in memory of my excessive posting days

more entries per day = more gibberish.

diba? but now that i blog less (but still regularly), i'm slightly deviating from the self claimed title of this blog. not that i write with sense you know, which is hardly ever the case, but at least in a span of time i wasn't able to blog, my entries became more a of a gist than an overly exagerrated stupid teenage account. mas, err, condensed and less-detailed and wala lang... :) at least i don't go overboard offering my whole life on a platter.

wala naman akon stalker so ok lang. hahaha (or so i thought... hmmm) mag-post kaya ako ng suspicious IP addresses? hahaha joke lang, give me more traffic!! and more comments! and more link-exes! hahaha magpakilala naman kayo. it doesn't help to know which province you came from (because, I KNOW. bwahahaha). hello, let's be friends. mabait ako, pramis. :P

na-realize ko. masakit palang matawag na GEEK. but they're my favorite stereotype! i love geeks/nerds/dorks but to be actually classified as one and be treated with utmost disgust (which i deem is bewilderment in disguise. ayaw pa aminin mga shunga.) is just, heart shattering. hahaha

isa pa. yesterday, i realized something after deleting the Ouran series (4 gigs) from my media device, to make way for a brewing obsession with Lovely Complex (3 gigs). YOU CAN'T KEEP EVERYTHING. KA's right, i got the thought from her blog and was struck by the reality of it. you can never have enough storage space for your favorite files. you'll always have to dispose something one way or another to give space for something more urgent. see? i've consumed the whole 8gigs memory of my player by saving Ouran and now i need another gigabyte full of storage for a new series.

wow life. :)

gusto ko na ng laptop. :P
and a smashing portable harddrive not less than a hundred gigs.

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