lol. have you ever experienced having your DEBIT card declined when you're about to purchase almost2000 worth of items?

wewewell, i just did. hehe, anyway... it guess it was only around 70pesos short. good thing i had an almost-70pesos item in the basket so i just paid it in cash. whew. goooood thing. kasi 100 na lang cash ko eh. haha. anyhow... i kinda splurged too much today.

after the workshop,
i bought a backpack. AT LAST.
and a sorta running flats. AT LAST.

seeeeeeee? i bought things according to my wishlist! no impulsive items! hooooray. i saved for them, so i deserve them both. actually, my whole 2000 bucks is reserved just for a backpack. i wanted a jansport ayt? but i saw this way-cheaper backpack with a laptop compartment from hawk gear for only around 1200. so i bought that instead. it's bigger and water resistant pa (daw). oha. then again, i was up for the design talaga eh. the classic jansport is the ideal backpack for me because it's baggy when there are only a few items in it, i don't really like bags that take a constant shape even when they're empty. hahaha. i love abstract daw kasi. hehe

anyway, no regrets. terai helped me decide on it so i'm not regretful.

the other item...well... i actually wanted a skechers rubber flats but that's gonna cost me another month of high-delata diet so i bought from MKNY na lang. cheaper (compared to sketchers naman) pero greaaaaat. XD

i have a new favorite medium (next to pens): CHARCOAL PASTEL.
mehn, i work better on it. even though it's messy and un-erasable... it's so cool! i don't mind messing my hands with it. >__<;

i'm gonna buy one! promise.
btw, i put up a new blog, //
nothing's up yet, for now. it's supposed to be my art blog. well, soon it's gonna be one. hehe

wudels? hmm. i'm probably gonna save for a canon instead of olympus na lang. if i can manage to get a cheaper one, even second-hand, at ebay... i'll go for it. brand new? better.

okaaaay. i guess it's worse to have a debit card declined at the cashier (compared to credit cards), because you know debit cards use YOUR OWN money to pay for stuff, and if it doesn't work, then it means YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY IN IT ANYMORE.

eh sa credit card, it only means that you've reached your credit limit or haven't paid your bills yet. which still sounds bad parin pero mas cheap talaga pag debit card yung nadecline eh, tapos ang haba pa ng pila o. pero 70 pesos lang naman yung kulang. hahaha

pahiya ako e.

1234 freakin entries in a day

could be more though, depends on how much i slack off with studying.
i changed my wallpaper! :D err... i've been using my picture (me swimming at baker pool) ever since i got this laptop and i figured it's time to change! yey! :D

it's bleaaach now! :D


i badly want to flail over something right now. bleach? right. but but but, i have no one to flail with!!!!! there are no enough people whom i can freely talk to regarding my fandoms. hahahaha

bleaaaaaccccch!!! :)
i'm not so much into yaoi na. that's cool cos honestly, i consider it a semi hormonal imbalance that i like boy-boy love. heh

bleach is my reward! XD

sige sige, aral na ko. -___-;


because loneliness kills and uproots human reason

hopefully, i shall get my revenge. i shall leave everything and keep minimal (if not absolutely zero) contact with the people staying in this fucked-up suburban shit hole. i badly want to get out of here.

frankly speaking, there is nothing in this douchebag of a university that i enjoyed genuinely. not the org. not the acads. the only thing i'm enjoying here are my friends and my housemates. :\

i'm in the process of destressing myself by watching bleach. there's been too much bitterness and hate in me right now that i don't want to go back to the apartment. alam nyo yun, i want curse at them, at you! at her, and drive everyone away.

off to study.
then bleach later! yey

i don't know

why i suddenly decided to blog. this is actually not my preferred blogging place but i'm on a tight budget, roight.

i'm kinda stressed. i don't know how it shows, but i know how it feels. everytime i think of the possibility that my grades will sabotage my most anticipated transfer, i become so depressed. i really don't know how to deal with it. i have 4 GE subjects... you'd probably think it's very easy to ace them but seriously, i'm having problems with 2 of them.

eng2 sucks. i'm under mojica ba naman kase but the real problem is coping with the requirements. he's so maarte! anyway, i'll do my best. ever since i decided to transfer and fix my grades... iba na ang pananaw ko ng passing grade. it's not 60 anymore... it's 75. 75 pare, nahihirapan ako ng bonggang bongga.

sosc1 is also hard, especially the exams. mam abrigo talaga. sana pinadali na lang nya ang exam. isa't kalahating oras akong nagsusulat ng essay na sobrang sabaaaaaw.

ewan ko talaga. pero i'm still working on it.
i won't lose hope kahit na honestly, pinanghihinaan na ko ng loob.

why can't i be smart?
eto pa ba ang pipigil sakin?

i'm scared

long time no blog?

it's just four days, and i already think it's a form of injustice to not update this blog. honestly, the reason why i haven't been blogging as often as i did before is because i have to save money... it's quite working, you know. the level of my internet addiction is slowly downgrading. you can well see that in this blog. at least i can contain the number of junk entries i feed this thing.

let's get going...

tuesday i stole around 8 gigs of Bleach, i got around episodes 35-69 and 109-120? hehe, sad thing is... they have eps 70-108 missing! T___T;;

wednesday was boring.

thursday? hmm...nothing much. oh, except that yndi was able to contact CFA and ask a couple of questions about the basic drawing workshop. it's worth 5 freakin thousand man. good thing i was able to ask my mom for it, in a form of a loan of course hehehe.

oh yeah, it's febfair week. >__>;; and because i'm too shy and friendless to hang out in our org booth (not even an option for me)... i just went to the fair with yndi. there's this contestant in Star in Carillon who sings great, if i remember correctly he's named Luis and he sang Rainbow by southborder. grabe, instant tunaw! we were all awe stricken on the field. weeh? he reminds me of jerson too, hahahaha.

o tapos? hmm... ah...chem40 2nd lec exam nga pala. shit.

friday. tennis. blaaaah. i'm not enjoying it anymore. my teacher was accusing me that i didn't pass an index card because she didn't have it in her hand. shut up. it's not my fault you lost it. hmp.

on the other hand, it was friday the 13th. nothing grave really happened to me... well, i did get an ugly bruise on my left knee because i tripped on my way to ceat. i went there to return the OR for my request for a certificate of good moral character and return my old old checklist. i was it ichel that time...and we did a hell lot of walking. T__T;

hmmm... 2.5 requirements done! hehehe i was able to get my OSA certificate of conduct eligibility that day, and i already have 3 1.5x1.5 id pictures, and of course... i'm halfway through the CEAT cert of good moral chorva. whew, just the letter, essay and the TCG and i'm done. fucking TCG. i'll be holding it till the end of the semester because i still have to reach the grade requirement. oh dear Lord, help me with this.

and theeen, hmmm... yndi and i were about to go home when she realized that she had lost her wallet. so we had to look for it first. sad that we didn't find it. and because she has part of her workshop money there, she has to raise the 5k thing overnight!

i was also worried about her since i want us to go through the application process together and i don't want her to miss the workshop... so i paid for her first. i loaned 2k from my mom, 2,300 from my mom's secretary (lol?) and took care of the rest. hehe

saturday. my parents were so supportive that they drove us to UP, we fetched yndi at mcdo katips (supposed to be at philcoa but wtheck. misunderstanding) and went to search for CFA. we got pretty lost but we didn't get late naman. hehe

and workshop. i'm starting to believe coach bruno when he said that FA is full of pretty ladies, excluding myself. half of the class are half-breeds judging from their looks. hmm...

the workshop was ok, it was cool! :D we drew mostly statues... including the one i'm assuming to see at the talent test, a venus de milo bust. it was harder than i thought, you know, to copy human figures... i never had a correct sense of proportion (blame anime) but i'm excited to learn. :)

we had lunch at the shopping center and got lost on our way back. we took the wrong jeep, and ended up at the katipunan terminal. then when we got to an ikot jeep, we missed cfa so we had to go another round. whew. we were 1 hour late for our afternoon session. T______T;

after the workshop... we went home immediately. >___>;;
no diliman febfair for us. >__>;


kaya ko to!
though kinakabahan talaga ako.

ayokong ma-stuck sa los banos. i'll be damned my whole life.
wala akong ibang pinanghahawakan doon kundi mga housemates and friends ko. and after a while, they'll be gone.

no more batchmates! XD
ayoko mapag-iwanan.

siguro nga i'm just looking for an excuse para mapagaan ang buhay ko. true! ayoko mahirapan, if there's an easy way out, i'd choose that. i hate complicating things, alam ko ang limitasyon ko, i'm not for chemical engineering.

pero bat ako blessed?

kasi, dumadami na ngayon ang pinaghuhugutan ko ng lakas at inspirasyon.
yey, Lord! :D


one movie per week. corny! pero oks lang.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind at last!

and wait, i'm contemplating on whether to buy a new USB or not. hmm... i think i might, after all... :) hehe


guess where i am today? BLENZ!!! haha my 4th weekend at Blenz... see? i'm totally saving up at least 150 pesos from my allowance just to be here in the best wifi zone i've ever encountered.

anyway. i'm downloading kite runner, twilight and tuck everlasting...

and about bleach...
it just became my new addiction! :) i'm only at episode 24 and there are only 35 eps in my PC so i have to allot yet another anime stealing session sometime next week so satiate my hunger for more cool eps. T__T btw, Bleach isn't finished yet and it's by far one of the longest series i'm about to watch... 200+ episodes, including some really unsolicited fillers.

if you noticed, i deleted the last two entries before this one because my conscience kept on bugging me. i thought it was too harsh of me to pass on judgment like that... like i'm some grammar guru or something. sorry. my bad.

on the other hand, i still haven't gotten over his warm greeting last night. when he said "God Bless", i thought i really got blessed. i felt, err, the hand of God? no, i guess he's really got a strong sense of spirituality and it somehow coursed through me? IDK. it pays that i'm infatuated with him, and it captures me more that he's a Christian. a good, practicing one at that. even though i'm a also Christian i couldn't conclude myself as righteous in any way. sucks because i want to go to heaven someday.

moving on, i finally bought new earphones! i've been hanging on to my sad-excuse-for-a-good-pair-o-earphones till this week when it finally gave off... can't describe how it looked like, i think it's pretty much ugly disassembled blaaaaah. T__T;

my downloads stopped working! @^&%!%$(%^!@%$*&)(!!!
after all, i guess i'm just gonna buy DVDs at st. francis square.
i learned one thing there, THEY DON'T SELL TAGALOG MOVIES.

more more more...

i'm having trouble resizing my partition disks. i have an active drive C which is 80gigs and a data drive E which is only 60 gigs. i want to remove 20G from C and add it to D so that C=60G and E=80G, cos apparently i'm running out of space in my data drive. T___T;

hmmm.... >___>;;

everytime i hate you, i hate you genuinely. but when i love you, i love you dearly --- and that is for the most part.

i was in the middle of writing a semi-hate post and another edition of my personal psychoanalysis but i deleted everything, because i realized it isn't the right thing to do (or share). though i managed to keep the title in place.


after church, we went to the annex to do some grocery shopping, then i spotted this

a giant laughing buddha! XD

and so i had to do this

i dunno, they say it's lucky when you touch the laughing buddha's belly. haha, who knows. XD

hmmm, i'm guess i'm lucky enough this day...i bought myself two packs of Cracklings and a chocolate bar. then my mom gave me another chocolate bar. then we had pizza and ice cream. DQ mehn! there's DQ at SMNE (short for SM North Edsa, dangit such a long name). hahahahahahaaaa

tiring day. :D

nothing's still up for our reporting on tuesday. T_T
more so, there's also nothing to look forward to my ENG2 notecards. daaangit!

random pic:
my sister and i at the giant buddha exhibit. catch it if you want, i just don't know when they're gonna take it off, it's at the 4th floor of The Annex, SMNE.

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