feeds, anyone?

i'm not about to put up an explanation on how feeds work, though i'm giving my two cents on it... errr, and probably a little bit of an explanation too (as opposed to my first statement).

honestly, up to now... i'm not sure how it truly works and how useful it is to regular web browsers like me. but since it's getting mainstream (or is already), i tried to get my hands on it... by applying at Feedburner. :)

blogger blogs have their own rss/atom feeds, you just have to key it in either of these formats:


by knowing that, you can create a link of it to your main page so your visitors can take a look and subscribe if they wish.

also, by knowing the feed link of your favorite websites, you can 'feed' their addresses to 'Feed Aggregators' --- these are free web services that offer to monitor your subscription in a single account so you don't have to load multiple pages to check for updates... like Feedburner. hehe, i guess what got me lured into it is that i get to see how many subscribers i have. i'm not really interested in subscribing to websites, i think it's more fun to load them each... to appreciate the design and all. rss feeds come in really crappy templates.

*ohbytheway, i think most aggregators don't honor OLD blogger users.

hmmm, as far as i know, there's a Feed option in IE7 and Firefox that you could use to bookmark your favorite site feeds, but i really don't know how different it is from the 'Favorites' option which works almost similarly. >____>;

oh, and for this day...

after church, we went to mall of asia. :) i was with my family plus my cousin- mark, we brought him along to buy him new clothes and stuff... hehehe. we had picnic in the car again... and was delighted to see we're not alone! a certain family in a van, 2 cars away from us, is also having their own picnic, facing the side of the parking building where manila bay can be seen in its beautiful glory. hehehe

haha, and theeeen... we just walked around. bought blah blah blah. mommy treated us to starbucks, yehey. then i bought terai a donut from krispy kreme (first time!), ang mahal, pero heaven naman pala. no wonder. next time, mag-iipon ako.

waitwait, while i was walking to starbucks near imax... bumabalik yung mga memories ko with mike. hahahaha, kinakabahan ako pero keri lang. he wasn't there though, joaqin was (haha close?)! actually, sya nanaman. sya rin yung dati eh, though during that time, nandun pa si mike... i wonder what happened.

free kaya yung used coffee grounds na naka-pack dun? i was planning on getting one! hehehe, i want to plant sunflowers. hahahah

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