market! market!

it's really weird why they named it that way. as if people are really going exclaim the name of the mall hahaha. :) after church, we went to market market. this comes in really rare, my mom deciding to go to mall to just take a look at it. so you see, it was our first time to go inside the mall. hehehe. we brought our own food, as usual and ate in the car. then we went in, grocery shopped and bought some other items. T__T; hehehe pretty much like glorietta and trinoma, but it's really more like glorietta. :)

it also happened that it's me and my sister's first time to roam around global city. it was nice, quite deserted, but really modernized. i feel like the buildings are too tall they look like they were just planted upright. >___>; anyhow, i want to own a condo unit there. :) it's a super nice place to live in. now if i land on a high-paying stable job somewhere there or at libis, then i guess i could afford to buy a condo. it's most practical nowadays. :)

yehey! i have new earphones! i bought the same black philips earphones. i opted for the one in cd-r king, it's only 80!, but there are too much people. i could hardly wait. hahahaaaaay. actually, i want another set of earphones...the more fancy looking ones. but i have to save first, it's quite a fortune bwahaha. then i can hand-me-down my philips to terai. bwahahaha.

i had fun! i also tried this pinoy sorbetes na mejo mahal for me [27/scoop-wafer cone] pero masarap and fun ung mga flavors. hehehe

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