i don't know

why i suddenly decided to blog. this is actually not my preferred blogging place but i'm on a tight budget, roight.

i'm kinda stressed. i don't know how it shows, but i know how it feels. everytime i think of the possibility that my grades will sabotage my most anticipated transfer, i become so depressed. i really don't know how to deal with it. i have 4 GE subjects... you'd probably think it's very easy to ace them but seriously, i'm having problems with 2 of them.

eng2 sucks. i'm under mojica ba naman kase but the real problem is coping with the requirements. he's so maarte! anyway, i'll do my best. ever since i decided to transfer and fix my grades... iba na ang pananaw ko ng passing grade. it's not 60 anymore... it's 75. 75 pare, nahihirapan ako ng bonggang bongga.

sosc1 is also hard, especially the exams. mam abrigo talaga. sana pinadali na lang nya ang exam. isa't kalahating oras akong nagsusulat ng essay na sobrang sabaaaaaw.

ewan ko talaga. pero i'm still working on it.
i won't lose hope kahit na honestly, pinanghihinaan na ko ng loob.

why can't i be smart?
eto pa ba ang pipigil sakin?

i'm scared

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