weeeee! it's been a month since i last watched nana! i'm now on episode 16! yeah! i guess i won't be able to watch it starting this week until after sem break. huhuhuhuhu... anyhow...

i'm back in elbiii. boring boring boring. just that. :P
oh, and i have a lot of exams to deal with this week! i'm soooo thrilled to get over with this blasted semester!!!! give me a 4 or 5, i don't care! i just want to get over with this seasoooonnnn!!!! and wait, i haven't studied ANYTHING yet! owkamown, i'm on my way to a 5 dude.

head over hills, pare!

Blogger Wishlist
please contribute! :)
and do vote for the option 'i want to restrict access only to specific posts' and 'i want to show excerpts of my posts, with links to the full text'

that would help blogger improve a lot! those two features are one the most important things a blog must have and i want to insist on having those. good thing they're sensitive enough to put up a poll for it. :) i do hope that in the near future we'll be able to have those selective expandable post and private entry features here in blogger so that i wouldn't anymore waste my time searching for good hacks. :) hihihi

i think i'm in love.

joke lang, dude.

ay, ang dami ko na palang crush! bwahaha, ask my dormmates. and they all have a common denominator... they all wear glasses!!
e diba ang cute ng mga mukang nerd???? harry potter, ryan agoncillo, red sternberg (when he starred as kiko in Iskul Bukol).

speaking of red... ay super crush ko sha sa movie na yun! ahahaha perfect nerd!!! and wait! there's more! lol
wala lang wait ka lang...

hehe ang weird ko talaga. :) masaya talaga pag may crush diba? dibaaaaaaa?


Compaq iPaq H3950 Pocket PC
check my ebay :)


as promised, i dropped by SM Megamall yesterday to stroll. :)
i saw a fencing game! it was cooooooool. really coooooooool. it's my first time to see real fencers (??) and it amazed me! hehehe.

then i went to national bookstore. heaven, mehn! i just went there to apply for a Laking National Card... tapos

ice cream!!!!

tapos tapos, i went to MY FAVORITE PLACE in megamall... THE FOURTH FLOOR! i forgot how it's called but primarily there's Cyberzone... and starbucks... and lots and lots of art galleries and furniture shops... those things amaze me BIIIIIG TIME. and i saw this stall buying old coins. sadly they only buy pre-war coins, 1945 and below.. and i only have like 10 of those coz my collection consist mainly of 50-70's coins. oh well, i'll sell the prewar coins first then wait for a decade to finally sell the other coins. yeah.

CYBERZONE HERE I COOOOOMMMEEEEE, i've always been a big fan of innovation. i love seeing laptops, mp3s and cellphones on display! but i don't really buy them... i only fancy collecting product specs and catalogues from different stores. ehehehe....

tapos tapos, ayon mp3 galore. ipod nanos look cheap now. heh. that's because they're so mainstream and overly imitated! that has always been the reason why i don't want an ipod. there's no distinction between the original and the imitated versions. haha, ang arte arte ko talaga. >_>

i changed my mind, instead of the creative zen neeon 2, i'll go for the creative zen na lang

neeon 2 is very small pala. haha and zen is roughly the size of a credit card. just perfect for me. yun nga lang, dahil new release sha, i don't think it's available yet. hehe sige, i'll wait. :) Cnet also gave good reviews for this product so i presume it's worth the price. besides, creative products have always been great for what they're worth. compared naman sa apple na super overpriced. che.

friday, i'm in love!

dear folks!
it's going to be friday (yet again) in an hour! i can't help but rejoice! yeeeaaah!!!
i'm so excited to go home already. actually, i'm looking forward to the mall. i saved a generous amount of money to last me with my mall, uhh, agenda which is mainly: kain, kain, windowshop sa national bookstore, kain, kain, bili payong, kain at shempre kain!

hehehe anyhow, rest assured that i'm not going to be thrifty with it. i'm saving for a freakin speedo swimsuit. >_>

i also need to update my mp3 player. i want to dispose my zen nano plus already. it's been through a couple of reformats and approximately 20 viruses, both trojan and worm variants. >_> i'm keying for the creative zen neeon 2

haha. malapit na birthday ko!

yet another day

i knew it! apparently, our speechcom1 instructor didn't arrive today, giving me a good 1 1/2 hours to rest. :) yey. so this is my rest. hehe

heyhey. a couple of entries ago i wrote about my future plans in the university (assuming 1 failing grade). let's label that Plan A.

now here's plan B:
-assuming 2 failing grades (chem40 and 32)

i won't take any chem subject next sem.
summer 2008, i will retake chem32. assuming that i pass, i could be given chem111 during the 1st sem of 2008 - i will cancel this freakin subject, and retake chem40 instead.

note to self: never take two hard chems at the same semester

that way, i am still on time with regards to my batch (06-B)

that's actually the worst case scenario. haller!
but quite honestly, i am not worrying, nor am i fidgeting about the possibities that i'll take a prerog or two. i think i can handle the singko (dalawahin nyo pa) and the double warning from OSA... :) they don't look that scary. hahaha.

gayunpaman, i can still work myself to get a 4 or miraculously, a 3. MIRACULOUSLY. see? that's how bad my academic standing is. i wouldn't even consider it 'standing' anymore. i'm crawling mehn. craaawwwwliiiiing.

how to deal with your deteriorating braincells

faced with a catastrophic problem like this, one must not panic. it will only catalyze the decay of your beloved braincells. i say, don't worry! look on the bright side! usually when your, uhh, academic braincells are starting to die one by one, the other group of braincells starts to function double time. so everytime you feel like the dumbest in your class, just think that you're way better than them in a different field. compensation, that is. just like in my case, my 'genius' braincells are hiberating leaving me in a sort of 'artistic' mode this season.

of course i just brought that up as an excuse. can't you see i'm just fishing for defenses? no one's even interrogating me for my utter lack of academic urgency. and yet i stay indifferent.

by the way, i just flunked another exam. make that two. and probably even 3 (i have another one coming up this wednesday).

why am i enjoying being a pessimist?
and why the hell am i not studying?!?!?!?

i really think i'm better off developing my creative side (besides, they're my dominant genes) rather than waste money (and kill myself) nurturing my recessive genes.

can't you see they're 'hibernating'? it takes a century to unleash a dormant trait, you know.

best dream yet

i dreamt of my crush! (yeah! same old highschool tale) as in my real crush, not ryan agoncillo... hehehe.

well it's not the first time i dreamt of him, but it's the first time i dreamt of him in a romantic way... involving me of course. and you know what, i love the feeling of being in love. wtf.

the most romantic part of the dream was that he actually confessed to me. whaat? and i feel so esctatic. bwahehehe. sino ba namang hindi!

too bad it was just a dream!

kumareng venice just got home! and look what she brought with her! a box of chocolates for See's (given by her tita from hawaii)!!!! omfg. T_T

calories galore.

one down, more to go

it's no use slashing off exams from my calendar because they seem to propagate infintitely, pulling me closer and closer to the student disciplinary board. well, i don't seem to care much if i get a warning or two next sem for failing some of my workloads, i wouldn't even care if get dismissed! lol

we had our integrated 3rd and 4th exam in chem32 awhile ago. it was fucking hard. i'd curse someone who thinks it easy to eternal damnation. i hardly slept just to finish the scope of this retard subject, and when i read the problem set it seems that they (for the nth time) morphed into a next-level monster! fuck. whoever deserves that.

hmmm. same old rant.
i never learn, do i?

i have a lot to do:
- study for the blasted physics exam on monday
- do the fucking postlab for chem40 (tuesday)
- do freakin props for our demo on LTS1. i hate it when i'm actually exerting effort on a subject with zero units. >_>
- study for the 3rd chem40 exam (wednesday)
- do a 'creative' schematic diagram for the practical test, and hope to get a little incentive for it. i'm failing.

haaay. i missed sleeping.

i wonder why i don't feel comfortable with them altogether. they know very well i can't cope with their towering minds, well, they don't care anyway. but hell, i hate it! all they ever talk about when they're together is their academic standings. i can't stand it... because,
a) in the first place, i have nothing to be proud of. my bluebooks all go to trash once i receive them.
b) they (of maybe it's just HE) sound so mayabang and that's naturally intolerable
c) and lastly, i feel like they'd drop someone who couldn't keep up with them. and i'm definitely that someone.

oy, wag kang feelingero.

read my lips

let your frustrations motivate you to do something you really like! you see, i've realized that the more we are forced to do something we despise, the more frustrated we get, and the more frustrated we get, the more deviant we become, and when we become deviant, we are more likely to end up doing what we REALLY want. but there will also be another resulting output for that and that is not being able to focus well on what you are assigned to do. >_>

sweet escape

yes there is a time for everything. as i've pondered on before, there are things that could only be understood completely when it is pursued at the right time. just like how you are not allowed to drive when you're not of legal age. :)

sometimes, realizations hit you at the wrong spot but then all you have to do is think again, evaluate yourself and see if you're still on the right track. Problem: i'm not sure which path to take. i'm not even sure if this is what 'fate' (if it exists) calls me to be in. human nature dictates 'escape' at the merest sign of difficulty. and because i am a slave of human nature, i've devised my own ways of running away from the monster i myself created (it's not me, do'ahou).

sometimes i drink it all off. i get some of my dormmates to drink with me, they wouldn't ask why. it's not unusual if i suddenly go home with 3 bottles of beer anyway. they're one hell of a company.

there are times when i go out alone to buy coffee. it's my drug, yeah. though it doesn't really give me enough kick to forget about how horible my day went, it's good enough to keep me sane. that is.

the cheapest treat would be a pack of Nova and a bottle of C2. have i told you i get bonkers when i drink C2 (apple)? i become hyperactive and crazy. i couldn't stop myself. with that i give it a 10 out of 10. a good escape. yeah.

with the way i see things, you'd probably think i'd be medicating on 'drugs' next time. i may be ruining my life with developing vices but i guess it's part of growing up. vices shouldn't be viewed as something evil. in fact, at one point in life, when everyone else turn their backs on you, you'd be left with nothing but your vice(s) to cope with the distress.

hey. i don't have vices.... yet. T_T

wait. i love lemongrass. better than mary jane? definitely. not that i've tried, silly. lemongrass. lemongrass. lemongrass. haha in filipino... tanglad. sounds familiar? it looks like talahib and has a characteristic smell. if i'm not mistaken its monoterpene is linalool? or citral? i forgot. hahaha

sorry. i sound like i'm about to kill myself of depression. maybe i'm just frustrated.

yeah! that's the best word that could describe me. i am frustrated. i am a frustrated college student who can't think rationally and choses a bottle of beer over a decent sleep. i am frustrated. thank you.

monacre. i lack that. >_>
(hint: it's an anagram)

physics fair!

yay to us! hehe we didn't win but we had fun. bwahehehehehe. eliza and i were so overwhelmed that we get to climb Carillon Tower!!!

i don't have a picture of our glider. sad. >.< that's because i wasn't too proud to show it around because the other gliders were so intimading, they really spent money on it... whereas ours is just made from scrap umbrella cloth and trash bamboo from the Forestry. anyhow...

during the first round of the fair, we have to release the glider (na may nakasakay na itlog) from the top of the tower and our aim is to not let the egg break when it lands on the ground. our glider didn't, errr, glide too well (in fact it didn't glide at all, it was a free-fall - much to the spectators' amusement XD) but before it landed, the air kinda blew it so that it flipped, and the egg was saved! so we're in for round 2!

round 2 is a competition for the longest time of flight. we knew firsthand that our glider, named The Communist (because it looked like a communist flag), stands only a little (or none at all) chance because during the first round, it didn't show exemplary 'gliding' skills compared to our competitors... so we just enjoyed the moment. :)

and i was surprised because when jasper threw (what's the right term for this?) it off the tower it flew really well! it gave me hope that our glider is going to last until round 3! but then, something happened...

our glider got stuck on the tree! grabe. nakakapanghinayang! (spot the red thing, that's our poor glider)

dahil dyan... umuwi na lang ako. hehehe

it's all good

last night was great! apart from the news that says UPLB won't have classes on monday because it's laguna day (i was wondering, how many times do we celebrate laguna day in a year?), yesterday was also great because i went foodtripping with my dormmates!


it was 9:30 and i'm hungry... again. so i went out (alone) to ministop to buy a nescafe freeze. but it was too cold so i just decided to buy a coke float and burger from mcdo. lol, ang labo... basta. sadly though, they don't have burgers anymore what's left are those little apple and taro pies that wouldn't even compensate to the 250 meters i walked from the dorm to vega centre. so i just took the float and wandered along grove to look for good food. blaaah. i ended up buying hellfire burger from Bordo's anyway. yeah burger, make me fat, make me fat. fatter than i already am. >_>

when i came back, everyone's on their way out. and i was like, heeey! where the hell do you think you're going! i asked you if you wanted to come with me to buy food and you said no. and now you're buying food without me!!! i'll go with you!! XD!

indeed, the five of us, me, ate venice, ate rio, ate sheryl and vynne (whom i call soldier because she WAS an applicant for the up vanguards - but she resigned. grr) walked to ministop to buy... ice cream. then we walked and walked, saw Mang Bong's (??? not sure) bakery who bakes the bestselling bread called 'butterfly' (it's shaped like a ribbon, tastes like pandecoco but it's creamier! haaay, heaven!) and bought some. hehe, imagine... the bread is such a blockbuster that people actually have to reserve for it! and everytime they bring the baking pan out, there are mobs of people waiting outside already. reminds me of yakitate japan!! :D wahehehe... blah blah blah.

have i told you that it's ate venice's (i call her kumare :D) first time to go with us to hunt for food? hehehe. that's good to hear! hehehe, haaay the grove is very lively even though it's already 11pm. hahaha when we reached the corner to FO, ate venice bought some nuts while i asked them if they want to drink. my treat!

at dahil dyan, i bought us 3 bottles of san mig light. ate sheryl and ate rio will share one bottle, and soldier and i will get one each. kumare doesnt' drink (because of her horrible ethanol experience >.<)... aww. haha BI.

but when we got home, i finished two bottles. >_> that's because
a) it's soldier's first time to drink! wtf! it's your first time????? lol, you didn't tell me! i should've bought something heavier to celebrate you're first time!
- and because it's her first time, she didn't have enough strength to finish the whole bottle. mehn, you don't really need strength for that, what you need is a generous amount of depression (plus a very supporting company. ehem.) to motivate you to flush them all out by drinking.
b) and because there's still a good 250mL of beer left in the bottle, ate sheryl and ate rio shared with that.
c) and since ate venice won't accept my friendly offer, i have no choice but to finish the remaining two.

anyhow. it's not bad. i didn't get drunk (i've never been drunk. fyi.), i just get err... bangag but it's not like i'm drunk. bwahahahahaha. and we have nuts and little chipichipies to go by (plus my burger!). so imagine how heavy my stomach is after the, uhhh, event. hehehehe. then we watched some movies using soldier's laptop. first we tried evan almighty, but we got bored so we changed it to killer waves, but we also got bored, so we decided on brats, but it's too sloppy so we just settled for high school musical 2. it was fun! the choreography is great! but you see, i kinda hate it when you take theater actors on-screen. they're overacting. >_>

oh yeah. everything's good. i love my life.
(pictures soon on my multiply!)


today is the Physics Fair day! we've finished the glider yesterday at around 5pm. i just hope it won't free-fall. >_>
i want to go home already, i'm skipping our LTS meeting tomorrow. sorry guys. i need to go home! and now i'm fishing for good excuses to go home early (i have no intention to finish the fair. wtf)

don't forget to breathe

oh yeah. i'm human too. i don't know what to do with my life anymore. it's on its way to the dumpsite. >_> aw mehn. this is so not me. i've become one BIG pessimist. i wonder how i'm going to fix this mess. you know what, i want to quit being like this. it's like all i ever blogged about this semester is my failing academic life.

i want to share something happy, at least. :)

let's see. i've checked my preliminary schedule for the second semester already. i was given 19 units, but i cancelled 3 units (History 2) to give space to Chem160 (on waitlist)... currently i'm #5 on the waitlist and i'm hoping to get a slot. thing is, I MUST PASS CHEM40 FIRST because it's a prerequisite.

so, here's a change of priorites. now i realized how lethargic it is to take chem40 and 32 at the same time. not only it damages my crippled braincells, it also targets my psychological upbringing. i am slowly losing grip with my sanity. because of that, i won't push myself to the limit anymore (not that i am, in any way, really pushing myself. my efforts are quite invisible to the naked eye). i'll do my best to pass chem40 so that i'll take chem160 next sem, then if fate tells it so that i fail chem32, then i can just repeat it summer 2008. and look, i won't be delayed. yehey.

oyeah. that feels better. but it's not a good enough excuse to slack off, ONCE AGAIN.

heeeeey. i'm avoiding a group of people, and i actually feel guilty about it... because they didn't do me any harm at all. they're nice. yeah, but altogether they're too overbearing, too intimidating, i look like crap beside them. i was thinking if i'm doing this for my own good, to somehow regain what was lost in my self-esteem. but i end up thinking that, if i keep on avoiding them... it means i'm actually thinking about them. and thinking about them makes me feel worse.

dude. i'm sorry. :) i just think it's not fair to pry on each of our academic standings. not that you've taken a step already. i actually find it nice that you're somehow, 'concerned'. mejo napapahiya lang ako... you know. wotcher! i won't talk about this again. i'll just repeat and repeat the same things. lalalalalalaaaa

heeeey! i have PE2 already!!!! at last!! and it's swimming!!!! i can't wait!!!! :) yehey!!!!

oh, i want to hug dingdong dantes. he's very prince charming material. when i watch marimar, i feel envious of her because she gets to hug sergio everyday. hahaha, don't you see? sergio has big arms and chest. with him any girl will feel safe and secured. like he can just swallow you in his mighty love. hahaha. :)

yeah, just that. stay tuned, i might actually grow out of this misery. >_>

Problem Set #1

answer neatly and orderly. present in a bluebook. due date to be announced.

1. your crush seems to like your best friend, and not you. calculate the percent hate you feel towards your friend.

2. your dream is to take any communication or business course but you landed on a totally foreign area, the blasted world of engineering. at which rate is your life span decreasing, assuming you entered college at age 16?

3. arianne, weighing 55kg and walking at a pace of 0.35 m/s collided with her crush, ryan - weighing 60kg, 5'10" in height, and walking at a pace of 0.5 m/s. assuming a totally ridiculous, perfectly inelastic collision, what would be the resulting velocity of the two entities? Also, what are the chances that arianne would go home without squealing?

4. prove that squareroot of -1 is not imaginary.

5. if you are a curve with equation y = x^3 + 12x^2 - 4 and your crush is a tangent line whose normal line's slope is y = x, at what point in the cartesian plane will you meet? if there is any, that is.

6. you BADLY wanted to shift courses but realized that you cannot reach the grade requirement of the course you are planning to take, much worse you are faced with the dilemma that you might fail 9 out of the 20 units you took this semester, which makes you eligible to be one of UP's most delinquent freshmen. you decided to walk your way to Carillon Tower, fully depressed and surrounded with a negative aura. What are the chances that you are NOT thinking of suicide? Also, if you are walking at a pace of 0.25 m/s on a straight path, how much force is needed to knock you off and stop you from heading to the tower?

7. arianne is facing 'The Great Depression', out of these items: a choloate bar, a cup of coffee, and a bottle of beer - which do you think will she take? if it's chocolate, how much are you willing to spend for it? if it's a cup of coffee, which brand would you give her? if it's a bottle of beer, are you willing to drink with her? compute for the average number of bottles it would take to knock off either of your first (supposing it's san mig light. lol).

8. arianne has already reached the maximum number of absences in one of her subjects (true!). if she takes one more act of negligence (or laziness, rather) she would be forced drop. luckily, even if she drops this subject, it wouldn't be accounted in her overall academic standing, but she has to apply for the same course next sem. what is this mandatory (not to mention a complete time waster and siesta spoiler) subject she is despondently talking about?

9. suppose arianne lit a cigarette with length 4 inches and the time it took her to finish smoking is 3x^2 - 2x + 7. calculate the rate at which the stick is being consumed, assuming that she finished smoking when the cigarrete is already 5/4 inches short.

10. after smoking, she suddenly became nuts and went to drink alone. she finished 2 bottles of redhorse and decided to go to LB Square to meet with her blocmates. Normally (when she's sober), it would only take her x^2 + 3x + 2 minutes to get there (point of origin: dormitory) but since she's drunk, the time it took her to reach the square increased by 5 minutes. how far is the dormitory from the square?


ay, nababaliw na ko. i just made that up, neglecting the feasibility of the situation and the answers that could possibly come out. some numbers can be answered methodically, but the resulting values are not assured to be humanly possible. i mean, haller, hindi ko uubusin ang oras ko para i-solve ang problem set na yan, although ako ang gumawa.

but you see, there is an underlying meaning to this problem set. it is indeed a Problem Set. isang malaking lipon ng mga problemang nakakatamad harapin. and if you look at it closely (it's pretty obvious anyway), it revolves around my horrendous, dreadful, abominable, shuddersome, distressing, formidable and hideous academic/university life (credits to:


NANA!!! (anime)

ang galing galing talaga! ngayon lang ulit ako kinilig sa anime. wahahahaha.

announcement muna:
ok na ko sa YURI!!!
soldier! i can watch shoujo with you na!!! hehehehe

e kasi ang cute na Nana e. hehehe at first akala ko yuri sha, pero shoujo lang ata e. basta para shang Gravitation! mejo lang... kasi may musician...? hehehe basta ang saya ng feeling ng nakakapanuod ulit ng bagong anime! yun nga lang masakit sa bulsa! huhuhuhuhuhuhu :(

o sige, nuod muna ako ulit! :)

ay, shoujo sha pero straight parin naman ung pairing. huuuh? basta ganun. wag makulit. nasa episode 2 plang ako. :)

soldier! let's watch Gravitation again! sino may DVD???? parang awa nyo na PAHIRAAAAM!!!!

hey dude

come on, don't tell me it's your job to go spying on our grades! fuck. don't do that again. i'm starting to regret being acquainted with your group, don't make me feel worse. i'm not smart. yeah, case in point made. and take note, out of the probably 10 exams i took this semester, i passed only 1... and it's a freakin' take home exam.

honestly, it wouldn't have mattered to me if i fail everything... because to me, that's normal. and i don't go fretting over failed exams. but ever since you came, everything mattered (and i detest it). i became self-conscious. my self-esteem leaped a thousand steps to hell. i was fucking peer-pressured. and it's all because of you and your legion of smartasses.

at first i wanted to be friends with you. at first. but now that we are friends (in an obligatory sense, that is) i realized i don't fit in. i know there's a lot more in me that could compensate for my obvious lack in mental aptitude but with you, will it matter? no. not at all. you look at people through their transcript of records, their general weighted average and the number of exams they aced. if that's the case, then how do you see me?

uhm, that's rhetorical. i do not wish to know the answer. my generalizations are evidently exagerrated and biased, but that's how i see you and your, for a lack of a better term, 'world'.

everyday, when i pass you by, i feel sorry for myself. i feel inferior. i feel dumb. i feel like i cannot cope with your high regards for academically competent people. i want to hide. seriously. i don't want to see any of you again, if i could avoid it.
why? you're all so fucking intimidating.

even my closest friend here, we two are extremes. she's super smart, i'm super dumb. we defy the concept 'like dissolves like' and comply with the statement 'opposite poles attract'.

and you know what, i'm starting to loathe it. what i feel would make me eligible to eternal damnation. i feel envious. i feel one of the most lethal capital sins man has proposed. i am morphing into a two faced monster. i hate her. yet i love her. i cannot deny the fact that we're friends. but even friends get envious with each other. but in this case it's one sided, i am the who took the lethargic blow.

and that stirs up my desire to look for a new friend.

>>>>>>end of rant


pipau treated hazel and i to 'animacoustics', an event prepared by Ozooms (uplb zoological society), at isis. hehe first time ko dun. maganda pala. bar sya, masarap ang kape (i tried snickers cremaccino), amoy yosi at alak. pero disente naman. gusto ko ulit bumalik dun. kaso mahal. 40 pesos entrance fee and minimum of 60 consumable. hahahaha. ok lang, maganda naman ang music and enjoy pag may kausap. ganun yung mga tipong lugar na gusto kong puntahan pag may kasamang kaibigan. pwede uminom or magkape. yun usap usap. haaay. kailan kaya...

feeling ko there are things that will only clear up when you come to the right age.

pahinga muna dude!


1. Nagtanggal ng t-shirt niya sa harap mo?
* ay kikilabutan ako. sige, kikiligin din siguro. pero mas kikilabutan ako.

2. May bagsak na grade?
* actually gusto ko nga bumagsak sya kahit minsan e, just to prove he's still human.

3. Naka-3 points sa basketball?
* ayos.

4. Niyaya ka maging prom date niya?
* college na sya e.

5. Ay nadisgrasya?
* :(

6. Niyaya ka manood ng sine kasama niya?
* tara.

7. Hinawakan kamay mo?
* dude, bakit?

8. Natamaan ng bola?
* may magagawa ba ko? pick yourself up mehn!

9. Nilibre ka?
* thanks dude.

10. Inakbayan ka?
* ay conservative ako e. ayaw. hehehe Y.Y

11. Pinagtripan ka?
* bahala sya sa buhay nya

12. Kinuha ID mo?
* kukunin ko ulit. bakit ba.

13. Nabunggo ka?
* magsorry ka pare.

14. Inasar ka?
* ok lang. it takes a lot to get into my nerves naman eh.

15. Niyakap ka na lng bigla galing sa likod mo?
* i'll freak out. hahaha, feel na feel mo namang crush kita?

16. Sinabi sa'yo "I love you"?
* o ano yan? seryoso, yan sasabihin ko

17. Nang-utang sa'yo?
* kung my excess money ako ok lang.

18. Hindi binayaran utang niya?
* sisingilin, kung malaki. kung maliit lang siguro palalampasin ko na lang or sisingilin sa ibang paraan. haha

19. Pinasahan ka ng load kahit hindi mo kelangan?
* salamat. kelangan ko talaga nyan.

20. Tinawagan ka sa bahay?
* aba. walang pang tumatawag sakin na lalaki. swear. conservative ako e. lol

21. Nakausap mo hanggang madaling araw?
* ay. di ako mahilig makipagtelebabad. kahit crush ko pa. gusto ko kwentuhan na lang ng personal.

22. Niyaya ka kung pwede ka maging girlfriend niya?
* gago, hindi basta basta niyayaya ang babae para maging girlfriend. magdusa ka. turn off yan.

i love the smell of the person sitting beside me. it's musk. hahaha, e ganun din kasi pabango ko eh. hehehe.
haaay kakagising ko lang. after ng 4-7 class ko (LTS1) kumain agad ako at natulog. marami pa akong gagawin. haaay.

hahaha. na reach ko na pala ang maximum absences sa LTS1, ibig sabihin pag nag-absent pa ako ng isa, forced drop!!

hanggang ngayon, wala parin akong maintindihan sa chem40. honestly, mas madali ang exam namin dito pero dahil wala akong maintindihan, wala parin akong naipapasa. AS IN! from the beginning until now, i don't understand a single concept. ano ba yang cis trans na yan? i think its worthless.

isa pa. naiintindihan ko nman ang chem32. feeling ko para syang chem17 na mas pinahirap. at dahil mas pinahirap nga sya, wala parin akong naipapasa. and it's my own darned fault. hindi ako nag-aaral. sobrang tamad ko mag-aral. etong ginagawa ko ngayon ay isang napakalaking pruweba ng aking katamaran magaral.


ay naflatter naman ako. how does it feel to know someone googled your name? hahahaha. wala lang. that's rare! hahaha. jots and i had a little talk awhile ago. we're both determined to shift!!!! as in seryoso na to!!! i want to shift to computer science (kung dito parin ako magaaral) at kung palarin sa diliman, i'll take creative writing or anything similar. hahaha...

alam nyo naman ang storya ng buhay ko diba? never kong pinangarap na maging chem. eng'g... it just happened na bagsak ako sa comm. arts nung first sem kaya napilitang magapply for second sem, and the best course the fits my grades is chem. eng. so yun. pag minalas-malas ka nga naman o.

at dahil dyan. puyatan nanaman itoooo!!! :)

thank you Lord! akala ko bagsak na standing ko sa math36! hindi pala! mababa, pero hindi bagsak. hahah kasi naman ung first 2 long exams bagsak ko. pero sa third mataas naman ako kaya ok lang. haha favorite ko na ngayon ang curve sketching! at hate ko parin ang application. come on, grant me the intelligence i deserve! :)

decide first whether you have a better head or a better heart

"if your head tells you one thing, and your heart tells you another... before you do anything... decide first whether you have a better head or a better heart" - quote

whenever i receive quotes like that, i always take time to reflect on it... and i always end up confused. hmm.. i love receving quotes and jokes because they take me out of the boring routine i've set up for myself. they're like ice breakers, they drag me out of the consuming stress (though i could hardly distinguish 'stress' from any other emotion i feel regularly. lol)... that's why i'm thankful for the people who send me quotes... they're one of the things that ensure the normal flux of neurotransmitters in my brain (yah, i've said this before). i love thinking. just that. you know, the whole philosophical explanation to life and its complexities... i enjoy thinking deep and ending up in hypothetical syllogisms.

anyhow... while wasting time. i'm going to update you with my HATE LIST.

1. i don't hate you a lot, in fact i like you because you're friendly and you tutored me once on one of my blasted subjects, i thank you for that (i still flunked the exam anyway). but sometimes i get annoyed when you brag about your boylets. you're very assuming. just because our lab instructor often sits on your side of the room doesn't mean he has a crush on you (i don't even think he's always sitting there. nagi-ilusyon ka). omaygad. you make me want to strangle myself. sorry ah.


i need a tutor, yeah. but i need someone who can go down to my level. i'm a slow learner when it comes to chem. ang yabang yabang naman kasi ng iba dyan e. sorry a, waitlist lang. shtka.

2. eto pa, di rin ako ganon kagalit sayo pero feeling ko you're taking my friend for granted. tanggapin mo na lang kasi na di sya (ibang tao to) mapapasa-iyo. so you don't have to frustrate yourself with constructing a bridge whose main material is my friend. ano ba. user ka. other than that, demanding ka rin. feeling close pa.

ang bastos ko talaga.

but just like what i said in the intro of this devilish label, this (the hate) too shall pass.

aba natuwa naman ako

ang saya naman pala magproctor eh. ayan o, binigay ko pa ung mga froggy sa kanila. remembrance! :) i had fun being your proctor! you're the happiest team! oha! :D join ulit next year! :)

yesterday was fun. e wala e, tawa lang ako ng tawa eh. basta masaya. happy birthday marious! :)

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