trying hard to be a good girl...

LoL. i'm a super duper EVIL girl. mwhahahaaaa....
i was never a good girl in the first place... i backstabb a lot, i gossip a lot and do a lot of MORE ghastly things than those... and i don't care.

no... i actually care but i care less though...
brrrr... i'm so BAD!! and yet happy when i'm commiting the crime.

oh, today is mrs. dino's bday. happy bday. =)

you know what... let's talk about SOUTH!
do you know her? er... last year i posted about her. i posted something bad of course! oh my... so bad.

there... i'm starting to hate her again. you see, i've always (most of the time i mean...) hated her, and to think i'm her FRIEND!
what kind of freakin friend am i?
she's just so arrogant. i'm not the only one who notices that and i'm bloody irritated with her being soo mayabang without her knowing it!

she should know that by now or else her whole section will suffer.
i mean it! you see, she should quit her what-not swears! the fucks and damnits and all other pointless cusses she's making fond of adding into her statements. everybody hates that! plus her high pitch voice that's breaking swears on my ears.

now you know what a big liar i am.
what a big backstabber i am.
i'm a whole big plastic!!!
and this is not that first time i did this.

we have a winneeeeerrrr!!

oohh... my certain knack of generosity surfaced again! for the third time namigay ulit ako ng 2 hours free prisontale gametime!
LoL... masaya kaya! it's like being a host of a contest show! hehe... ayun... the 3rd email-er gets the price so congratulations sa winner!

ayun... masaya. i'm really a cramming diva! actually most of my batchmates naman eh!
we have a test physics... kelan ako nararal? super nung lunch lang kasi di ako mkaaral sa bus sa outreach dahil sa mga ghost stories ng mga tao! haha...
pero ayoosss 17/20 ako! masaya nako dyan at least di bagsak!
tapos sa pinoi! omaygad! first time ko pumasaaaa! whattabouttt! i love you el fili!!
pati dun sa a.p. long test! i got a fairly high score and i just studied that same day!

ang saya. pero come to think of it, this won't work in college. tsk.

hmm.. sa pasko sisikapin ko makaipon ng 5 isp cards para 10 hours yun ipamimigay kong top-ups! wow! what a xmas gift!



we got our gradpics na! yay! er.. m not really that excited over my pic eh kasi nakita ko na yun kaso it's just bigger, duh. oh my, i seriously like the contact prints better than the enlarged and final copies. you see when you enlarge it you'll see more details therefore you're sure to give yourself a more scrutinizing look. just like what i did with mine, from afar you could not see this little detail but if you look at it closer you'll see them! i'm talking about the gaps on my teeth. haha... i just don't like them, and wait! i look better in the contact print!

tss... anyway. there... hehe

by the way our prosec field trip was fun! =)
tss... but i had to change my top coz, according to some of my classmates, i'm reavealing some of my cleavage which is er... bad. LoL, i didn't notice that... how come? maybe i don't know how to differentiate cleavage from some other bust terms. haay, nevermind. so i changed to another black top (it was like expected of me to change cos i brought an extra top with me) and continued living.

first, we went to hearts and hands salon to put make-up on ourselves...
i did my make-up on my own! yay! fine fine, i don't want to bother people by asking them to put eyeshadow on me or ask them how my blush on looks like (frick, i'm an artist! i should know when the right colors are in place or balanced! LoL), besides i believe i know how to apply make-up ON myself so i don't really have to ask for someone's help. but i did ask Sasa to flat-iron my hair... thank you!! :) oh, that's a different story.

we presented ourselves to mrs. zeta after 40 mins. i thought she's going to criticize our faces like
"who did your eye-shadow? why does it extend to your eyebrows?"
"is that a blush on? oh, thought you slipped."
but hello... of course she's not going to do it that way!
she just asked us something like "how do you feel now?" and "do you feel more special?"
and when i answered her i just said yes and yes! in the happiest tone i can manage...
i don't even know how putting on make-up will make you feel special...
i should feel special that someone noticed me and said, "too much foundation" or that someone dedicated her time to fix my face...
i don't really know so nevermind.

so, tomorrow is our outreach and i already forgot the name of my previous partner... oh great, now i know! ate bailyn! good! so.. what do i do now...
onga pla.. i downloaded the first 3 books of artemis fowl... i'm sure to read it after i finish with my reading report. i mean after i finish reading 6 other ebooks which are series 5 to 11 of a series of unfortunate events.

eBooks rock! yeah!!
why? because you don't have to pay for them! you just have to have the proper software to be able to run it and there... enjoy your book.

we're going out tomorrow!

yay! it's our prosec field trip tomorrow! we'll be learning stuff about fine-dining and some other make-up application tips... something like that. something girly! haha...

PHYSICS awhile ago was super fun! i mean, i almost laughed the whole period! everybody else naman eh, pero lam nyo yun... saya. sakit sa cheeks and stomach.. nakakiyak toh...

ayun. fun fun fun. although i have a little problem with my bestfriend right now, hope we get over it and jump back to normal.

anyway... ayun! at last! i finished downloading a couple of my favorite beatles songs (i will, hey jude to name a few...) and also lemon tree by fools garden... why? i dunno i just recalled reiko and prach singing it last year and i realized... oooh sounds fun.... kay, download that!

there... i love piano instrumentals. it sets me in a state of trance thinking of various things and being just sentimental. it really calms me and it's best listening to it while reading. gaahh, i'm so lazy to finish reading 'from witchcraft to christ' for my reading report. nothing quite interesting is happening, i mean she's like narrating her AUTOBIOGRAPHY and it doesn't interest me a bit. i'm expecting the author to feed us immediately with her experiences during her being a witch but look at that, she started when she was eleven, when they were relocated due to a war. she fights against the current of everyone discriminating her and her sisters... then she turns 13 and pretends to be 14 to start working coz her mother died and she chucked herself out of their household to avoid her fugly step-mother ... blah blah...

urrgghh... those stuff. boring. how bout i read another book? -_-;;

go sixtreme!

i finally got over the hook of the thought that our batch name is er, uncool and totally not out of the norm. well, it's simply because there's more to us than the batch name itself. plus, it's definitely gazzilion times better than 'six-boom-batch'! no offense to those who thought hard on that, i found it really funny but it just lacks class. ok, so sixtreme is our batch name. hmm..acceptable.

mehn, do i really sound like i hate my batch? hah! no, i don't hate my batch. i know we're great. it's just that it feels like i should be on the 07 batch instead of the 06... but nevermind. talk about the irrevocable.

ok ok... i'll get over some of the mischiefs i recieved from our batch soon enough.
we won overall chapion in the eco week in assumption! cool. i'm proud of our batch but i'm also envious of those who're generally part of the triumphal crowd. look at that, i'm happy for our batch yet sad for myself... sad that i'm not part of the ones who brought victory to our school. sad that i stayed just in my box. haayy...

no! i didn't 'just' stay in my box! i tried to be in different competetions but failed! haha... looser. i guess i don't fit for winning something for the school... i'm more of winning for myslef, like the milo tennis club. ohmy, yabang. so sore.
tss... since when did my ambitious self surfaced?
i don't know. i just want to achieve something in my senior year. something i can be proud of. goodness, it's been four years of 'nothing great' happening in my life. well, aside from the essay and photo gallery thing last year. i don't deserve that, i should not be the one who climbed up the stage... it should be pat'am. yeah, i just checked the whole essay and added a couple of words to lengthen the compostion to 2 pages. you think that's good enough, not even close!!!

and to think that title of this post is very much encouraging. -_-;;

i want a cupofrappuccino

today we woke up 3am para ihatid si terai sa uplb. damn i was still so sleepy but i couldn't pass out from the chance of travelling even for just four hours. so i dressed up and got ready.

anyhow. there starts our journey to los banos. if you were in my place and you're OLDER sister keeps bugging you on how to troubleshoot with the computer and keeps whining on how hard college life is, wouldn't you get irritated?

i'm learning a lot when mom scolds me for blaming other people on something irrevocable. she's always reminding me not to waste time by pinpointing the criminal and instead, start working on the solution. it always worked.

urrgghhh, you know what's beyond college life? maturity! take it, it's yours!
i hate immature people. no, my sister is not immature!!! she's just pressured... poor her. but sometimes she do acts a little immature like she couldn't step-forward without mom and dad's opinion on her plans. oh my, that's why there's a word called independence... for you to live it.

gaah, i'm not saying i'm already independent, but i just don't seem to rely on a lot people that much. i mean, my problems are not big time that's why.

so there... after we dropped her to their boarding house (around 6am), we decided to eat breakfast in the a stop-over gasoline station - uhm, shell. hehe, i really love stop-overs. ayun... sobrang lamigggg, ang aga pa ksi eh.. tapos i went to the cr to warm my hands with the hand dryer! waah... sarap ng feeling ng warm gush of air.

ayy wait... alam nyo ba na naiinis ako sa mga air curtains sa mall? lam nyo yun, yung pag pasok mo may hangin sa taas tapos sisirain ung buhok mo! ang badtrip ah...

uhmm... basta kumain kami ng instant noodles at siopao na baon pa namin mula sa maynila.
blahblah... diretso kami simbahan... kain sa tokyo tokyo (haynaku, there's still NO place like yoshinoya) tapos... uwi!

good day to you all!

wee. at last i got my price from our class raffle. hehe, who would've thought? anyway... a good way to spend it (no! not all of course, need to save...) is to go malling!

so there, ate theresa and i went to mall in spite of the rain since we need to return the vcd we rented, which accumulated a P90 penalty -_-;;, and also to stroll around and cure our mall sickness.

there... oh well, i spent 500 (to me that's already a lot! hah!) but i don't feel that bad about it because i still have some money left. sometimes you really have to shell out some bucks in order to satisfy your craves. =) heh.

i bought a perfume (was it a cologne? dunno) at penshoppe and honestly that's the first time i spent money on that thing, coz i don't usually apply perfume but i guess as time goes by, my age is demanding me to be a bit more vain. yeah right, like a 14 y/o needs to apply makeup and spray on perfume? but anyway, i bought some makeup too... a concealer and a blush on. i mean, i don't know... i'm suddenly growing fond of these too girly stuff.
but hey! i really need a concealer... just look at my leg! so full of scars... and i mean dark scars! and to think i'll be wearing a skirt this tuesday... pero hmm.. whatever, i don't think i'll still be using it. heh, so much for P90.

then... hmm. before that we returned the vcds back and borrowed two again, mean girl and pirates of the carribean. come on, it's not my fault i haven't watched those yet. =)

not in consecutive order:
- ate at jollibee. my treat!
- checked the surplus shop. i love bargain stuff.
- went to nat'l bukstore
- strolled around sm dept' store. grrr... love the skirts, hate the price. =lastly... went home!

i'm feeezzzziiinnnggggg....

i'm in the computer lab today! so cooolllddd! hehe... since i'm done with my powerpoint presentation i decided to waste my time by bloghopping and breaking rule 'no accessing of accounts'... bwahaha...

i'm so happy! i don't need to buy an expansion memory card! my sandisk finally worked! yay! kelangan lang palang iformat eh! now i can save mp3s on my handheld... this is cool! yipeee...

only a few of us are left in the class because a lot of us have to join the eco song and the pta outreach. =)

you know what? i don't why the PTA still needs senior volunteers to join them. i mean, we have our own outreach! plus... can't they handle retards by themselves? coz i know how to! just knock them off unconscious and spend the while they're sleeping doing various things! haha... joke. kasi parang... what do they need us for? they're a lot already! puro pa elders!! eh... wala lang.

you know what. ms.____ is giving ____ too much attention. i tallied the number of times she called her and it reached 10 already! no, i'm not jealous! i'm just having a weird feeling that ms.___ is growing fond of ____.

whooopppsss! what am i writing.. this is bad.

hmmm... un lang muna, i guess when i get a new internet card i'll install limewire again coz i need more mp3s! yay!

haaay. malapit nanaman mag rosary rally. i really despise joining it. first of all, i'm not catholic. 2nd: i hate long walks under the scorching heat! haha.. pero let's face it, fun paren naman anyhow. :)

ito ang tama!

i drank a can of redhorse last sunday. haha... i don't know why, maybe because i need the energy to stay up late to watch my beloved jackie chan movies (again!). i need some action, really. LoL, and it didn't taste that bad and undesirable. yes it's bitter but since i drank it cold, i guess i didn't feel the bitterness that much.
oh well, just great. now i drink beer. o.O no, i don't think i'll develop a tolerance to it unlike my addiction to caffeine... it's just that i'm looking for an alternative eye-opener. haha.

it's wednesday today! and we watched the eco week presentors awhile ago in the gym. they're great but i can't help getting nervous with reg and kim, i'm afraid they'll commit mistakes. glad there's not much of it.

the eco song is great too! i had goosebumps because of their voice (that's a kudo!) but i can't deny the fact that they had a little problem with the voicing too... =) anyway, they can fix that! i know they can! and i also know that they'll bag in the first place! hehe. =D

haay. kumusta naman ako sa pinoy, wala pa kong pasadong quiz!!! -_-;; mamaya mag-aaral na nga ako. grr...

waw. i'm getting excited, it never came into my mind that i don't have to buy an ipod coz i have a handheld. how stupid is that... now all i have to do is buy a compatible memory card and wallah! coolness.

hmm... i seriously need ate alyn to transfer her avon account to commonwealth immediately!! i'm running out side-lines. i can't sell void tickets forever!! i need money talaga. parang gusto ko na tuloy magtrabaho!!


wise men say...

only fools rush in in this kind of thing. i'm not even sure how you call this but i think i'm starting to like someone. yes, i know i like a lot of people but this one is a progressing like. a self-made kind of like which has a possibility to turn into love.

wotch. i just wrote that? it's so not me. =/ hmm... what can i say... ang corny naman.

hehe. he's so funny. ^^;


change topic. yehey! may skirt na ko! and guess what... 5 years na palang nakatago yun sa closet ng ate ko and when i found it... wala, natuwa lang ako. haha... i realized it was my gradeschool graduation dress. haha... kaya mejo maliit na sha... kaya pinaputol na lang namin para maging skirt... sayang tela eh.. ganda pa naman...
what more, may bolero pala ko? i didn't know... ganun din, sinuot ko rin nung graduation... haha... di ko pa kasi alam kung ano ung bolero nun eh... shtufid.

hmm. it's already 10. not yet sleepy... =]
aynaku. nakakainis, pinalitan ko ung password nung xp account ko tapos nung nag-log ung ate ko... chineck nya ung 'hint' button tapos nahulaan nya ung password ko!
cge nga... ito ung hint: beer.
ano? ano password ko? mashado bang madali? haha... shempre kung kilala mo ko madali lang yan.
haha... gusto ko ulit ng california maki.

brain drain

just came back from the acet. pretty much it's just like the upcat, only a bit easier. i can't believe myself too, the other parts of the test are manageable and the only part that blew off my brain cells was the last part, the numerical ability test. they're all word problems. though they're not that hard, it took a lot of my time so i resorted to shot-gun(ed?) the last three problems with the letter c.

i tell you, there is a bigger possibility that the right answers will fall under c. why? because i prayed God to let my unsure answers be c. not so credible, i know, but at least i had a handful of faith to come along with that.

conclusion. i like the acet more than the upcat. for some reasons, although they look particularly of the same difficulty, i am more comfortable answering the acet because my sched is in the morning and i know that my brain is more capable of thinking right by that time unlike when i took the upcat, i was scheduled on the afternoon and my brain is, well, a little skrewed off.

during the acet, i was surprised that i finished most of the tests ahead of time and being the lazy me, i decided to skip off the reviewing part and sleep. you see, the wind is singing lullabies to me so i slept and i really slept! i even had a dream but nevermind, i was startled when i heard the proctor say 'time's up!'. reality check! i'm taking the test, what the hell?!

but then again, if by God's grace i pass both tests then i'll happily and undoubtedly choose u.p. over ateneo. who wouldn't want to save over ten thousand bucks anyway? besides, according to the 2001 statisics of some category (i forgot) among the asian state universities UP falls on the 40th-something rank and ADMU and DLSU are on the 70th-something rank. not bad.

after the test i managed to find someone who is generous enough to let me hitch with her and drop me by the overpass. thank you aisha and mrs. timbayan! they even gave me this 100 calorie pack crackers. thanks a lot friend! then, i went to nat'l bookstore to check out the books. same thing, i want to buy a lot of books but i can't afford to pay 300+ bucks for them.

then i went to starbucks to satiate myself with a mocha frappe. i'm a caffeine addict after all. so that's my lunch, a toblerone bar and a frapuccino. then, i went against the current of the overpass (everyone's going down and i'm one of the few who's going up) and saw this street child (should it be overpass child?) roaming around and out of pity i gave her the sandwich my mom prepared for me during the morning. i don't think it will bloat her up since she's with two other kids but i know that would help. =)

gaah. charity.
so there, i commuted my way home, dressed, and plopped myslef on this chair. oh, and i recieved a thank you email from one of the lucky winners of the 2 hours free prisontale gametime i gave away last week. it feels nice you know, all those thank you's and 'continue making people happy' remarks. they're so heart-warming that i suddenly became more cheerful and forgot everything about my 2 flunked pinoi tests!

by the way. the deadline for blog nominations in Philippine Blog Awards was extented until 10/05/2005.

i'm already listed so by the time the voting date is released please don't forget to vote for my blog!


i'm getting nervous right now and the only good approach i can think of to cure this deadly jitter of mine is to pour it out on someone or something, in this case my blog.

i've been a little lucky for the past few hours of the day. i'm thinking if it has something to do with my 'blessed bucks' spell. spell? not actually, it's more of a generous hobby of writing a blessing on a paper bill and hiding it in a place where a lucky chap would find it and take it as his, thinking that it's really meant for him. according to my source it should come back to you at around ten-fold.


that's not the point. i'm thinking of ways to prolong my luck. not that it's the only way to get me through the acet but i like the reassurance that i'll do well. currently there is just one thing that i'm looking forward to tomorrow. food mehn! \m/ yeah! across ateneo would be the nearest and best place to console yourslef for a job not well done or congratulate yourself for not being time-pressured, like who the hell would not be time-pressured?

mehn this is harsh.
ahahahaaa... natatawa nnman ako.
i'm not anymore that fond of willy wonka. i'm more interested with the wonka bars.
i wish they're selling wonka bars here in the philippines that we may not waste our money getting a single bar shipped to our place only to find out it's melted!

awhile ago i phoned Larz only to ask what was written on the test permit beside the 4. bring 2 mongol 2 pencils - because the handwriting is not legible, for me. eeeh... wala lang.

oh, i noticed something written on our whiteboard. it's been there since april 18, 2005 and it's nearing its 5 month aniversary! i actually wrote that, saying that 'i will pass UP - do not erase until i pass UP!' and i got a witness to sign it up and forged gloria arroyo's signature also. whatever talaga. i'm so paranoid and i'm afraid i'll fail UP! -_-;;

acet na.

pagbabalik tanaw

isang nakakainis-slash-nakakatawang post noong July 3, 2004

hello me!!! of course.. cno pa bng babatiin ko!!! heheh...

melodia {my net ego): oi arianne.. how're you feeling? fine? make sure you do.. coz i have a great news for you! and i'm sure you won't want to miss this too! you know harry potter 2? oh yeah of course that's not soo new... wait...

arianne: ano? ha? oh hi mel... since when did i create you? i don't remember you talking!!! well... aside from the chat days...

melodia: um.. i think you're talking to someone... i'll wait for you to finish... ^^

arianne: yeah! thanks...

(1 hour later...)

arianne: whew! i think that went long...

melodia: yeah... yeah... o ano na? cno kausap mo?

arianne: oh.. i was talking to Lara awhile ago.. hehe.. expect a lot of talking.. ^_^ we have tremendously many things to talk about!!!

melodia: what happened..

arianne: um.. secret... o ano na nga pla ung news mo?

melodia: um... harry potter 6 have been released and Harry potter 4 is now being filmed...^^

arianne: a yon.. i already know that.. pano mo nalaman?

melodia: Bica told me..

arianne: Bica? sha rin ung nagsabi sakin eh...

melodia: talaga?...

arianne: LMAOOO!!!!! duh!!! we're the same persons!! how'd you expect me not to know what you knowwww!!!

aynakooo... ang wirdo ni ariana... para pala kong baliw nung nakaraang taon. ang sarap basahin ng mga posts ko sa archive kasi.. ano ang ewan. and engot.. parang... wala... funny. ang daming mistakes (kahit ngayon nga eh...).


nanalo ako ng best solicitor! thank you Lord. may pera na ulit ako!
nanalo din ako ng consolation price... cake! thank you Lord. mabubusog ako nun!

sana hanggang ACET swerte parin ako. =)

new layout!

yipeee! at last i'm done! awhile ago i was fidgeting about the lack of creativity of the header image! not until i found that blonde girl up there... i don't know who she is... i just stole that pic somewhere...
should i be in charge of a copyright infringement case? o.O
hope not.
LoL. i did that image out of hard thinking! and look at the result... some ordinary brushes collage... but i'm quite satisfied. =)

hihi. yey. i'm just happy. =)
look at the time! i haven't changed from my uniform. it's 10pm...
and oh no... di pa ko nagaaral sa pinoi. aynaku...

hmmm... ayon. hope you like it. i'm actually tired of div boxes but i can't seem to work well with other shapes... haha...

and look. i just love putting margins on my page. =)
huwaw. look at that.. i used violet as the main motif.

haha... puro ata 'look!' tong entry na to....kulet.


i was bloghopping just seconds ago and i checked to see if my blog is already listed in the nominated entries. anyway, it's not there yet and i guess it should be out by sept 17.

grrr... reminds of of acet. wish me luck blessing!

hmm...and then. i came along a blog and managed to quote a quoted entry...

"Death is nothing. It's the pain."

come to think of it, we're not really afraid of dying. we're afraid of the pain that comes along with death. like if you're asked how you wanted to be killed... you'll say you want it fast and painless, like being shot. there's no such thing as painless death. death is meant to be painful, so we're bound to suffer from it in the future.

so in the end, my conclusion would be...

i'm not afraid of death, i'm afraid of pain.

what the?
Exposing Satanism - Harry Potter

heh. i hate them.

God is with me!


i'm so happy!


oh GOD, let me win this!
er.. kung hindi naman... bigyan nyo nalang ako ng pera. please.. haha. mukhang paper bill na ko dito ah!!

i did some 'silly' luck tests like head or tails. yung ganun... para ma ensure kung mananalo ako. pero...

hmmm... bukas nyo malalaman ang sagot.

oh my... PLEASE LORD!!!

shoop shoop shamalama WOOP--ing dong!

LoL. did you watch kamapanerang kuba yesterday? i heard that shoop shoop shamalama song there.. haha... LSS! it's cute anyway...

i'm starting to love this week. simply because we're doing nothing during physics. our job's done! hehe

stupid me. i'm attracted to someone again. bwahahahaaa....

we had a speaker awhile ago.. Mr. Igancio Rodriguez... well... what can i say, he's a BIG BIG PRO!
ang luufffeeet ng art sobraaaa.... kakainggit.
don't fret arianne... someday, you'll be just like him.

LoL... in my dreams.
he's a good speaker. i learned a lot.. i never knew anything about those proportion stuff.. not until now. hehe... very grateful me.
but still... i can't seem to work well with the rules. when i tried following the rules my work became a little wierder and i know that's how it SHOULD really look like because it's the real thing.

the problem with me is that when i draw... i want to make it more beautiful than the thing it should originally depict! but the real thing is if you want to be a good artist you must make your work look natural.

i learned that in all-american girl. hihi...

anyway. there... i think i'm starting to build up a certain excitement with my reading report and rough draft... haha.. this time i swear i won't get a line of 7!


not satisfied!

soon enough i'll be changing this layout AGAIN... for the nth time already! that's why i want to put up a 'past layouts' corner to share my previous layouts to you (in case you're interested with my scrap art). so far i've use 12 layouts already (including this one) where 10 are my originals and the 2 left are custom-made by other atists...

anyway. it's tuesday! one of my favorite days of the week! simply because we don't have the tiresome subjects in our sched namely, pinoi, physics and anal geom. =) but we have to put up with this persistent urge to sleep especially during the last period.

oh well, i slept in her subject again... not surprising.

remembering the days

as i was looking for more ways to sell our raffle tickets, i recalled the same event 2 years ago when i was a freshman, selling raffle tickets too... i don't know what's gotten into my nerves that i'm practically asking EVERYONE to buy tickets from me and when i say everyone, or anyone... i mean... everyone... the sophomores, the juniors, the seniors, the gradeschool, the manongs and manangs and strangers.

parang... ang walang hiya ko pala nun. and people are talking about me... makuleeet.
then... someone complimented me for being a good saleswoman, i was delighted of course, and that's when i met blue.

owsiyatap. -_-;;

and then... last week i watched gilmore girls. the movie 'tuck everlasting' broke in my memory again. such a good movie... it made me cry!!! due to me little obsession to the movie kinapa ko ung theme nila. the sound from the music box. it was so nice.

LoL... i'm in need of 5 thousand bucks! wala lang.. gusto ko lang ng pera.. haha.. greedy. and again, i need to work! i need to sell avon products again!

i'll work on that one na nga!!! i really need the extra income!

here we go again...


i don't really hate mondays but it always reminds me of how else HARD i must push my efforts in studying...
acet is coming sooner and sooner and i haven't done any decent self-study. i think i'm starting to become a big failure.

there's one thing i really really want that would really really make my day a whole lot brighter...

winning the best solicitor award... for a lot of reasons...i want the title of course... i don't want to settle with being the second ALWAYS, like when i was in first year. that sucks.
and of course... who wouldn't want the price? it would help me pick a good dress for the upcoming PROSEC field trip... talk about forcing yourself to look so formal yet act stupidly childish inside.

wait. there's a 'bird family' in our class... just for kicks... i'm not part of that family though... i'm the villain... a scavenger waiting for dead cows to rot then feed on them. a vulture.

it's so not me. but who cares anyway. don't even want to be part of the whole thing.. but, again.. who cares? it's just for fun =)


hep hep! MURRAY!
haha... ang corny... eh kasi eh the fan in meeeeee!!!

chad murray... *drools*

chick flick and sci fi

this weekend we rented three movies, two of which i watched yesterday and the other one i don't intend to watch...

i watched it yesterday and it was just then that i developed a certain liking to chad murray. well he still hasn't reached my ryan philippe standards but he did act really sweet to sam (hillary duff) during the holloween homecoming party. and his prince outfit (although not so holloween-ish) fits him well(or maybe it will look better on ryan philippe, how i wish i could just steal him from reese witherspoon).
i realized if you want to win a costume party, you'll have to wear a wedding gown.
nevermind the spooky theme, just wear a wedding gown and you will win.

LOL. i think that rhymes... haha

next movie.

the movie really scared the hell out of me. the thing about the abrupt shifting of climate is really OF REACH especially now that the effects of Global Warming are starting to flood the whole world and will eventaully reiterate the ice age.

i think we should run the "STOP GLOBAL WARMING" campaign more seriously just like how we cooperated with "MAKE POVERTY HISTORY" campaign well. if you watch the movie carefully then you would think that it's already raining outside and blocks of hale is budging your roof open.

what i like about it is its ability to make things sound so fact-based that you would really FEEL that the world is about to enter a new age.

oh... i managed to recall some lines (although not that exact):

[jack (father) is talking to sam (the genius son) about his flunked test. sam starts to complain that his answers were correct but his professor marked it wrong because he has no solutions.]

sam: i told him i did it mentally.
jack: oh, he can't flunk you for being smarter than he is.
sam: that's what i said.


by the way... i have a new (unusual) look.
i have bangs now and it's irritating. i love asking you favors so... do me a favor and imagine me with bangs. haha...
haha... ask me who did it and how it was done!!!!

i cut my hair using dad's shaver.

kakaasar naman...

ayoko na... super ang pangit ng ginawa ko kanina sa screening.
grr... i'm so dead.
how long would it normally take a person to create a html based website in notepad?
kasi ako the least that it would take me is 3 hours! including graphics designing and positioning...

sabihin nyo nga? meron ba ditong may kayang gumawa nun in 45 minutes?

iyak na ko.
nakakahiya ako. nakakahiya ang ginawa ko. yun ang pinakapangit ng design na nagawa ko. -_-;;

grrr... ang panget ang panget ang panget!
whew. bahala si Lord. impossibleng mapili ako. ikahihiya ako ng aking alma matter.
ang pangggeeeetttt....

gusto nyo malaman kung ano itsura?
sobrang simple... hindi naman wretched looking pero the fact na suuper simple gives me no edge. walang advantage.

wala akong graphics kaya ako gumawa ng sarili kong graphics. gumawa ako ng pangeeeetttt na banner... as in parang barcode font na maroon and gold with the words school of the holy spirit of qc.

yun lang. tapos 2 div boxes for navigation and content.
yun lang! as in yun na yun lang!

i've been... scamed

stupid me.
do me a favor and spank me! HARD!

really really really supper duuper STUPID!!!!

it was a fraud.
ok. much to may shame and disgrace this is what happened.

it was sent to me 1st of september and and i opened it on the 6th:



REF: CIL/231-FMI0431/09


We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Lottery Winners
International programs held on the 30th of August 2005. Your e-mail address
attached to ticket number 20511465897-6287 with serial number
472-971103 drew lucky numbers 8-66-97-22-46-88 which consequently won in the 2nd
category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of
US$ 500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand United States


Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep your
winning information very confidential till your claims has been processed
and your prize/money Remitted to you. This is part of our security
protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by
some participants.
All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn
from over 200,000,000 company and 300,000,000 individual email addresses
and names from all over the world.
This promotional program takes place annually. We hope with part of
your winning you will take part in our next year USD100 million
international lottery.
To file for your claim, please contact our/your fiducial agent

Mr Phelp Grant Mrs Cheryl Klein Huis
(Claims undewriter, Claims assessor,Claims adjustor,claim negotiator)
TEL/ 0031-6-2203-4830
FAX/ 0031-847300040 (EUROPE)
FAX/ 001-5306185873 (U. S. A)

Please note in order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications
please remember to quote your reference number and batch numbers in all
correspondence. Furthermore, should there be any change of address do
inform our agent as soon as possible.
Congratulations once more from our members of staff and thank you for

Sincerely Yours,

Iries Van Guus
Lottery Coordinator.


see that? see my mistake? see how a big dupehead i've become?

tsss. LoL. i replied to the email they sent me to confirm my (fraud) unusual luck. that time i'm really excited. imagine US$ 500,000! i can buy a lot of things with that! i'm imagining my life with PhP 28M! i could fully pay our existing loans! i will never ran out of clothes to wear! i can buy my dream computer! overhaul our cars, or better yet buy a new one! i can fix everything wretched about my life! i can buy anything i want! and use my money according to my own liking.

i happily emailed them as i said before and the next day (today) when i sat down on this chair to check my mail and surf the net... i recieved a reply from the filthy criminals.


Microsoft Claim/Verification Form (Stricty Confidential)

Dear Arianne,
Please find attached Microsoft Claim Processing/Verification form. Fill in the requested information and send by to our office via Email-attachment or Fax.

Best Regards,
Mrs Becky Van Boxtel
(Claims undewriter, Claims assessor,Claims adjustor,claim negotiator)E-mail-,

TEL/ 0031-62-2034-830
FAX/ 0031-847-300-040


indeed, being the big dupehead that i am, i downloaded the document and checked out the form.

it's asking for my identification. name address phone blah blah blah... and by the end of the form it's asking for a 315 euros processing fee.

where the hell would i get that? that's over 20,000 in our country.
that's when my suspicions start to build. i was so stupid, I KNOW!, for not suspecting the first time i recieved the letter.

i searched about the lottery, entering Microsoft Luckyday as keywords and it yielded a result that brought assurance (and a little frown too) to me.

the letter was not just a SPAM... it's a SCAM...
African Scam 419.

i saw a list of fraud lotteries and found MS Luckyday Int'l there.
now i know.
i investigated more on how to identify scam letters and it really matched the situation i am in.

the thing is.
i absent-mindedly let a VIRUS enter our PC.
if it's not a virus.. then it's an ad or spyware.

either way, that's the LEAST they can do. and i quite lucky that i discovered it even before i filled out the form (containing practically everything a lousy criminal would need to track me, murder my family, and do other horrible things with my identity) and send it back to them. That would definitely end the happy days of my life.


i'm half resentful on sharing this to you. by now you should be laughing, branding me as a desperate quick-money seeker, a looser, and other berating stuff you could think of.
But i need not care, just heed what you think is worth heeding in this entry.
Just.. Beware of Scam.
that's a very lousy warning but that's basically it.

the big dupe and the big bucks

of course it's spam. how else gullible could i get...
sigh. LoL. what a silly gullible dupe.

we had our CRT (creative reflective thinking) awhile ago... it took the whole day but it's fun. =)

we were like back in our nursery schools where we sit on colorful rubber jigsaw mats and play with our classmates. it almost felt like that and just the mere thought of it makes me smile.

the CRT was, all in all, fun. i couldn't give you the full details because i'm too lazy to do so and even if i did, i know you're not very interested anyway.

tomorrow, back to normal. usual school stuff. boring stuff!

running idiots

i haven't done anything productive this day. =)
our classes were suspended by 2:30 pm because there was a bunch (i insist on BUNCH, not group. if u know what i mean) of idiots waving flags and banners blocking a main road that caused traffic and mayhem.

philippine politics. this is the worst i've seen so far and i won't be surprised if one day martial law will be declared. it's been an option for awhile and as for me, i care a bit but i think it would be for our own good. after all that's what we need!
we need a stricter rule to abide by and i'm sad to say that we even have to risk living under martial law just to get disciplined. we can always do it in other more peaceful ways but i guess we, filipinos, are not patriotic enough to care about what happens in our country.


i have to cut that off. is this spam or is this true?
i won US$ 500,000!

wait... my heart is still leaping-up.
LoL. i hope this isn't spam. the letter looks so formal pa naman... with contact numbers and stuff...

grad pics!

we recieved the contact sized samples of our shots from our profile pictorial for us to select those that they will develop... LoL.. mine's not ugly.. of course i'm not in the right position to say i am ugly anyway. haha...
mine's fine. nothing great. just.. well, ordinary. i mean, that's how it should come out right?
there... can't say i'm satisfied coz i've been fixed in front of the monitor (photoshop) trying to swtich my head to different bodies!

it's hard, mind you and at some point my neck looked akwardly grotesque due to my lack of toning skills or in general, my lack of photoshop skills.

but somehow i managed to stick my head on a body quite, er nice (sarcastic)
i'm experimenting on my head. haha...

tomorrow... i wish there will be no classes!
i really wish!!!!
i need the time to... have fun and make my formal pic more presentable. =)

i need help! how do you tone the skin? in photoshop, i mean.

by the way. if by some bad omen there will be classes tomorrow i'll be attending the screening for the html contest.

wish me luck ok?
=) i'm thinking of my edges in html. basically... NONE!
i want to be in a contest... for once! please naman... i'm so desperate! i've been turned down once (in the ecosong audition)! and if i don't get in with this... aba. mukang malas lang talaga ko pag may screenings and auditions!

oh my... is there really someone who works with html in notepad and practically types EVERYTHING? as in codes? the javascripts? whoever he may be... he's a GENUIS! genius to the brink of not being human anymore!


help me help me.

sunday morning

afternoon na nga eh pero di bale... =)

ok. so i did my usual sunday routine which involves waking up 6:30am, getting dressed for church, going to church, singing, greeting people around, sitting and opening a book (no not the bible, hihi) and dozing off to my rude habbit. what's that? well, aside from sleeping (sometimes) i also bring a book to church (sometimes)especially when i find the homily boring. (i'm so evil, i know!)
you see, our homily lasts for more or less an hour so i won't be surprised if one by one people get knocked off to sleep. i mean, yeah i'm so rude but i still pay due respect. but of course, i don't make it obvious that i'm doing something fishy.
after church, we went to SM! yay! that's the thing i'm always looking forward to especially that it's just across our church. waheheee...

we ate at my favorite restaurant, yoshinoya! and bought some stuff for my sister. dad also bought me a vcd of troy coz i nagged him to. haha... you know what? my sister bought 3 cassettes of m.y.m.p. ... LoL.. why not a cd? eh wala cla cd player sa boarding house eh... that's why she asked me to let her borrow my recorder... hehe.. la lang.

ayun. when we got home, i watched troy again.
tapos.. eto.

hogwarts emblem!

wee.. my most recent artwork. just made this last night... =)
watercolor. =)

at last! i found an achipatro fic!
hahaaa... getting giddy!

troy =)

i'm reading troy fics.
i finally found achibris acceptable. ironic to the fact that my OTP is still achipatro. =)


a bad start and a good end

It's Friday once again!
I'm currently eating a Cadburry TimeOut that my sister bought me.

So, let's go back to where i was 11 hours ago.
That must be around 7am and pretty much I'm still at home, scrambling my way through the stairs rushing to the car that will bring me to school, but that's not the whole story. It's about what happened a few minutes after i stepped out of the car and walked my way to our classroom. Our vice-president was checking who paid for the DLSU application fee, I inquired her if i already paid (although i knew i already did but i just want to make sure) and she said no.

that is when the bad start began.

during the mass, i was in a super bad mood. i'm trying hard to hold my tears because i just lost my chance to go to La Salle (not that i'm really serious about it but let's say the more important thing is the 500 pesos application fee). I can't speak, well i WON'T speak to anyone because my throat was filled with hiccups-and-sniffs and if i managed to say a word it will be like YEE-hiccup-EE-sniff-S?

that's how i felt and i know that's how you feel too when you're going through a series of long sobs. it sucks you know, my handkershief is so wet with tears and mucus. my nose feels so hot and scratched. my eyes seem so red and sore. my head aches!

after the mass, i cooled down a bit. but the anxiousness is still there. first pd. after recess, the matter was rub in further and i cried again! it really sucks big time! people are suddenly concerned (like always) and it helped me a bit. thanks.
i was sniffing the whole time i re-wrote my rough draft, which was by the way 78%, while trying to hold back the tears that insistently want to well out and flood.
i was thinking if ms. benitez saw me, she would think that i was crying because i got a line of 7! but no, i won't cry over that because i realized my faults.

after lunch. cultural show.
i wasn't crying that time because i want to enjoy myself. the program ran from 1-4pm. 4 friggin hours of boredom! the presentations of the lower levels aren't that good. in fact it sucked, they ruined the Filipino culture with what they showed us awhile ago. luckily, some people did a pretty good job so i guess theres still a small fraction of hours that i watched something worth watching.

dismissal time. at last it's done! i think i'm going to have a seat-sore after the show but of course not. went to MMA, had fun with friends. then came the good news,
it was proved that i already paid the lasalle fee. yay!

and that was the good end. include the chocolate there!

it sucks to be grammatically wrong

*iyak* haaayy... it's hard to meet a teacher's expectation, especially when she expects you to always observe proper grammar!
i hate grammar! but i have no choice but to follow it.
i just write what i think sounds good not knowing na there waits a big X mark on my paper.

i think i'll drop writing off.


we finished watching troy. it's a great movie. and i cried a lot, i mean held my tears a lot during the scenes where patroclus, hector and achilles died.

if you were in my position, as in you like yaoi and you knew that patroclus and achilles weren't cousins but lovers (in some versions), then you would hate Briseis.

At some point, yes, i hated her but it somehow cooled down when the succeeding events made me realise that patroclus is still MORE important to achilles than briseis.
then, during the last scene where achilles looks for briseis... i hate her again! and again, i cooled down a bit when i realised that he's looking for her just for the sake of sparing her life from agammenon's hands, which doesn't sound compromising enough but is better than knowing that achilles looked for her because he wants her back. i can't take that.

so far that's all i want to rant about. i don't want to bore you with how i clutched tightly to my seatmate's sleeve when some casts are on a brutal combat.


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