black as the pit from pole to pole

whatever. random line from some poem i read some time ago.

lol i have a very big problem staying awake at the office during the morning. but i have an even bigger problem keeping my consciousness during meetings. someone tell me what to do! i'm wasting hours on my desk drooling off and not being productive. >XS hayy.

 //people problems [semi-resolved]

 from now on, whenever i get a bad first impression about someone, i'll keep the person in my "People-to-get-to-know-more list". It's to help me decrease the harnessing of evil thoughts about someone and also to give the person the benefit of the doubt. recently, i met someone who at first contact insulted me indirectly. since then, i kinda vowed never to talk to her or even try to befriend her. it's pretty simple really, i have a "don't like? don't mind" mindset against people i hate. the less i interact with them, the less my mind is filled with evil thoughts. then just recently ulit, i kind of grew closer (in terms of proximity) to the person because of a project and as much i hate the idea of it, i had to live professionally LOL. eventually, the irrate feeling turned to sincere friendship (yuck parang anlalim agad ng pinagsamahan eh no) and i felt sorry (deep inside) for being so quick to judge. kkkk nung isang araw pa to eh nakalimutan ko lang ipost haha

 //i woke up from a bad bad dream this morning

 here it goes... i was headed home from SM with my sister and we rode a lagro jeep. i was carrying a bag with a laptop and i saw a suspicious looking man eyeing my bag. he looked like a thief so i kept throwing dagger like stares at him while clutching tighter to my bag. a young boy was also with him, probably a thief too. then suddenly, they moved to get my bag! whoa no! i rose from my seat and tried to make bugaw them away. ang tapang ko grabe. but deep inside i was frakking scared, but right there i looked like i was ready to fight the goon and a half-man with whatever fighting skills i have (screaming maybe?).

 then the thief went down the jeep and made motion na parang naghahamon and i was like , seriously? i can judo** you! but then, i was really scared so uhm, i dunno what happened next. i think the jeep left without him but he kept chasing me so di ako mapakali. i transferred jeeps along the way and sat near the driver and ducked on the floor to hide, but when i raised my head to check, i saw the thief's face on the jeep next to us and he saw mine too and he had a lagot-kang-bata-ka-sakin look on his face before coming down and chasing me agaaaain! i went off at fcm and hid inside the mall, and when the coast was clear i went home alone.

 when i came back, i texted terai to ask where she was cos i almost forgot i was with her pala on the jeep! when she came back, she was crying as she said, "tinali nya kaya kami!" showing the rope the thief used to tie her hands (and others too). so back there they were taken as hostages pala to get my LAPTOP what the heck. and she remembers one of the passengers saying she'll try to contact me for the laptop so he an release them. then terai also said the police caught him naman. hahaha

 now that i'm telling you, it sounds funny pala. hey and you know what, i can clearly remember the man's face although he's a total stranger to me! he looked like a shorter and bald version of jess lapid.

like that! but younger and a bit thinner, and with less facial hair. grabeee hahaha

so hiiiiiiighhh dunno whyyyyy

hello long weekend! whoa this week was soooooooo exhausting even though i only came to work 3 times!

// tuesday - got a rush buyer for my moto defy mini. a foreign buyer wants to get the item asap and meet at greenbelt which is 2 hours away from where i was! hahaha i knew there was something funny with the way he texts, it sounded off so i had to confirm by calling him and that's when i learned (from his accent) that he's not of this country. hahaha so i rushed to greenbelt and blaaaah but lucky me spotted GMA News TV's Pasabay: Libreng Sakay and soooo i got a free ride from FCM to AYALA! that's 51 pesos yeheyyy! Thank you so much GMA News TV! >:D

kuya with logbook of passengers***
ads on every seat
*** - the logbook. for once i thought if the free ride could be a trap! what if that logbook is actually a petition form to pass RH Bill in disguise?! they're getting quite a number of signatures there. LOOOOOOL k.whatevvv

anyhow, i felt so blessed that day cos i was really broke. i like spent my last money on bonchon chicken and yogurt the previous day hahaha and had to wait til friday for my allowance. and then this happened! i got a rush buyer and a free ride! whoa whoa whoa God is good! >:D

but you know, even though i got the item sold, i'm still following up on motorola phils regarding the issue i raised before. it has to be freakin fixed OR ELSE I'M GONNA BLOG SOMETHING CRUEL ABOUT IT LOOOOL. the power of a blog that no one actually reads. lol

// wednesday - back to work. haha i don't remember anything about this day LOL except that i felt that the time went by so quickly! grabeee like it was 10am on my first look at the clock, and on my 2nd... it's already 5pm! grabeee. you know you're frkn busy when you don't have time to look at the time. i don't even remember what i was doing. i think i was coding... or something (far less insignificant) bwahaha.

// thursday - it's our 11th monthsary grabe! 11 months na kame?! akalain mo yon? hindi siguro lol. super haggard dayyy. it was supposed to be a special day so i wore a dress BWAHAHA and tried to look pwetty! but my face turned to pwet when i reached the MRT, super duper kaduper habaaaaa ng pilaaaaa..... up to the ends of EDSA (joke haha basta gang dulo nung flyover). turns out may nasiraang train so so many people got stuck up in the line (like me!). when the guard informed us, a lot backed out and took buses instead, i was one of them! tapos tapos, while waiting for a bus suddenly the line started mooooving! grabe sobraaang craaap. ayun. pila ulit. blah blah blah blah blah

i was surprised to learn that i was only 25 minutes late, back at the pila it felt like every grueling second amounted to a minute. hahaha blah blah blah when i reached office grabe grabe grabe talaga ung pawis ko sa likod. muka akong athlete HAHAHAHA

then then then sm north after work to eat! heheheh happy 11th to us! yey! yey! yey!

// friday - dfkjhsaducihclasdj antok na ko. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Share: SCAM?

YES. and that's all you need to know (but i'll still expound like i can't help myself haha).

beware! in the end it's just gonna ask you to fill out some stupid enterfactory survey that'll ask for your mobile number then bug you to hell. well i just revealed how far i went right? nope. when the site asked for my mobile number i knew i had to stop fiddling with the pathetic possibility. HAHA i sound stupid. >XD

judging from the website alone i knew it had to be scam, but still tried it anyway because uhm, because, what if maybe baka naman diba? hahahaha iphone 4s is iphone 4s, not that i want one. hahahaha

anyway. yeah, i found a really good advice from yahoo answers. might help you too!

how to know if a website service is a scam?
1) if it's too good to be true, it is.
2) if you had to ask if it's scam, it is.

not again, arianne. not again. *face palm*

back to city hunter!

happy long (walk)end!

yesterday, i was so excited to get home but when i reached the loading area, the line of passengers for the mrt jeepney is so frakking long... so i decided to just walk until mrt using the bridge at rufino which snakes all the waaaaaaaaay to greenbelt! i enjoyed the walk because it was my first time to explore that part of the bridge, i've only been up to the paseo segment so discovering that it goes all the way to rufino was a pretty cool thing! i wasn't really in a rush plus i'm in quite a dora mood so i was all around the bridge looking over the buildings (k. hahaha) and you see, what set up the mood was actually Rooftop Prince OST, i feel really really good listening to OSTs during long walks, every instrumental suddenly changes the scenery.

speaking of music, ever since i listened to an album using my motorola phone (the one i'm selling! moto defy mini xt321 dual sim hahaha), i felt like my samsung phone fell off the standards when it comes to rendering music. moto sound quality is really brilliant! however though, who cares! walking along that unknown bridge with the scenery slowly fading to Jeoson era with every track, ang sarap ng feeling. tas biglang may tumawag. lol

the walk was super amazing... until i started closing in on greenbelt where the people are pouring and slowly getting stuck at a bottleneck which is the landmark entrance. i lost my mojo there, i hate crowded malls but what do you expect on a friday haha. mall to mall i crossed... glorietta was worst! ely buendia thing going on, a thick layer of people clogging the way. hayyy then as usual, mobs of people are heading the same way so the other bottlenecks i squeezed through are... the escalator from glorietta to bridge crossing sm makati, and the escalator from sm makati to mrt station. puro escalator hahahaha and theeeen the usual terrible pila at mrt. yoko na i-explain, it's too horrible hahaha i got by with the OST and rebisco crackers >:D

blah blah blah i'm home! HAHAHAHA

oyun lang! naglakad lang ako! 3 non-standard paragraphs! 'exteme waste of words' achievement unlocked!

oh PS i sort of hate bumping into people (like schoolmates hahaha) i know whenever i'm out on a commute. why? why? because i always look sooooo haggard and i don't like schoolmates looking down on their previous president because she lacks some freshness (powder and lipgloss), smells like ming's shaolin oil and carries a school bag!  HAHAHAHA k.

city hunter mode! to count, i've cried twice! the more tears i shed, the more awesome the series is!

there's no place like home!

i've never felt so strongly attached with our home until i started working. hahahaha eh kasi naman, i have to go through a lot of hassles in life (in life talaga eh) just to get home FAST. yaknow, jeep then mrt then jeep then tryke plus lot's of walking and lining up. makes my daily journey back home every bit rewarding.

also, ever since i started working, i've never been this morally challenged! HAHAHA it's because of commuting parin eh, kasi naman... i always meet annoying people! people who singit in pilas, people who snidely comments on the space my backpack is consuming at the train (kasya pa raw sana isang tao? sige te, saksak kita sa bag ko!), people who force their butts on ultra compressed jeepneys, people, people, people!  Lord, it's so hard to be nice to your creatures!!!

but of course, i really really really try my best to understand them. after all, they're just like me who's always in a rush to get to work/home/wherever, and i believe it's not in their sincerest intentions to cause any one a hassle. much like how i can't reduce the space my backpack consumes. kasi my lunch box is there, and apart from the reason that i don't like to carry extra stuff, i also can't afford to misplace it cos it's more monetarily valuable than my entire backpack and its other contents combined! HAHAHA yeah yeah yeah. but seriously, they are just times when i can't control my brain from mentally bashing these annoying people. pero  at least naman mentally lang! mabait bait naman talaga ako in public yeyyy but shempre, i still feel guilty being judgmental that way. >XS

oh yesterday was funny. when the train moved, i got out of balance and accidentally stepped on someone's foot. and when i tried to get some support, i forgot i was carrying my wet umbrella and accidentally smacked it on someone's face (nose, specifically). i felt extremely sorry for it but deep inside i was laughing so hard at how funny the scene may have looked. HAHAHAHAHA laftreep talaga. kawawa naman si kuya, basa pa naman yung payong ko, madumi pa WAHAHAHAHAHA. >XS

okaaaaay city hunter mode! <3 <3 <3

monday's draft

i almost hated this day if not for city hunter! haha seriously, i'm getting kindoff "stressed out" with my task. or maybe it was because i slacked off too long, knowing i can't afford to rush something my mind can't comprehend hahaha.

this day was every bit annoying.

// my back pain, which i thought was in the process of healing, got worse this morning. i dunno why. maybe because i curled on my knees for long minutes while in the sauna yesterday. or maybe because of sweat. hay.  the pain is back.. yes, back pain WAHAHAHAHA. sorry sorry...

// my allergies kicked in again. and i'm pretty sure it's because i ate too much cold yesterday. 2 servings of bonchon's blueberry froyo! the craving just kicked in eh! i ate one before working out, then after dinner. HAHAHA now my nose is frakking itchy, my head is starting to hurt from excessive wheezing and i'm running out of tissue soon.

// i just wanted to go home in peace, hopeful that city hunter will relieve my disappointments. so i took the train to taft avenue for a round trip. unfortunately the train was so packed, i wasn't able to get a seat. so much for a round trip! frakking waste of time. huhu

mahabag ka naman habagat

// i didn't notice it's already past 9pm! we don't usually get flooded at this part of the subdivision but yesterday, the drainage from the rooftop got clogged with leaves so water at the deck flowed inside the house and down to the second floor... and into my room! yey haha good thing i never witnessed the wreck, i arrived from work just when they had finished cleaning up.

// yesterday, the commute home was every bit slow. when i came out of the building i was contemplating on whether to take the MRT (fast but tiring and full of hassles) or just ride the bus (super cold and slow but relatively safer). but my right foot was starting to ache, like pre-pilay ache, so i just opted for the bus to get a rest. pero grabe, it was so cooooold and the travel from makati to fairview took 3 hours! then again, it's better than having to risk a pilay and go through hell fighting for a space at the train. thank you Lord!

// i thank God we're safe. it's during times like these when we realize how blessed we are that we don't need rescuers, we're not out of food, we're situated at a high place in the subdivision and our only problem is to keep the perimeters of our house shut and the drainages open to avoid rain water from seeping in.

// i thank God cos eventually, work got suspended even before i could convince myself that it's dangerous to go out. i thank God cos i was able to catch up on sleep today... and had pancakes too! yeyy

// i hope this rain will end. hopefully sana wala paring pasok bukas! though sana wala ng ulan. >:S

// keep safe everyone and don't forget to pray!

// and why the heck is Genesis 8:7-12 trending. yeah that part is still about the flood but the rain started a chapter ago and didn't God promise we'll never experience that again? and it's just the Philippines yknow. grr

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