The Sunday Currently (vol. 12)

I'm wearing glasses soon! I was advised during our annual physical exam that I should get corrective lenses. I usually nail reading the eye chart up to line 8, mainly because I could already see the sequence beforehand and therefore memorize it. But this time I got caught when asked to read it backwards! HAHAHA Nastress ako! Tipong, shocks shocks DEFPOTEC spelled backwards is C...E..T..something right?! E BAT DI KO NA LANG KASI BASAHIN?!... why the heck am I being competitive with a freaking eye test?! 

And that, my friends, is how I was prescribed to wear glasses.

Aaaaah Levi! <3 I tried okay!

No progress with The Graveyard Book because I was busy reading Levi fanfics.


The fan

About the things I have to accomplish tonight: a logo request, and a header makeover for this blog. I want to do something I drew, and also put another navigation bar at the top to segregate the category links from the other links (Home, About, Contact, etc.). Still playing stuff out from other layouts. I think I have the general idea of what to do, but implementation is a bummer.

Also, I've been thinking if I'm being too hard on myself for not being impressive enough at work. I'm always so slow. To be honest, I'm not capable of impressing anyone with my, uhm, work skills LOL. I've never impressed anyone at work. I always end up mediocre. And it sucks cos I have a habit of comparing myself to my peers. Did you know I accidentally read an email about my officemate being regarded so highly by our clients that apart from my respect for him growing double, I also felt burdened that I have to at least be at par.

But it's all a matter of perspective ika nga, that email confirmed that indeed, there's a genius in our team, and also someone I can bother with my work (ie. get knowledge from). I'm always too shy to ask for help. You know when you're faced with a problem and you want to solve if yourself first before asking someone? Then you start digging and eventually get frustrated and stuck. Then you resort to asking people for help. Then you get scared cos you've been looking into that problem for too long already and they might think, why did you only ask about this now?!

My question is, how long should you usually try to get things done by yourself before asking for help?


For more focus. I get easily distracted. You can't get me to work one thing for an hour without pausing at least 5 times doing irrelevant stuff.

sando and shorts

The fact that I got to sleep for 16 hours yesterday! And I even dreamt twice!

#1: I was being interviewed for a US Visa (talk about how dreams confirm a nagging desire) by 3 people: my non-favorite blogger, a vocalist of an indie band, and one of my teammates. It was a series of interviews and I got an impression that I passed, though who knows.

#2: I was congratulating my sister on her 1st year anniversary of working at UCPB saying, you can finally resign! yahoo!

Also, Levi! hihi <3

From BPI: Register at UBER Manila without a credit card!

Because of Uber, I almost wanted to get a credit card. Two months ago, I inquired about why they haven't implemented non-credit card payment options in the Philippines yet, and they said they're looking into it... so I waited! After all, other countries have it, so i thought it's only a matter of time before it gets rolled out in our country.
That was last May, and true enough, they've explored that option! Now we can register at Uber using Visa or Mastercard debit/prepaid cards! Yahoooo!

Most Visa or Mastercard debit/prepaid cards are allowed now, but it's still a matter of trying it out!
You may check this site for more insights about allowable cards to use! :)

If you're a BPI card holder though, more treats are in for you! This promo is the reason I remembered to sign up for Uber :

Sign up to UBER using your BPI Card and your first 2 rides are FREE!
Each free ride is worth up to P500.
Promo is valid from July 17, 2015 - October 17, 2015 (promo code: BPIRIDE)

2 FREE RIDES UP TO 500 EACH?! Oh come on. Get that card and REGISTER NOW. You wouldn't want to pass up on this! So yeah, I registered using my BPI More Fun Visa prepaid card and it was successful!

If you don't have a card yet just apply for a BPI prepaid card and sign up to Uber using it! Here are your options:

1. Apply for BPI My E-prepaid Mastercard
Php 500 valid for 2 years.
2. Apply for BPI More Fun Visa Prepaid Card
Php 350 valid for 18 months. Personalized card design.

Both of these prepaid cards can be used to register with Uber, and it's really easy to apply for them. Just go to the nearest BPI, fill out a form, present a valid ID, pay the processing fee, and wait for the card to be available for pickup. It's that easy!

But you know, when I registered my card at Uber, I encountered a lot of errors! It was frustrating. AND MY CARD WAS BLOCKED TOO. HAHAHA nakakainis lang. So, if you don't want the same to happen to you, heed the following tips:
  • Type your card number accurately. Every card detail you supply in the sign-up form must be typed with utmost care and certainty. Card verification goes through a super secure process, you wouldn't wanna mess your chances with erroneous inputs. This could lead to your card getting blocked, so be very careful!
  • Load your card beforehand. I don't know what the required minimum amount is, but at least put 500 pesos in it. I was charged 10 pesos for card verification.
  • In case you get this error message, "It looks like your bank is having trouble processing this card. Please check with your bank and try again. If this continues to happen. Please try a different card." DON'T FRET. It means your card was blocked due to invalid sign-up attempts. But it will be lifted in 24-hours so don't worry. Note that it's the bank who does this and not Uber, so that means you won't be able to use your card for 24 hours. :) I ran through this problem and called BPI customer service cos I was freaking out that I can't use my card to pay for food, right when I've already transferred money to it. Sobrang hassle, you know you can't withdraw money from it so I have to spend it elsewhere. huhu
As far as registering at Uber using a BPI prepaid card, I guess that's it! :D Excited to try Uber!

By the way, don't just play around with your UBER app, cancellation of booked rides costs 100 pesos!

Additional tip when you're using a prepaid card to book for an Uber ride:

Before requesting, make sure you load your card with an amount greater than on equal to the maximum fare estimate of your ride, otherwise your request will be invalidated. But don't worry, just load it up and you can request again. :) Apparently, Uber does a balance check for prepaid card holders before hooking you up with your ride. :)

FREEBIE (for non-BPI card holders): Use this promo code, UBERNATICS to get FREE UBER credits when you register! :) Click on the image below to sign up :)



Inside Project Pie - Ayala Terreces
Random things I wanted to share since I missed another Sunday Currently due to, ano ba, laziness. Blogging at home is quite a bother honestly. I have to setup my laptop downstairs cos the wifi couldn't reach me in my bedroom. haha So most of the time I only go online if I really really have to, like when I needed to answer Chili's online survey so I'd get free nachos on my next visit. haha

Fortunately, the router has been transferred upstairs because my parents are converting their bedroom to accommodate their office so yeheyy for more internet time? So anyway,


I'm totally absorbed watching Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)! It's so freaking intense and everything. I would've finished watching by now but I've run out of HD episodes to watch haha. Currently waiting for episodes 18-Final from my officemate hihi. No actually, I'm already streaming it online. CAN'T WAIT EH.

You guys should watch it, I'm more than halfway and more than convinced to put it on top my Favorite Anime list. Do I even have one? I can't believe I didn't know about this before! No wonder it kept me thinking what the fuss is all about with these green hoodies with wing logos at the back. It's the Survey Corps! Makes me kindof detest all the hype about it tbh, people wearing it as if they'd actually choose to join the Legion for real. Their job scares the shiz out of me I wouldn't even be thinking of enlisting myself in the first place.

hey artist, hope you don't mind!
Two episodes to go before I finish watching the first season. As of writing, I'M DONE!

I'm kindof shipping Mikasa and Levi, I don't even know why. And when I learned the have the same surname, it weirded me out, but nothing in the series revealed they're relatives (yet) so uhm, yey for guiltless shipping? My mind was rooting for Eren x Levi at first. I KNOW I KNOW. It's kindof hard to push back my fancy for yaoi and I'm still seriously struggling about it every time I'm faced with anime. So fine, I'm gonna stick with Mikasa x Levi. hihi Or I'll just quit shipping altogether and simply fangirl at the thought of Lance Corporal Levi. He's so cool on so many levels. <3 <3 <3


A photo posted by Yan Birog (@yanbirog) on

Now? Nothing, but this weekend I finally got to try Project Pie and realized how it's so much like Mad for Pizza, or the other way around. Same price, same ordering process, and everything. I liked Project Pie's ambience more though! And I love my pizza, it's full of everything and despite the pizza maker's warnings of some toppings not going well with each other, I still made it a point to put everything I want, with emphasis on a lot of mozzarella, jalapenos, and herbs! <3 Omnomnomnom


Relieved that our helper returned to us after 4 months. The one who's been with us for a decade already and who left because I think we antagonized her into packing up. Uhm (-2). But then rumors came about that she actually eloped with her boyfriend, some construction worker in the village who, rumor has it (again), was coaxing her into taking supplies from our pantry... like cooking oil and detergent. Nakakatawa lang. She's more than welcome to be back though! We all love her and miss her. My mom kept comparing her to the 2 helpers who came after her, seems like she misses her so! haha Thank you Looooord!


I had a lot of extra money cos I'm getting frustrated over my growing Lazada wishlist already. Newest I'm crushing over, a Sony BSP-10, a small bluetooth speaker with NFC and is Qi compatible (read: wireless charging). Why do i need these extra features anyway? I was only looking for a bluetooth speaker with an audio cable. The BSP-10 doesn't have an audio cable but I read it can receive audio input from its microUSB charing port. So now, I'm looking into a microUSB slash 3.5mm audio cable. Is there even one in CD-R King? And also researching if it can really receive wired audio input lol.

Or should I reduce my wanting to something that clearly has my minimum requirements, that is - the JBL Microwireless Bluetooth Speaker, 50% cheaper with a quality brand to boot. But NFC is tempting. Also, the way you can hook it to Sony Smart Connect to check battery status and all sounded really appealing to me (as if i needed it).

A photo posted by Yan Birog (@yanbirog) on

Organic quinoa and chia seeds at SM Fairview Hypermaket! Wala lang, it's in the "International" shelves. There's also red quinoa. :D Hope they stay for good. I got myself a pack of chia (1lb.worth 600something) and we're basically topping it everywhere! haha Smells like wheat germ, tastes like nothing, slimes as it lingers in the mouth. It's aaaaaall good! I'm loving it so far! And careful not to dip a wet spoon in the jar cos the seeds may expand. XS

That's kind of all! :) Hope you have a great week ahead!

What's in my Notebook? (vol. 3)

Work's getting busier so it's harder to sneak some drawing time hehe. Here's what I managed this week! :D

Inspired by one of Us the Duo's songs! Go listen to them!

"The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." - Exodus 14:14
A reminder that we're not alone in our battles. :)

I bought a fineliner for better outlines and less smudges but I'm missing the sheen finish of regular ballpens so hi Titus!

Art related, I thank God cos I won a ticket to last week's Type Lab MNL! Reason why I delayed buying a ticket is that I knew in my heart some of the sponsors will throw a giveaway haha! I'm against attending paid events unless I've exhausted all effortless means to enter for free :P Thanks Swift Premium! In fairness, ang premium nga ng lasa ng bagong corned beef nyo, pati packaging haveyyy! <3

Anyway, it was a super rainy weekend that time so I only came to get the kit and listen to Abbey Sy's talk. Tbh, wag kayong magalit okay, I was bored. 15 minutes have passed since she started talking and I was wondering when she's gonna stop yapping about herself and finally introduce the topic. After 5 more minutes I realized she is her own topic and I was, ano ba, mejo na-disappoint ako. I've been following her so I kinda know what she's up to every now and then, and she just kindof repeated her journey on stage and introduced herself and her many designations in life. If you're someone who's not familiar with her and her work, you'll definitely be amazed. But heck, hasn't she promoted enough of herself already? #JustSaying 

My opinion of her talk doesn't change the fact that she's still a very talented person worth looking up to. Passion is important, but the girl has vision too and she makes things happen. There's no stopping her on the things she will accomplish. Nakaka-inspire diba. Makapag-resign na nga. Chos.

I wish I had listened to the other speakers as well but I haven't catched up enough with Jeckie and that's more important! Plus, it was raining hard and going to Makati is a such a freaking hassle. Sitting at the back is crappy too. It's super loud near the pop-up stores, what with all the sales talk and spazzing going on, and unfortunately I'm seated in front of three super conyo girls who wouldn't stop chatting. In fact, the place is filled with super conyo people! Not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm just pointing out a probable demographic of type enthusiasts lol.

The venue is nice but it could be better if they picked a space with very little natural light, for the sake of seeing the presentations better. It's hard to appreciate what's in front when the screen is being washed off in the day light. Or use LED screens instead of projector. Sayang talaga yung slides. 

I would also put the exhibit and booth outside and open to the public so that more people would be enticed to come and check the event out! :D 

Lastly, I'd include each of the speaker's topic as part of the program schedule, I didn't want to guess what they're going to talk about and be disappointed later on. It's also a deciding factor for me, to know what I'll be taking away from the conference. It's easy to stalk the speakers online and bask in the glory of their art, I want to learn something they haven't shared online. :)

On the good things, there were enough pop-up shops to satisfy the hoarders (which is not me). There's Hey Kessy, Sunday Paper Co., Ella Lama, Craft Carrot, Swirls and Strokes, etc. I spotted Moleskine and was almost sold on their mechanical pencil buti na lang my reason and my lack of money got the better of me. Walang hiyang mechanical pencil, 980 pesos?! Don't tell me gumamit na non si Da Vinci?! My gaaaaahd. 

The kit is really really beautiful. The postcards were nice but I got a slight OCD attack cos Abbey's postcard is smaller than the rest. Shoooocks. How do i put these in a grid? lol The white eco bag is beautiful (but I'd rather have it black), the notebook is super pretty, the pencil is making ugly marks on the eco back but that's just me and my kaartehan, Swift Premium is the best seryoso I love it! I should probably post pictures no? 

Hm. Yun lang naman lol. XD

Have a happy week ahead!

The Sunday Currently (vol. 11)

After missing two weeks! I'm back with another The Sunday Currently! :D

I finished reading Wonder by RJ Palacio (read my reaction here!) last week! I was supposed to read The Book Thief by Marckus Zusak next so I brought it in the office with me, unfortunately i never got the chance to read there and I forgot to take it home so when I finally had the chance to read, it's 8 kilometers away so today I'm reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman haha. More on re-reading actually cos i totally forgot what it's all about already.

Nothing! I'm starting to wonder that this 'Writing' is for haha.

to Us the Duo's No Matter Where You Are album! :D Catch them here in the Philippines! They had a concert last July 10 at Rockwell, but this weekend they're holding 2 free mini concerts at Robinsons Galleria (July 11) and Robinsons Magnolia (July 12), both at 4pm! <3 --- Oops, publishing late so sorry for the late news. XS

About how to save properly and stop spending money I don't have yet! I've been borrowing from my emergency funds to cover for my cravings like eating out at Chili's or Army Navy thinking I can repay it naman when swelday comes and justifying the expense as an emergency cos i'll probably go crazy if I don't eat burrito right now. It's so wrong, I'm still trying to figure out a way around my cravings and food phases such that I don't get to touch any more of my supposed savings. huhu T__T

Nothing! I have colds so yeah. -_-

I had lots of money to spend on food, books, gadgets, and clothes. Don't we all?

T-shirt and shorts!

That I've been getting good sleep lately because of the overcast weather. The day isn't bright and it's cold too (perfect bed weather!). But of course, I wouldn't trade it for a series of storms. We live near La Mesa dam and last Friday, the nearby communities were advised to "force" evacuate because the dam is near spilling level already. Of course, they weren't really forced... knowing the people, everything they hear from the authorities are mere suggestions. :\

I thank God we weren't that affected yet. We're literally surrounded by waterways. I hope the weather gets better, even though it would mean sleepless mornings for me. huhu

1) A Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact! Haha! Whenever I go to the bookstore, I take pictures of books I would love to read, and it always gets me into a mental debate of whether to buy them all or just download ebooks. Most of the time ebooks win cos it's free, add to the fact that most of the time i'm broke so I figured I would need a tablet to better my ebook reading experience. So much for being broke no?

2) Google Cardboard! My officemate showed me a cardboard he bought online and I'm so bent on getting my own! Sucks that I already deleted most of my cardboard apps!

To find a way to avoid growing my eyebags worse over the night shift. They're so evidently black already I may have to spend for concealer na. huhu

Blessed and excited for swelday to come cos I wanted to know how much I'll be actually earning extra by working the graveyard shift. To be honest, I think I already spent all of it. :\ HAHA So let's see. Bakit ba kasi ang gastos.


[Windows] How to open specific folders using the Run dialog

Here's a pretty neat trick I always do whenever I setup my desktop ANYWHERE. Like what I'm doing now since I just got a new PC at the office hehe.

I find it easier to just hit Win + R then type 'Yan' to access my personal folder located at 'My Documents'. Like so:


Opens my folder at My Documents:

So how do you do that? 

Simple! Create of shortcut of whatever folder you want at your personal Users directory

Where is that? Key in Win + R >> type '.' (a dot)
Usually it will take you 'C:\Users\<your username>'. If it doesn't, just navigate to where 'C:\Users\<your username>' is.

You know you're at the right place as the directory will contain your usual user folders like My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, etc.

Place your shortcut there! Just like what I did (right click >> new >> shortcut >> add your folder path) :D

The name of the shortcut link will be the name you have to type on the Run dialog. :D

And that's it! :) Anything you put in that directory can be opened directly on the Run dialog. And it's not case sensitive! Try 'My Documents'. :D

Hope this helps! I find this extremely useful as I didn't have to put desktop shortcuts anymore. I do the same for apps, I prefer opening them via run dialog cos it's faster and prevents me from cluttering my desktop or flooding my taskbar with pinned programs! hehe

This entry is for opening specific folders using the run dialog, if you want to open specific applications/programs, i have another tutorial for that here. :)

Just read: Wonder by RJ Palacio

This isn't a book review cos I don't know how that works. Maybe this is more of a reaction.

From Good Reads:
My name is August. I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse.

August Pullman wants to be an ordinary ten-year-old. He does ordinary things. He eats ice cream. He plays on his Xbox. He feels ordinary - inside.

But Auggie is far from ordinary. Ordinary kids don't make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds. Ordinary kids don't get stared at wherever they go.

Born with a terrible facial abnormality, Auggie has been home-schooled by his parents his whole life, in an attempt to protect him from the cruelty of the outside world. Now, for the first time, he's being sent to a real school - and he's dreading it. All he wants is to be accepted - but can he convince his new classmates that he's just like them, underneath it all?

Narrated by Auggie and the people around him whose lives he touches forever, Wonder is a funny, frank, astonishingly moving debut to read in one sitting, pass on to others, and remember long after the final page. 
I consider it rare that I get to finish a book in less than a week! HAHA super slow reader lang #sorrynotsorry.

Anyway, I loved the book because it's very light to read, has a nice theme, and relatable in many aspects because it talks about something universal that most of us have probably gone through one way or another.. school. Even though there are cultural differences, I guess my "middle school" experience (which, for me, is high school) pretty much weighs in the same. There are stereotypes: the jocks, the popular kids (who are usually the bullies too), the nerds, the outcasts, etc.

I have been bullied when i was 12 and have experienced being mentally ganged up by a group of popular kids. To be honest, it doesn't get too messy in an all-girls Catholic school, no one ended up in a cat fight or with a bloody mouth, but I remember the fear. It's there, it's real. The feeling of being scared every day, of not wanting to go to school, it's all too real. And for a 12-year old, it can get really bad. It got me super stressed out. Even now, after more than decade, I can still remember how freaking awful it feels.

"When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind"

I all out agree that we need to learn to be kinder than is necessary, and this perhaps is one of the central messages of the book. To choose kind, in whatever situation you're faced with. But to choose kind, over being right? I don't completely agree. If we disregard the right thing, what do we need justice for? You cannot teach without being right about something, and you have to reason that out.

I guess the kind of 'kind' the book, or Mr. Browne (Auggie's English teacher), wishes to impart to his students is to choose kindness if you find you can't express your being right in a peaceful way. Or to choose being kind to anyone regardless of how they look like, or treat you, or give you bad vibes. Or to balance your position so that you appear more kind, than right. That's valid. I would always try to be kind to anyone, no matter my mood. Key word: try.

But then, you can always be kind while being right, I guess that's the best choice. There's nothing wrong with being right. Insisting the right thing doesn't make you unkind, and in the same way being kind doesn't mean you're giving up what you're fighting for. But yeah, in whatever you do, be kind. And honest. Okay.

I like Auggie, he's smart and witty and is really a wonder. I think even if he isn't suffering from a severe facial issue, he'd overall still be a great guy!

I enjoyed reading the book because it was very light to read, just like a blog! I honestly couldn't tell the difference with the different POVs cos they didn't seem to talk differently from each other. I was bothered by Justin's chapter though, I seriously freaked out when I saw the first sentence started in a lowercase. Then I realized it was supposed to be that way. It was odd seeing that. Is that how you feel with my blog? I don't capitalize you know. Even as I write this, I'm struggling. T__T; It kindof breaks my typing speed. HAHA

I should finish this, IT'S A MUST READ. It's fun, a light read, relatable, and morally uplifting. Makes you want to really start being kind to everyone! <3

Summer's not over at Alviera's Sandbox! :D

Sandbox Alviera is located at Porac, Pampanga, just a smooth 1.5 hours away from QC via NLEX - SCTEX - Porac exit. :D here's the location map!

What to expect:
  • the place is scorching hot (well, esp if it's summer XD)
  • the snack bar sells refreshments at lavish rates (bottled water - 35 pesos, bottle of C2 - 40 pesos). they also have burgers and hotdogs, which are all underwhelming, expensive, and magnet to flies. but who cares, you're probably gonna succumb to it amidst the heat and sweat. 
  • the snack bar is home to a lot of flies. i almost thought they're selling shit. you will be annoyed. so be overly protective of your food.
  • the packages allow you to have one pass at each of the rides. in short, you can only try the rides once... unless you pay for another try. :)
What to bring:
  • lots of water and a cooler full of ice
  • a change of clothes
  • sun shields - fan, cap, arm sleeves, shades, sunblock
  • your own helmet IF you have a large head (no offense meant). i read somewhere that a guy was denied access to some attractions because no helmet would fit him, and it's a required gear in Aerial Walk and Adventure Tower. you're allowed to bring your own of course, i saw one who brought their own helmet with a GoPro carrier!
  • pocket money in case you wanna buy something inside
  • patience haha
What to wear:
  • closed shoes - rubber shoes preferably esp if you're doing the Aerial Walk and Wall Climbing
  • shorts and denims are okay :D
  • long sleeves if you want to protect your arms from the sun
Rates and Schedule:

The place opens at 9am SO BE THERE EARLY cos the registration line can get pretty long as each person is required to sign a waiver.

longs lines at 9am

There is parking space inside and outside of the complex. Of course, you would want to park inside which is closer to the park entrance. The guard would probably lead you to the parking slots outside (which happened to us) but you can always go inside naman hehe.

We were there as early as 9am and there are already quite a dozen families and barkadas lining up. So yeah, be there early!

What we did:


We decided to line up for this first because the turnover for the safety gears is darn long. each person probably takes around 30 minutes to finish the course so yeahh, prepare yourself for more than an hour of waiting! so there's your tip, DO THIS FIRST.

grabe this course is a freaking fitness test. it challenged my every core! my arms were super stressed and my balance was challenged in every way. it was scary and i was fearful of a lot of courses especially those which include suspended and wobbly steps, and freaking HEIGHTS! waaaahh!! the second challege, for me was the hardest, it's this one with the steps. huhu

holding for dear life
btw, i thought the carabiners they used were super cool, if i remember correctly they're called Smart Belay (actually i looked that up haha), and it's super safe. didn't stop me from freaking out though. haha! my friend says it's an improvement cos they used a different one the last time she went there. MAYBE THEY HAVE BIGGER HELMETS NOW? (don't worry so much about the helmet tip though! i bet they fit most heads now)


Rappel Wall
If you have fear of heights this will definitely help you overcome it. We lined up first for the Rappel Wall which is all sorts of scary AT FIRST. to be honest, the scariest part with rappelling is positioning yourself to face the edge of the wall, and letting go of the rope the first time. but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty exciting! i didn't, but it was still exciting. i pretty much just cautiously lowered myself to the ground without all the coolness of kicking at the wall haha. 

Wall Climbing
After rapelling we headed directly for Wall Climbing (we didn't have to line up again) because it uses the same harness. i knew i would fail at this because i'm freaking weak i couldn't carry myself (even if my life depended on it) so i just took a step and asked a friend to take a photo of me as an obligatory shot. haha

Free Fall
At a height of 49 feet about the ground, we are to take a big step of faith, lean forward, and trust the ropes as we fall. this was definitely one of the scariest stints we had to do in the park. and again, the hardest part was letting go. when you do though, it will be all sorts of relieving. in a blink of an eye you're down to the safety of the mattress. you won't even be able to finish screaming. and after the fall, you're gonna stand up stronger, armed with the thought that after all, it wasn't so hard! you're ready for the next ride! parang life lang?

just don't ask the ride attendant to push you if fear got the best of you, BECAUSE HE REALLY WILL AND YOU'LL CURSE HIM FOR IT... then thank him afterwards haha.

Avatar One

The country's first roller coaster zipline! This was super fun and exciting! Every drop is scary and painful (cos the harness has a tendency to tug sharply at your thighs). i was all "ARAY! ano ba yan!" every time i dip! but then again, it was an exciting experience! XD


The scariest of all! The entire ride lasts for about a minute only but grabee the thrill!!! hahaha i was screaming all the way, super OA but i had to let it out!! if you know me, you should know i get easily scared of stuff and i'm super magugulatin, so yeah i like to scream. lol if you're super duper afraid of heights you may ask not be lifted too high. haha since we're daring, of course let's do the highest! so we were lifted some 49 feet then dropped! you wouldn't even notice when they're letting you loose! haha nakakastress sya i was fighting the urge to just close my eyes the entire time pero KJ daw so uhm, K!


I thought this was going to be boring but i had awesome company so we enjoyed it a lot!

All in all, Sandbox is a great place for bonding and team building! I do hope they add fans though! IT'S SO FRKN HOT!

After Sandbox, we drove to this eatery called Aling Lucing, featured in various TV shows and famed for its original sisig. to be honest, it was expensive and underwhelming, and almost disappointing. i've had better sisig! anyway, it wasn't that bad! we were all hungry anyway! haha

There you go! I hope Sandbox improves its facilities somehow and develop the park as a permanent attraction. Right now it seems like they can pull out anytime and the developers are just trying to make use of the land while it's under development. hehe did you know that their attractions do not require electricity (except for the giant swing which uses a generator to lift the seats up)? :D

Group exercises you can join at Quezon City Memorial Circle

Group exercises you can join at Circle

have you ever wondered what group classes you can join at Circle?! I did! and i searched all over the web for schedules and stuff but found none. so this morning, i braved a serious case of tamaditis and went to inquire at Circle about whatever group classes they have there. i know they have one, because my parents used to always go there to join aerobics. sometimes they take my sister and i with them, and we'll bike around while they dance, then afterwards we'll eat lugaw and buko juice and go home sweaty and filled! happy times :D

so here you go, in total they have 3 classes operating regularly (as far as i have asked) and i went to each of them to inquire:

1. Zumba

Zumba - People's Hall, Quezon Memorial Circle

Location: People's Hall
Rate: P50/hr
Schedule: Mondays -Thursdays (7am, 8am - that's 1 session per hour), Saturdays and Sundays (7am, 8am, 9am).

Zumba Schedule - People's Hall, Quezon Memorial Circle

i'm actually excited to try everything HAHA. i'm curious about the different types of zumba you know. i mean there's zumba gold (is this for oldies?), fitness, sentao, and toning. XD shocks, naexcite ako bigla. HAHA

there are chairs on the side you can use to put your things on. :)

2. Aerobics Forever

Location: Planas Garden
Rate: FREE
Schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays (TThSSun) - 6am

This is probably the least attended one even though it's free, maybe because it's not covered (apparently, it just rained). one of the sweet girls there told me they have color codes per day and today is purple day. XD they do accept donations too, but of course it's all optional. then again, there must be a cost to running this thing, especially that they seem to intend to do this forever! :D

there are tents on the side with a few chairs, and there's a small roofed stage at the front of the garden. you may leave your things there, in case you're wondering where to put your stuff.

3. Aero Sport

Aero Sport - Quezon Memorial Circle
hey peepers
Location: Basketball Court
Rate: P20/session
Schedule: Daily at 6am

Aero Sport - Quezon Memorial Circle

I think this is where most people go. the place is big, the music is lively and so are the steps! i can't wait to try this too! :D


so far that's what they have! let's push this! i wanted to get in shape so bad because night shift's a bitch, when i'm up all day i'm eating almost 5 meals a day. CRAAAAP! huhu

What's in my Notebook? (vol. 2)

channeling my inner Abbey Sy with a wrongfully scaled word.
Hooray for WIN volume 2! i have to say, this is where it probably ends. haha. i haven't been doodling a lot last week cos i was so immersed with reading Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught! chos. i finished the book in tears two days ago and i plan on moving to my next reading material because it's already more than half the year and i'm all about beating my GoodReads 2015 Reading Challenge! haha any reading suggestions? i'm a sucker for period romance and flicks haha.

anyway, back to my notebook:

i don't remember where i copied the 'Practice' type but i will try to look it out okay. then i'll update this. :D  Here you go: :D

since were on the topic of art:

on The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy

 i just recently bought The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy (after reserving a copy at NBS Greenbelt) i was so keen on getting the book early i had to sacrifice hours of sleep just to wait for the mall to open! HAHA kalurks talaga.

what i liked:
- it's an awesome visual treat
- Abbey's tips are very personal and not very technical which is cool because it only shows how she's willing to help others improve with the craft!

what i want added/removed:
- add blank pages for exercises? i dunno but i plan on abusing the book and the paper seems so doodle friendly haha i wouldn't mind a blank page or two! hehe
- less pages for the featured artists? it occupied almost half the book kasi haha. i honestly prefer a simple grid of their works instead of reading stuff about them. haha anyway, i could always look at their instagram accounts hehe.

till the next WIN!

by the way, feel free to do your own WIN series if you feel like showcasing what's in your notebook on your blog. and let me know too so that we could, uhm, WIN together? chos. XD

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