so hiiiiiiighhh dunno whyyyyy

hello long weekend! whoa this week was soooooooo exhausting even though i only came to work 3 times!

// tuesday - got a rush buyer for my moto defy mini. a foreign buyer wants to get the item asap and meet at greenbelt which is 2 hours away from where i was! hahaha i knew there was something funny with the way he texts, it sounded off so i had to confirm by calling him and that's when i learned (from his accent) that he's not of this country. hahaha so i rushed to greenbelt and blaaaah but lucky me spotted GMA News TV's Pasabay: Libreng Sakay and soooo i got a free ride from FCM to AYALA! that's 51 pesos yeheyyy! Thank you so much GMA News TV! >:D

kuya with logbook of passengers***
ads on every seat
*** - the logbook. for once i thought if the free ride could be a trap! what if that logbook is actually a petition form to pass RH Bill in disguise?! they're getting quite a number of signatures there. LOOOOOOL k.whatevvv

anyhow, i felt so blessed that day cos i was really broke. i like spent my last money on bonchon chicken and yogurt the previous day hahaha and had to wait til friday for my allowance. and then this happened! i got a rush buyer and a free ride! whoa whoa whoa God is good! >:D

but you know, even though i got the item sold, i'm still following up on motorola phils regarding the issue i raised before. it has to be freakin fixed OR ELSE I'M GONNA BLOG SOMETHING CRUEL ABOUT IT LOOOOL. the power of a blog that no one actually reads. lol

// wednesday - back to work. haha i don't remember anything about this day LOL except that i felt that the time went by so quickly! grabeee like it was 10am on my first look at the clock, and on my 2nd... it's already 5pm! grabeee. you know you're frkn busy when you don't have time to look at the time. i don't even remember what i was doing. i think i was coding... or something (far less insignificant) bwahaha.

// thursday - it's our 11th monthsary grabe! 11 months na kame?! akalain mo yon? hindi siguro lol. super haggard dayyy. it was supposed to be a special day so i wore a dress BWAHAHA and tried to look pwetty! but my face turned to pwet when i reached the MRT, super duper kaduper habaaaaa ng pilaaaaa..... up to the ends of EDSA (joke haha basta gang dulo nung flyover). turns out may nasiraang train so so many people got stuck up in the line (like me!). when the guard informed us, a lot backed out and took buses instead, i was one of them! tapos tapos, while waiting for a bus suddenly the line started mooooving! grabe sobraaang craaap. ayun. pila ulit. blah blah blah blah blah

i was surprised to learn that i was only 25 minutes late, back at the pila it felt like every grueling second amounted to a minute. hahaha blah blah blah when i reached office grabe grabe grabe talaga ung pawis ko sa likod. muka akong athlete HAHAHAHA

then then then sm north after work to eat! heheheh happy 11th to us! yey! yey! yey!

// friday - dfkjhsaducihclasdj antok na ko. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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