games galore! yeheeeey

i'm making the most of my sembreak by drowning myself in games! thanks to my roommate, i have acquired two brand new cool games to play here in the computer, straight from her desktop...which is in our room hehehe.

the one is Zuma, exactly like tumblebugs, only with a different theme and no bugs. i'm on level 8, utterly frustrated to go through the third of the 7 parts without exhausting my life line. >_> one more level to go before i finally get that, uhhh, Zuma's incentive. whatever. >_>

the other one is an installment of Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Manor. this one's pretty cool too, it's not kiddy... it's a seek-and-find game with puzzles. yehey, i'm enjoying the gaaameeess.

hehehe. have i told you i fancy new notebooks? i love checking them out in bookstores... feeling the paper, evaluating if my penmanship would be good on that brand. hahahaha, freak freak. >_> i'm over with cattleya, i figured no matter how hard i try, my penmanship would suck there and i will left unmotivated to take down notes on it. maybe it's psychological, or maarte lang ako sa notebook. wahehehehe. but all my notebooks last sem (except my math notebook) is cattleya and the sem ended with my notes not on my notebooks, but on scatch papers... that got lost, thrown and crumpled. i don't really recall. >_> and my math notebook? it's my proudest notebook so far, because my notes are really clean there. it's avanti i guess. seeee? hahaha. this is pointless.

i just want to tell you i'm excited to start the second sem and christen my new notebook (a big refillable one!) with my first subject... uhh, hopefully math37. :)

come on zen!

i came across a back-up cd just now and i'm delighted to see some of the files i deemed lost forever were luckily saved! after losing my amelie soundtrack, i got depressed over the thought of downloading the whole 20 tracks again... that would take me forver, given a very FAST 46.6 kb/sec internet connection... >_> but then i saw a folder named 'amelie' and saw all the 20 tracks there! saved! yehey! then there are some application installers too! and a couple of games! i thought i had lost them already! thank goodness... yehey!

i have a lot of mp3s on that folder. man, ity only triggered my desire to purchase the Creative Zen. only ebay has it. ebay philippines, man. and i could only wonder how the seller got it when it has never been released here. connections, duh. probably from someone in the states or somewhere else. it really shouldn't rock me big time. >_>

man, i have to buy that 11K worth of mechanical treasure. and i can't do so without sweeping clean my entire savings for the semester. >_> i wanna buy it now dammit! T__T;

apparently, my mom confirmed i have allergies... like my sister. i've been sneezing ever since the start of the first sem and i don't seem to run out of colds for that matter. my health has gone terribly bad.

and it all started when i took the summer class. >_> remember i had to endure 2 months inside a hellish NEWLY-PAINTED dormitory? yeah, man i must have inhaled all the paint and aquired a lot of boysen deposits in my lungs. >_>

i don't like being unhealthy. >_>

i am craving for pandesal!!!!
daddy, go home now! >_>


i thank God for today. even though most of you would consider this really terrible, i still thank God... because i finally have the sembreak for myself! :D


♠ math36 - 5
i took the removals exam awhile ago and it was freakin hard! and i thought the removals are always always easier than the finals. i should've studied during the finals na lang sana diba? so with no further delay, i now declare my grade to be 5. thankyouverymuch.
♠ chem32 - 5
my lab instructor said so... even without the classcards out. it pretty obvious anyway
♠ chem40 - 5
as posted outside her unwelcoming faculty room

but then again, i am not awfully depressed. all of those were expected. i made a mental note to myself not to expect anything higher than a 4. and indeed.

according to the student's handbook, if a student fails 75% of her workload on a semester, he/she shall be DISMISSED FROM THE UNIVERSITY.
and if my calculator serves me right, because i don't believe in my mathematical skills anymore, i am 1 UNIT close to being dismissed (in short. goodbye UP! or face the grim process of readmission- conditional pa yun.waaah!).

out of the 20 units i took this semester, i only passed 6 units (with earth-rocketing colors pa yun ha. in short-mababa.)!

math36 is 5 units
chem32 is another 5
chem40 thankgoodness is only 4units even though it has a freakin laboratory subject.

14 units!
triple warning for the OSA!
i'm on probation nooooowww!!!!

and there's no hope of me transferring because even if i get a GWA of 1.00000 next sem, my overall GWA would still lie between 2.5 - 3.0 and that's not going to put up a good competition among the mob of tranferees on my preferred course in diliman.

i'm stuck. dammit. stuck in this,errr, bars that i've unconsciously jailed myself in.
i'm stuck! yeahboi.

and everytime i think of it, i feel like shit. especially that i have an org, and the people there are (may i borrow this term) uberly academic conscious that i think of myself unworthy to be part of the pack. now i'm being regretful. now i don't EVER want to see any of them again. fuck. i shouldnt've have joined this sem. it would be a shame. as i've always mentioned before, i don't like the way they brag about their towering academic acomplishments... if you were in my shoes, you'd feel the ground softening into a quicksand, swallowing you alive. yeah, and they won't notice, because you don't have a plackard saying you got a 1.0 on chem40. fuckitall.

then again, i'm glad....weh. :)
i'm happy actually. i want a medium sized m&m stormblaze from snowstorm. and that big acryl refillable notebook from national bookstore.

which reminds me, i still have to go back home.

*dear mommy and daddy, sorry for wasting your money. >_> can i just file for LOA and work? i think i'm better off as an OSY, selling dried mangoes on the bus, handing down a piece paper on the passengers which says, "HI, I'M ARIANNE, AN OUT OF SCHOOL YOUTH. I AM HERE TO SELL YOU SPECIALLY MADE DRIED MANGOES. FRESH FROM THE TREE..blahblahblah"

or maybe i'll just go sell makeups, bras and undies from AVON. >_> i'm sure i'll be earning more than you wasted paying for my blasted tuition fee.

*wahahaha JOKE!

part of why i slacked-off is that my parents don't mind if get a 5. they actually stop me from studying when i look like i've burned what's left of my eyebrows!
wahehhehehehhe.... thank yoouuu mommy and daddy!!! i love youuuu!!!! :D :D

i'll go home na!!
ice cream! ice cream!


so back on the 24th, we we're having fun in Enchanted Kingdom...

and NOW, i'm back in elbi... to face the grim reality of being an in-progress academic probee... kat texted me (just awhile ago) that i got a 4 in math36 and i have to take the removals exam tomorrow, 2-4pm.

the moment i read the text message (i was in qc by then), i groggily told my mom that i have to take on a trip back to elbi because as much as i'd love to study at home, i don't have what you call those 'study tools' or simply 'props' in my vocabulary... ngek. so i went back to elbi...

and now that i'm in elbi, mas inuna ko pa mag internet. hehehe... :)

OCTOBER 24, 2006...
early morning i was having doubts on pushing through with the outing because it's raining hard! good thing pat insisted or else i'll be regretting pulling the trip off... :) all in all 9 of us came!
me, terai, vynne, pat and her bf, kim, jayjay, steffi and ate ruth!
yehey! i had fun! even though it rained! it's a good experience!

yeah! next time ulit, k? :)

it's study time! yeaaah!! :D

the magic is here!

come on, Lord!


i didn't get a haircut last night because i woke up 8pm and had to eat dinner, then i was caught by Marimar so i have to finish it first... then there's Hwang Jini, and mr. teenybopper (jan geun suk)... so in short...

i'll just get it later. >_>;


i'm finished with the exams... UNLESS i get a kwatro! that means i have to get back here for the removals... :)

man, to take 2 final exams consecutively is absolutely consuming. >_> i haven't got much study on both of my subjects (math and chem) and lo and behold, the expected came. i wasn't able to answer well too... the chem32 finals has some confusing questions but majority of it was tolerable...

by tolerable, i mean it wasn't that hard... i just don't remember how to do it. because i didn't study, duh.
haaay. and the math exam, for the most part i just stared at it like a stoned fish, waiting for a streak of neuron that would hopefully give me a hint on how to do this and that. in short, just like the chem32 exam, i was stuck with the question, "FUCK! HOW DID WE DO THIS AGAIN LAST LAST MONTH????"

IT WAS A DISASTER. a catastrophic event that increased the possiblity of me getting a very low GWA this sem, let alone probation. T__T;

i'm excited to go to EK this wednesday with my dormates and other friends! i think we're only 9! hehe but that's ok! hopefully more people will confirm by tomorrow! yeheeeey! :) :)



crunch caramel

nothing like a cup of high kicking coffee and two bars of chocolate to wake me up from deep slumber! i have a new favorite chocolate and it is nestle's Crunch Caramel!!!

i'm having fun recording my voice! :) i'm using dad's (FOR SALE) POCKET PC recorder and it's damn great for podcasting or something of the like. you see, i was reading an essay about love with a piano instrumental in the background and i'm listening to it right now... :) my voice is... err... cool!! hahaha, i'm having fun!!! wahehehehe

so, how's my study progress? still 0% man. still a whooping 0%! oryt oryt, i'm gonna study now... >_>

EK with dormmates on wednesday!!! waw, i'm excited!!1

the magic is here!!!! :D :D

don't sleep, i know just what i'm facing

no sleep for me!
supposedly, i'm going to study for chem32 finals... but then again, the computer took me away. T__T; and now i'm stuck sneaking up on forums... reading this and that... fishing for the right answers for this one critical inquiry:

tanong lang...
what if:
1st sem: may dalawa akong singko
2nd sem: mataas GWA ko

at next year, balak kong magtransfer at mag-shift from UPLB to UPD pero yung 2 subjects ko na singko hindi naman kasama sa curriculum ng course na lilipatan ko sa UPD...

makakalipat pa ba ako?
mato-TOFI din ba ako?

dinig ko kasi GWA ng previous sem lang ang tinitingnan pag lilipat... yet again, i'm not sure.

isa pang tanong, pano kung singko ka sa isang "extra course", kailangan mo pa ba ulitin yun?

man, it's killing me. i am guaranteed a grade of 5 in two of my subjects, both chem... haha but i'm planning to transfer-shift next year to diliman... not sure of the course but something definitely deviant from chemical engineering... and it wouldn't have chemistry for sure... what will happen next? ok, i'm just restating my question.

now please help me... :)
pare ayoko ng ganitong buhay.

maygaaaah, isinusuka ko ang chemeng! and likewise, isinusuka rin nya ko. we meet only at that point! i hope it's enough.


ok. so i'm getting on probation next sem. :D wuhooo! hehe, at least they're gonna cut off my load to a maximum of 18 units... which means i have to cancel a subject for that... hahahaha i'm going on GE overload next sem...

i promise to be better. weh. :) i'll try to fix my grades next sem, besides... it's just a ton of GE, math and microbio.... NO CHEMISTRY!!! fuck, i love next sem! and i have swimming for PE!!! what more can i ask for? hahaha... tapos biglang probee parin e... wahahahahaha

ayon. so hopefully makatransfer ako next year... :) plans.plans.plans. i'm itching to leave this blasted course. >_> and of course, TOFI kung TOFI!!


our last GA was ok. :) laughtrip... :) gayunpaman, di parin mai-aalis ang inis ko sa ibang tao...
is it me or mashado lang akong bobo? feeling ko kasi wala ng ibang basehan ang kagalingang kundi ang maka uno dito at doon. maygulay,

'o sino gusto maglaro for this sport?'
'si ano! si ano! uno sha dun!'
tawa lahat.
'si ano din! si ano din! 1.25 sha dun!'

o sige. pataasan na lang ng grade ha?

isa pa.
'kumusta naman ang mag-exam ng hindi nag-aaral?' aloud, pare. ALOUD. parang announcement sa buong org.

putang ina.
maraming salamat ah.

i'll warn your roomate pag nakita ko sya.
mga bakla talaga o.

a look on my impending doom

oh, i skrewed it all up... AGAIN! but i'm not disappointed because i wasn't expecting for anything anyway.... the chem40 finals was fucking hard. >_>;

mam amada is so hard to deal with... she showed us a list of physics finalists (which includes me and practically the whole lecture hall) without even computing for our prefinal standing! what's that? hocus pocus?? and fuck, the cell for my 2nd lecture exam was blank! which made my standing lower than ever. she said 'maybe' i forgot to put my name on it. man, i don't remember anything. it's not like me to remember old exams... let alone if i wrote my name on the blasted answer sheet. man, how am i supposed to fix this mess??? hahaha, i don't care now. i just don't care*. i'll just answer the exam tomorrow with whatever it is i can manage to stuck in my brain tonight. oh yeah, which reminds me... i wasn't able to sleep last night!

i had 4 cups of coffee... ♥ you see, i was supposed to spend the whole midnight onwards to study for the chem40 finals on the same day... that's a good 7 hours of slow torture. lol the exam starts at 7 and it was just 12mn that i decided to study.

a quote once said that 'you wouldn't remember the exam that you failed but you would never forget the people you are with the night you decided not to study'

awww... well, it's always my dormmates who divert me from studying. and i don't blame them for it because i'm always happy when i'm with them! i love you crapmates! grouphuuuuug. wahehehehe...

i have plans for next week! no matter what happens to my retarded final exams, i'm getting a haircut! and i'm going for a hairspa too! then maybe i'll invite people to go to Enchanted Kingdom because they have a sembreak promo right now... man, i want to unwind! though i'm the one who needs it most since the 'unwind' thing are only for people are so stressed about this week. owkamown.... :)

whew. i want to sleep!!!! okok...
let's sleeep...zzzzzz

just when everyone else is studying

this guy makes my heart flutter everytime i see him ♥ ♥

jang geun suk from Hwang Jin Yi... ♥ ♥
too bad he's gonna die... OOOPS. sorry, that was a spoiler. ^____^
i cried big time when i watched a fanvid of him dying..... waaaaahhh.

man, he's so cute! :) and he's just 20! weh. hahahaha

casting crowns - voice of truth

i haven't studied still!! mehn, i slept a lot this afternoon.... :) hehehe. i'm not even sure if our chem40 exam is today or tomorrow... if it's today, then i'm not taking it because i haven't studied yet and really, i just don't care about it anymore.

anyhow. i'm alive today. yeah. :)
oryt oryt, i'm gonna study.... later. hahaha after marimar!

happy birthday little rio! :) :)

olivia lufkin - a little pain

it's Nana's ending theme! :)
he. it's sunday night already and i have't flipped a single page of my borrowed organic chemistry book. :( i'm being unproductive again! our 4th exam would be on tuesday and the FINALS - wednesday! yehey! i haven't studied yet! it's going to be a hard time for me! seriously... and then thursday we have physics... :( i guess i'm gonna do the usual studying less than a day before the exam starts. :\ i have the worst habits man.

aw mehn, i miss the piano. the pedal isn't working, it needs to be replaced... however i still don't have enough money for that. i'm still saving for the creative zen portable media player.... the 8 gigs cost approximately 11,000. lol i'm still a long way behind that... wahehehehe. and if mommy agrees to lend me 10 thou then maybe it's going to be easier for me. i'll do the credit card installment type. man, that's way easier. >_>

wahahaha. :}

i'm home!!!

yeeey! i've been waiting for this! after two weeks of not seeing my parents, i finally got the chance to go home! like crazy, man! i wasn't able to go home last weekend because i was heavily tuanted by the amount of exams i'll be taking that week. all in all, i endured (but not necessarily passed) a total of 9 exams in 9 days! oh, that's nothing! a lot of people in the university suffer a worse case than that. >_> but it's not enough to consider me lucky, heck! i barely studied in any of those freakin exams! i have a habit of studying say, 12 hours (or less) before the actual examination starts... and it's fucking consuming me whole. i haven't slept, i mean i haven't had a decent sleep since God knows when! anyhow... couldn't care less. i told you before, if it's about my grades... just skrew off. i'm not the least bit concerned... unless it's Hum2 because that's art and Hist2 because world history inspire me a lot to write!! oh GEs, they're my only hope! i suck in my prerequisite subjects! what more with the major ones!!!

oh arianne, you have to decide fast!

so... we just had our last chem32 lecture exam awhile ago... >_> you know what...

[WARNING: useless rant. stupid regrets.]

... the test was 'relatively' easy. by that i mean, the questions were answerable given an above average IQ, it wasn't like the previous exam where all i ever wanted to write on the bluebook was "fuck! which hell did these stupid problems sprout from? who's the demon responsible for this act of utter cruelty to humankind?!!???!"

mehn. the exam wasn't as hard as before but it's not that easy either. some questions were tolerable, some were unnerving and downright unworthy to be given even the slightest effort. blaaah. all i wanted to say is that, i could've answered better if i studied harder, or more specifically... EARLIER.

see? same old habit, same old regret! but i'm not really that regretful... i was more excited to go home than to bother with my grades. >_>

oh come on! and i met a new friend awhile ago in sm megamall. it's kinda strange that i don't mind if i talk to a stranger. >_> i mean, every relationship starts with you being stangers to each other. haller. >_> anywhow, i was waiting for the skechers street dance contest to start when this big guy just sparked off a conversation (he was also waiting for the show to start). oh, to warn you off first. this isn't a fucking love life. >_> the man i'm talking about is working, married, and has three daughters already.... :) so yeah, we had a little chat. he gave me a handful of advises... some of which i wouldn't want to take seriously especially the, "sige, ipagpatuloy mo na yang chem.eng, maganda yan." i'm still thinking about it.
every teenager goes through this critical stage of confusion when they're 16. it would concern either of the following: identity (i'm pretty sure of myself naman), sexuality (i consider myself a bisexual when i was in highschool. but i grew it all off. i'm straight now. like crazy, man), blah blah blah and this special thing that concerns your future and you dreams.

yeah, that's what i'm confused about. i pretty much know myself, my likes, my talents and skills, my attitude but it still puzzles me as to why i am pursuing someting that is absolutely unlike me. >_>

dude, i don't know what will happen next. i haven't experienced that 'mega' eye-opener yet that will knock me to my senses and enlighten my mind about the reality that is ideal for me. :)

till then, i'll wait.
for now, i'll sleep.


today was great! haaay, tapos na rin sa wakas ang speechcom! wahahahahaaa! i'm done with my speech, man! and i think it's ok naman. hehe

last night i was even worrying about my dress. it has to be semi-formal and err, 'peaceful'... because that's what my speech is all about. like crazy, man! and my dormmates were all suggesting that i wear yndi's dress. dress, man! i don't wear dress on a casual day! i'm very conscious with my legs. bwahahahaha. anyway, i ended up wearing a pink top and black slacks. :)

haaay. at least it's all done! just one more exam to go through before i get the weekend for myself!
oh yeah, finals na pala next week. ok. no happy weekend for me. :(

after speechcom i went to my chem32 lab for the locker checkout then after that, kat and i went to Barracks to play. she taught me a new game! LINEAGE II!!!! cool! i'm becoming an RPG addict once again! yehey! LINEAGE II!!!! i wanna play! pero wala sila nun dito! kainis! :( anyhow... hehe kelangang ko na ata mag-aral! wahehehehehe :)

sometimes it takes much more strength to LET GO than to HOLD ON

thank you peyups forums. that's the best quote i've received this day so far. it could directly counter attack the quote i've been living with for so long (ever since i entered an org):

my brod once wrote in my tickler,
"when you start thinking of quitting, think of the reasons why you've been holding on for so long"

for months i've been contemplating on the quote whenever i feel disheartened about myself. then came a new quote that could possibly change my life forever

"sometimes it takes much more strength to LET GO than to HOLD ON"

thank you thank you. enlightenment here i come.

meanwhile, i've always imagined this as my ideal 'university lifestyle'

i'll retain the usual laid-back and carefree me. i don't want to live a life full of stress. i also want to retain my attitude of not feeling the slightest pressure when everyone else is close to giving up. in my bag i want an mp3 player so that i can listen to music everytime i want. a digital camera so that i can shoot interesting places everywhere i go. a ballpen and a notebook for doodles... and the rest (y'know, the official study tools) will just be there lurking... as props. hehehe

haynaku. gusto ko na lumipat!!!
and diliman only accepts tranferees during the first sem! ok, this means i have the whole of next sem to fix my grades!!! c'mon Lord. help me on this.

this is bad.... indeed

i didn't attend my physics lecture class awhile ago because i thought there will be no classes. i texted a classmate before rising from my bed and she replied, 'no. walang pasok', so i went back to sleep. it's too late when i received a text message from another classmate who says, 'may pasok'. haynaku, tinulog ko na lang. >_>

when it's 11am, that's the time when i finally thought of getting up to prepare for my next class (chem40 lecture) at 11:30. man, i think my roommate wants to spank me already for snoozing my phone almost everytime it alarms. it's annoying pala. sorry.

hehe. and because i'm late for my next class. i decided to ride the jeep to save time. unfortunately, because today is our grand Alumni Homecoming, the roads to Men's Dorm and Physci building were CLOSED. wtf. and we have to take a detour to forestry to be able to get down to the lower campus. but then, bad luck strikes once more. another road was closed because of some chorva bungguan so the jeepney driver just called us off the vehicle. man, do you know where they dropped us? VETMED DORM!!!! that's like a good half kilometer walk from where i was supposed to go! and because i'm super late, i didn't panic anymore. >_> i just waaaaaalked.

so i walked by freedom park and got caught my the presentations in front of DL Umali. and since i'm already late, i didn't make an effort to go to class anymore. in short. i skipped my last chem40 lecture class for the semester just to watch the presentations. :)

man, was it mega hot out there. but compensation came quite shortly when the hosts asked us to transfer to the grandstand to watch the Silent Drill of the PMA Batch 2008 - Baghawi.

they rocked! grabe. super galing! and there was a girl! huray to her! it's just now that i started to admire men in uniforms! they're sooooo cooooool! everything is well rehearsed! wahehehehe... i got a few pictures in my phone... i'll be transfering them to my multiply this sembreak. hehehehe

anyhow. when the show ended, i left the field and walked to my next class, chem40 lab. and what a blast, my classmate (who just came out from the lecture class i didn't attend) said we won't have lab today. >_> hahaha. pero ok lang. the Silent Drill made my day somehow. :)

They'll be opening the Carillon Tower later today! lol.
and wait, i want to take a picture of Carillon Tower and Fertility tree at night! they look so glamorous now that they adorned the tower with the UP logo and a long sheet of green and red fabrics at the sides. they also put a spotlight on it. they look so magical.

parang ang sarap magpakamatay

♠ jasper test ♠

click to see full size. :)
anyhow, it's just a career chorva test.
i knew it, i've always been a visionary. which makes MY LIFE RIGHT NOW really dull because the field i am desperately trying to fit myself in isn't visionary in the least sense. this, you know, life... is not for me. people in our department demand exemplary analytic skills. and i only have logic sad to say... and a portfolio shouting I HATE MY JOB!!! >_>

i am very inclined to creative brainstorming. i love composing ideas and scenes. waaaaaaaahhhh. i just love thinking of different, random ideas. you can just manipulate them to make it fit for a story board! man how awesome would it be if were able to get into a big movie or play production (offscreen, man)!!

wooooot. exam again tomorrow. :( :(

like crazy, man!

i am so fucking tired. i had two exams this day, math36 and physics3 and fuck, i spent a total of 4 hours answering blasted problems and punching my calculator like crazy! btw, i'm in netopia right now... just for the heck of it. ok, so back to this day shall we? okiedokie. i'm quite happy that i'm done with this day's exams. that's a humongous 2 items to be slashed off my exams-list!!! hurray hurray! i guess i can just drink you know. hehehehe.

warning: long entry ahead!

everyone's damn thrilled to get over this seemingly endless semester. as for me, i am no different! i want this semester to end! i want a brand new life next semester. cheers.

my eyes hurt like hell, man. this may be due to lack of sleep. but then again, i still sleep... it's just that it's not on the right time. i sleep during afternoons and wake up around 9pm (or later). and that's when i start doing my nocturnal agenda... which includes sitting at the living room and chatting with my dormmates, going to Astra to watch anime, getting back to the dorm and chatchatchat again then feel hungry and walk to Parduch bakery to buy 5 pieces of tagalog (plus cassava cake if there's any) and 2 sachets of maxwell instant coffee. that's pretty much how my life goes every night... and then after Marimar (or MMK, bubblegang..whichever's on air at the moment), that's where i go back to my room and get all my books and notebooks... they're called study tools but with me they remain as props.

time check by then: 11PM.
see??? see how much time i wasted 'warming-up' for study and ending up being unproductive????? yeah. like crazy, man!

i don't know how i will be able to pull off a lot of effort to study for the final exams.

♠ first and foremost, i hardly attend my classes anymore.
♠ second and worse, my notes. i quit taking notes in my notebook anymore. i jot them down on scratch paper and end up losing it in a pile of random junk.
♠ third and disgusting. i have NEVER EVER passed a single exam this semester (on all my subjects, man!) yet. my grades are ranging from 30-40%. that's not even a grade. hehe
♠ lastly. fourth and lethal... i think i don't want to study anymore.

i'm becoming very very 'internaly' pessimistic but people still view me as a happy person. in fact, no one's worrying about my standing because they know i'll just laugh it all off. which is kinda sad, no one cares if i get on probation because they know i am hardly affected by things like that, things that occur almost naturally in my dire years. i smile on my successes and rejoice in my failures. T_T;; how complicated is that. am i not called to excel too?

woot! -end of drama-

last sem i only take in a cup of coffee a day. but now, goodnessgracious, i take in a minimum of 2 cups of instant coffee per day!! wahaha adik!! and i sleep at 3am. my body clock has adjusted to that time already. sleep during the afternoon, and stay until morning. wtf.

sembreak.sembreak. only you can fix my stupid body clock. and because my body is indeed stupid, i forgot to wake up early awhile ago for my first exam, math36. i alarmed my phone at 8am but i woke up 9!!! and our exam starts at 9! fckfckfckfckfckfckfck! i was in a mega hurry. hahahaha, i just grabbed a shirt and pants and walked off without even taking a bath, brushing my teeth or even washing my face. and my eyes fucking itches that morning that people think i have sore eyes. great day, man!

i think i need to change my alarm tone. i need something more scandalous, something that would really wake me up from deep slumber. my current alarm tone is the theme from Rugrats. hahaha, e ang cute e. dahil dyan, i keep on snoozing it. heheheheehhehehe. and i end up always late during my first class. wahahaaaay.


oh, the third and disgusting part... that was an exagerration. i did pass an exam, ONCE... but it was take home. >_>;;


as usual, i skrewed up during the test awhile ago. man, they should've told us to memorize the whole fucking schematic diagram! he, i'm not blaming anyone. :) even if they told us, i would just stare at the stupid handout anyway.
like, reaaaallly study.

but i'm trying! but then again, my efforts are kinda invisible... and you know me, i'm easily distracted. this kind of work... or this kind of lifestyle does not suit me, you know... memorizing a whole junk of weird names. i'd rather get deadlines for boring articles and psych1 journals than stay up late being utterly unproductive. like a fish staring outside its aquarium.

glog.glog.glog. did anyone notice i'm drowning?

upon introspection, i realized i am someone who hates pressuring myself. i'm laid-back and care-free. i can pull off fits of laughter even when i'm facing, uhhh, the greatest failure! mehn, i'm a happy person. only the people close to me notice that. it's weird, yeah, that i can live without the slightest pressure when everyone else is burning their bodies at the stake just to get a decent grade. as for me, yeah i care about my grades, i'm also worried about my academic standing but i don't go gaga over it. i don't comply to other people's expectations. repeat kung repeat. there's nothing shameful about it. :) lol. i love boasting about my failures.

i'm also pessimistic. my friends say so because i keep on telling them "waaah i haven't passed a single exam yet! and the sem is ending already! i'm gonna repeaaaattt! repeaaattt! repeaaattt!" lol. but i laugh when i tell that. i hate self-pitying. lol. i love jumping into conclusions and ending up with a totally different ending. it makes my life more interesting. hehehe.

my crush makes me smile. everytime i think of him, i just smile. hehehehehehehehehee

haaaay. ang dami dami pang exaaaaams. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa


i'll miss my lts1 classmates. it's the best class i've had this sem, so far. even though i've already reached the maximum absences i could have, and i'm always lazy to come to class because of the time, it's still good. and it's because of the laughter it brings. it's like a relief subject, you know, something you could opt not to attend but wouldn't want to miss because it serves as an ice breaker to all your demanding subjects. :) i'll miss my classmates. my performance in this class would probably range between 1-5 in a scale of 10 because i'm not really participative and i'm kinda shy...yeah. but i've got a lot of friends here. lol.

well, that's lts1 for you. so sad it's gonna end soon... :(

exam here, exam there. and i'm not studying. >_>

btw, there's a puppy sitting outside the dorm. last night, while terai was going home, she was surprised to notice a puppy following her. and indeed, it followed her to the dorm, and until now... it's still there... so cute!!! but it stinks and it has galis. but still, it's so cute! it seems like a half-askal half-beagle. i love puppies, mehn >_>

okok, sige na nga mag-aaral na ko. para hopefully may maipasa naman akong exam. hehe... as in! wala pa kong napapasa tapos ang standing ko... aba, pang singko!!! para yan sa dalawa kong chem, hahaha.

goodluck to me!
pero ang saya saya ko parin. bat ganon.

a great evil comes with a great need

i didn't buy an umbrella again. i promised myself to buy one last weekend but apparently, i got too scared to shell out money intended for my savings... again. and besides, i didn't have too much money left to buy an umbrella. anyhow, i know i should buy one, the rain's gonna soak me dead before i even take the finals. >_>

and because i don't have any umbrella with me this day, i resorted to do one evil thing that might put me in the trial courts of hell. i stole an umbrella. and it's a good one, i tell you. it's a big blue umbrella that looks really sturdy against the wind, a perfect sheild for this season of storms. how i got it?

here's how:
it was during our physics lecture awhile ago that i noticed a huge stack of umbrellas lying on the behind the fire exit. i immediately thought of taking one, even though i know i don't own any of them. i was eyeing the multicolored long umbrellas, trying to check if there's a hint of Fibrella or Super or just anything with a good name.... haha. then after the lecture, i asked our instructor if those umbrellas were left by students... and even LIED that i left my umbrella there. she said yes so i hurriedly inspected the good 'ol 'brellas, looking for that one umbrella that's big enough to shield me from the rain and simple enough not to get easily noticed (in case the real owner spots me using it). that's how i got the big blue umbrella. hehehehe

then while walking out of the lecture hall, the hall technician -who always sits on the far end of the lecture hall (that's his job, duh)- asked me if the umbrella was mine and i answered yes and he just nodded and i went gracefully out of the room.

big whew. my seatmate was laughing big time. i stole once and lied twice... what's next? hehehe. now i understand why criminals do the things they do... just like what i wrote in the title, a great evil comes with a great need.

though i cannot entirely say i'm a great evil because man, it's just an umbrella! but even so... i was partially consumed with guilt the whole day that i decided to actually RETURN the umbrella, come my last class... which is also physics (this time- lab) i looked around the lecture halls for the technician and spotted him right there, where he usually sits... but man was i hesitating to give the umbrella back. >_> i think fate brought it to me! yeahroight. then i saw pat (a classmate from my physics lecture class), and told her this petty moral dilemma i'm struggling against. well, you know people, they'll always take the good side. she advised me to just leave the umbrella there and she's even kind enough to lend me an umbrella too!!

that actually left me with no reason but to return the freakin umbrella. yuck, i talk like it's been with me most of my life! haha but seriously, the MAJOR MAJOR reason why i want to return the umbrella was that... IT HAS A SURNAME WRITTEN ON IT. goodnessgracious. i'd be dead smitten if the owner finds out i stole his umbrella. hehehe. so i talked to the technician, he's like the guard of the two lecture halls in physci building, and LIED for the third time... i said to him that i have to return the umbrella because i figured out it wasn't mine after all, i even said that mine looks just the same, big and blue but when i saw the name written on it i was automatically robbed of ownership with it. that's how it went, and man was he really nice to me about it! he told me to just use it for a while because it's raining and he also said that when someone looks for it he'll just say that he let another student use it for awhile becuase poor little iska has no payong and it's bagyo all over. bwahahaha

cool! i thanked him for his generosity and asked him when must i return it... and he said, 'ikaw bahala'.

hah!! fate has its way of changing an object's ownership in an instant.
now all i have to do is device a way of erasing that surname from the umbrella to comepletely save me for man's naturally cruel nature.


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