higschool: a social jungle

highschool, for me, is just a place where you get to pick your own set of forever-friends. perhaps there are only two things i liked about highschool

i. my friends
ii. the pride that goes along with graduating from an all-girls sectarian school, like everybody thinks you're rich and sosyal and all those junk that would not really pay off in college

besides that, it's full of crap.

you'll meet real-life tupperwares, walking machine-guns and many many legged serpents.

oh, of course highschool isn't all bad for me, i learned a lot of things too and the most important of them is this:

WEAR YOUR SOCKS LOW. there's no logic to back this up. first year, first week of classes... i volunteered to answer a math problem on the board and before ushering me back to my seat, my teacher reprimanded me in front of the class that my socks were too high. ;_; i was shattered that day, i felt like the most jologs person in class because all of them have ankle socks. what a good way to blow off an 11 yr old's idea of self-image.

influence and good-looks are the only principals needed to get out unscathed in a social jungle called highschool. a little bit of brains would do, but it should never outdo your looks in any way.

there's a different exit for those who use their brains too much.

i love highschool.

finally, a room that feels like a room

a place where i can lock myself in, a place with internet connection, privacy, and a big bed. :D

yes! :D i've finally redesigned my room in preparation for next school year. lol. i am THAT excited to turn my room into an art den, but i don't have enough freedom yet because i still share my room with my sister during nighttime because our parents use her room since their room is not conducive for resting because it's facing the street. whatever.

anyhow. with the help of my uncle, we've transferred the study table inside my room. i've been begging my mom to relocate that long table but we didn't have enough manpower then. and now that it's here, i'm happy! :D bwahahaha at least i can stop pestering my parents. weeeeee XD

and because my mom is so concerned that we'd ruin the floor when we drag the chair in and out of the desk, she wants us to buy rolling chairs, yknow those office chairs with wheels. i wonder how much that's gonna cost. anyway... fine. XD

i'm preparing my friends gifts right now, mom says she'll be giving me half of my christmas bonus on saturday so i'm counting on that. regarding our highschool reunion though, i'm not sure if i can come...depends on the availability of a free ride and of course my friends' who's coming.

happy new year! :D


CLICK TO ZOOM! (nazoo-zoom ba? -_-) please, celebrate with me! bwahahaha

i've finished the advanced level of MINESWEEPER (16x30 tile grid; 99 mines)! oo, that's what i've been knocking my brains for since christmas break started (besides dish-washing). lol ok... to save you from a mouse click, here's what's written on my "congratulatory" mini pop-up window:

you have the fastest time for this difficulty level

Time: 465 seconds (7.75mins)
Best Time: 465 seconds
Games Played: 121
Games Won: 1
Percentage: 0%
Date: 12/30/08

XD i'm not sure if i'm fast enough, but i'll work hard on it. i want to be faster next time! haha, as if it's gonna help me rule the world. ;____;

if you notice though, i've played 121 times and won only once. err, that should sound inspiring........ne?. ^__^;; it doesn't matter how many times you've lost, in the end what's gonna count is the number of times you triumphed over something. a single victory is enough to flood a thousand failures.

little by little i'm going to increase the number of tiles (max: 24x30; 668 mines) until...well, until i become a master minesweeper! XD *insert hysterical geeky snort here*

thank you for bearing with this entry.
cheers? ^^;

PS: advanced happy new year!!

a son who doesn't know basic sports etiquette and a father who just watches him boast his ugly upbringing; whoever voted for these scums?

i was taken to THIS PAGE via a link at my friend's multiply. it tells of how mayor nasser pangandaman jr. along with his bodyguards beat up a defenseless 56-year-old man and his 14-year-old son at a golf club in antipolo. the entry was written by the daughter of the victim who witnessed the whole event.

this is not the first time i heard of news regarding politicians beating up defenseless people over a very small matter (which is usually caused by the overly egoistic politician), but this is the first time it struck me really bad. maybe because i didn't hear it from the news first, but from a more credible source -- a family member of the victim. as i was reading her blog entry, my heart was sinking deeper and deeper at the violent turnout of events.

i never liked politics. i never wanted to involve myself in it, even in the smallest ways like debates with a political theme and such. no, you can never count on me to be updated with who's leading on the senatorial elections. i never cared because if i did, i would be always be up against them and that's an effort that will always be rendered futile. that's why i chose to be just silent and unknowing, in other words, safe.

hope they die early and rot in hell!

mahirap pala

i'm just taking up around 1/2 of our maid's duties and i'm already very tired. i couldn't imagine how else tired she gets when it's her turn to tend to the whole house. i do all the dish-washing, plus 50% cooking (i share the other half with my mom who is also my supervisor). some of the rest: pressing and folding of delivered laundry goes to my sister (because i don't like it). my dad does the gardening, watering of plants and harvesting of crops/plants to be cooked. my mom does the sweep and mop combo when we're asleep and orders me around in the kitchen.

i never realized that ate wilma does a hell lot in a day. :( now i appreciate her more than ever. :)


finally T__T;

after looooong hours of editing and editing and polishing every detail, i can finally say i'm done with this layout (at least for now).

i was pretty much contented with the previous layout of this page but i just realized that Gecko and Fly's comments link isn't working (or at least the codes put in --- maybe it's not for blogger). and so i tried installing a third party comment system -- haloscan -- but it won't work still. haloscan has an automatic install wizard for blogger (and they fkn don't have a manual install instruction page as a fail-safe, shouldn't this be a SOP?) but when i uploaded the file they won't let me publish it "as it is not well-parsed blah blah blah"

so i had to tear down the whooooole thing and start from scratch, specifically from a raw Minima layout. i did my best to preserve the original look, sans the horizontal navbar because everytime i do it on my own, they get misaligned in other browsers.

aaaand, because i'm a perfectionist when it comes to this kind of thing, i didn't leave the PC (well, i did go on eating plus dish-washing breaks) until i'm sure everything's set. misaligned stuff is my major pet peeve when it comes to making layouts.


WARNING: in the rare case that you're part of sixtreme, hate mails are welcome: crimsonfreak04@gmail.com

i was checking my mail like usual and landed on our batch multiply because there was some announcement regarding yet another reunion. not that i'm hyped up about it, i guess i'm not that close to my highschool batchmates after all (except for my barkada).

honestly though, i feel like i was my most hateful self during those times. it just means that i hated a lot of people back then. maybe it's because i'm too young, or maybe it's because i settled at the bottom part of the social ladder for the most part. it's a nasty complex suicidal highschool nerds tend to undergo, not that i'm a nerd in some way...or suicidal at the least.

ok let's leave that.

back to the picture, i know this is bit tooooo late. that picture was taken during our batch's first reunion (around may 2007 i guess). i wasn't there because i have summer classes... no.

okay, i guess i can't remember my reason.

anyhow, i don't know how they came up with that award but the first time i read it i felt an ugly hateful sting in my heart (or somewhere near. like i could actually let myself be that affected). i felt really bad and hurt that that's how they put the evident lack of attendance of our group. it's like going to a freakin highschool reunion is a barkada effort [roight! and if i narrow this down i would have to reiterate my ridiculous entry about stereotypes and how much they affect a growing teen's 'youth']. i could probably take being part of "Barkada ni Inez" but the award ('Mukhang Excited talaga kayo at Complete' AWARD) i could not swallow. it was the most sarcastic thing in the world (for me).

don't pacify me, i am nowhere near indulging in fits.

as much as that freakin certificate hurt me, i guess my friends' smiling faces in the background would calm me down a bit. who knows about the other awards? if they're as sarcastic then maybe i can laugh this thing off.

PS. i think the next reunion would fall on january 3. and i also think that it falls on the same date as our barkada's post-christmas party. perfect! then this must mean that we're going to get the same award for two consecutive 'big' reunions. only, no one would receive the damned certificate for us. unless majority in our group would suggest we just go there in lieu of a xmas party, dmn i would be extremely hesistant then.


so it was high-time for tradition to take place again. :)

we went to my lola's house at veterans to celebrate christmas like usual, we were the first ones to arrive so we get to chill out a bit. then more and more people came, the room got jam-packed, it would seem a struggle to reach my bed-ridden lola with so many people trying to claim their space in the room. XD

it was fun looking at our family. we've grown so big over the years, most of my cousins are already happily married with kids... :) lol XD, yeah and i'm still struggling through my bachelor's degree. ;_;

there were just so many kids! :) it made me nostalgic. i was once like them, parading around my uncles to collect gifts, falling in line when a generous uncle suddenly feels like giving away a hundred pieces of mint condition 50 pesoses (??). lol it was really fun getting to hang out with my relatives. XP makes me feel so old.

i ate a lot too. biofit has to work double time this day. :-\

bored T__T;

it's christmas and i'm bored!!! i've got to be kidding myself.
well, apparently i'm not. that's why i copied theeeeese from a friend's journal. >:D

01. What are your nicknames?
Arianne, yan,

02. How do you style your hair?
it's usually tied up in a ponytail

03. What's new in your life right now?
it's christmas and i'm bored

04. How many colors are you wearing now?
green and red

05. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

06. What are you doing while filling out this meme?
listening to the guitar version of say u love me (iswak)

07. Do you nap a lot?

08. If the person you secretly like is already taken, what would you do?

09. Is there anything that has made you really happy these days?

10. What's your favorite dessert?
ice cream, cake, crepes, macaroni salad... i love desserts XD

11. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
20-30 mins

12. What websites do you visit daily?
this, gmail, multiply

13. What was the last book you finished reading?
this question is highly guilt tripping. T___T; i think it's judith mcnaught's whitney my love

14. How did you end up with your blogger name?
i just copied my LJ username. actually, when i was thinking of a livejournal username i wanted something that shortens as lj.lj.com...hence, live junk.

15. What's the last song that got stuck in your head?
say u love me from it started with a kiss OST

16. What's the last DVD you bought?
full metal alchemist

17. Have you ever done anything not many people have?
uuuhhh... idk

18. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
coffe crumble (from selecta), mocha (from nestle)...err.. anything coffee hehe

19. What's the last movie you watched?
one true love

20. What is your greatest fear?
idrk, but most of the time i feel deadly jitters when i think of car crashes. :/


1. Do you have secrets?
just like everyone else

2. Would you fall in love with a girl/guy younger than you?
i don't think so

3. Do you enjoy going to school?
err, no. but i enjoy seeing my friends at school

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
pray that it's not fake, pay all of our existing depts, renovate our house and my parents' office, buy a van for my family, buy a condo unit for myself + a car, buy my sister a car too, buy everything my lolas need, donate to charity institutions, get a starbucks franchise, get a year off with my family and travel around the world, invest the rest.

woa. i love this question. it got me hyped up.

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
no, we're both girls.

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

7. List out your 15 favourite songs:
gosh. i don't think i have favorite songs. T___T; they vary from time to time... ^^;

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
idk. move on..

9. Is there anything that has made you extremely happy?
family and friends! :D and money too

10. What makes you angry?
slooooooooooow net speed, though i'm getting used to it now.

11. How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
firmly established.

12. Who are currently the most important people to you?
family and friends of course

13. What is the most important thing in life?
knowing your purpose and doing things that make you happy.

14. Single or attached?

15. What is your favourite colour?

16. Would you give all in a relationship?

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
yes i would, but it would be hard to forget though

19. What do you want to tell the person you like?
hehehehe, i may never have the chance to tell you this but your idiosyncrasies fascinate me a lot. and your level of spirituality struck me too


Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. my worst habit (next to procastination) is nail biting. i have the ugliest fingernails too.

2. i'm a perfectionist when it comes to designing my own layout, but once i see that it's misaligned in other browsers, i give up (because i don't know how to fix that) ;_;

3. blogging has been part of my lifestyle for 4 years now

4. i cannot tolerate too much dirt/mess in the house (esp in the apartment), that's why i'm always the first one to clean. idk but it's getting tiring already.

5. i like watching good anime series

6. i'm planning on putting up an online stalking agency where my clients could hire us to investigate on someone's internet habits and report it to them, of course for a cost.

7. i want to be part of the college varsity

8. i want to learn computer programming. sometimes i'm wondering why i'm not taking up computer science instead.

9. i love to draw. i want to be a national artist someday.

10. i want my own art exhibit

11. my favorite local male celebrity is Ryan Agoncillo

12. on the other hand, i hate Judy Ann Santos

13. nerds fascinate me.

14. as well as yaoi anime (drift with me?)

15. i can't paint

16. idk, but i cannot tolerate spending a lot on my clothes, and i also don't bother updating them. in fact, my wardrobe has long been outdated by my gadgets. ^_^;


my life pretty much sucks right now. it's christmas! why am i rotting inside the house with the internet! i think this is too sad, to actually spend everyday of my christmas break online, like my social life suddenly died on me right when i need it the most.

there's nothing quite special to look forward to this christmas aside from the usual family reunion. other than that, i guess i have next year to count for more surprises. i wanted to go out to the mall, but i don't really have business there aside from wanting to eat at yoshinoya (which isn't as valid either). >__>;

before my mom broke my fantasies, i was looking forward to vacationing at bicol where my lola is. i BADLY wanted to go there because i'm getting sick of urban living, i want to see my lola, my uncles, see the Mayon volcano, splurge at DJC, walk by the seashore, pick up shells... blah. T__T; but you see, mom told us we might not be going there after all. >__>; sucks.

hey. finally, i've found a sleeping pill that is being sold without prescription. it's called Sleepasil and costs around 12 pesos/capsule. :) hehe nothing, really. just in case you're a recovering insomniac like me, you might find this useful.

woa. our neighbor literally took care of our pang media-noche! awhile ago, after cooking lunch, they delivered us a bowl of menudo, a bowl of something nice (i don't know what it's called), and a plateful of fried chicken. amazing. XP and seconds after, they came back with a tray (yaaaah! like 15x10 inches big) of buko salad.

haaaay, i so love our neighbors! XD haha

email entry #1

let's see how this works. apparently i can't insert html codes here (have tried and failed)... hm, but i can put images according to blogger! :) keewl

i. maid-less day #1 -  i can live without a maid you know. i just want to tell you how i love our current maid right now (the one who went on vacation). she's so caring, she wouldn't leave us until after lunch to make sure that we've eaten and the dishes are washed. lol. actually, whenever we don't have a maid around, we don't cook a lot and eat on the dining table, hahaha, instead we eat on the table outside near the dirty kitchen so cleaning up would be a breeze. lol it's christmas and she wouldn't even accept gifts, i was planning on giving her a jacket but when i learned she already rejected a jacket my mom gave...i didn't buy anymore. nyahaha hope she stays with us forever. XP

ii. yey. i thought i'm going to be phone-less this christmas because my charger broke 2 nights ago. i was just charging my phone and when i came to get it, i pulled out the charger via the chord (my mistake) then it broke into half, spilling out the insides. T____________T;;

it was funny actually, it was not the first time i saw a charger's internal organs but hey, it's the first time i actually got to recognize the parts (credits to physics13)! i saw 2 transistors and a circuit board with labels (like R1, R2, R3 blah blah) and i immediately recognized those R's as the resistance values. LMAO. and voltage source is connected to the 2 metal thingies you plug in a socket. it's too geeky, i'm enjoying it. unfortunately, that's just about how far i went with the charger, i couldn't get myself to fix it because there's a loose wire and i don't know where to attach it (it might explode lol).

that's why i just bought a new one a while ago. happy.

iii. it's my first time to cook longanisa. i didn't know you just need water to cook it. nyaha

iv. currently listening to - code geass OST :) ooooh memories!

merry christmas! :)


it's almost christmas!! haha what a stupid remark.
i just wanted to blog, that's all. hehehehe

i. "congratulations! you did it again"
T___T; my 3rd week of relisting the item i was selling at ebay. anyway... it's an (a?) HP laptop bag. in case you're interested here's the link: click!

ii. i thought we're never gonna hold a christmas party for this year! yehey at red box! :) lol that actually brings me to a financial dilemma hehehe but don't worry, i've already devised a way to get some money before the year ends

iii. LOL my sister and i freakin asked our parents for a CHRISTMAS BONUS. and with that, we get a thousand bucks each. lolololol. tell me i'm evil but in the name of not-getting-totally-broke-this-xmas, i shall do that which is more convinient.

iv. more so, we're going to be maid-less from tomorrow till january 1st. ate wilma is going on a christmas break. know what that means? i have to wash the dishes till the end of the year. my sister and i made a compromise already, i do all the dishwashing and kitchen stuff and she does the laundry and yadda yadda. lol i'll drop off the senorita facade for now. XD my uncle is going to mock me for this. and we're just gonna laugh it off till the year ends. hahahaha

and because i'm really evil, i demanded a salary from my parents. bwahahaha. principle of equivalent trade? aaaayt!

v. full metal alchemist is one heck of a great series! oooh i'm such a late bloomer i never tried watching it before because i thought it would suck. i would always look at the character designs first before i decide to watch it...well, first step would be searching for the bishounen... the rest is history. but now...well, things change! i used to limit myself to romance anime series and those which are relatively easy to comprehend, i love the highschool setting -- no AU or seemingly complicated plots.

again, that was before... :) right now i enjoy almost all types of series because i get to learn a lot from them! like with Full Metal Alchemist. one of the greatest series i've watched, it appeals a lot to the complex nature of philosophy and reality. i was heavily struck by the different morals each episode portrays. :)

di pa ko tapos... i'll probably finish it before this week ends. hehe :D

vi. oo nga pala, i made a tray of mango float for my family. yeheeey, they liked it! i liked it too! haha XD


hey! i'm getting frustrated here!

5 days ago, i bought biofit slimming tea... 5 days later, i still feel nothing! as in noooothing adverse in my stomach! i'm not constipated or anything, i still do regular trips to the bathroom. pero noooo... i'm not feeling any stomachache at all! is this good or bad? is this a fraud? a sign of pagiging walang bisa? or baka naman immune na ko e first time ko palang uminom nun. pwede ba yun. i checked the teabag, sabi BIOFITEA. magkaiba ba yun sa BIOFIT TEA? hahaha e sa mercury ko naman yun binili.

e all the reviews i read about it says na pupupu ka tlga and you'll feel like turning the CR into your home. but why is it not working on meeeeee???

lol. maybe i'm immune na nga. after all, my eating habits (at least here at home) always include one or two yucky halamang gamots na i've learned to tolerate over time because of my organic-freak of a mother. i didn't know na ganun ka diverse ang backyard namin to think it's QC soil, it's not supposed to be capable of supporting especially weird plants. should i thank her for that? lol

or should i try a stronger laxative... like yung biguerlai? (bigger lie daw sabi ni yndi! haha panalo)

eh sa gusto ko pumayat eh. T_T;

almost positive client.

i. i've been talking (through text) to this person who wants to get hold of the item i'm selling at ebay. however, he proposed a swap thing, which i'm not really fond of since i need the cash more and i might not get the right value for the item i'm going to resell when i swap my item with his'. anyway, i've already made a polite decline to his (i presume it's a he with the way he texts) offer.

wooh. i need more lessons with marketing. i've always wanted to be a businesswoman someday, not a crap engineer or anything as hideous. hehehehe so with what just happened, i need to be more patient. and i need lots of it since i already limited my prospect clients within QC and Metro Manila to eliminate the meet-up hassles. hehehe

more more more...

ii. i'm halfway through How To Find Your One True Love by Bo Sanchez. lol i'm liking it becausue i get to realize a lot things... like i'm too picky and i don't date because i thought there's only one type of dating -- the romantic kind. i totally missed out on the 'friendly date' thing. haha i don't even know what a date means.

lol well it doesn't really change anything hahaha. :)

it was cool though, a self-help book dedicated to old singles made by a guy. heck, who would've thought.

iii. somehow, i think the slimming tea is working. lol, but i'm not getting the stomach aches though.

iv. last night we watched My Only U on big screeeeen! yeaaaah! big screen = projector in an air-con(ed) room. hehe terai bought a couple of tagalog dvds for my mom and we watched it altogether. it was so funny and sad at the same time, lol i cried. :)

i ♥ vhong navarro
and the toni-vhong loveteam too XD

v. oh by the way, after church we went grocery shopping at the SM Annex because we wanted to try out this Save More market in hopes of actually saving more money. yun pala, it's still part of SM Supermarket. kaya pala Save More kasi SM. whatever.

then we took our time to explore the annex, which is SM's newest shopping building. heck, like they could invest more on it. next time there's be an Annex 2, Annex 3 and so on. they just keep on expanding like heeeeell! but it's good naman haha.

while strolling we were approached by this super handsome Jewish guy named Maor, trying to sell his beauty products called Holy Land/Minus 417 (actually from afar pa lang napansin ko na sya, bonus na lng na inapproach nya kami hehehe). their products came from Israel pa daw and their main components came from the Dead Sea, which is 417 meters deep below sea surface... hence the title, O diba cool. hehe he's not gay though lol why am i suddenly talking about his sexuality. grabe, and gwapo eh. kaso maliit hehehehe, his eyes were so deep, his lashes so long....he's just soo... ewan ko, Jew. XP hehe

and theeeeeen, someone approached me too, she asked me "taga holy ka?" (because i was wearing our school jacket. and i said yes. she asked for my batch, i said 06...i asked for hers sabi nya 08.

napa-shet ako (inwardly) becuase i thought she was older that i am. then she starts asking if i know mimi delos reyes... e shempre ano bang alam ko sa lower batches diba? when she asks for my batchmates, so i mentioned some of my friends' names blah blah blah.

yun pala, 03 sya... hehe 08 sya grumaduate from college hehehe. ok that clears it. hehehe and she works from that Holy Land. haha

di kami bumili. hehe ang mahal kaya! XP gusto ko lang tingnan ni Mr. Jewish guy. lol

nature-trip: check

woa! natupad agad!
lol. remember i mentioned in my last entry that i wanted go nature tripping (plus swimming and blaah) this break? it just came true!

we went for a picnic at la mesa ecopark awhile ago to celebrate my auntie's birthday (which was two days ago). it was reaaallly fun! it's only my second time there and i've never done any in depth exploration so my sister and i took our chances to, well, exploooore! although i kinda hated it because she wants to 'experience' basically everything (stupid things involved) like walking on a muddy slope uphill when there's a paved staircase available, sitting on the dirtiest thing with the ugliest view, taking the scariest trails... well it's part of her nature you know, to piss me off. and i also hate it because it makes me look so maarte when in fact, i'm not! i mean, yeah... ok, i'm being maarte but her idea of adventure is just so stupid. it's not how i wanted to explore ecopark. but i still did, with her, and hell did i endure it with all the impracticalities she imposed. watdaheck.

i also realized something while with her. she's more adventurous than i am, and she fears lesser things than i do. and it also dawned on me that it's not because of her ignorance that i sometimes hate her, it's because of her innocence. i'm not trying to make things lighter you know. i love my sister, my ate, my terai... i'm just being a regular 'older' sister. and about the 'innocence' thing, i think i'm too 'impure' (for a lack of a better term) to understand how it's like being innocent. most of the times i'm ignorant.

makes me want to philosophize the two terms because it's confusing me now. T_T


new banner :)

i made a new header. it's actually a recycled one i used in one of my previous blogs. :) it features a certain artwork of mine from way way back. just that... :) i'm supposed to do ' a series of unfortunate banners' entry instead of this to feature the 2 other banners i made just now that were turned down. hahaha i tend to create a lot of experimental banner first before i officially publish it. so there, that's probably the 'winning' banner for the meantime. XP

i'm really bored. i wish i had gone to our org's christmas party instead. either way, i'm going to end up broke so why not be temporarily poor and happy? darn, i wasn't able to think that much. i was too excited to go home. i didn't consider that after 3 hours of travel, the thrill will eventually die down. so much for this week.

i'm looking forward to swimming, biking and some nature-tripping over the break. i don't know how, i don't know where.

on some other note, something's telling me that i should go learn multiply-layout making. it's just css right? roight.

and my parents, they want me to enroll in this english proficiency workshop by TESDA. sounds cool, i want to, but i don't have time. sucks because IT'S FREE. and it's TESDA, i think it's a government subsidized vocational school so after training we get TESDA accreditations that's going to be additional credentials for us. tempting, man! i've always been dreaming of attending vocational lessons for free (or for a low cost).

my sister's gooooone. no, not poof gone but she's not here because she went back to los banos to get her nasal spray. >__>; it's a thousand+ worth of medicine so i didn't have qualms with her going back... i usually hate her for forgetting things then going back to get it, spending approximately 260 worth of travel money. but i forgive here anyway. hehe i love my terai.

JC Tiuseco of Survivor Philippines looks waaay hotter as a castaway, with the untrimmed hair, mustache and tanned skin. right now, he looks just hot. but i still like him. :)


this is lame. i've got pretty much a ton to do over the break, i even remember listing them out on my previous entry... but why am i still so bored? maybe it's the wheather. T_T; maybe it's because i have no money yet. or maybe it's because i'm too lazy to do anything. T__T;

while net surfing i'm also watching FMA, i'm quite enjoying it! bwahehe, does that make me not bored???

oh right.

i'm waiting for my stomach to grumble enough to send me to the toilet, but it just won't come. remember the slimming tea i bought yesterday? i tried it last night and it was supposed to bring me in a nasty stomach pain right now but where arth thou? well, it kinda came out awhile ago but there was no stomach pain or whatever and i just ate lunch by then....grrrr. something wrong?

mall! coffee!
drnt, i need both of you now.

i ditched the finals

because i didn't have enough money to stay over. i'll be bombarded with fees anyway, lol. -__-;

(warning: super long entry ahead)

i. december 16 - first exam in micro1. i crammed this one the night before by studying only for 3 hours and hey, POWERMEMORY WORKED LIKE CRAZY! shet talaga ang application nya sa exam na to! i'd be pissed as hell if i don't pass this freakin exam.

ii. december 17 - NASC6 food fest. i was against pursuing this event at first but eventually, i enjoyed it...because i get to eat a lot. i ate ginataang palaka for the first time. :) yey

SOSC1 exam. still the same, i crammed studying for this one (2 hours before the exam) but for the most part i got all the objective items intact. THEN THE ESSAY KILLED ME! i wasn't able to read the last handout because it's too boring; 4 pages long and was photocopied from the encyclopedia, and you know how it's utterly unappetizing to read encyclopedias ayt? roight. fck the essay, i tried logic (the usual last resort) but it's all useless without knowing about the encyc article. T^T;

anyway, i survived. :)
i was supposed to go home right after the exam but ate odeth texted me that we're gonna go caroling that night.

so i stayed, to somehow lift my grave issues on choir delinquency. by the end of the night i was dead tired. we walked a hell lot, but because this is my punishment i tried to endure it. during our house-to-house adventure, i forgot to change to my flat slippers...i was walking on my tall slips and it was crazily painful. T_____T;

i plan on leaving for QC right after the caroling when ate gerly texted me that we're going to have a rummage sale the morning after (like 3am)... and because it's probably going to be my last chance to yet again lift myself from being so invisible during committee activities, i stayed. T___T;

iii. december 18 - rummage sale, 3am: it was SHOCKING. i didn't know it was like that. scary people, no... SUPER SCARY PEOPLE. somehow i'm thinking if they're mentally retarded or something... or maybe i'm too sheltered to consider that that kind life actually existed. in any case, i enjoyed it eventually because i was with people whom i consider safe. i dunno but i have a certain fear that one of those co-rummage-tinderas might stab anyone of us with a knife. lol stupidstupid thought. i've been too prejudiced these days.

after rummage, i was set on going home then i recalled that there's still an applicant who needs to report to me. grabe. the constant delays are killing me.

i wanna go home fckdmt! T__T;

anyway, this is gonna be the last thing that's going to keep me from staying longer at los banos.

10:30 was the scheduled time, i came there with my overloaded backpack full with enthusiasm that after this reporting i can finally go home! jomuel came with me too.

okay naman. i wasn't kupal or anything. i just enjoyed it because i don't want to spoil anyone's day with my walangkwentangpagpapareport. anyhow, i asked the applicant to give jomuel and i forum usernames (for no heck of a reason).

you know what he gave me? sakura_fighter04
like it couldn't get any better than that. i hate sakura (from Naruto). and the fighter thing just came up because he thinks i can punch hard.


and jomuel? baby_face25 (LOL)

so much from trying to fish compliments. well, i actually got one... he thought i was born january 1991! flattering. (note sarcasm)

but it didn't ruin my day though, that's just a very minor minor thing. my excitement to go home is still up on the hills!

but it still sucks because i had to go back to the apartment because i keep on forgetting things. first i forgot my phone and charger. i came back to get it.
then eventually, i feel my back starting to rip and my backpack slowing giving up. so i came back home again to change bags. i changed my backpack to a stroller bag and my shoulder bag to a big body bag. it's still super heavy, but at least i wouldn't be bothered by the possibility that my bags would break. T__T;; then when i'm already on the bus, i realized that i forgot my charger in my previous bag! grr...

i just asked my sister to get it for me. hope she comes back with it. T___T;;


oh by the way! i wish to accomplish a lot of things this holiday break like...

1. get thinner. i just bought a pack of slimming tea awhile ago haha
2. finish reading these books i took home:
-How to find your one true love by Bo Sanchez (anne, in case you're reading! i texted u about this! hehe pahiraaam! :D)
- Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught (i'm forever 2/3 in this book. grabe)
- The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho
3. and because Bo Sanchez just became my number 1 favorite author of all time, i want to collect his books!
4. finish Full Metal Alchemist
5. watch Honey and Clover
6. do Eng2 outline
7. do NASC6 survey thingy + Faculty follies reaction paper blaaah
8. read my mossed up ebooks (twilight saga and screwtape letter on high priority)
9. play out of my league by stephen speaks on piano. the score is starting to rust already.

woa. so many things to doooo! :D ahahaha

mejo nilulumot na ko dito

we've been here since 1pm... it's already nearing 5. this is exactly how i wanted to spend a day in a coffee shop with free wifi, at least the amount of time i spent here clearly compensated the price i paid for the coffee... they even gave me the wrong change but since it's 10 pesos more than what i ought to receive, i didn't mind. lol

i'm just wasting my time here. -_-; i didn't even get to download the movies and series that i want because they're too large T__T; later i'm going to buy dvds.

i wanna watch full metal alchemist! T__T;

i'm also intrigued with this anime called The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! bwahaha, after reading the synopsis i think i'm going to enjoy it...hehehehe weird people rock! XD

with kat :)

wala lang, nasa boston ako...ksama ko si kat. hehehe wifi! yey! i tried downloading series and movies pero i gave up... masyado kasing malaki yung mga file! 700+ MB! haynaku... bili na lang ako DVD! XP nyahaha


so it's already our christmas break

the chancellor announced that there will be no classes starting today until the end of the holiday break. of course this doesn't apply to people who have scheduled exams for this week, like me.

i just got back from my microbiology exam and i'll be bumming for the the rest of the day if i don't get something to do... like hang out with kat, watch Full Metal Alchemist or go carolling with my orgmates later. i wish for all of them to happen this day...i'd trade anything just to keep me from turning eating into a hobby.

i also decided to try out BioFit slimming tea after hearing numerous good remarks from my own credible sources. i'll probably buy a box this weekend and go punish myself for the rest of the break. i need to shed off unwanted fats and get in shape, without actually exercizing... i'm just too lazy for that.

for some reason, i can't wait for next year. why? because i wanted to bombard my planner with what-nots already. i even made advanced notes already and relocated my friends' birthdays. want me to greet you? tell me your birthday! hehehe maybe i'm a little too obsessed with wanting to further divirginize my planner (because it's too expensive to be left blank). i'm no good when it comes to minimizing space, i'm a certified maximalist (you can check my devart account for proof).

the food fest will push through tomorrow, according to my classmate. SUCKS BIG TIME!

hey, i'll probably do some major downloading today...so maybe i'll spend it at Boston Cafe. hehehe

here's a list of series i wanna download (in case i forget)
- Heroes
- Gossip Girl
- Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
- blah blah blah SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH
- movies
- asian series.. :)

still at home

i decided not to go back to los banos tonight because i want to maximize my stay here. i might not attend our org finals and christmas party for practical reasons but then i'm still 50-50 on it. depends on whom i'm coming with... and besides, i haven't really been in the mood to act bitchy towards applicants...i'm on my 'easiest' mode this semester (because i'm leaving soon -but who knows-) and it's sad because only 2 have reported to me...hehehehe :)


HP Laptop Bag/Carrying Case (Brand New)

click HERE to view details and pictures, you will be redirected to its ebay page. :)
but for your convenience:

- can fit up to 15.4" laptop
- authentic HP
- PRICE: 1,000
- payment terms: COD (cash on delivery) only
- handling details: delivery will be on the nearest weekend since confirmed date of purchase (can be moved farther though, it depends as long as it's a weekend)
- meeting place: Trinoma or SM North Edsa
- target clients: those who live (or can meet) within QC or Metro Manila

ehehe, hope to do business with you. :D

and because i have an exam first thing tomorrow morning... i'm gonna study now! hehehe XD

the satisfaction of expensive gift giving. weeeeh. >__>;

i'm done christmas shopping for my family! :) well, they're probably the only people whom i'm going to spend on this christmas. lol. XD

i bought a gift for my mom, my dad and myself. as for my sister... i'll buy it at Los Banos because that's what she wants. hehe, she already gave me my christmas gift in advance! :) a Little Miss SHS shirt! yeeey. what the heck, i'm proud of my school.

♠ ♠ ♠

4 things i've come to appreciate this day

i. note taking during the sermon at church - it prevents me from sleeping while the pastor is talking

ii. the 'thrill' of overtaking slow people in the mall - since i'm more of a weekend shopper, i realized it takes some skill to endure (and appreciate too) an overcrowded mall... i actually find it amusing dodging people on the counter flow and overtaking walkers to reach my destination faster. haha, i know there's no need to rush but i don't go malling during weekends without a list of things to buy, and walking slow bores me especially when all there is to see is a mob of heads moving at snail's pace.

iii. rerwiting my notes/studying in the mall - i don't know why but just recently i find it more comfortable to study at the mall. as soon as i get a good seat (alone), be it in the food court, in a restaurant or in a coffee shop, my notebook will soon make its way on the table. every friday when i go home from los banos, i always drop by at SM megamall to eat dinner and there do my notes-transferring thing. between studying at home or in the mall, i take the later. hahaha, ewan ko rin eh

iv. the satisfaction of expensive gift giving - yeah right, it's the thought that counts... hehehe i don't really know why (i need more time to observe my gift giving habits) but i don't budget my money when it comes to giving presents or giving treats (as opposed to how i turn rather stingy budgeting my weekly food allowance). i always tend to pick costly items on the shelf. i don't really mind...as long as i have money. hahaha, i'm not rich... i just like being generous with others... and more generous with myself. lol

which brings me to this...
the 2nd most expensive gift i bought for myself

which i immediately devirginized (for a lack of a better term) a few minutes after i bought it.

yey! that's one item i've been eyeing on since i first saw it at fully booked. hehehe. i know i know, there's no sense of practicality on buying a moleskine product... for the very obvious reason that it's too expensive. even if i say, "it's ok since i'm gonna use it for a year" or something stupid like "it's the legendary notebook used by picasso, van gogh, hemingway and chatwin!"... it wouldn't count as a valid excuse. hehe

it's a luxury item. :] and as i mentioned, the 2nd most expensive thing i bought for myself. the first was an mp3 player (well, it's dead and replaced now) which was hard-earned because it took me 8 months of manual laundrying (literally) to get it. lol

and because i just spent my savings last week plus half of my allowance this week... i'm on a delata diet once again! XD


here's a list you might find useful if you're thinking of giving me a gift. weh. this list includes both material and non-material wishes... plus some ridiculous items you might just want to pray over for me. :)

1. digital camera
2. speedo training bag
3. my own art exhibit
4. be a national artist for visual arts (weh!)
5. be part of the varsity swimming team lol
6. transfer to UP Diliman and take Fine Arts this 2009
7. get out of CEAT!
8. 8 gigs USB flash drive
9. rubbershoes!
10. big big jansport backpack
11. a belt
12. Brida by Paulo Coelho
13. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
14. Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho
15. All American Girl by Meg Cabot
16. Money War DVD
17. all Harry Potter books
18. red low-rise chuck taylor's
19. white ipod earphones
20. wifi!
21. my own room with my own bookshelf and study table
22. meet Ryan Agoncillo ♥, have a picture with him... better yet, have Juday take a picture of us. bwahaha
23. travel to Boracay, or Palawan or anywhere in the Philippines with a nice beach
24. out-of-town with BTS
25. shop at Hong Kong
26. White Musk perfume from The Body Shop
27. learn Flash animation
28. master Photoshop
29. make an artwork larger than a bond paper
30. get a positive client at ebay
31. do some effective sidelines
32. learn butterfly stroke, tumbling and high diving (swimming)
33. learn to drive and eventually get a license
34. publish an art book >__<>58. new wallet
59. Bo Sanchez books
60. no failing grade this sem (08b)
61. swim at baker! or makiling! anywhere basta malaki yung pool (at rectangular)
62. teach swimming to kids
63. rice oil and shea perfume from bath and body works
64. new pants
65. red women's jacket from nike
66. curly hair
67. learn how to paint
68. adobe graphics program suite

eng'g meet 09 pre-pageant night

probably the highlight of this week (for me). :) i didn't know we were supposed to wear black (i was wearing white).

anyway... i came to ee audi looking like crap, like i have any reason to look otherwise. then there we were, the most populous org in all of CEAT, over-crowding our designated place, cheering like hell, laughing like crazy. it was a very fun event, lots of eye-candies and swoon worthy male candidates. lol XP

AND FCK, I DIDN'T EXPECT HIM TO BE ON THAT STAGE. i always thought he's just all looks and no guts but he totally blew me off. not gonna tell who. but really, i've mentioned him before as a very conceited, self-conscious, always-aware-of-girls-looking-at-him kind of guy. and where else could he best prove that? ON STAGE DAMMIT, how smart. >__<; of course his presence was breathtaking, but part of me didn't want him to be there. more exposure = more fangirls for him. and more fangirls = more, uhh, competitors? lol i'm not really into competing for heartthrobs. you know me as someone who hates sharing her fandoms with other people unless i'm the one who promoted it. lol, and because it's happening again, time to leave. bwahahaha :) ---- aymbrowk.
i realized i have no enough money to buy my parents plus my sister a gift. my mom requested a perfume, my sister wants a UP shirt but i want something more special for her (like a phone! i'm a failure when it comes to saving ;_;), and i've got nothing in mind for my dad yet... and i want to buy a moleskine planner for myself.

i need around 2500 for that. hehehe
sucks not to have money for christmas. T__T;

but heeeey! i think i've got a brilliant plan.



done moving in! yehey

because i like my LJ layout, i made this page look like it, just with a different color. hoy wag ka! it took me several hours to edit this layout. naloka ako. T___T;; the task that took most of my time was integrating Ramani's selective expandable entries hack to a Gecko and Fly layout. ang hirap kaya! puro error. pero dahil adik ako, nagawa ko syang paganahin. ang sakit sakit na nga ng ulo ko e.

and the result... something like an LJ cut.


OO! eto lang yung result nung pinaghirapan ko. actually, i've used this hack before pero the base layout was a blogger default kaya madali lang ilagay...pero ngayon kasi, i used a third-party layout kaya iba yung tawag sa mga bagay bagay. basta ganun, e bakit ba, nahirapan ako eh. T__T; labo

i updated my links. i erased all the dead links. yehey.

i'm pretty proud of myself for making this work on all browsers... well i've tried viewing using the IE-firefox-opera trio hahaha, ok naman sya.

hmm...ang di ko na lang nagagawa ay palitan ang comment system. i'm more comfortable with haloscan...but i forgot my password...so hmm...bayaan ko na lang yun. T__T;


hmmm...i think i would have to sacrifice the org finals and christmas party para lang makauwi ng maaga. wala na kong pera e. T___T; hahaha

buena manong obra

first entry under label artwork. just so i have something to post hehehehe :) here's our current header... :) made through photoshop. click to zoom hehe


Back to Blogger! :D

I'm finally back to blogger! :D hehe i realized that Blogger is still the best blog for me because I can customize everything...and as long as i don't screw with the layout, i'm pretty much satisified. :)

from now on, i'll be posting here... resurrecting my old blogger blogging habits... in fact, i set up the same look with my LJ blog, and i also took the name. hehehe

so there,



i wanna move out na talaga...

ayoko na. after all, i don't think i'll push through with the move to a different domain. why??? it's starting to piss me off! it's toooo complex i swear i'd be thrashing out my every fortune in an internet cafe trying to figure out how it will work for my preference.

so i'm not sure what will happen next. i really really want to move out already, i've found the perfect place, but it's so hard to adjust.

hey, tep's parents just got us a SOFA. beat that. well i haven't seen it yet, she just texted me about it hehe, so excited.

and i finally got a haircut too. :) shorter, simpler... whatever.

preparing for the move

i'm setting up a new blog on a new domain right now but i'm not officially launching it yet... i want it on my 18th birthday! so you wait ok? i'll be notifying my links anyway. :) just so you know, I'M EXCITED TO MOVE OUT OF BLOGGER!!!
oh right, mom says we have a 7 MILLION OFFER FOR OUR HOUSE. freakin awesome man! we're just not sure about it, you know this place holds a lot of memories... my dad engineered this one and mom did all the interior designing. we couldn't just let this go like that. but then, we can build another house with that money, and it's too much too. who knows? plus it's so practical we can save a lot.
oh, the title only applies on the blog thing ok? not our family moving just blocks away... just...not yet. hehe
we went to church awhile ago then headed for lunch at yoshinoya after. i don't know with SM, they keep on expanding! SM North Edsa can already rival megamall's hugeness, if it already hasn't... but i'm pretty sure it already has. it makes me wonder how many more stores and shops could fit there. it's big enough already, and it doesn't look appealing to me anymore. or maybe i'm getting too old for malls.
that's like, a big problem. i'm barely 18 and i'm already losing this institutionalized enthusiasm for mall escapades that every girl must have. this is wrong! but you see, whenever i go home from school during the weekend, i can figure going to the mall to chill, but when i get there, i end up not entering at all because i'm too sleepy and tired and i have no money. yadda yadda yadda... i don't even know what to do when i get there. my idea of chilling would be just a cup of coffee, hot or cold with a book or a magazine and a donut from krispy kreme! if not, i already appreciate going online, editing blogs, surfing for cool stuff, and reading tutorials. but then, in the mall, they're kinda expensive. hehe
ok, gtg. :)

i want to be saved but i can't help hating

i'm trying, note:trying, to speed up my sister's laptop (previously OURS, but is now hers...) by terminating unwanted background processes. i have no professional idea about speeding up systems so i'm running with cnet newletter's guidance. oh, i hope this works.

i know there's a virus here! i can sense it! and i think it came from the antivirus itself! it freaking won't uninstall. wtf. well, hmmm... i'll tell what happens later.

for now. let me update you with my err, 'plans'

- i want to get a haircut, but i might not, after all, i have no money. hehe
- i also want to finish reading Almost Heaven, i stopped midway because i wasn't impressed by the happenings but i will finish it no matter what, just so...
- i could reread this dusty old book i found lying on my shelf this day, it's entitled 'From Witchcraft to Christ' by Doreen Irvine. you see, i can't read two books at a time...
- i want to scare myself with the End of Days, if it's the only thing that would make my faith go stronger and SAVE me. i needa personal adviser on this but i figured i could do it myself, i just need someone to talk to about it and i think i've already found her. :)

i want to fully dissociate myself with everything sinful. it's hard, but i want to prepare myself for the impending doom that awaits the end of the 7th and last age we are living upon.

i want to be saved.
i don't want to experience the great tribulation. i don't want to part of the Class B saved people who will be left on the reign of the 666.

those possibilities alone scare me a lot. -_____-;;

ang gulo gulooooo

i scheduled everything. i listed out all my immediate academic priorities for this week and they were:

1. a stupid postlab which includes one heck of a data set due tuesday
2. 3rd long exam in chemistry, wednesday evening
3. a super long homework on statistics due thursday
4. another stupid postlab discussion and answered problems for physics, thursday
5. 3rd physics long exam friday night (just awhile ago)
6. a lightbox project due on friday.

ayan, pero di ko talaga nasunod schedule ko. ang pinaka panget kong habit ay ang magcram sa isang exam wala akong ka-clue-clue sa topic kahit na umaatend ako ng lecture. i reviewed for chem, wednesday afternoon lang... e sa gabi na yung exam. i reviewed for our physics exam (hardest exam daw, ever!) kaninang halfday lang din.

kulang na kulang.
ang gago ko kasi mag-aral eh. ang dali ko ma-distract. lalo na pag may papel at bolpen. instead na magsolve... hehe drawing break muna. haler, kung kaya ko lang magreview ng walang bolpen at papel diba. -_____-; pero kasi... nag-iiba ang psychology pag malapit na ang deadline. mas nagiging seryoso ako hahaha
naku ewan.
Lord, bahala ka na! :) hehe

this week was supposedly hell. but i'm thankful i got by...quite unharmed. and now i'm craving for a reward... please, Lord... something wonderful! :)
well, the fact that i was not depressed after my two exams were already worth the reward i was asking for... to think my study habits never changed. >____>;;

perhaps the only thing i enjoyed doing out of those 6 equally demandings tasks i attended to would be #6! e art yan eh! hahah just my favorite! :) :)

haha at dahil pareho kami mahilig sa art nung partner ko for that project... ang cool ng lightbox namin. super vain... pero cool...basta. maniwala ka na lang dahil pag sinabi kong cool, coooooool yun! hehe

examsexams. oha, dito ko lang nabubuhos ang kakarampot kong pagka acad-conscious. ayos naman... hopefully...hehe ayoko (na) talaga bumagsak eh. sabi ko kasi if don't fail anything this sem, i might actually reconsider my blasted shifting plans (heto na, heto na ang gulo gulooooo)... but if not (knock-knock-knock), edi ayun. stuck forever! deal with it na lang. haaaay.

masaya parin ako, kasi i realized i'm not alone.

ako daw ang weirdong konyo. i know, i'm weird. pero di halata kasi di ako mukang weird... weird lang ako magisip.. wala eh, parang ang daming pwedeng magcontribute for a plot on world domination. ang cool grabe, gusto gusto kong nanonood ng mga movies na kakaiba... yung may earth invasion... pero walang aliens hehe... yung tipong coool, maraming metaphysical undertones at maraming maraming computers na involved... chaka time travel! and yung mga kakaibang ginagawa ng mga scientists sa isang underground research facility tuwing madaling araw kaya nagkakaroon ng saglit na power interruption... ang galing.

joke lang, hindi totoo yung huli... sabi ko lang yun... dahil madalas mag brownout ng mga 1 sec samin pag madaling araw (lalo na pag mga 3am na) at ayokong takutin ang sarili ko sa mga storyang multo...iba na lang iniisip ko. safe na, cool pa. basta... hehe maraming hindi feasible na phsysics na involved. ehe ehe ehe... nakakahiya naman ikwenta... wala namang makakasakay. hehe :)

ay sori.

kaya siguro ang lakas ng topak ko dun sa pinaka recent kong super crush na envision ko na na pakakasalan ko sya in the future. yan ang weird, assuming at ilusyonada. naiimagine ko ang married life pero hindi ko maimagine magkaroon ng boyfried.

hala. e san manggagaling yun.
anyway, ang weird nya eh. -___-; at nasakyan nya ang ka-weirdohan ko kaya na-touch ako. e once lang naman nangyari yun. ahahahahahahahahahahahaha

anyway. i love my crapmates. kasi, they accept me! lalo na when i speak a lot of crap... duh eh basta. at sa tulong nila and a bit of psychology and some harsh truths, nalaman ko ang dahilan kung bakit hindi ako magkakaroon ng boyfriend habang college. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

we're experts in psychoanalyzing. we can help you if you have problems hehe.
ay sori.

hehe gusto ko na magbertdeeeeey. pero ayoko ng debut dahil wala namang maniniwalang magdedebut pa lang ako. ang harsh.

sorry talaga sa entry na to. na overwhelm lang ako dahil tapos na ang linggo. hehehe yaaaay! :)


at last! my Creative Zen has been revived! Special thanks to Mino! wahahahaha

as promised:

a. 'Firmware Problem' error message on Startup and
b. Player cannot be recognized in ANY PC

while others might tell you to download the mp3 player recovery tool from Creative or upgrade the Firmware with the latest version... that won't just work if you're having problem b hand-in-hand with a.

so the first thing you should do is perform a hard format (mino taught me this bwahaha i'm so thankful).

how to:
a hard format is basically a formatting process made on the device itself, without any valid link/connection to a PC.

Turn off your Creative Zen by inserting a thin object on the reset button of your device. I figured this is the only way of shutting down the player in my case because the on/off button on the side won't respond.

then, PRESS AND HOLD the play/pause button while turning on the player (with the normal turn/off switch).

TAKE NOTE that you must press and hold FIRST before turning the device on. and you must still be holding the button while the device is turning on.

doing those correctly will lead you the recovery menu with just the right options you need to save your device. if i remember correctly, the options were:

Format All
Upgrade Firmware

select FORMAT ALL. you should be aware that all existing files currently present in your player will be deleted after the process.

select yes then, proceed to Rebuild.

your player must now be working well. :)

hope this helps. :)

my zen just crashed on me

a week late!! i thought i would be able to fix it immediately and give a problem-with-solution entry today but i guess i'm too overworked looking for solutions that i decided to just blog about the problem first... then hopefully when i get it fixed, do a solution entry.

after the Ilocos trip, when i turned on my Creative Zen (8G), it says 'FIRMWARE PROBLEM' and it won't proceed from there. also, the computer won't recognize it!!!! grrr...

yun lang naman... i tried scouting for solutions... i've downloaded this mp3 player recovery tool from the Creative website but when i run the application it says there 'NO ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION FOUND' when in fact, i am online. T___T sucks, man.

then there are also firmware upgrade suggestions... i'm trying that out right now, i'm downloading the 17.something MB firmware file that would HOPEFULLY lead me to a better path but another problem arises... HOW CAN I MAKE THE RECOVERY TOOL WORK ON MY PLAYER OR UPDATE THE FIRMWARE WHEN THE COMPUTER DOES NOT RECOGNIZE MY PLAYER! it reads nothing about the device on My Computer what the fuck, man! this is pissing me off big time.

but you seeee, i'm not missing the player... nor the music, i figured that i've established a psychological dependance on the player almost everyday of my student life that i can't possibly leave for my classes without my earphones on. yaaaah, and the one week that i survived having no mp3 player on hand seemed not to have bothered me big time at all.

i'm not saying i don't care, heck, what do you call this entry.

i just want it fixed. it's nearing one year old already. am i cursed or something? cos i change players almost every year...T____T;; and even though i want that new Creative Zen X-Fi, having a dysfunctional old player wouldn't count as an excuse.

Dear Lord,
Please Help Me Fix My Player.

(currently on forum boards)

a brewing delinquent

i don't think 'brewing' fits my case good enough, i WAS a delinquent, till i tried fixing my life. but unfortunately, my futile attempts didn't bring me closer to the 'peace' i was trying to achieve. maybe i am bound to be gravely unfit and utterly hopeless in this place. yeah, and it sucks.

i want to shift. yeah, again. after thinking and rethinking and confusing myself more with my mood swings, i want to shift again. let's get real, i may never be able to get out of my city jail of a college, but I CAN TRY. case is, i'm always trying but i've never gotten past the grade requirement... i must have been really stupid you know. and i know i sound so pathetic like this, wanting to shift from a killer course to a relatively laid back one just because i cannot give the demands of my studies which requires one heck of a brain with the right hemisphere functioning a hundred times more active than the left one... if you get what i mean. at least i know in myself that i'm more visual than analytical.

if i shift here i'll be taking devcom, at least there's writing, if not for a bit of literature and the whole thing about fixing my grammar (i've always wanted to write as well) i wouldn't have taken it as a feasible deal. i chose communication arts in the first place but i think i'll learn more at devcom.

fine arts now is becoming a blur. unless after spending a decade wallowing myself in desperately trying to sound and look like an engineer, i decide to take a double degree and register as an undergrad and go through the whole college life torture again... sure, but that is already HIGHLY unlikely, since i'd be struggling to earn money by then.

i hate this. really.

oh right, VOTE FOR ME! :D

i've been nominated at the Philippine Blog Awards 2008 and is need of your votes to win (well, err, yeah). actually, the voting process could be really tiresome, i need your patience for this hehehehe.

how to vote for me, (well, in case you'd like to check out other nominees go here, but please still vote for me hehehe):

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so what do you get after this? well, your vote will mean a raffle entry for yourself. who knows what great prizes are in store for you (and me too hehe)?

let's get creative: zen x-fi

meet X-Fi, Creative's newest installment in its ever innovating mp3 player line-up. this one's a predecessor of the Creative Zen (which i'm using now), now with richer features like...

:: x-fi sound technology which generally enhances your audio quality unlike regular mp3 players

:: wi-fi lan, which enables the user to download media via wireless connection

:: instant messaging. you got it there.

the last two features i mentioned are only available on the 16 and 32gigs model.
and what's probably best about is that its introductory price is pretty much the same as the Creative Zen, considering it's advancement in features. 16gigs cost around $200 and the 32gigs - $280.

really, it's a good good deal and i want to get my hands on it now.
well, if i manage to save enough moolas, i could sell my creative zen and just buy the x-fi.

i don't seem to stick into mp3 players for long, i always always want a new one... especially from Creative.

a little research won't do bad, go ahead. :)

ilocos trip

PICTURES HERE <---- will direct you my multiply acct, only for people in my network. :) spent 3 days and 2 nights at ilocos. honestly, i think i expected TOOOOOO MUCH on this trip, it was a waste (especially to those who weren't able to get the 'surprise compensation' at baguio..will tell later in this entry). and to think i whole heartedly traded our org's anniv night for this (which was held saturday night)?!?!?! shet sana nag anniv na lang ako! D: i missed a damn lot. pero hindi rin! hahahaha... :) di naman ako umuwing talong talo at hinayang na hinayang sa 3300 na feeling ko napunta lang lahat sa gas! >____<
day 1 (sept 6, saturday): after the super long trip... welcome to vigan! i love the place, it looks so... ancient. haha, ewan. basta maganda... it looks so paris with the cobblestoned streets and old spanish houses, lol, maybe i should say it looks more like spain? hindi parin, gusto ko paris eh. we checked-in at a VERY VERY CHEAP inn, Cordillera Inn. ang arte ko diba, e kasi naman... imagine cramming 14 girls in a room? ang jologs! ang dami namin eh! nakaloka isa lang ang CR, buti na lang may shower sa CR sa lobby, at least... kahit nakakahiya, basta makaligo keri lang. eto pa, the breakfast ALMOST sucked. it was supposed to be a buffet, but the people behind the food trays would only allow us a maximum of two longganisas and a single fried egg. so where did a minute part of 'almost sucked' went? there was instant coffee! that made good enough compensation for me, i had two cups hahaha. :)

so you know, we went to a lot of museum stops. boring boring boring... i didn't learn at all. except for some little facts about vigan which didn't really change my life. we also went to this church and bell tower where gabriela and diego silang met for some, err, i dunno... agenda? (my philippine history sucks, so sorry).... the church looked cool, for some reason it reminded me of barcelona (well, i've never been there... got it from meteor garden 2). ok, so after all i think i should quit saying vigan looks like paris just because of the cobblestoned street. now, it looks like spain. ok, sounds more logical.

that night, we decided to stroll around the place... me, anne and geeza. we navigated ourselves fairly easily to the plaza, which was almost dead by 8:30pm. you know how much that sucked? that's the only place we saw which would give us access to urban civilization; mcdonalds, national bookstore (SALE!), lee, guess... dammit, WHY DO THEY CLOSE SO EARLY?!?! and you know, most of the stalls there are already closed too.

strike one.

so we just walked back, defeated, to the inn, thinking that maybe we should just let this pass and sleep... anyway, it's cold in the room. but guess what? we arrived at the inn, wondering why everyone's heading downstairs and out to the streets... then it dawned on us that THERE'S NO ELECTRICITY and only the lights could be powered by the generator.

strike two.

so we out too and just made tambay on the streets, taking pictures (i swear, the pictures in my multiply would bear no evidence that i didn't enjoy the trip -because some rule of thumb says i should smile for the camera even though i'm having a bad day-, THIS IS THE MORE RELIABLE SOURCE OF WHAT I TRULY FELT DURING THE DAMNED TRIP). so yeah, we pretty much endured it naman so ok lang. hehehe

day 2 (september 7, sunday): we woke up 5am, and left at around 630 to do some more trips. we made a lot of museum stops again, and i didn't pay attention... there were times when we just stay in the bus and wait for them. we also had this super annoying tour guide, she's supposed to be one but i didn't learn anything essential from her. and her voice is always in a bellowing tone, like molly weasley's voice recorded in howler.

anyway, after some stops we headed to ilocos norte for the gigantic wind turbines that covers 40% of norte's electricity. the place was cool, and we were situated at a place where we can see all the 20+ turbines lined up along the shore. coolest!

then we headed to pagudpud beach.
kala ko masaya, hindi pala. we were bored eh, we're not having fun. grr... at least we were, i don't know with the others pero i know hindi kami nag-iisang napapangitan sa agenda.

and you know, we drove there for 5 hours and after that we have to endure another 5 hours back to vigan. napaka uncompromising.

day 3 (september 7, monday): ayoko na, i'll skip through the first part....
baguio: we stopped at burnharm park. panget din pala dito. it looks so congested and polluted, totally not what i expected. and we were insisting na sa SM baguio na lang kami magstop-over, but no. guess what, almost everyone headed to the mall parin. why can't they see that we're not enjoying ourselves?

pero wag ka, the best part was we spotted SAM CONCEPCION with Inaki of PDA (not at the mall, but somewhere near Ibay's)!

ok, yun lang nagpasaya sakin ng todo.
at least nabawi ang inis ko diba? :)

after the trip, i noticed tuloy tuloy ang kamalasan ko. haaay badtrip. :(

UP AChES anniv, to Taran and more...

i'm wearing my violet orgshirt today. yeah, one of the rare times actually. hehehe :) oh, today is my org's 3rd year anniversary! yeheeey! really really busy weeeeeeek. :(


to Taran: you mentioned you were torn between a g410 and a c700. well, c700 is slightly richer in functions because it has a webcam and has a really wide screen (around 15 inches more of less) which is a big plus. HOWEVER, it's pretty heavy to carry around if you're looking for portability... but if pretty much the gadget will just sit on your desktop for the most part, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT FOR YOU, and it looks very professional too.

with the g410 though, i haven't bought the unit yet but judging with the specs, it has 40gigs more disk-space than c700 (c700-120gigs, g410-160gigs)... but really, 120gigs is already good enough. it's smaller, lighter and is the best thing i could recommend for STUDENTS like me who wants a readily portable not-a-pain-to-carry-around laptop in school. no webcam, and is about 14.1 inches wide. that's actually big enough for me already. :) and yeah, it has EXACTLY THE SAME SPECS as the c700 xept for the diskspace advantage and weight.

PRICE: the two units really come in cheap (both without OS), so i don't think it should be that bothersome to decide on which without considering the price hehe. price here in the philippines: g410- 28,500 (around 620 US dollars), c700 - 29,500 (around 640 US dollars); they're both without OS so you've got to shell out around 80 to 90 dollars for an authentic one.

hope it helps, taran. :)

LOL. for once, i actually sounded like one those tech-help guys in cNet mailing newsletters to subscribers. hahaha you can ask me more tech stuff guys, i'm kinda savvy with it.

alright, more details later. I'VE GOT TONS TO ACCOMPLISH THIS DAY.

button pin designs

i spent gazillion of hours figuring out how to do this in photoshop. at least i'm learning how to use textures now. :)

proposed designs for our org pin. i dunno, i kind of like it. :) hehe, i used the line 'trekking the path to Immortality' because that's the best i could manage at that time. i'm acting on a close deadline. hehehe

next: tatak CEAT
a college of engineering button pin design. i was keying on "Yabang CEAT" but i didn't have enough time to scout for cool vectors, stock photos and textures to use.

hope it came out well

CREDITS LIST on full entry.

textures: http://bombay101.deviantart.com/

oblation: http://icequeen23.deviantart.com/

textures: http://princesspeach0221.deviantart.com

silhouette: http://risquezebra.deviantart.com/

because i hate taking responsibility

hehe. i actually didn't want to be part of this but duty takes over, what can i do...?? hahaha, i'm not a good leader, promise. i'm better off working alone so maybe, i'm better off with the technicals. edi yun! technicals. hehehehe ok lang ok lang. sige sige, bahala na. :)

yehey. done with the self-motivation! bwahahaha
it isn't too hard anyway.

eto lang mga major pet peeves ko:

1. i hate, suuuupppper hate, being woken (gm?) up during a sound sound sleep. my mom does this everytime and sucks because i can't throw tantrums at her for spoiling my sleep. it's my reward dammiiiiit!!

2. i also super hate being interrupted when i'm playing on the computer.

3. here's what's currently happening now: i hate being ROBBED of my siesta time. in these time intervals, you shouldn't bother me: 11:30am-1pm (tues,thurs); 11:30am-2:30pm and 4-7:30pm (wed,fri) BECAUSE IT'S THE ONLY TIME I CAN SLEEP WELL.

if you're not aware, I AM AN INSOMNIAC. i don't do well during daytime that's why i get super cranky...sleeping during classes and actually dozing off on lectures. it's the reason why i'm the dumbest student in the university. it's not just a bad habit, it's my lifestyle now.

however, if you're still awake you can go rock my socks weekdays at 8pm-1am. never at 2am-7am though, i'm most probably wetting my sheets already.

that's my sched. oh i don't need respect. i'm probably just pissed off that i'm not getting my most important powernaps during the afternoon... when it's soooo nice to sleep.


don't ask me about my birthday plans

it's still a good 2 months away from now, more or less, and i'm not going to have a mega celebration. i opted for a laptop intstead. :) and i've got my eyes on this good ol Lenovo G410. why Lenovo? what's Lenovo? to those who are new to the brand name, it's a actually from IBM. just like how Compaq is from HP. stuff like that. i know for a fact that IBM's are have really sturdy casings so i went for a subtype of it. and it's really cheap! 28,500. but it doesn't have an OS hahaha, but i could save for that, i mean, i'll let my parents pay for the unit and i'll shoulder the OS. hahaha, eh i want an original vista basic, so mga err... 4-5k. watdahek. then i'll bombard it with fake programs next for all i care.

what i like about it...
- it isn't too big and heavy like thecompaq c700 we last bought which isn't designed for portable use. and i want portability of my gadgets hehehe
- it's looks really simple! ayun, ayoko ng bongga eh. and i feel like the interface of vista won't suit it pero hehe, ewan ko... hehe who knows. :)

excited na ko. gusto ko talaga ng laptop.

wait lang! kaya ayoko rin magdebut kasi... WALA NAMANG NANINIWALA NA MAGE-18 PA LANG AKO EEEH!!!! oo na, ako na ang mukang matanda. haha nakakabwiset kayo. pero may hindi kayo alam... mabilis lang magmature mukha ko pero pag nag18 na ko, magf-freeze na yun! :) looking young na ko forever! bwahaha. beat that.

hehe may sakit pala ko. sa sobrang kain ng sweets, sumakit nanaman lalamunan ko, kaya eto nilalagnat. hehe

actually sanay na ko. automatic na kasi na pag sumakit lalamunan ko, lagnat na agad ang kasunod. haaaay

ang sarap sarap matulog pag may sakit.
ang dami ko tuloy absent. >___>;

what the heck.

among the 500 more or less entries i've made between appril 07 to 08, selecting my 5 best entries to represent this blog at the PBA 2008 WAS TOUGH.

for various reasons:

a) i didn't think i could possibly rank my entries. well, i could... they go through this scale of boring, more boring and most boring + annoying.
b) almost all of them, including this, are full of grammatical errors... which i know would give me lots of demerits from the panel. conscious, aye? i should be. people are reading and i haven't fixed my demented grammar.
c) honestly, i didn't know what to pick. it was hard, though i only did the selecting in less than 30 minutes because i have things to do and today is already the deadline and i didn't want to lose the nomination even though i'm the one who nominated myself. oops. hehehe

well, those could barely be called reasons but, hey, what the heeeeeckkk!

i'm seeing him more often now. though when i saw him awhile ago and saw that he looked like crap, i wanted to ask him what happened (well, i'm kind of a stalker, i already knew. but just for formality... hehe i'd go ask) and just say go get a rest or something but i didn't...we just passed each other by anyway.

but after that i contemplated on the feeling (of crush and bit more) and asked myself if i still like him even in his crappiest form. this is what everybody is asking from their potential-slash-delusional-future-partners in life, ACCEPTANCE.

to love is not just to love someone in his best form. i've always known that.
how come i'm being judgmental?

and so what have i to say with that? is this feeling only temporary and conditional?
i'm afraid not. because, damn, i accept him in whatever form he takes. thing is, acceptance doesn't always equate to love. so i'm not sure. i don't even want to mention it because i hate sounding cheesy and so teenbopper theymakemewannapuke.

wooot. artwork due tomorrow. i have to work on it now.
hehe bye. :)

yet again

oha. my tears worked, hehe my parents promised me my own laptop on my 18th birthday. we had a little argument last last night but it was cool because we're all okay afterwards. i mean, me and my sister finally made-up. i kind of quit hating her then she kind of quit hating me as well. haha, i even sabotaged the internet connection before that so she would kill me for it but whatever. she's learning! she fixed it alone! haha, next time i should remind myself to put more internet hassles for her when she's up for a research. yeah, btch. >___>;
anyway. it's really cool, one of the rare times i cried really bad because of guilt. hahaha, you know, i hate myself sometimes for not acting mature enough to cover up for my supposed-to-be more mature older sister. that's what mom's been yelling me at, i should always be of cover to her shortcomings. okok, reliving things like this is not a good idea. i know. haha
but you know, i never said sorry to anyone. i just let my tears work. it was hardest to apologize to my dad because he was all pumped up during the argument that he lost control. really, it was bad. but what's cool is that i knew he'd forgive me no matter what. it was damn hard for me to follow him in the other room to apologize, but i did. only i didn't say sorry, instead i walked in the room, jumped him on the bed and just wailed, crying on his back. must've looked silly but i'd do anything to save my pride. that's just how bad i am about 'sorry' issues. doesn't mean i didn't apologize either, did i?
but you see. we're all cool now.
in fact i believe i should still be sleeping right now.
turn-off points update:
i think i'm doing good with harboring enough turn-off points to push him away. and i got a sort of signal that my assumptions were all wrong so i'm happy. :)

white and nerdy

i badly want my OWN laptop. my one heck of a sister won't let my hands on OUR (supposedly) laptop. which brought me to decide that she can fuck with it all she wants, i won't be borrowing it from her anymore (she'll reject me anyway)... i'll be saving for my OWN laptop. i've already calculated the amount of time it'll take me to raise around 30,000. 8 months, taking into consideration everything that will mean no allowance for me like the sembreak, christmas break, holy week and other uncontrolled factors. yeah. and you know, it sucks because i've been meaning to save for a digicam and a travel gear and some decent rubbershoes... but the need for a laptop is becoming unbearable and also irrational, if you come to think of it. but i am one of the most materialistic people in the world. i shouldn't care, per ce.

it's hard to save for your pleasures and your future at the same time without living the present in poverty. haaaay.

and my mom is mad at me for being so distant with my sister.
honestly, I DON'T CARE.

in this one week that i haven't spoken anything sisterly to her... i realize it doesn't bear much difference having her close by. i could happily take ourselves as two mutually exclusive universes, regardless of our only intersection ---- blood.

and it doesn't pain me at all, not to have her around. not that i wish she were dead but what i mean is that, i don't get that much from her anyway so i think... i could live without her.

the drama:
she was never like an older sister to me. and i hate it because i want to have someone to take care of me, for once. oh right! i'm supposed to understand that she's undergoing hell through her thesis. yes, yes, right... and she can trade everything for that fucking peice of research.

and because it's finally taking its toll on me, i want nothing to do with it anymore. i'll continue shutting myself off to her. well, except that i'll still be texting her some totally uncool and sarcastic updates... but nothing sweeter of the sort. just some words like 'bye', when i'm finally going home. just to let her know. because that's what mom's been nagging about since i came home.

and another thing.
our apartment seems more homey than this house.

and i'm scared because that's not how it should be. :(

normally, i should be excited to go home every week but happens now is that it has become a tedious chore for me to go home during fridays (or saturdays).

oh right, i hate my sister. :)

cool lang daw

oo nga dapat cool lang daw.
grabe, ang cool cool ko nga eh.

di pa ko nag-aaral.
mamayang 7 na ang exam.
time check: 1:20pm

kaya pa?

oo naman!

aabsent lang naman ako sa physics, bahala na si july quiz ko. pare, salamat! i owe you a lot... kaw lang nahihingian ko ng mga ganitong pabor. haha :)

nakuuuuu... kailangan ko magsaya ngayong gabi! :D

anything to help me sober up

i think i drank too much last night. :) i apologize for being such a pain in the ass to my roomates who carefully escorted me from the square to my room. see, i still remember! the thing is, i'm not sure if i WAS really drunk. i mean, doesn't the fact that i remember things makes being drunk null and void? or is it something along the lines of aware-but-not-in-control thing? oh, i'll take the latter.

i know, i know. i was tipsy. i felt that. i felt my head go super light, my perspective moving round and round and damn was it nice.

to tell you honestly, it was my first time to feel that way... to feel almost drunk and in denial. and again, it was nice.

it's exactly the kind of feeling problematic people seek. and it's just about the best thing i felt in this whole week. i laughed a lot. and i realized that even though you can get a few good laughs for free, the best laughs always comes with a drink or two.

i don't want to sound like i'm morphing into an alcoholic but man, i appreciate alcohol now... more than ever.

and you know what?
i threw up a couple of times at home and i couldn't sleep and it sucks (in a good way) because i am aware of what's happening, of what i'm doing, yet i seem out of control.

but you see, me being out of control isn't really the 'out-of-control' thing you'd expect from other people, i'm not violent, i guess i'm talkative but my being out-of-control was tolerable. at least during that time i think i am kind of tolerable. i'm not a hardcore drinker after all, and you cannot subject me into haing wild tendencies. ;)

and i have a fckdmt math midterms the day after and i have another freakin exam the day after that.

i can't explain how i felt last night anymore, but i don't regret what happened. :)

and noooow?
i just came back from our midterms, it was so-so... i am expecting a passing grade. well, i know i will pass. hopefuly, i mean... i wasn't able to get more than 2 hours of review! wtf! :|

and tomorrow will probably be the crappiest day of my life.
you got my next exam to blame for that.

secondhand serenade

lol. emo!
i hate the word. it sounds cheap. i'm gravely sorry but the word emo, doesn't appeal to me that much. it seems overrated, overused, abused... yeah, mainstream, for a lack of a gentler term. -___-;

i just got back from lb square with itchel, i had to convince her to go with me because she didn't want to eat dinner, and i wanted to drink but what the hell is one company? and someone who doesn't drink, on top of that? but good grace, i enjoyed this night. :) after our blasted laboratory exam, i already planned that tonight i'll be having a glass of beer to quench my crave.

and it did yeah, though i kind of have to budget even this stupid drinking allowance because i'm living in poverty for the whole semester. i couldn't even lay my good ol hands on a redhorse, or something harsher, something...

well, i need something that kicks hard, aside from failing grades and the stupid reality in general.

i'm not drunk. well, i was never.

ok for the most part, i liked this day because i got to laugh a lot... during lab and after the exam. it waaaas nice. :)

haha, oh... here is my only major grievance about the org. i don't seem to find enough people whom i can just party and drink with... WITHOUT all the bullshit acads. oh come on, i'm not up for a study group. but give me a break, i need REAAAAL friends. who party.

another org perhaps?
gosh, that's like trailing off of my league because i'm reserving varsity for next sem and i can't probably divide myself into fractions with all the load. :)
but for once, i want to do something i'm inclined to! swimming! drawing! menial sidelines that mean a lot... oh damn it. i don't belong here in the first place.

back to the title: i got a few songs from SHS and they were nice... they're very emotional... emoooo. hehe

btw, it's the second time this sem that i encountered something i could trade a passing grade with RIGHT before the exam. on a note, that's quite phenomenal, to actually be THAT shallow to trade a passing grade with something that doesn't amount to any ordinal value... but you see, i was too happy while taking the exam awhile ago that i didn't care of the right answers.

last time it happened (rather, the first), i DID fail that exam. but because i was toooo happy to care, i let it pass. now it's up for the second time.

strike two.

let's evaluate:
i contradict mysef by dicussing too much acad stuff in this blog (and i did say i'm not a very acad-conscious person nor someone who dwells on her scholastic performance too much). i am, afterall, trying to build a better study habit... without sounding too nerdy and grade-conscious and all those stupid crappy things i see with my batchmates.


following the standards of today's harsh 'norms'; no one should be able to get this entry. at least not up to this statement.

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