lol. have you ever experienced having your DEBIT card declined when you're about to purchase almost2000 worth of items?

wewewell, i just did. hehe, anyway... it guess it was only around 70pesos short. good thing i had an almost-70pesos item in the basket so i just paid it in cash. whew. goooood thing. kasi 100 na lang cash ko eh. haha. anyhow... i kinda splurged too much today.

after the workshop,
i bought a backpack. AT LAST.
and a sorta running flats. AT LAST.

seeeeeeee? i bought things according to my wishlist! no impulsive items! hooooray. i saved for them, so i deserve them both. actually, my whole 2000 bucks is reserved just for a backpack. i wanted a jansport ayt? but i saw this way-cheaper backpack with a laptop compartment from hawk gear for only around 1200. so i bought that instead. it's bigger and water resistant pa (daw). oha. then again, i was up for the design talaga eh. the classic jansport is the ideal backpack for me because it's baggy when there are only a few items in it, i don't really like bags that take a constant shape even when they're empty. hahaha. i love abstract daw kasi. hehe

anyway, no regrets. terai helped me decide on it so i'm not regretful.

the other item...well... i actually wanted a skechers rubber flats but that's gonna cost me another month of high-delata diet so i bought from MKNY na lang. cheaper (compared to sketchers naman) pero greaaaaat. XD

i have a new favorite medium (next to pens): CHARCOAL PASTEL.
mehn, i work better on it. even though it's messy and un-erasable... it's so cool! i don't mind messing my hands with it. >__<;

i'm gonna buy one! promise.
btw, i put up a new blog, //
nothing's up yet, for now. it's supposed to be my art blog. well, soon it's gonna be one. hehe

wudels? hmm. i'm probably gonna save for a canon instead of olympus na lang. if i can manage to get a cheaper one, even second-hand, at ebay... i'll go for it. brand new? better.

okaaaay. i guess it's worse to have a debit card declined at the cashier (compared to credit cards), because you know debit cards use YOUR OWN money to pay for stuff, and if it doesn't work, then it means YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY IN IT ANYMORE.

eh sa credit card, it only means that you've reached your credit limit or haven't paid your bills yet. which still sounds bad parin pero mas cheap talaga pag debit card yung nadecline eh, tapos ang haba pa ng pila o. pero 70 pesos lang naman yung kulang. hahaha

pahiya ako e.

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