaaa.

i'm excited to decorate the apartment and transform it into a real home
pero wait, we need potable WATER to last us our first week. i can endure a bare house (kahit matulog ako sa sahig) basta may drinking water, ohplease. and on the following weeks we have to fill in with the kitchen stuff... dish organizer, can opener, knife, cooking stove?, ref... haha ang sarap magplano diba?

but i'm quite assured that after weeks of adjustment it'll come out really nice and comfortable for us. after all, every new apartment owner goes through all the bare essentials planning with her housemates.

excited lang ako. i'm more thrilled to move in to a new house than actually got to classes. hahaha

BTW, i have a dvd of Romantic Prince at last! yeah! i'm gonna watch now! :)

haaay buhay

i think i got my mp3 player a virus. last night while i was checking my photos i entered the 'Trinoma' album and saw a thumbnail with a question mark, i opened it but it was just a blank image with some dots. since i was pretty sure it wasn't part of the folder, i knew it was a virus of something. when i hit back, ALL OF THE PHOTOS IN THAT ALBUM ARE GONE!!!!

and so... to prevent further damage, i am backing up my files now in preparation for reformatting. T___T;

another thing that tore my heart gravely, MY VIDEOS ALBUM IS EMPTY. i don't know how! but i can only be sure it's a virus! or something equally harmful and dangerous to deal with. i hate reformatting because i have gigabyte-sized folders to backup and it's gonna take a long time to get them all relocated for site reconstruction.

good thing, i still have some videos in my docs. but then it's not complete! huhuhu

i'll be going to elbi this wednesday to pay my tuition and check on the apartment!! :) who wants to come with me? hehehe :)

feeds, anyone?

i'm not about to put up an explanation on how feeds work, though i'm giving my two cents on it... errr, and probably a little bit of an explanation too (as opposed to my first statement).

honestly, up to now... i'm not sure how it truly works and how useful it is to regular web browsers like me. but since it's getting mainstream (or is already), i tried to get my hands on it... by applying at Feedburner. :)

blogger blogs have their own rss/atom feeds, you just have to key it in either of these formats:


by knowing that, you can create a link of it to your main page so your visitors can take a look and subscribe if they wish.

also, by knowing the feed link of your favorite websites, you can 'feed' their addresses to 'Feed Aggregators' --- these are free web services that offer to monitor your subscription in a single account so you don't have to load multiple pages to check for updates... like Feedburner. hehe, i guess what got me lured into it is that i get to see how many subscribers i have. i'm not really interested in subscribing to websites, i think it's more fun to load them each... to appreciate the design and all. rss feeds come in really crappy templates.

*ohbytheway, i think most aggregators don't honor OLD blogger users.

hmmm, as far as i know, there's a Feed option in IE7 and Firefox that you could use to bookmark your favorite site feeds, but i really don't know how different it is from the 'Favorites' option which works almost similarly. >____>;

oh, and for this day...

after church, we went to mall of asia. :) i was with my family plus my cousin- mark, we brought him along to buy him new clothes and stuff... hehehe. we had picnic in the car again... and was delighted to see we're not alone! a certain family in a van, 2 cars away from us, is also having their own picnic, facing the side of the parking building where manila bay can be seen in its beautiful glory. hehehe

haha, and theeeen... we just walked around. bought blah blah blah. mommy treated us to starbucks, yehey. then i bought terai a donut from krispy kreme (first time!), ang mahal, pero heaven naman pala. no wonder. next time, mag-iipon ako.

waitwait, while i was walking to starbucks near imax... bumabalik yung mga memories ko with mike. hahahaha, kinakabahan ako pero keri lang. he wasn't there though, joaqin was (haha close?)! actually, sya nanaman. sya rin yung dati eh, though during that time, nandun pa si mike... i wonder what happened.

free kaya yung used coffee grounds na naka-pack dun? i was planning on getting one! hehehe, i want to plant sunflowers. hahahah

extremely bored

you know what happens when i expose myself too much with my blog?

i get sick of it. it makes me want to change layouts over and over again.

while i didn't do a major revamp right at this moment, i did eliminate some sidebar elements like the larger than life icons and the forewarn, i moved them to the About page (check above links). i also got rid of the Feedjit live visitor log. i figured that i shouldn't be giving a major damn to people who visit this blog unless they COMMENT or actually told me that they came. i'm so tired of fishing for indirect flatteries (ie. checking my stats for repeating visitors and wanting to track their location via IP add) hahahaha. maybe i should just... err blog away! blogabooo! whatever. hehehehe oh, something's telling me that if i were a celebrity or just someone who writes really sensible and insightful entries, i could be drowning in traffic right now. but guess what, i'm not.

one thing i added that might actually prove useful, Feeds. Blogger has an automated feeds page for each account, usually it's at the bottom of the page which says 'Subscribe to Posts (Atom)'. not at all noticeable. when i imported the haloscan thingamajig in this blog, the Posts Feed was replaced with a Comments feed instead, and who the heck needs a Comments feed? so i looked for the atom feed of this blog and gave it a spot right there on the top of the sidebar. :)

iwannaswearaloudreally! i was searching for feed icons like what you see with the feed link tuyeryt, and i believe i sort of sacked another imbecile bug or something more harmful. damnitall. and you know, watdapak, i hated what happened afterwards. i couldn't (for some stupid tight asshole) simultaneously access photoshop and internet explorer. damn it for ruining my multitasking jigs. what more, i couldn't open 'blending properties' at photoshop. wtfck. really really ruined my day.

and so i shall turn over this computer to my sister in her quest for a feasible thesis topic.

totally pissed me off like hell in a bullcrap.

back to haloscan :)

i brought back my old comment moderator, haloscan! hehehe :)
that's all. hahahaha

please comment and make me happy! i don't care if the entry is a super old one hahaha

probable schedule

i haven't finalized it yet. though i didn't have much problems enlisting even though i was given an initial load of just 5 units a month ago. oh anyway, i like it. though some breaks are too small to go loitering around. i would have preferred a continuous schedule without breaks. at least i don't have to worry about finding someone and someplace to spend the break with. i realized going back to the apartment in between short breaks can be lethal (like what i did last sem), i can just be lulled to sleep before i even considered walking to my next class.

anyhooow. i'm scared. freakin scared of failing again and again. but look, the worst that i could get for this sem is a probationary status ohyeah, i'm being a pessimist again. it could be math36 or chem32 (agaaaain, those two) or both. i guess i could handle physics and stat with enough sweat and grime to toil with.

and hum2. i'm so looking forward to it. why do i only have 1 (to none) fun subject every sem? last last sem, i had no fun subjects, even GEs can prove to be a prick in the ass with just the most stupid professors. last sem, i only had 1 fun subject... hum1 because i had crush there bwahaha. oh, when i was a new freshman, almost every subject is worth looking forward to because i share most of my subjects with a crush. hahahaha anyway, those were the days. >___>; i'm getting older and it's not fun flailing over crushes still.

for some odd reason

i'm excited to go to school. maybe because i'm thrilled to 'get a life' or something, to fix what i've broken for the past 2 semesters. not that it guarantees a better life, but at least i actually felt 'cheerful' about facing another impending doom.

i'm very pessismistic when it comes to writing acad stuff (if you notice), it's all part of a facade i'm playing. i'm not really pesimistic (hth do you spell that?) with it in reality, i'm trying to balance things out. i'm not expectant of anything marvelous to unfold during my university days, either way, i don't want to put up with so much drama telling you guys how pathetic my scholastic life is. i don't understand what i just wrote. hahaha

hello.hello.hello. this is crazy.

last night I watched Ikaw Pa Rin (Bongga Ka Boy) at SMF with my family. we went out because my sister kind of pissed my parents off with their broken promises of going to the mall to watch... so she got mad and shit and whatever. how childish, immature and ultimately spank-worthy... if i only were a kuya who is at least 3 years older than she is, i'll spank her to death and make her do pushups for ever speaking ill of our parents. anyway, we cooled down... she cooled down after i sort of reprimanded my mom for making promises she doesn't fulfill... then i talked to her and said we're going out and i made her take back all the harsh things she said and blah blah blah, she gave me a donut! ohyessss!!! :) now that's out of the question, i know. hehehe

I'M BORED. i really am. i'm keying for a DVD of Romantic Princess. hehehe ♥ ♥

forbidden kingdom

i told you i love Jackie Chan to bits! all of his movies are great! i watched FK with my sister awhile ago (deebeedee) and i was entirely amused the whole time it was playing!! hahahaha, I'm really happy right now! JC made me happy! :) and the deebeedee, which is a pirated single movie disc worth 35, is really worth 35 for a single track. it was sooo CLEAAAAR! the clearest in my entire pirated-dvd-watching-life. although it was confusing having crappy subtitles even when the language is already english. you can't just ignore that you know, and the audio's quite a goof in some parts. but's those are very minor things to endure, what's important is that it isn't jumpy and pixelized. :) that alone makes me want to patronize more pirated dvds.


and now...

May taga CALAMBA ba dito? or LAGUNA? Let me know! Let me know! hehe :)

it's not crack, it's weed!

i'm feeling a bit cranky right now. i have a, err, mild headache, prolly due to the weather which is at a disagreeable state. and well, i'm hungry. there's no enough food to satiate me, which is why i got out awhile ago carrying what coins i had to search for some 'food' which roughly translated to chips and candies and some biscuits. waaaaaaah. i only got 3 tomi's, 3 hany's and a strawberry rebisco cracker. it's not enough!!!! barely!

so i just kept quiet, sliced some apple and ate it with caesar dressing. hehe, that quite made it. hahahaha

ate theresa finally brought some dvds! ohyeah, i'm gonna watch prince caspian, ironman and forbidden kingdom...FINALLY!!!

the first that i watched was The Hottie and the Nottie. crappy title, yeah? it's a Paris Hilton film... which isn't really fun to watch, but i was able to endure it for the most part. then my sister joined in and we watched Narnia (lion, witch, wardrobe) together... err, in preparation to Prince Caspian. hehehe

that's about it, i guess. >___>;

still unsure of my college life as usual but i'll try setting my mind on it.
whew. i wish.

i want

i feel like i need to get rich already. and make that soon. i feel like i have to make it a point to maintain whatever luxuries i have right now, and indulge on more when i finally get a nice high-paying job. you know what they are, i want my coffee nice and well-worth it, my gadgets unique and branded and my bathroom essentials of high quality.

now i want to get a gift card from The Spa, certificates from Yellow Cab and lots of complimentary hotel accomodations. i want to live a life of luxury. and yes, it all boils down to my greediness to indulge in these marvelous things.

i really really want to have those things.
but you know, i don't want to look rich... AT ALL. i just want to look decent enough to pass for a regular citizen, but still indulge in such expensive treats. i want my life to be like that.

i want to live in a small home enough only for myself. i want to be simple looking but dmn RICH. i don't want to live an exclusive life you know. like those rich people who shop only at shang and other well-secluded ayala shopping malls.

nonono, SM is still the best. :) even if i get ultra rich i won't spend a shopping spree at an ayala mall.

quite simply, i just want to have the money right when i need it... for some selfish treats. :)


i came across this certain septembr 2006 entry regarding my long forgotten FORUM BOARDS!


i can't believe it's still alive. well, alive in a sense that it still exists though i could hardly remember the last time i posted there. but the thing is, it's already 5 years since i made it!

i was in first year highschool and forumboards are just so IN. so i made one, just for the heck of it, a lot of my friends joined plus some of my old online buddies. it was fun. i got to create tons of topics to talk about and you know, i enjoyed it. hahaha, dunno what happened. we all got busy i guess. it's bound to be burried anyway. but i'm not deleting it. it's a nice place to go reminiscing during our first year days. hahaha

funny talaga. i'm reading it btw... and there's this time where implemented an 'ALL ENGLISH' rule for the whole forum. i swear i sounded bitchy, replying to threads with tagalog words with these... "Next time, please use English or make a loose translation for the Filipino words." didn't even put a smiley, how's that >__>;

and when they replied, i was like, "NO. you must speak english for the whole forum."
gawd, i want to slap myself for sounding so demanding and strict. i did it for the foreigners cos i used to invite all my online buddies back then to participate in my silly play, and they're all aliens. and at that time, i was just doing it for the sake of having lots of members. i used to chat a lot in y!m, my favorite room is the Japanese Anime room hahaha... but right now i guess i just lost the drive to go chatting with foreigners even though i know i should be speaking more fluently in english bwahaha

AND HOMG! i still remember my username and password! haha, it's a generic pass kasi bwahahaha. AND HOMG again, i had 3 guests this daaaaay??? and accdg to the stats most users online is January something 2008?!?!?! that's ridiculous, i thought no one ever goes there anymore! haha, funny.

wow. it's just unbelievable... hahaha


i want to update my stories but i can't! i'm out of inspiration! out of Harry Potter stuff to spazz with! Naruto, with its stupid replays here in the Phils., does not clench my need for a decent motivation. it's already June, classes are bound to kill me in two weeks, more or less. i should have to the right indulge in selfish things before i plunge into another level of hell.

ohlook! i'm organizing my folders. i made a 'stories' folders, with my current projects. by far, i've only had one completed story which is in the proccess of being beta-read. sooner or later, i'll have the docs imported into my account and finally get rid of my grammatical mistakes.

i have 2 in progress fics, and 3 pending-to-be-written cases. i'll show you what i have in mind...

@Hate Me - this is a Naruto in-progress fic. i can't bear to continue it because it can't carry on without the rape. and i'm still looking for ways to write a frkn rape scene. if i manage to pull down the rating, from M to T... BETTER.

@Interview with a Vampire - i know, i know. another in progress HPDM fic. i like the plot, i really do. it's not always that i come up with story-lines that people actually patronize.

i left those two fics hanging TWO FRKN YEARS AGO. and i've been receiving PM's, yeah, PRIVATE MESSAGES (!!!), from readers begging me to update, alongside casual swears indicating their impatience. i thought it was flattering, so i had to smile with those. but really, none of them ticked me enough to get my ass moving. T__T;

and now i have another 3 being conceptualized. all are HPDMs. :) i'll be sharing the titles but it won't be revealing anything substantial yet.

@If Only
@In Another Lifetime - this was the one i thought i could turn into an original romance novel (like, whateveeerrr arianne! you and your dreams!) instead of a fic, but i'm doubting the audience would appreciate it. HPDM has more than a million fans, it's more likely to be acknowledged in that fandom. hehe
@Remember when it Rained - SO FAR MY FAVORITE among the stories i've plotted. why? IT'S TRAGIC, and i've finished the whole story in my brain! i cried, man, it's crazy. hint: it's a VAMPfic! appiiiirrr!!!

i was wondering. me writing like this (about fics and fandoms) seems more appropriate in LIVEJOURNAL. hahaha, my circle of co-fans is really small. and it's because i'm not making an effort to involve myself in any of those rings. hahaha, not to worry. i'm enjoying this. hehe


market! market!

it's really weird why they named it that way. as if people are really going exclaim the name of the mall hahaha. :) after church, we went to market market. this comes in really rare, my mom deciding to go to mall to just take a look at it. so you see, it was our first time to go inside the mall. hehehe. we brought our own food, as usual and ate in the car. then we went in, grocery shopped and bought some other items. T__T; hehehe pretty much like glorietta and trinoma, but it's really more like glorietta. :)

it also happened that it's me and my sister's first time to roam around global city. it was nice, quite deserted, but really modernized. i feel like the buildings are too tall they look like they were just planted upright. >___>; anyhow, i want to own a condo unit there. :) it's a super nice place to live in. now if i land on a high-paying stable job somewhere there or at libis, then i guess i could afford to buy a condo. it's most practical nowadays. :)

yehey! i have new earphones! i bought the same black philips earphones. i opted for the one in cd-r king, it's only 80!, but there are too much people. i could hardly wait. hahahaaaaay. actually, i want another set of earphones...the more fancy looking ones. but i have to save first, it's quite a fortune bwahaha. then i can hand-me-down my philips to terai. bwahahaha.

i had fun! i also tried this pinoy sorbetes na mejo mahal for me [27/scoop-wafer cone] pero masarap and fun ung mga flavors. hehehe

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