i thought i liked subjective exams more...

but our hum1 exam awhile ago proved to be a torture. man, it was worth 60 points, with just 15 questions (the last one being a BONUS)... and i don't think i did well. hahaha, actually i didn't study for it. i only memorized the critical thinking pyramid... which quarantees me 7 points now. but the others? gosh, i think i relied mostly on logic and whatever it is i can manage to write down.

i like subjective exams. they make you think a lot. only, you need a lot of time for it to. 1 minute left and i haven't touched the bonus yet.

the bonus. it says there to write a poem describing a person in class, you may/may not write his/her name. hahaha i could've written a decent poem about him (with enough cover-ups) but i don't have enough time left. anyway. i think it's better that way. for all i know we're going to recite them in class once we reach the topic poetry. hahaha

Lord, why must it be like that? yes, i was hoping he'll come but i easily dismissed the thought thinking he'd rather take it with this girl. bwahahaha (me and my paranoid jealousy!)

but dang, he came. wth.
what are you trying to say?
i don't see signs pertaining to something negative. bwahehehehe

thank you, thank you. :)


i have an exam tomorrow on 10a but i have no intention of studying. who studies for it anyway? >___>;

i'm afraid (oh not really) i'm slowly falling out of love with him. who say's that's great? no, not me. i enjoy the fluttery feeling a major crush gives... haha i'm in this age where it's super frustrating not to have someone to crush on. life's just so dull without a lovelife (or an imaginary one at that). and if you're someone who doesn't (in the least sense) enjoy dwelling over academic stuff, then at least you should have a relatively good social life to compensate for your lack of enthusiasm in studying. >___>;

oh well.
tomorrow, i guess.

looking back

i was looking through my 'sent mail' folder and managed to flip through some of the entries i mailed to my blog. i just actually want to ponder on a single entry, dated january 8, 2007 - about freeing myself from my self-proclaimed Zahir.

now i'm about to feel the same way again (or not..err we'll see).
i was asking God for a sign, i told him that i want something to happen that will imply a barren relationship between the two of us. vague, i know but i sort of relied it on today's activity. so whatever happened awhile ago must imply something. i'm actually thinking, how coooome it's like that?

yes, i thought i wanted it to end!
but awhile ago proved there's still something waiting to happen.
errr... at least that's how i read things. >____>;;

ask me, how was the exam?
man, i was the first to turn the paper over and leave the lecture hall! lol, not that i answered fast... on the contrary...i skrewed up. ONCE AGAIN. no, for the NTH time now!

i wasn't in the mood right after exam. i haven't even taken a bath then! that's why i went back to the dorm immediately... i took a bath and went to our hum1 class. i was hoping for something good to happen and i wasn't disappointed naman. although i was spacing out, and not listening to our group. i was doing something else.

dang, i should've left my calculator.
btw, i didn't attend my chem40 lec awhile ago...
i overslept.

dang me and my bad habits.

o ano nanaman?

i don't know why i'm being like this.

it's been one month! yuck ang corny, pero i can't stop thinking about him. imagine, from the moment i wake till the second i sleep?? how much worse could this uninvited feeling get?
i read through my dear lord diary to check the day when i started mentioning about him. january 29 ata yun. see? mag-iisang buwan na!!!

sabi ko nga kay Lord, tuldukan nyo na please (kung wala naman talaga). look, we still have a lot to go through school and i was thinking na kung meron nga talaga (as in may mutual thing), we'll stick as a group till the end. i dunno what's gonna happen next, by experience... when i'm expecting something, it doesn't happen. so i think this will end soon.

btw, i should be studying micro1 because we have an exam tomorrow at 10.
hahaha, i haven't started studying!!!! oh no. hahaha

sige sige.
hopefully maka-aral ako! :)

happy 900th post to me!

lol. it's been almost 4 years and nearly a thousand entries!! wow, i endured a lot for a freakin space here in the web. hahaha

the jeepneys are on strike once again. they're doing the same thing, voice out their grievances against the rerouting and the id system. i have nothing against it, i don't care about it much. yes, i'm being indifferent, just like my fellow elbizens.

i wish i hadn't attended my hist2 class awhile ago, she didn't discuss anything about of supposed topic (which is hinduism), instead she made a 1 hour persuasive speech about the UP-students-are-activists-complex.

seriously, i don't give a damn.
i've always been against rallies and such, it's a big waste of time. nobody hears them, anyway.

the thing is, UP students have always been against the administration!
tell me, if a UP alumni is to be seated on the presidential throne, would it bring us to fight for the side of our leader?

i say, whoever sits there on the mighty executive chair is always subject to our remorseless scrutiny.

i just hate the idea that our prof is bringing up that WE MUST LIVE BY THE UP TRADITION OF BEING ACTIVISTS.

things change, man.
by being silent we are not being indifferent. by chosing to observe we are not ignoring the fact that our country's political status has gone way down the cliff.

and definitely, by minding our personal business we are not being unaware of what's happening.

swimming: yeeeehhheeeeeey!!!! and i thought i still have to finish the freakin 75 laps i missed! kuya lifeguard was wrong! i only missed 36LAPS!!! hurrayhurray!!! at least it was scaled down to more than 50%! yeeeaaaah! so awhile ago i did 30 laps, this thursday i'm gonna do 30 more to FINALLY clear my record.

oh, i love swimming. :)

saving up disk space

i removed a lot of applications from our harddisk yesterday. goodbye limewire, AVG antivirus, a couple of applets, yahoo toolbar, and some other things...
and now i feel our computer sped up!
so i guess the issue here isn't really about a virus but our system being unable to allot enough virtual memory for multitasking.
i saved the avira antivirus because CNet hailed it as one of the most powerful free antiviruses in the web.
now, what i want to do is download XP themes. hehe our desktop's pretty dull. >___>;
awhile ago i was reading through my archives, specifically my highschool entries...hahaha it's so funny reminiscing the times i spent procastinating on exams and dozing off on homeworks... as if something has changed. no, nothing changed actually. still the mistress of procastination. bwahehehehe
we'll be going back to los banos in a matter of hours so i have speed up my research on our report on amines, amino acids and proteins.
yeeeey! swimming tomorrow... ohno, plus a make-up workout.
haha i have to do at least 50laps to cover 50% of my workload + the usual routine... haaaay then i'll be back on thursday to continue the rest of the 50%.
hahahah good luck! :D :D :D


back in less than a day! haha excessive posting fever ito... eh ganun talaga pag may internet sa bahay... i can't do anything other than blogging because our net speed cannot accomodate my other internet rituals (videos, photos, downloads). wahehehehe

studying didn't even cross my mind.
i do hope we don't have a meeting tomorrow so that i can at least enjoy this long weekend. i have 3 exams this week, on wednesday thursday and friday... and i only intend on studying for my wednesday exam. hehehe

dibale, sa dorm na lang. hindi ko dinala handouts ko eh. bwahahahaha

i wonder what's gonna happen when this sem ends and i'm left with this hanging feeling for him.
sa totoo lang, mas gusto ko matapos na to bago matapos ang sem para di ako naloloka pag di ko sya nakikita. parang nung dati, instant tuldok! kaya bago pa kami magkahiwalay, wala na yung feeling. hehehe

ano ba, Lord. may plano ka ba dyan? SHARE NAMAN!! hahahaha

CLICK HERE! i just uploaded a new album "experimenting on henna" featuring my designs (on the spot pa yun ha! hehehe)! :D :D


aww... it's my first time to receive a rose (sorry naman!)... hahaha di naman talaga big deal kasi di ko naman kilala yung nagbigay, sa church kasi yun eh... eh they were promoting their post-valentines activity so the guys were giving long stemmed roses and flyers. hahahaha...

e wala lang. bat ba? hahaha

super late holloween entry

hahahaha got inspired by a segment from Camera Cafe (QTV). hehehe

gogogogo! please read! :D :D uhh, it's written in filipino pala.
here's a lousy/corny translation

starting from the 3rd panel

guy: uhh, Happy Valentines! ♥
girl: huh?

girl: hello? what are you talking about? it's all saints day today! all souls day, remember? what valentines are you talking about?

guy: aren't we SOULMATES? ♥
girl: ♥ ♥ ♥



long due artworks

i don't belong here. regular ballpen on 3x5 index card
iska. gel ink on 1/4 bond paper

isko. gel ink on bond paper

kakaupload ko lang nito nung isang araw... ang tagal na pala nyang nakatago sa usb ko. hehehe

WAIT! may naisip ako... i'll do a BTS series featuring the names of my barkada, including mine... err... ok so surprise dapat to eh. hahaha

wow i'm inspired! :D


pag binato ka ng bato, spare him the bread, gumawa ka ng bahay!

naman! mas maraming bato, mas maganda ang bahay! wag mo na bigyan ng tinapay, edi nawalan ka naman ng almusal!

be positive!

bwahaha... i just read lim's 'dare to face rejection'... a sequel to his previous book, 'dare to fail'.

errr.. ang redundant kaya!
i enjoyed 'dare to fail' more... he's just repeating the concepts eh. hehehe

well well well.
we went to divisoria awhile ago to fetch my sister's gown. i thought ma-eenjoy ko mag divi pero antok na antok lang siguro ako kaya wala akong binili (maliban sa isang donut).

hindi naman talaga ako mahilig magshopping. mas gusto ko pang tumingin sa isang tech zone at mag canvas ng mga laptops... o kaya naman mag-arcade at mag sega rally. kahit paulit ulit pa...

dahil dyan... pabuntot buntot na lang ako kina mommy at terai. dapat pala sumama na lang ako kay daddy sa parking lot at natulog.

after mag-divi... nag sm north naman kami. weh. bumili ng mini ref si mommy. ay ewan. pero at least, na-enjoy ko ang appliance center... nakakamangha yung mga ref! pag nakakakita ako ng magagandang appliance naiimagine ko na yung future house ko... simple yet cozy furnitures lang (kasi di rin ako mahilig sa magandang furnitures eh, basta masarap tulugan ayos na) pero pagdating sa mga bagay na pina-plug maarte na ko! hahaha

gusto ko ng two-doored ref na tipid watts at walang CFC! chaka flatscreen TV (ayoko ng sony, napaka-unreasonable na ng price... basta flat at mura ayos na)... chaka magandang sound system... isang DVD player na hindi branded para pwede magsaksak ng pirata.. (eg. PENSONIC hahaha hindi yan typo! hahaha)... at shempre... isang winner na desktop computer na vista ang OS!!!!

whatever. haha kailangan ko ng maraming $$$$$$$

eto paborito ko...
nag-yoshi kami!
it's been a long while since we ate in yoshinoya as a family... :) haaay namiss ko magyoshi with them. huhuhu yung huli kong yoshi magisa lang ako sa mega eh.. hahaha

at hindi parin nagbabago ang inoorder ko. laging chicken teriyaki, miso soup, at green tea. T___T; wenkwenk

march 1 is the day!

HAYNAKU WAG LANG SANA MAGKAROON NG ORG ACTIVITY. hehehe i miss my friends, sobra.

it must have been love

happy saturday! hehehe i just got home! actually i'm supposed to wake up at 5am today but ended up waking 2 and a half hours later. bwaha and when i checked my phone... it's freakin turned OFF (that's why it didn't alarm). i was charging it overnight but i have no idea what happened. bwahaha... good thing it's only 730am.

i wanted to watch the physics fair but i figured i don't really have a business there. so i just left. i wanna see their projects because i've always been a tech savy and seeing investigative projects interest me a lot. bwahehehe... i remember once, i wanted to be an inventor but realized i don't have enough physics skills to pull off something that actually works. my creativity is confined only on papers, canvasses or webpages but never on a 3D mechanical thing.

and that's something i want to learn. >____>;

anyway, last night was great! bwahaha i watched NASCaya-saya, a variety show hosted by nasc3 students. i went with anne, roseanne, steffi, vynne and hana and finished the whole show. actually, i'm not taking nasc3 this sem... i just went there because my dearest batchmate informed me that my crush is going to present.

so in short, i sacrificed last night just to watch him when i could've gone home and saved myself the money for food and fare. that's how crazy i am about seeing him. and that's just my objective, i just want to see him because we don't have classes on monday and i can't wait till wednesday. crap

the presentations were nice! i enjoyed them because i have a lot of friends in their lecture class. bwahaha i was cheering aloud, shouting names. bwahahahaha...

i enjoyed st-3R's (3R nga ba?) presentation the most. shempre biased hehe (pero the best talaga!). they did a phantomime, i'm not sure how you call it exactly... they did something similar to PingPong Matrix and Cena Matrix (watch it in youtube) and it was highly laudable! galing galing. nakakimpress. PBB housemates weren't able to do that! hehehehe

they won 3rd place. =)

steffi's class won first place! yeah. congrats!!! hehehe i liked the video editing! it was superb.

wishlist update: ADOBE PREMIERE!!!

hey, i got a food stub without registering (thanks hana!)! another thing that completed my day! i was so hungry, i haven't eaten anything decent that day (if you'd like to consider the tempeh kedelee we prepared in micro1 lab decent, FINE) and my money's just enough for the bus fare... haha thank God talaga. bwahahaha

i'm very happy right now.

i've also had a lot of realizations... petty ones (if you'd come to think of it).

i realized na super HINDI KAMI BAGAY... in terms of handling things, especially acads and extra curricular stuff. he's just so rightly motivated with everything. this is his haggard month, i see him doing a lot of things. and i can't believe he's doing well. he does well in everything!!!
career mode sya.

tsk. eh ako, napaka-shallow. ayaw mag-aral. happy go lucky. mediocre. i refuse to engage in things that don't spark up a nerve in me (eg. chemistry).
i'm not called for this.
but he inpires me.

i think i'll do better when i shift.

here goes confusion!

a full report plus 2 prelabs due tomorrow!

that's what i'm supposed to do right now but my unusual craving to browse the internet always gets the better of me.

i don't know, the internet gives me a certain kind of relief no other past time can compensate. yeah, even drawing... and i don't really mind if i pay a lot for it. >___>; that's an internet addict for you. :) bwahaha

have i told you about swimming awhile ago??? what the hell, pare! i have to make-up for my 4 (more or less) absences!!!! who makes up for PE2???? sige nga?!!?

eto masaklap.
i have to make-up 75 freakin LAPS!!!! so that's 75laps x 25m/lap = 1875meters!!!

in short, para hindi ma-incomplete sa paborito kong PE (oo favorite ko talaga swimming. seryoso!), kailangan kong lumangoy ng mahigit isang kilometro!

the best talaga, grabe.
but at least 75 lang diba, hehe si bianca nasa 200+. hehehe good luck friend! salamat sa pamasahe. bwaheheh

sa kakaisip ko sa kanya... or more like sa kaka-space-out ko... pabalik-balik ako sa CEAT. so 1pm klase ko, edi yun pasok ako. maaga ko natapos yung plate (minadali ko talaga kasi sobrang wala akong gana mag-dimension. bahala na kung 1 lang makuha ko. o.O mas naeenjoy ko pa yung isometric grr) so umuwi agad ako. actually, malapit na ko sa raymundo ng napansin kong NAIWAN KO YUNG PAYONG KO. buti na lang umikot pa yung jeep sa CEAT so ok lang. pero grr, inutang ko pa yung pinamasahe ko tapos babalik lang pala akooooo??!?!?!

so yun, nakuha ko yung payong kong pink. at dahil wala na kong mautangan ng 6pesos, sumabay na lang ako kay jed maglakad pauwi. at nung nakalabas na kami ng bldg, walang hiya NAIWAN KO NAMAN T-SQUARE KO!

ok, buti na lang di pa kami nakakalayo.
ay nako, napagod ako.
buti na lang malamig!
pero maputik nakakainis. T___T;

sige sige, gawa na nga akong full report. hehehe
ano ba, gusto ko na mag-hum1!

5 love languages

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Quality Time
with a secondary love language being
Words of Affirmation.

Complete set of results

Quality Time: 8
Words of Affirmation: 7
Acts of Service: 6
Receiving Gifts: 5
Physical Touch: 4


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

nice quiz! got it from kuya xymon's blog... hehehe onga naman. i still value quality time over everything else... :) why, most people get Physical Touch as their primary love language... ewan. kanya kanyang style naman yan. hahaha

i have no intention of attending my hist2 class later at 10. >____>;;

nagswimming ako kanina.
ang pangit na ng kulay ko ngayon! chlorinated tan! hahaha... and wait! ano tong narinig ko na may utang akong 75 LAPS sa pool length at kailangan kong i-makeup para di ma incomplete?!?!?!?!

grabe kumusta naman yung 75 laps. >_____>; yan kasi absent ng absent. hehe ok lang, may kasabay naman ako... yung iba nga nasa 200 plus eh.. wenk. O.O hehe

goodluck! :D

hahaha sige, tama na.

grabe. infatuation nanaman!

2nd time na to. >___>;
shempre crush crush lang muna... pero pag nasaktan ka na... aba, level up na yan. hindi na crush yan.

ganun na nga ang nangyari. parang masakit na di ko sya makita. >____>; grabe. adik lang. T___T; nakakainis ako diba.. ? >.<;

naiinis pa ko kanina. naku, bat ba ko lumipat. >____>;
sige wish ko lang di matapos ang sem na to. yak. at least kahit yung subject lang na yun. di ko pa kaya, seryoso. minsan lang kaya ako magka-ganito.

but at some point i don't want to cater this feeling. wala, ayoko lang masaktan. masakit kaya nung first time! i mean, never pa ko nagka-bf pero naranasan ko na magkagusto ng husto sa isang taong friendship lang talaga ang kayang ibigay sayo. but at least we're pretty close friends parin... at tuluyan na ring naglaho yung feeling.

ayoko ngang iclaim na in-love ako eh. wala. ayoko lang. kasi parang ang corny mainlove. hahaha. siguro infatuation. mas malamang yun... kasi hindi naman usually masakit magka-crush eh. pero dahil nalulungkot akong isipin na malapit ng matapos ang sem... T____T;

haaay dibale na lang.
di ko lang talaga mapigilang magblog kasi... naco-confuse ako.
lche. di na ko kinikilig, it's a mixture of that and hurt that i'm feeling right now.
bakit ganun, Lord naman eh.


sana di nya to mabasa diba.
ay joke, as if naman nag-nenet yun. and besides, i haven't mentioned anyone's name for that matter. >___>;

Lord, gusto ko lagi lang masaya. lagi lang jackpot moments. :) sana maging close pa kami.

ang hirap kayang magpretend.
corny na.

gusto kong magpakalunod

yes. swimming nanaman bukas. hopefully ma divert ang utak ko.
sht talaga. >___>

for once, pare, for once...
masakit kaya. T___________________T;

pero bat ganun, kung tutuusin... wala naman talagang nangyari. paranoid lang talaga ako.

pero akalain mo, i was waiting for him awhile ago. kala ko di na sya darating. so i took out my notebook and wrote, dear lord sana dumating sya.
and right after i ended the sentence... jenen! the door opened and he was there.

minsan talaga and random ng mga sinasagot na prayers ni God.

alam nyo ba nung first time kong magkaganito... yung maloka ng todo tapos biglang wala pala... ang sakit sakit. huhuhuhuhu. natulala lang ako buong araw sa dorm.

pero weird, nakaget over naman ako. ang bilis nga eh. T___T; ganun talaga pag walang aminan... minsan mabuti pang alamin mo muna kung may-pagasa ka before you drop hints... otherwise... lalo kang masasaktan. ngayon, casual friend na lang tingin ko sa kanya. hahaha...

i'm not saying this out of experience pero mas mabuti na rin yung hindi umaasa lalo na kung alam mong wala syang gusto sayo.

ok, ang drama ko.

e kasi naman. 1 week pare! 1 week!! ang tagal!
isang araw nga hindi ko matiis 1 week pa kaya!!!

MICHI, magpaparty ka naman sa birthday mo!!! gusto ko lumabas!hehehe

ang mga lalaki... hindi manliligaw kung di sila siguradong sure-shot sila sa girl. onga naman. makes sense. mahirap mabasted. hahahahahaha

alam nyo ba... naiiyak ako.

hahaha joke lang.

wrong move, arianne, wrong move T___T;

wala. >___>;
i thought it was the best thing to do to narrow down suspicions but i ended up feeling sad instead. i ended up regretting what i did.

i actually didn't want him to think that i have no interest in him.
whatever. >___>;

go study, arianne.
just go... do your homeworks. be a good student. don't think of him often, for all you know he's not thinking of you that way.

you won't be seeing him for a week so chill and try not to kill yourself for being so overly infatuated with this guy.

and so my conscience speaks.

my classmate's goggles. hehe

i just came across a video file here called shinsen corp - zombie loan... hehe anime! bwaha nice nice, freaky. but nice art...? err still uncomparable to claymore type art but it's good! at least not as ugly as initial d drawings*
*ooops. sorry sorry, but seriously... i could've enjoyed initial d if they were drawn better... they remind of the knock out characters. bwahaha. and they're ugly. wenk.
you might not notice but i'm publishing this entry through mail because... err... because i'm too lazy to access my dashboard through the blogger homepage.
you know what, i woke up fantasizing this morning. wtf.wtf.WTF. i'm not even sure if it was a fantasy or a dream but i realized it was indeed one of my silly hopeless fantasies because i gathered i'm already half-conscious and was trying to continue the story, but forgot most of it anyways (which makes it like a half-dream half-fantasy thing haha). the only thing i remember is that were about to bungee jump together. and i fainted while diving down. bwahaha.
that was like 6am. >__>; then i went back to sleep again because i alarmed my phone at 630. hehe i have class at 7.
anyhow, i ended up waking 645. bwahaha so i slipped through my swimsuit and put on my clothes, took my jacket and stormed off to the pool.
swimming is a dmn good exercise. that's if you're willing to sacrifice getting a horrible and irreparable (sp?) chlorine tan. i get darker and darker every week and the grim part of it is that i didn't get it from the sun but from our oversaturated pool... which is a hopeless case if you want to revive your lost skintone. .>__>;
gosh. i tried swimming 50 meters straight and i almost died of exhaustion.
and my classmate's goggles was lost under the pool. no one really asked me to get it but since i'm closest to it, i figured i was obliged to do it. T__T; friends, i dunno what's up with her goggles. why must it drown and rest way down on the pool floor... 10 meters below the gutter surface???
and i was like trying to submerge myself but i end up rising upwards so i asked the lifeguard for assistance. he taught me how to submerge but i still can't reach the bottom. >__>;; i have to release a lot of air to go down but come on, how can i survive without air? haha... in the the end mr. lifeguard (who's polite enough to assist me with the blasted goggles) used a pole to reach the pool floor and i swam underneath, using the pole to reach the bottom.
yeah, i got the goggles so i'm now swimming upwards, the pole was a big help, but i'm slowly running out of air. omaygulay. then kuya lifeguard pulled and pulled... it was WAY TOO FAST i felt my ears deafen. T___T;;
yey. cool! i was like muro-ami-ing. bwahahahaha
thanks, kuya for the experience. i enjoyed it. ^______^=v
when came back to the dorm, i wrote an early entry to my 'dear Lord diary' saying I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM.
yes, until now.
call it crap, just not love please.

wala lang

i miss amelie poulain! bwahaha

hello, so kumusta naman ang araw na to...?

at last... i attended my micro1 class... malapit na ko ma-excessive eh. nag-quiz as usual at lagpak nanaman. feeling ko kung masisingko ako dito.. dahil sa mga quizzes yun. dibale dibale, sa exam na lang. :)

hum1.. bago pumasok ng klase nakasalubong ko si ate irene, sabi ko may klase ako.. sabi nya "aba! papasok ka na!" bwahahaha ano ba yan, kung may subject akong hindi papasukan, count hum1 out. yun lang ang masaya sa mga subjects ko ngayon. :)

grabe talagang nakakatamad na mag-aral. uhm, hurrayhurray! pumasok ako sa chem40! nagquiz din kami eh... pasa naman kahit pano... bwahahaha

alam nyo ba na para akong tanga, sa tuwing naglalakad ako pauwi di ko mapigilang ngumiti. haaay crush. kung alam mo lang, lakas tama talaga. >___>; eh ganito talaga ako magka-crush eh. hindi pa obvious!! hahahaha

haha may GA kami ngayon.. di ako pumunta... >___>; katamaran. tsktsk.

aba! pinapalabas na ang Devil Beside You sa GMA! grabe... ANG PANGET NG DUBBING... more like ang panget nung boses nung bidang lalaki. i'm sure di yun tatangkilikin ng tao.. at dahil dyan... hindi dadami ang fans ni Ahmon sa Pilipinas... which means... HALOS WALA PARIN AKONG KAAGAW!

hah. selfish.

really now

i don't think i'm going to pursue shifting/transferring to diliman next schoolyear... hehe i'm afraid of the papers/interviews hassle... i might just get turned down you know. well, it's not really about that. it's more about the feeling that i'm starting to like it here, even though i'm not excelling academically at least i know i'm not alone in my journey downhill, it's not even a good thought but it's a good enough compensation. bwahahaha

things are going to get hard for me from here... from this moment that i decide to just continue being a chemical engineering student... a blasted one at that.

weirdly though, i feel like my worth will be more seen if i'm taking computer science. but then, my plan is to just take a vocational course on that sometime after graduation. >___>;

i want to work na. dmmt.

wasting gel ink

i'm drawing/doodling again! i couldn't find anything to do.. =|
i arrived home at around 4 and no one's answering the door so i just climbed over our gate... good thing the main door's open or else i would have to perform my usual akyat-bahay tactics... >__>;

and i found out there are actually two people inside. grr... i'm hating my sister again for destroying our doorbell. T___T;

my parents and my sister are gone that time... they were in divisoria to fit gowns because it's mommy's awarding soon and terai's gonna escort her... why, I WANT TO! but i have classes, dmmt =\ but i'm still going to the hotel yey. :)

my sister bought me a new bag, it's red! i like it, yeah but i wanted it to be more casual... my shirts won't get along with it.

haha quite a new look again, i've already used this header once but i ditched it anyways. dunno if the alignments are fine in other browsers... i had to adjust the top margin to a negative value for it to align with the header image. whatev. >___>;

i wish i were a computer science major you know, then i would have enough knowledge not to fumble over trivial things like this.

i am greatly favored by the imaginary deity of critical infatuation. most of the people i tell about my crush are concidentally his acquaintances! now, life's pretty good on me (on this part only though) or maybe he's just too old that it fits right that he knows a lot of people already. bwahahaha

man, i badly want that 250gigs portable hard drive so that i could store my stolen series directly. >__>;
on a sad note, i wasn't able to watch the eps i took yesterday because there's this 'error downloading codec' thingamajig that appeared in my wmp when i loaded the video meaning only the audio is present, no gdmn visuals.

i think it's karma. hahaha
or maybe if i get a new laptop with windows vista then i'm going to have an ultra great and updated wmp and i don't have to worry about installing that blasted codec (whatever that is).

goodnight. :)


♠ i woke up really early this day because i thought the swimming compet will start at 7. ay ang effort talaga bumangon ng maaga. >__>;

♠ anyhow, i lost. :( aww, but it's ok! haha i'm not expecting anything anyway. eh malay ko ba na kailangan mag-DIVE sa freestyle?!?! anong malay ko eh mas gusto ko sumipa na lang sa gutter. hahaha whatever. 25m-free lang ang nalaro ko, si ate melai 25m-backstroke. we were (at least I WAS) excited for the relay kasi girl power kami, dalawa lang kaming lalangoy ng 100m! but noooo, ERG won't let us. kailangan daw at least may isang lalaki.


♠ galit si kuya omeng. lasing pa yata mga tao from yesterday (last day the fair) kaya default kami sa softball... double default naman kasi wala rin ung kabila so ok lang.

♠ ewan.ewan.ewan. sa pagmamadali kong makauwi (btw, i'm home!) nakalimutan kong labhan yung mga binabad ko. wenkwenk.

♠ yey. nakita ko crush ko! happyhappyhappy!

♠ i dropped by megamall to have lunch. yey! nagyoshi nanaman ako! :) as usual. pero asenso di na ko ng icecream! haha wala kasing m&m's ung snowstorm ngayon eh. hehehe tapos tapos...

♠ ayos. nakapagcyberzone nanaman ako! ang sarap talaga tumingin sa octagon! daming laptops! as in 30K sulit na!!!

♠ lntk. may bago akong gustong bilhin. isang 250gigs portable harddrive (aabutin ng hanggang 9k). hahaha ano ba yan grabe talaga... 15gigs na lang natitira sa PCng ito! tapos super bagal pa nung pagtransfer nung 4gigs na ninakaw ko kahapon so haaay, parusa talaga. eh 8gigs lang usb ko! yung susunod kong nanakawin 22gigs (Death Note) tapos ung Naruto... aba mahaba yun baka mag 100gigs yun mahirap na... at ang mahal ng DVD-R ha! ang pinakamalaking nakita ko ay 8.something gigs... 150pesos! waaaah. >____>;

♠ e wala akong dvd burner. hahahahaha

♠ minsan talaga, parang gusto ko na lang magtrabaho at kumita. wag na mag-aral!

♠ ok, scratch that.

snatched away (is that redundant?) >__<

i just stole 4gigs worth of files here in astra... >___>; i took in episodes 16-47 of Nana (an anime series). Astra has a lot of animes for viewing here... thing is, and of course too, they have to contain it within their computer shop. they put up enough warnings not to steal but i insist on being guilty. i can't afford to sit here and wait for the whole series to finish playing... by then i'll be begging alms before i even know it.

haha. steffi's right. they're not checking who's stealing, they don't even have that chorva detector who can see through video thieves. hehehe...

works just good for me. bwahahaha

oh, valentines was ok. i went feb-fairing with my orgmates then with my dormates... our brods gave us heart shaped balloons... which i'm very thankful for because at last i won't be loitering around the field feeling envious of girls carrying long-stemmed roses and pink balloons from their boyfriends...

but even before i got a good walk around the field feeling proud that i'm not so lonely this season (because looook! i have a balloon! a proof that someone cares. hahaha)... i lost the gdmn thing. i wasn't really carrying it, i just stuck it on my bag... and 10 meters after i walked away from our booth i checked my bag and saw the balloon is gone... and only the fckdmt stick was left. ate joegie and i decided to look back for it and we saw it on lying on the ground...

but wtf, wait... even before i was given the chance to shout the words "WAIT! THAT'S MY FCKN BALLOON! THE ONLY GIFT I RECEIVED THIS BLASTED SEASON!!!!" ...

a streetchild snatched it
arg, that killed my appetite (and also gave me this ridiculous feeling that it was a sign that i'm not going to get a lovelife ever). hahahahahaha

so i didn't go for it anymore.
why, it's just a balloon. and it's not even from someone special :(

not that i'm saying my brods aren't special but the one who gave it to me was like, "meron ka na? o" and handed it to me without even looking. how cold. T___T; i was even beaming madly about the generosity of thy sensitive brods... but oh well, looks like i got it from the wrong person (and i'm not saying he's bad. he's naturally like that so i couldn't demand anything). could've taken the other side of the booth and gotten it from someone more cheerful.... hay.

saddest part yet, i wasn't able to see my crush. T___T;

balik xml

nainis ako sa html/css layout ko... ok sana kaso di maayos sa ibang browsers. at least ito ok naman... so yun. dito na lang ako. hehe.

inalis ko na yung selective expandable posts... pero ibabalik ko rin soon enough. naloloka pa ko sa coding eh...

wala na rin yung label cloud... i figured to just keep the labels for myself in case my gusto akong balikan (well, di nyo na business yun. it's my own bookmark)

inis parin ako.
i wish i knew more xml diba? para kering keri na lang ang paggawa ng ganitong layout.

i'll edit this sometime...
pero mas gusto ko na to... simple lang. :)


and i thought 14 is going to suck for me. well, i still don't know what's up with this day for me....you see, it's too early to assume anything. bwaha

yey! i attended my swimming class awhile ago. the diving board still scares me but i'm okay i guess hahaha. hey, we're swimming the pool length already! that's 25 meters! yeah! i actually thought i should get a lot of practice with length swimming, my endurance is kinda low... but i can sprint. so this day we had 6 laps... free-back, back and forth. it was tiring, everytime i get to the other side of the pool i stay there for a couple of minutes to rest. bwahaha, i don't have enough stamina to do 6 laps straight... unless i'm in a competition, that could be arranged.

>___>; saturday is eng'g meet day! and it's just swimming, track and field and couple of missed games... >__>; i'm more conscious with my swimwear that with my swimming. wtdhl.

YESTERDAY was ultra great.
i had to make myself look pretty (and i was hoping i did it right). seriously. because...err... because it's the last time i'm going to see my crush before valentines, unless he's going to swim/watch this saturday... i'm not really counting on the chance of me seeing him this blasted day, for all i know he's so busy with things. but he's enjoying it, i'm glad.

let's go back to yesterday... i didn't attend my micro1 class because i don't want to. (SEE HOW EASY IT IS FOR ME TO DECIDE ON SKIPPING A CLASS??!?!? somedy help) but i did attend my hum1 class, so far it's my favorite class because it's fun and the people are nice.... basta, fun. and there's also the ♥ factor. wtdhl. we gave a surprise quiz! more like the teacher asked us to give one... bwaha. then that's it. :-)

i just gave birth to my 4th child. her name is anne christiane. :) so all in all, i had 3 divorces and this new marriage. like usual i'm not hoping in this current relationship to last, unless there's something mutual between me and my self-proclaimed husband... then that's a different story. i am willing to wait.]

last night even though it was raining, kim (my second daughter) and i went to the feb fair to watch the Gorgeous 20 (i was actually persuading my youngest, anne, to join as well and be the Gorgeous 21.bwahaha but it'd be scandalous so we just dismissed the thought). it was still early, the show before it hasn't ended yet so we decided to just watch. ayos. nice bands. i enjoyed some. but what i enjoyed most is that i saw my crush. hahaha so mega bantay lang ako sa kanya. whatever talaga.

but i enjoyed it.
it made my day.
he made my day.

if you know how my dorm life is going, you'd be sure to understand what [this text] means.

btw, i skipped my history class just know. it's boring me big time and i feel like the teacher hates me for not being responsible enough. i know i know. i don't pass reflection papers, i paid for the trip but didn't join (i got sick, dmmt!), i'm usually absent minded in her class and she notices.

i hate boring classes.
similarly, i hate boring teachers, hard subjects and terror teachers.

and shool is basically all about that.
so in short, i hate school.

before anything else, happy ♥s season

valentines has always been 'singles-awareness-day' spelled backwards...
yeah, it's just now that it bothered me not to have a boyfriend (or anything similar) this season. why, i'm 17! >___>;

i'm old enough!
and i'd be spending this blasted season either with my dormmates or with my orgmates... good thing i had a major crush this time so at least i won't feeling so left alone.

yeah, i guess a crush is good enough. and he's quite busy nowadays too, i pity him. he badly wants to get over this month already. well, i don't want to. it'd be March by then... and soon there'll be the finals week which means classes will end soon... and i don't want to because i won't be able to see him anymore. >___>;

what's up with virgos...?
all of my major crushes are virgos. wtdhl. >____>;

know what, i want flowers... or balloons or chocolates... well i accept any gift.
being single has a lot of benefits, yeah. there's freedom in big bold uppercase letters... but dmn, February is a whole month of suffering for us. >___>;

grabe. walang thrill!
ang booooooooooooooooooooooooring. lch.

oh, and what sucks more is that i have nothing to keep me busy this week. i only have one exam... and it's 10a... and i don't usually study 10a... >____> i'm really unocuppied...

actually, if i come think of it... i have loads of things to catch up with my acads but it always boils down to my refusal to engage in anything academic while i'm inside the dorm.

btw, my sister + vynne went SPEED DATING today. they were inviting us to join them but heck, i don't think it's going to solve any of my problems... better yet replace my current major crush in my rotting brain....

at feeling ko pa nagpapakaloyal ako sa crush ko dahil ayoko makipagspeed dating. bukod sa
a) nakakahiya
b) baka may makita pa kong brod dyahe
c) sayang 100
eto pa
d) ewan ko... enjoy pa ko sa crush ko eh... ayoko muna sha palitan.

dibale next time pag desperada na talaga ako.

parang gusto ko tuloy mag-arcade at magracing na lang... mas enjoy yun.
gusto ko ulit tuloy mag EK! yeheeeey.

it's not that hard to imagine

bwahaha... i have no more classes for this day! eto ngayon ang agenda ko!

2)tambay sa booth
3)makifebfair with dormates

*oops, may homework pa pala... so sige

4)micro1 homework.

but more importantly (kaya nga ako nandito) i have to resume my why why love marathon! haaay, mga 5 days din ang hiatus ko...hehehe

wait. feeling ko ang panget nitong layout na to... namimiss ko kasi yung new blogger template eh... kahit na mahirap mag-customize ng xml, mas malinis naman yun tingnan... imagine... the whole sidebar content is integrated within the stylesheet... unlike xml na widget widget na lang at least mas madali mag edit ng contents... hayhay.

>___>; now i want to rip this off.
di ko rin naisip na valentines na valentines, black ang layout ko. whatever.

my dormmates are inviting me on a speed dating event... haha ayos! kaso nahihiya ako... e kung may making akong brod dun! nakakahiya diba... bwahahaha

so kahit mejo unocuppied ako ngayon physically... marami parin talaga akong iniisip. like yung paglipat ko, acads kong bulok... pati sya ♥


yehey! i'm done with my new layout! aba ang hirap! nakakaloka naman talaga! >___>; where.

the only thing my powers cannot fix anymore is its presentability in other browsers like firefox and opera. this layout works well in IE but is misaligned in ffox and opera, but anyway. i won't give a damn! i'm too tired! hahaha

seriously. wala akong lovelife. not that i'm looking for one... but i'm still hoping for someone to come parin naman.

aynaku talaga.
yung crush ko sa isa kong subject... mashado akong pinagalala. lintik. bakit naman kasi ganun magtext di kami nagkakaintindihan.

may narealize ako...
iba talaga ang virgo. tsk
wenkwenk. gusto ko na lumangoy masyado na kong tumataba. bwahahaha

ay onga pala... ewan ko ba.
Lord, kinikilig ako. and weird

layout still under construction

because i lost my patience fumbling over new blogger's xml layout... i decided to just revert to my classic template and along with that came a lot of changes... whew.

1) can't have the label cloud with varying heights anymore
2) none of those monthly archive links with the number of entries beside it
3) generally, i got a less strict html editor and with that... i cannot guarantee my skin to look well under different browsers

however as you can see... although this (below) certain problem can be solvable (??), i cannot dedicate my time on it..

♠ i lost the selective expandable post script with my layout restoration so all of my entries which are enlosed in [span id="fullpost]here[/span] will be shown in its full text instead. however, with the installment (very soon!) of a classic-layout friendly script similar to the one i just lost... i'll be able to do a new set of entries which are selectively expandabe... however again, the encosing tags will be changed to [span CLASS="fullpost"]>__>;[/span] so yeah... i hope you get the drift... in short, i won't be able to save those entries i cut with my new blogger layout because
1) they're too many
2) i don't know where to start (like, i don't even know which entries are cut and which are not... though there's a way... it'd be too troublesome on my part)

1) add counter
2) add tagboard
2) get the blogger comment link or rot with haloscan's new unfriendly features
3) find a way to retrieve my OLD LINK LIST
4) edit horizontal navbar links
5) create an entry for Blogmistress and Contacts

if wonder if i should move to WORDPRESS.

crap >___>;

i wish i hadn't volunteered to do robotics349, i never knew it would be this hard to create a critical paper on it. and to think that my partner was just dragged to it (because he was the last one to choose and everything else was taken...xept 349), it made me even more guilty to load the entire paper on his shoulders.

i was sick last night. >_>;
i didn't have enough braincells to do the paper... but i did it somehow... and still thank him for participating in it.

i wonder why i got sick in the first place... it seems like everyweek i get a bizzare health problem and no symptoms seem to lead to a credible assumption. i only remember some things though i can't figure out how it would lead to me having a fever. thursday night we went to lb square to chill... i drank a strawberry/kiwi smoothie and ordered a bottle of sm light as well... i mixed the two... it was heaven. i promised myself to go back there someday.

the next day, i didn't attend my lab class so i didn't get the chance to see my standing, anyway i know it wouldn't be greater than or equal to 60. i met with kat and we went for a walk, in the process seeing kuya abet limping in the field... so we three went together... without any plans at all. we walked through the field... saw marious and co. and blahblahblah...

in short we did a lot of walking. i was tired, and weirdly enough i got sleepy so i wasn't able to eat dinner with kat... i actually preferred to sleep. and when i woke up i realized, damn i'm sick. wtdfck.

i texted my parents, i told them not to worry.
why did i ever tell my mom i'm sick, anyway?! i would have chosen not to and lie to her that i had something to do over the weekend so that they would allow me to stay at the dorm. i really wanted to rest, and when i'm sick i hate travelling by bus... and a mental note says i should not miss tomorrow's game with IESO. >_>; ctdcrp.

but heck, i hate lying...especially to my mom. so i told her my case. she called me and said they'll fetch me tomorrow morning. I FCKNG DIDN'T WANT TO GO HOME! i insisted not to but my mom was on the verge of tears.

i see she's bothered big time with my health.
and cries about something about her work. it's doing great, and she's thankful for that but alongside her good luck in work is a bad luck in health. you know, balance... or something like it.

so they fetched me. now i'm home... feeling better. :)

by the way, we're laying-off on employees.

dad says our maid had a fight with one of our employees. so this guy employee got real mad that she punched our maid on the face. so it bled. so our maid got out and took a KNIFE from the kitchen and threatened to kill him. good thing dad came in between... would've caused a murder in the house.

my dad talked to our maid, saying "di mo ba alam na pwede kang makulong dyan?"
and you know what she said?
"haynaku, kuya. di ako natatakot! nagawa ko na noon yan, hindi ako nakulong."


why why love ♥

first it's coffee prince, then devil beside you and finally i'm doing a marathon of why why love!!! :)

if you're interested you can watch it at Crunchyroll

i'm still of episode 4 though... hehehe but i'm enjoying it! wahahaha

@ i'm so glad this day is finally over (not exactly, but you get the drift)! i had two exams a while ago!
hist2 and chem40lec. hist2 was so time consuming we had to write a lot of essays... and take note... i didn't study well, i mean, i only started browsing her handouts (which is more or less 50 pages) 4 hours before the exam... and the reason is because i studied chem40 the night before... and with that i mean i didn't sleep! yeah! like i started 12mn (which is damn usual if you know me well- my neurons like doing the graveyard shift) and by 5am i'm not even halfway! wtdhl! it took me 5 hours studying stereochemistry alone!!!

and i was so proud i was able to understand those blasted concepts... but unfortunately, i didn't have enough time to dwell on the reaction mechanisms (which will take the bulk of the exam). i knew beforehand i suck in reactions that's why at times like this i rely on acing the objective part of her exam... which is majorly stereochem. so by 6 i had to pause studying chem40 for a while and read my hist2 readings instead.

i wasn't really worried on this part because i had a pretty good leakage. thanks soldier! wahehehe

same old thing, when i cram like this... i go to my exam unprepared. yeah, i haven't taken a bath that time!! since it's almost 10am, i had to rush to my first exam (hist2) so all i had in my hand is a ballpen and two bluebooks... and i went with my shirt and shorts. woooot. this isn't the first time i went to an exam looking 'dugyutin'. bwahahaa

after that i still had to prepare for my 10a class... seriously. i couldn't care a damn anymore. i just changed my clothes and went there... >___>; and when i came there... i found out we have no classes but we are to pass the isometric views of our model houses on tuesday... it's a groupwork so i really really do not care about it. typically there would be at least one genius in a group who would take care of everything... i'm not that... i will never be... so i thank my groupmate for taking the load! go you!

jed accompanied me to EE building to get my checklist... well i usually don't care about it... i'm the mistress of academic indifference... but you see if i leave my classlist there unchecked... i'm afraid people i know will run through it and see my horrible grades. so i better spare myself the shame on that. i also took my grades list for last sem... wahahaha... what? i'm not expecting anything to change! i just took it to, yet again, spare myself the shame. hehehe...

btw, while walking to EE bldg, i saw a piece of playing card face down on the ground... i told jed, "ui.. hmmm... eto and maghahawak ng aking kapalaran!" and took the card and flipped it over and guess what! i got a queen of diamonds!

>___>; and this point i really think i'd be spending a black valentines.
i was hoping for a heart. but well, diamonds are spectacular enough.

there's really no point in doing that. it's just me annoying people because i haven't slept all day! it was hard on my part to drink the prescripted sedative then drown myself with two cups of coffee right after. don't you think this kind of lifestyle's gonna kill me????

which is why against all odds, i'm going to do my best to transfer to college of fine arts in diliman... if i don't then i'd rather die trying.

oh about the chem40 exam awhile ago?
it was like 90% the same as our 2nd lecture exam last sem! and i still think i didn't do well.


a missing sense of urgency

@ early morning i went to my PE class! more so... we were already taught how to tread on deep water! yeheey! and also, we were required to jump on two of the diving boards! one low and the other relatively higher... now that's coooool!

it was my first time to jump on a diving board!!! and the best part of it was... i didn't drown! yeah! i never thought it would be quite easy to survive in deep waters... unless there's something below... >___>;

the high driving board was the scariest part though (well, everyone should agree) so i gathered up all my courage and jumped without hesitation because if i panic, wouldn't get enough air... waaaah. funfunfun!!!!

@ mam boncocan is really considerate. i admit i've been really negligent of my GE subjects... especially her class... that i haven't even submitted my waiver and fee for the upcoming felid trip this saturday. good Lord i have spare time that day so i was able to get a photocopy of the waiver at her pigeonhole, rush to the dorm to get my sister/guardian's signature, and rush back in time to deliver the paper and money. unfortunately she has a class so i just stuck a note at her desk and left. whew. i hope she gets it. :)

@ haaaay, and right now i have a responsiblity to go back and study because i have two exams this thursday... chem40 and hist2... and God knows how much progress i'm doing.

it sucks not to have that positive sense of urgency on things that need to be put on high priority - i'm talking about my acads.

i'm afraid i'm wallowing too much on my thirst for a lovelife and those petty taiwanese series on youtube that i'm spending a generous amount of money satisfying my unecessary crave for subtitled dramas.

i wish i had better habits.
now it's really up to me working on it.

org issues >__>;

i guess you're unlucky to ever stumble upon this entry. for two reasons:

a) if you're not my brod/sis, you won't understand a single thing below
b) but if you are, you might hate me forever for ever publishing this (esp. if you're part of the newest batch)

now i don't really feel like discussing it here because it seems inapropriate but since i wasn't able to express it to the public (which i don't really intend to), i gather it's better to blurt it out here.

whew. we're undergoing a lot of changes. while i think they're for the better (the bulk is on disciplinary action), i still think there has to be a little space for consideration.

♠ the new DA - can we just start counting taras for the physical DA after it's first implementation? so that it would be fair to those who are already in DA... err... what if you were already in DA and all you know is that for you to get out of your blasted status you have to attend, say, 5 major activities consecutively, so you prepared for that... then suddenly they changed the law and said that we'll paddle you instead and you're good... that's kinda harsh. >___>;

that's my only concern though.
most of the issues raised were resolved through speech (i dunno what will happen next). and i agree to most of them.

especially the batch clustering inside the org.
hahaha, our batch (equilibria - comprised of 3) isn't really part of this mess but i still feel the tension regarding this issue.

i seriously think grephein is too much.
not just in number, but also in this kind of air they give me... which is not good.
maybe i think they're too proud... or too involved with their batch that i think they should start a new org... or better yet resolve this issue.

i know this came off in an offensive manner, i'm too, for a lack of an english term, 'badtrip'.

i hate generalizing because it'll end in a rusty typecast that people will hate. >_>;

maybe all we need is to bond.
maybe new members also need to respect that 04 is two years older than 06 and three years older than 07.

i look up a lot to the 04's because i think they're the greatest batch that ever graced my existence, and with the addition of one batch i don't want them to think that's, 'now it's all about them. let's leave it here'. wtdfck.

and rey, you were wrong when you said naiingit ang charter.
you were so wrong for ever putting that up.
can't you scale down your comments for respect's sake?

what. i have nothing against you.

ayoko lang ng mga tipong, kabago-bago.. pumapapel na.

now i know the feeling of hating someone new who entered your circle just to change things. i hate it that when someone new enters the scene, he does everything to change things for the better... NOT MINDING the current administration. i think if you're still new, just be there to observe and do whatever is asked of your assistance... don't fckng tell people around that the problem in this org is THIS AND THAT.

i tell you bro, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
just sit still, because time will come and you will start your reign as the senior of the organization. don't rush things up because it's becoming disrespectful (esp to those who are in charge).

now, that's a different issue.
no questions allowed.


i've been sleeping all day. >_>;;
not literally but i sleep anytime i get the cance to... even in the church. waaah.

so yesterday, my life is all about 2 freakin hospital trips. early morning we went to delos santos hospital to get a check-up regarding my alleged pneumonia and allergies... i sorta don't trust the people there because we weren't referred to a specialist, instead they just did their thing in a special clinic with different doctors... and i thought having a card gives you instant access to a reliable specialist. wtdhl.

so the nurse checked me out first, then referred me to this doctor, then to an EENT doctor and finally to an orthopedist...

the EENT doctor confirmed my allergies and gave me a prescription... after which i asked where could the chest pain possibly come from because i myself couldn't figure out how it could be a symptom of pneumonia when i didn't have a fever (the last fever i had is because of UTI) and cough... only colds which is in a form of allergy. know what he said... "baka lovelife?" man, i could only smile at his thorough analysis.

oh, the prescription he gave me is a anti-allergy which is also a sedative, that's why i get a lot of naps this day... >_>;

after that the orthopedist gave me and my dad an anti-pneumonia vaccine.
i also had to repeat my urine test because we weren't able to follow-up last month ago...

and because the urinalysis result isn't available til 3pm and the doctor we were referred to will leave at 3, we decided to just go to my original pediatrician and hopefully get a sound second opinion... especially about my chest pain...

so after getting the lab result we went to capitol medical center for dr. magnaye. :)
i missed him! it was kinda embarassing on my part to still consult a pediatrician when i'm already 17 years old. most of the patients there were 10 below and it was really weird to see an adult-looking teenager wait for a pedia. however, i was delighted to see my doctor again. the last time i went to him was when i was 10! :) he did change, but i see it's for the better. now he looked like Tirso Cruz III to me! wahaha

he asked about my allergies, my fever last christmas, my xray result and tried to relate it to my chest pain. nothing seems to connect, he even mentioned that my case is quite "unusual".

now i believe the EENT doctor.
it's really weird.

but at least i can drop off the impression that is has something to do with the heart! yey.

oh he also mentioned I'M OVERWEIGHT by 10kgs. >___>;

that's why i'm going to start watching my food intake from now on.
now let's hope i make progress with this... because you see this is not the first time i vowed on this issue.

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