go sixtreme!

i finally got over the hook of the thought that our batch name is er, uncool and totally not out of the norm. well, it's simply because there's more to us than the batch name itself. plus, it's definitely gazzilion times better than 'six-boom-batch'! no offense to those who thought hard on that, i found it really funny but it just lacks class. ok, so sixtreme is our batch name. hmm..acceptable.

mehn, do i really sound like i hate my batch? hah! no, i don't hate my batch. i know we're great. it's just that it feels like i should be on the 07 batch instead of the 06... but nevermind. talk about the irrevocable.

ok ok... i'll get over some of the mischiefs i recieved from our batch soon enough.
we won overall chapion in the eco week in assumption! cool. i'm proud of our batch but i'm also envious of those who're generally part of the triumphal crowd. look at that, i'm happy for our batch yet sad for myself... sad that i'm not part of the ones who brought victory to our school. sad that i stayed just in my box. haayy...

no! i didn't 'just' stay in my box! i tried to be in different competetions but failed! haha... looser. i guess i don't fit for winning something for the school... i'm more of winning for myslef, like the milo tennis club. ohmy, yabang. so sore.
tss... since when did my ambitious self surfaced?
i don't know. i just want to achieve something in my senior year. something i can be proud of. goodness, it's been four years of 'nothing great' happening in my life. well, aside from the essay and photo gallery thing last year. i don't deserve that, i should not be the one who climbed up the stage... it should be pat'am. yeah, i just checked the whole essay and added a couple of words to lengthen the compostion to 2 pages. you think that's good enough, not even close!!!

and to think that title of this post is very much encouraging. -_-;;

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