i'm getting nervous right now and the only good approach i can think of to cure this deadly jitter of mine is to pour it out on someone or something, in this case my blog.

i've been a little lucky for the past few hours of the day. i'm thinking if it has something to do with my 'blessed bucks' spell. spell? not actually, it's more of a generous hobby of writing a blessing on a paper bill and hiding it in a place where a lucky chap would find it and take it as his, thinking that it's really meant for him. according to my source it should come back to you at around ten-fold.


that's not the point. i'm thinking of ways to prolong my luck. not that it's the only way to get me through the acet but i like the reassurance that i'll do well. currently there is just one thing that i'm looking forward to tomorrow. food mehn! \m/ yeah! across ateneo would be the nearest and best place to console yourslef for a job not well done or congratulate yourself for not being time-pressured, like who the hell would not be time-pressured?

mehn this is harsh.
ahahahaaa... natatawa nnman ako.
i'm not anymore that fond of willy wonka. i'm more interested with the wonka bars.
i wish they're selling wonka bars here in the philippines that we may not waste our money getting a single bar shipped to our place only to find out it's melted!

awhile ago i phoned Larz only to ask what was written on the test permit beside the 4. bring 2 mongol 2 pencils - because the handwriting is not legible, for me. eeeh... wala lang.

oh, i noticed something written on our whiteboard. it's been there since april 18, 2005 and it's nearing its 5 month aniversary! i actually wrote that, saying that 'i will pass UP - do not erase until i pass UP!' and i got a witness to sign it up and forged gloria arroyo's signature also. whatever talaga. i'm so paranoid and i'm afraid i'll fail UP! -_-;;

acet na.

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