forbidden kingdom

i told you i love Jackie Chan to bits! all of his movies are great! i watched FK with my sister awhile ago (deebeedee) and i was entirely amused the whole time it was playing!! hahahaha, I'm really happy right now! JC made me happy! :) and the deebeedee, which is a pirated single movie disc worth 35, is really worth 35 for a single track. it was sooo CLEAAAAR! the clearest in my entire pirated-dvd-watching-life. although it was confusing having crappy subtitles even when the language is already english. you can't just ignore that you know, and the audio's quite a goof in some parts. but's those are very minor things to endure, what's important is that it isn't jumpy and pixelized. :) that alone makes me want to patronize more pirated dvds.


and now...

May taga CALAMBA ba dito? or LAGUNA? Let me know! Let me know! hehe :)

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