the satisfaction of expensive gift giving. weeeeh. >__>;

i'm done christmas shopping for my family! :) well, they're probably the only people whom i'm going to spend on this christmas. lol. XD

i bought a gift for my mom, my dad and myself. as for my sister... i'll buy it at Los Banos because that's what she wants. hehe, she already gave me my christmas gift in advance! :) a Little Miss SHS shirt! yeeey. what the heck, i'm proud of my school.

♠ ♠ ♠

4 things i've come to appreciate this day

i. note taking during the sermon at church - it prevents me from sleeping while the pastor is talking

ii. the 'thrill' of overtaking slow people in the mall - since i'm more of a weekend shopper, i realized it takes some skill to endure (and appreciate too) an overcrowded mall... i actually find it amusing dodging people on the counter flow and overtaking walkers to reach my destination faster. haha, i know there's no need to rush but i don't go malling during weekends without a list of things to buy, and walking slow bores me especially when all there is to see is a mob of heads moving at snail's pace.

iii. rerwiting my notes/studying in the mall - i don't know why but just recently i find it more comfortable to study at the mall. as soon as i get a good seat (alone), be it in the food court, in a restaurant or in a coffee shop, my notebook will soon make its way on the table. every friday when i go home from los banos, i always drop by at SM megamall to eat dinner and there do my notes-transferring thing. between studying at home or in the mall, i take the later. hahaha, ewan ko rin eh

iv. the satisfaction of expensive gift giving - yeah right, it's the thought that counts... hehehe i don't really know why (i need more time to observe my gift giving habits) but i don't budget my money when it comes to giving presents or giving treats (as opposed to how i turn rather stingy budgeting my weekly food allowance). i always tend to pick costly items on the shelf. i don't really long as i have money. hahaha, i'm not rich... i just like being generous with others... and more generous with myself. lol

which brings me to this...
the 2nd most expensive gift i bought for myself

which i immediately devirginized (for a lack of a better term) a few minutes after i bought it.

yey! that's one item i've been eyeing on since i first saw it at fully booked. hehehe. i know i know, there's no sense of practicality on buying a moleskine product... for the very obvious reason that it's too expensive. even if i say, "it's ok since i'm gonna use it for a year" or something stupid like "it's the legendary notebook used by picasso, van gogh, hemingway and chatwin!"... it wouldn't count as a valid excuse. hehe

it's a luxury item. :] and as i mentioned, the 2nd most expensive thing i bought for myself. the first was an mp3 player (well, it's dead and replaced now) which was hard-earned because it took me 8 months of manual laundrying (literally) to get it. lol

and because i just spent my savings last week plus half of my allowance this week... i'm on a delata diet once again! XD

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