WARNING: in the rare case that you're part of sixtreme, hate mails are welcome:

i was checking my mail like usual and landed on our batch multiply because there was some announcement regarding yet another reunion. not that i'm hyped up about it, i guess i'm not that close to my highschool batchmates after all (except for my barkada).

honestly though, i feel like i was my most hateful self during those times. it just means that i hated a lot of people back then. maybe it's because i'm too young, or maybe it's because i settled at the bottom part of the social ladder for the most part. it's a nasty complex suicidal highschool nerds tend to undergo, not that i'm a nerd in some way...or suicidal at the least.

ok let's leave that.

back to the picture, i know this is bit tooooo late. that picture was taken during our batch's first reunion (around may 2007 i guess). i wasn't there because i have summer classes... no.

okay, i guess i can't remember my reason.

anyhow, i don't know how they came up with that award but the first time i read it i felt an ugly hateful sting in my heart (or somewhere near. like i could actually let myself be that affected). i felt really bad and hurt that that's how they put the evident lack of attendance of our group. it's like going to a freakin highschool reunion is a barkada effort [roight! and if i narrow this down i would have to reiterate my ridiculous entry about stereotypes and how much they affect a growing teen's 'youth']. i could probably take being part of "Barkada ni Inez" but the award ('Mukhang Excited talaga kayo at Complete' AWARD) i could not swallow. it was the most sarcastic thing in the world (for me).

don't pacify me, i am nowhere near indulging in fits.

as much as that freakin certificate hurt me, i guess my friends' smiling faces in the background would calm me down a bit. who knows about the other awards? if they're as sarcastic then maybe i can laugh this thing off.

PS. i think the next reunion would fall on january 3. and i also think that it falls on the same date as our barkada's post-christmas party. perfect! then this must mean that we're going to get the same award for two consecutive 'big' reunions. only, no one would receive the damned certificate for us. unless majority in our group would suggest we just go there in lieu of a xmas party, dmn i would be extremely hesistant then.

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