reg na ko!

i knew this day's going to be extemely exhausting for me. i left qc at 6am and arrived here (btw, i'm still in elbi) at around 8am. i met first with the apartment owner to pay and get the keys then i went to enroll. i actually dread going through it alone, i badly need company, but thank God i met Leonard on the way to CEAT! yehey! so we went together. thankyou thankyou, at least i'm not alone! we haven't seen each other for a semester hahaha but this sem we have two common classes! yeheeey! and i kind of convinced him to take SUTC with me as our major. hahaha, i'm so looking for company. hehehe

T___T; i'm a sophomore at last. cheers.

i also had to apply for overload because of one tiny extra unit. what the hell is wrong?! i can't figure out how they would let me go through all the hassle of walking to a fro the EE building just to work out a stupid overload permit! anywaaaay, it's okaaay. at least i'm already registered and for the most part, Leonard was there so hurray hurray! :D

currently doing my interent agenda which includes tons of downloading. hehe XD
and heeeeey! i've printed New Moon already! can't wait to read it! :)

i realized i have to spend most of this saturday to CLEAN the apartment. the caretaker said it's already clean, BUT IT ISN'T! lots of ants, dust, cobwebs on the ceiling, hard-water on the sink, faded wood parking... oh it's so dirty. i agree with you yndi.

this saturday, i'm going to bring a broom, dustpan, mops and floorwax. haaaaay, i'm excited to get it cleaned! XD

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