To my future injured self


So, you got injured. Again. Bet it's one of your knees. Playing badminton I presume? Chased a long shot? Tripped on uneven surface? Not enough warm-up? Wrong series of footwork? Did you forget to wear knee support? Whatever the reason may be, I hope it's not as painful as the last. I know you don't enjoy getting injured but being that it's becoming an annual thing for you, maybe it's time to put up a guide on how to deal with it. Hopefully you won't need this but you know, just in case...

Remember to RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate)

Rest your knees, apply cold compress to reduce swelling, wear knee support for compression, and elevate your knee to improve blood circulation.

Additionally, take NSAIDs 3x a day for 3-4 days to reduce inflammation. Advil or Alaxan (Ibuprofen) works. Based on your medical records they used to prescribe Celecoxib for pain but I'm not sure if you can get that over the counter.

It may take 2-6 weeks before you can walk properly again, but you can slowly incorporate mobility exercises to strengthen your knee. Like this seated knee extension with resistance.

Take your glucosamine and chondroitin supplements religiously and don't forget to stay active and keep moving. Also, learn proper footwork for God's sake. Maybe you can try cycling on a stationary bike to strengthen your knees. Girl, you really need to step up your fitness regimen. Your weight is probably bringing you down too, like literally.

It's frustrating, this pain. Can't walk, can't run, can't workout, can't play badminton. But hey, in the meantime while you're recovering, take things slow. Finish that goddamned book and start a new one. Pray. Read the Bible properly. Eat healthy. Quit slumping your back.

Frustratingly yours,
Your currently injured self who can't wait to play again


8 Ways To Relax Today

The state of relaxation is somewhat like a unicorn. It does not seem attainable at all. Unlike the mythical unicorn, you can find several enjoyable ways to relieve stress and feel comfortable. Try one or all of these tips to obtain more peace and zen in your life today.

1. Just relax.
Telling someone to relax is easier said than done. This is especially true when it comes to finding ways for you to unwind. Sometimes pulling out one of your Delta 8 THC Vape Carts is the answer. It offers a milder effect than others, with quick-acting results to achieve a calm and happy state.

Allow yourself to experience something relaxing. Taking time is as important as what you do during that time. Make it about you and for you.

2. Read a good book.
One of the great relaxation tools is reading a good book. The genre does not need to be sweet and serene. It can be a heart-pumping and an intense page-turner. What matters is the act of sitting down, relaxing, and letting yourself become engrossed in the chapters before you. It is simply a mind-engaging release.

Bring your book to the park and find a bench tucked away from others. Or pack a blanket and have a picnic while reading and relaxing in the sun. Keep it close to home by tucking into the corner of your couch with a mug of hot tea, or a glass of wine, and enjoy.

3. Go for a quiet walk.
Putting on comfortable shoes and weather-suitable clothing to take a walk outside is a great way to unwind. You can go alone or with someone with whom you like spending time. The important part is getting outside and moving your body. In addition, walking has the added benefit of exposure to fresh air.

While you can relax by popping in your earbuds and playing a relaxing playlist or podcast, you can also unplug for a while. Keep your phone on you in case of emergencies, but turn it on silent and silence your notifications. Pay attention to your surroundings. Listen to the birds, the sounds of traffic, or whatever else is in your vicinity. Look at the vegetation or the architecture. Take notice of what is there and focus on being in the midst of it all. 

4. Meditate.
Quieting your mind can be hard if you have had a difficult day. Experiencing inordinate amounts of stress may hinder your ability to naturally calm down. If that is the case, try meditating.

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit down. Reduce any distractions. Focus on the moment you are in right then and there. Put any tasks or work out of your mind. Pay attention to your breathing in and out. Practice meditation when you wake up, before bed, and any time throughout the day to feel more relaxed or to reduce your anxiety.

Meditate with this video of the relaxing sounds of crystal singing bowls.

5. Soak in a relaxing bath.
The warm water of a bath can prove more than inviting at the end of a stressful day. It is a respite against the outside world where demands are hurdled at you from every front. Shut the door on responsibilities - literally and figuratively - and slip into the bathtub. Dim the lights or light a few candles beforehand. Add your favorite essential oils or bubble bath and a soothing playlist.

If you are in the mood, add a scrubbing element to your bath. Put on a clarifying facial mask and call it a DIY spa day. When finished, be sure to apply lotion after patting dry. Next, don your most comfortable pajamas before settling in for whatever is next or a good night’s sleep.

6. Go to bed.
You go to sleep every night, so why should it be considered a relaxing opportunity? It falls squarely in the category of calm when you approach it as such. Set your bedroom up for sleep success. Find solutions to quiet any extraneous noises, shut out all ambient light, and put away electronic devices to reduce distractions.

Address any reasons you are unable to sleep. Go through your nighttime ritual, and take a bath if you wish. Ensure your bedding is clean and comfortable to wrap yourself in it. Once you have taken care of everything, turn in a little earlier than usual. 

7. Spend time with an animal.
If you already have an animal companion, then you know the unmitigated love they have for you. Take a few moments, without the distraction of your phone or a streaming service playing the latest binge-worthy series. Unplug and sit down with your furry friend. Grab a brush for an impromptu grooming session or simply pet away.

If you do not have an animal family member, find a local shelter. Volunteer your time to sit with the rescues and give them socialization. Who knows? Perhaps you will end up with a pet after all.

8. Whip up something delicious.
For some people, the act of making good food is relaxing. There is an almost cathartic effect to the methodical process of following each step to transform raw ingredients into something delectable. If creating food that is both delicious and satisfying and then sitting back to appreciate it is something you enjoy, get your menu ready and start cooking.

Another culinary option is to enroll in a cooking class. Ensure it is a relatively low-key endeavor and that the fare is something you wish to eat. Bonding with other classmates while learning how to cook a new cuisine can be relaxing in its own right.

You do not have to wait for an ideal time to experience the benefits of relaxation. Find a quiet corner and a few minutes you can steal away for yourself. Or, schedule some time just for you into your daily calendar. A few minutes here and there can prove beneficial to your overall sense of calm and happiness. Go ahead, you deserve it.

Wrapping up 2022

Heya! Here's my last Weekly Monotony for 2022, a lengthy 20 minute vlog about how the past week went by! I kinda forgot to split this into two vlogs but whatever haha you may watch it here below ⬇️

Weekly Monotony (Dec 26 - Jan 1 2023 Vlog) • click here to watch

This one's a pretty long one cos a lot went down this week (ie. eating out haha). 

✱ I don't recall going to the gym cos my head still feels heavy from ubo sipon.
✱ We ate at Alba, tried the newly opened spa at Estancia (Blue Water Day Spa), and dined at High Grounds. 
✱ Cooked sinigang, RTOed, and discovered Black Dragon milk tea.
✱ We also claimed our Once in a Lifetime voucher at Victoria Court before it expired. Luckily, there was an available room on the day itself. They gave us the Chinese Room and it's amazing! There's a big jacuzzi and a swiveling media wall so we can watch TV while on a bubble bath. There's Disney+ installed too so we finally got a taste of Avengers Endgame in 4k!
✱ Dined at Watami which serves ridiculously packed sushi rice it's so frkn heavy haha. Their matcha cheesecake is a great discovery though, I think I have to try making it!
✱ Shang transitioned into a cardless parking system where they take a snapshot of your plate upon entry and you pay for it before going out, by entering your plate number on one of their kiosks. Pretty cool, though I wonder how it works for those with similar plates like 8 and 16 for senators and congressmen?
✱ Anyway. Spent Thursday evening preparing for our New Year trip the next day. We drove to Amadeo to spend the final days of the year at The Farm Shack Villas.
✱ I so love the place it trumps a lot of our "finer" accommodations this year. Nevermind that we got sick from dipping in the cold pool and showering in patak patak cos the water pressure is too weak haha. We still had a blast.
✱ On our first night we prepared truffle cream pasta and lemon butter chicken.
✱ And for New Year's Eve dinner we had Magic Potatoes and US Ribeye Steak w/ Guga Rub (thanks Guga Foods for the recipes).
✱ Went to Acienda Outlet Mall too to eat and look around. I gathered it's not really cheaper at outlet malls, but you do have a lot of options I guess.
✱ Caught the last sunset of 2022, a beautiful raging one, and drove to it heading back to the villa. Sunday was bittersweet as we pack up and leave this hidden paradise. The drive home was smooth, absolutely no traffic, and we were home in 2 hours. ♥
✱ Had dinner with my in-laws at Mama Lou's

My 2022 Lists (Twitter Thread Wrap-up)
I don't know how to call this but when 2022 started I made a list of all the films, series, and books I've consumed. I also made a thread for stuff I'm thankful for. And here's how it went...

Oh my Twitter is private so here's a snapshot I guess haha

By the way, this is the second year I'm doing this and I'm proud to say I've automated the part where I have to scrape all of the images (posters and covers) in the thread. The layout I did on Canva and IG.

2022 in Films (23)

I'm not really a movie person. Everything I watched this year I watched with my husband (except Encanto), he's the one who loves movies. Of all those films I particularly enjoyed Last Night in Soho, Multiverse of Madness, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Ricky Gervais Supernature, Werewolf by Night, Wakanda Forever, and Good Will Hunting

2022 in Series (17 seasons)

Ahh. My attention span for k-dramas have declined horribly I can't get myself to finish Extraordinary Attorney Woo and It's Okay to Not Be Okay. On 2022 I was only able to complete two romcom type k-dramas. My brain is leaning more towards consuming short and easy to watch series like Selling Sunset and Never Have I Ever haha. She Hulk was an abomination. 

Jeckie and I also started with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and we're now on Season 6. It's a different kind of sitcom for me. The leads are a bunch of egotistic assholes who have absolutely no love for each other, much more to the people around them. That unique premise opens up a lot of possibilities and unbelievably ridiculous situations that never fail to crack us up. I highly recommend it! The social commentary is also on point hahaha

2022 in Books (8)

Oh I'm not proud of this. I completely blew my 2022 GoodReads Challenge because I was stuck on Surrounded by Idiots for months and I couldn't abandon it because of my OCD. Sigh.

In this list I enjoyed People We Meet on Vacation, Atomic Habits, and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

I also just discovered Anna's Archive recently which has a pretty promising library, a good substitute for Z-Lib after it went down. :)

2022 in Thanks
Oh I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year and the thread made it easier for me to recall them. Big and small I jot them down as long as I'm thankful for it it goes on the list ♥ For this one though I'm just gonna cover what I consider my personal highlights hehe

✱ I got two credit cards on No Annual Fee For Life promo ♥

✱ Caught Covid and recovered. Probably got Omicron which was the prevalent variant at that time. Perks of isolation: daily trash collection and deliveries taken to our doorstep; serviced apartment feels haha. Except we're stuck at home for two weeks haha. Had to give up (sell) our Spider-Man No Way Home tickets because of this but it's all good :)

✱ As far as staycations go we had 9 of them this year, not including the accommodations we had with our families, and the multiple "short staycations" we spent at Victoria Court HAHAHA. In fairness to VC you can really spend some quality time and entertainment over there. All the suites are thematic and come with jacuzzi tubs, the TVs have been all updated to ginormous smart TVs, there's also karaoke, and last but not the least - their restaurant is really good. I recommend getting their Legendary crispy pata, pork belly, and shanghai!

I love featuring the places we stay at because I get to practice my shooting and editing skills hahaha.

✱ Worth mentioning in my highlights are the best steak experiences we've had this year. Manila Pen's Beef Wellington, Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse's Porterhouse for two, and finally my own cooking: US Angus Ribeye Steak w/ Guga Rub. Guga Food's Guga Rub is one of our best gastronomic discoveries of the year, that and truffle oil!

✱  I worked with True Value for my first ever sponsored video content. I was ecstatic when someone reached out for a video content that's gonna be published on my channel. They paid me a talent fee, and also gave me the items I needed to feature on the vlog for free (I got a butane stove and a lifetime table hehe). They may not like the numbers this video earned but this was an enriching experience for me!

✱  I voted for the first time in my largely apathetic life. I had hope for a while then it died in a matter of hours. I knew it was better minding your own business. And that's where we at. Still a highlight, but could be a lowlight too you know? For the country, definitely.

✱  I earned $372.81 on YouTube this year. I know it's not much but it's the most I've earned in a 12 month period ever since getting monetized last year! 

✱  Had my longest solo drive when I fetched Jeckie at San Pablo. 84km at night!

✱  I left my cozy five year old job at White & Case for the sake of career growth. Now that's a heavy highlight for me. Writing about it now, four months into my new company, and I still feel terribly nostalgic. I miss my friends, my boss, our beautiful office, my large and motorized personal desk, the benefits haha. I miss everything. And while I'm feeling very stressed right now at work due to, uhmm, the knowledge gap that I have yet to bridge, it's still a bit to early too regret this decision! Hopefully I power through. By God's grace!

✱ My Kindle Review reached 100k views ♥ Which reminds me, I have to work on my backlogs!

✱  My channel reached 2k subs this year! That means 1k legit subscribers cos you know I had to work for my first 1k subs through ~enrichment activities~ and support groups!

✱  I joined Fitness First to put my fitness first charot. We got an 11.11 deal on it which gave us two free months, then we also purchased a PT package which gave us another free month. Good deal, and also, I love it here! Lots of group classes and the coaches are very professional.

✱  I learned a bunch of handy skills this year like replacing a faucet and changing the exterior lights of our car haha.


I guess that's it for the roundup! This must be the lengthiest blog post I've ever written this year. Actually I haven't written much this year and I miss it. Hope to get back to just random babbling cos I miss writing spontaneous nonsense.

Have a blessed year ahead and if you reached this point please drop a comment let me give you psycho a little virtual hug for caring enough to read a long-winded account of how this stranger's year went! ♥

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