i ditched the finals

because i didn't have enough money to stay over. i'll be bombarded with fees anyway, lol. -__-;

(warning: super long entry ahead)

i. december 16 - first exam in micro1. i crammed this one the night before by studying only for 3 hours and hey, POWERMEMORY WORKED LIKE CRAZY! shet talaga ang application nya sa exam na to! i'd be pissed as hell if i don't pass this freakin exam.

ii. december 17 - NASC6 food fest. i was against pursuing this event at first but eventually, i enjoyed it...because i get to eat a lot. i ate ginataang palaka for the first time. :) yey

SOSC1 exam. still the same, i crammed studying for this one (2 hours before the exam) but for the most part i got all the objective items intact. THEN THE ESSAY KILLED ME! i wasn't able to read the last handout because it's too boring; 4 pages long and was photocopied from the encyclopedia, and you know how it's utterly unappetizing to read encyclopedias ayt? roight. fck the essay, i tried logic (the usual last resort) but it's all useless without knowing about the encyc article. T^T;

anyway, i survived. :)
i was supposed to go home right after the exam but ate odeth texted me that we're gonna go caroling that night.

so i stayed, to somehow lift my grave issues on choir delinquency. by the end of the night i was dead tired. we walked a hell lot, but because this is my punishment i tried to endure it. during our house-to-house adventure, i forgot to change to my flat slippers...i was walking on my tall slips and it was crazily painful. T_____T;

i plan on leaving for QC right after the caroling when ate gerly texted me that we're going to have a rummage sale the morning after (like 3am)... and because it's probably going to be my last chance to yet again lift myself from being so invisible during committee activities, i stayed. T___T;

iii. december 18 - rummage sale, 3am: it was SHOCKING. i didn't know it was like that. scary people, no... SUPER SCARY PEOPLE. somehow i'm thinking if they're mentally retarded or something... or maybe i'm too sheltered to consider that that kind life actually existed. in any case, i enjoyed it eventually because i was with people whom i consider safe. i dunno but i have a certain fear that one of those co-rummage-tinderas might stab anyone of us with a knife. lol stupidstupid thought. i've been too prejudiced these days.

after rummage, i was set on going home then i recalled that there's still an applicant who needs to report to me. grabe. the constant delays are killing me.

i wanna go home fckdmt! T__T;

anyway, this is gonna be the last thing that's going to keep me from staying longer at los banos.

10:30 was the scheduled time, i came there with my overloaded backpack full with enthusiasm that after this reporting i can finally go home! jomuel came with me too.

okay naman. i wasn't kupal or anything. i just enjoyed it because i don't want to spoil anyone's day with my walangkwentangpagpapareport. anyhow, i asked the applicant to give jomuel and i forum usernames (for no heck of a reason).

you know what he gave me? sakura_fighter04
like it couldn't get any better than that. i hate sakura (from Naruto). and the fighter thing just came up because he thinks i can punch hard.


and jomuel? baby_face25 (LOL)

so much from trying to fish compliments. well, i actually got one... he thought i was born january 1991! flattering. (note sarcasm)

but it didn't ruin my day though, that's just a very minor minor thing. my excitement to go home is still up on the hills!

but it still sucks because i had to go back to the apartment because i keep on forgetting things. first i forgot my phone and charger. i came back to get it.
then eventually, i feel my back starting to rip and my backpack slowing giving up. so i came back home again to change bags. i changed my backpack to a stroller bag and my shoulder bag to a big body bag. it's still super heavy, but at least i wouldn't be bothered by the possibility that my bags would break. T__T;; then when i'm already on the bus, i realized that i forgot my charger in my previous bag! grr...

i just asked my sister to get it for me. hope she comes back with it. T___T;;


oh by the way! i wish to accomplish a lot of things this holiday break like...

1. get thinner. i just bought a pack of slimming tea awhile ago haha
2. finish reading these books i took home:
-How to find your one true love by Bo Sanchez (anne, in case you're reading! i texted u about this! hehe pahiraaam! :D)
- Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught (i'm forever 2/3 in this book. grabe)
- The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho
3. and because Bo Sanchez just became my number 1 favorite author of all time, i want to collect his books!
4. finish Full Metal Alchemist
5. watch Honey and Clover
6. do Eng2 outline
7. do NASC6 survey thingy + Faculty follies reaction paper blaaah
8. read my mossed up ebooks (twilight saga and screwtape letter on high priority)
9. play out of my league by stephen speaks on piano. the score is starting to rust already.

woa. so many things to doooo! :D ahahaha

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