i thought i liked subjective exams more...

but our hum1 exam awhile ago proved to be a torture. man, it was worth 60 points, with just 15 questions (the last one being a BONUS)... and i don't think i did well. hahaha, actually i didn't study for it. i only memorized the critical thinking pyramid... which quarantees me 7 points now. but the others? gosh, i think i relied mostly on logic and whatever it is i can manage to write down.

i like subjective exams. they make you think a lot. only, you need a lot of time for it to. 1 minute left and i haven't touched the bonus yet.

the bonus. it says there to write a poem describing a person in class, you may/may not write his/her name. hahaha i could've written a decent poem about him (with enough cover-ups) but i don't have enough time left. anyway. i think it's better that way. for all i know we're going to recite them in class once we reach the topic poetry. hahaha

Lord, why must it be like that? yes, i was hoping he'll come but i easily dismissed the thought thinking he'd rather take it with this girl. bwahahaha (me and my paranoid jealousy!)

but dang, he came. wth.
what are you trying to say?
i don't see signs pertaining to something negative. bwahehehehe

thank you, thank you. :)

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