extremely bored

you know what happens when i expose myself too much with my blog?

i get sick of it. it makes me want to change layouts over and over again.

while i didn't do a major revamp right at this moment, i did eliminate some sidebar elements like the larger than life icons and the forewarn, i moved them to the About page (check above links). i also got rid of the Feedjit live visitor log. i figured that i shouldn't be giving a major damn to people who visit this blog unless they COMMENT or actually told me that they came. i'm so tired of fishing for indirect flatteries (ie. checking my stats for repeating visitors and wanting to track their location via IP add) hahahaha. maybe i should just... err blog away! blogabooo! whatever. hehehehe oh, something's telling me that if i were a celebrity or just someone who writes really sensible and insightful entries, i could be drowning in traffic right now. but guess what, i'm not.

one thing i added that might actually prove useful, Feeds. Blogger has an automated feeds page for each account, usually it's at the bottom of the page which says 'Subscribe to Posts (Atom)'. not at all noticeable. when i imported the haloscan thingamajig in this blog, the Posts Feed was replaced with a Comments feed instead, and who the heck needs a Comments feed? so i looked for the atom feed of this blog and gave it a spot right there on the top of the sidebar. :)

iwannaswearaloudreally! i was searching for feed icons like what you see with the feed link tuyeryt, and i believe i sort of sacked another imbecile bug or something more harmful. damnitall. and you know, watdapak, i hated what happened afterwards. i couldn't (for some stupid tight asshole) simultaneously access photoshop and internet explorer. damn it for ruining my multitasking jigs. what more, i couldn't open 'blending properties' at photoshop. wtfck. really really ruined my day.

and so i shall turn over this computer to my sister in her quest for a feasible thesis topic.

totally pissed me off like hell in a bullcrap.

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