new layout!

yipeee! at last i'm done! awhile ago i was fidgeting about the lack of creativity of the header image! not until i found that blonde girl up there... i don't know who she is... i just stole that pic somewhere...
should i be in charge of a copyright infringement case? o.O
hope not.
LoL. i did that image out of hard thinking! and look at the result... some ordinary brushes collage... but i'm quite satisfied. =)

hihi. yey. i'm just happy. =)
look at the time! i haven't changed from my uniform. it's 10pm...
and oh no... di pa ko nagaaral sa pinoi. aynaku...

hmmm... ayon. hope you like it. i'm actually tired of div boxes but i can't seem to work well with other shapes... haha...

and look. i just love putting margins on my page. =)
huwaw. look at that.. i used violet as the main motif.

haha... puro ata 'look!' tong entry na to....kulet.

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