[Windows] How to open specific folders using the Run dialog

Here's a pretty neat trick I always do whenever I setup my desktop ANYWHERE. Like what I'm doing now since I just got a new PC at the office hehe.

I find it easier to just hit Win + R then type 'Yan' to access my personal folder located at 'My Documents'. Like so:


Opens my folder at My Documents:

So how do you do that? 

Simple! Create of shortcut of whatever folder you want at your personal Users directory

Where is that? Key in Win + R >> type '.' (a dot)
Usually it will take you 'C:\Users\<your username>'. If it doesn't, just navigate to where 'C:\Users\<your username>' is.

You know you're at the right place as the directory will contain your usual user folders like My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, etc.

Place your shortcut there! Just like what I did (right click >> new >> shortcut >> add your folder path) :D

The name of the shortcut link will be the name you have to type on the Run dialog. :D

And that's it! :) Anything you put in that directory can be opened directly on the Run dialog. And it's not case sensitive! Try 'My Documents'. :D

Hope this helps! I find this extremely useful as I didn't have to put desktop shortcuts anymore. I do the same for apps, I prefer opening them via run dialog cos it's faster and prevents me from cluttering my desktop or flooding my taskbar with pinned programs! hehe

This entry is for opening specific folders using the run dialog, if you want to open specific applications/programs, i have another tutorial for that here. :)

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