it's almost christmas!! haha what a stupid remark.
i just wanted to blog, that's all. hehehehe

i. "congratulations! you did it again"
T___T; my 3rd week of relisting the item i was selling at ebay. anyway... it's an (a?) HP laptop bag. in case you're interested here's the link: click!

ii. i thought we're never gonna hold a christmas party for this year! yehey at red box! :) lol that actually brings me to a financial dilemma hehehe but don't worry, i've already devised a way to get some money before the year ends

iii. LOL my sister and i freakin asked our parents for a CHRISTMAS BONUS. and with that, we get a thousand bucks each. lolololol. tell me i'm evil but in the name of not-getting-totally-broke-this-xmas, i shall do that which is more convinient.

iv. more so, we're going to be maid-less from tomorrow till january 1st. ate wilma is going on a christmas break. know what that means? i have to wash the dishes till the end of the year. my sister and i made a compromise already, i do all the dishwashing and kitchen stuff and she does the laundry and yadda yadda. lol i'll drop off the senorita facade for now. XD my uncle is going to mock me for this. and we're just gonna laugh it off till the year ends. hahahaha

and because i'm really evil, i demanded a salary from my parents. bwahahaha. principle of equivalent trade? aaaayt!

v. full metal alchemist is one heck of a great series! oooh i'm such a late bloomer i never tried watching it before because i thought it would suck. i would always look at the character designs first before i decide to watch it...well, first step would be searching for the bishounen... the rest is history. but now...well, things change! i used to limit myself to romance anime series and those which are relatively easy to comprehend, i love the highschool setting -- no AU or seemingly complicated plots.

again, that was before... :) right now i enjoy almost all types of series because i get to learn a lot from them! like with Full Metal Alchemist. one of the greatest series i've watched, it appeals a lot to the complex nature of philosophy and reality. i was heavily struck by the different morals each episode portrays. :)

di pa ko tapos... i'll probably finish it before this week ends. hehe :D

vi. oo nga pala, i made a tray of mango float for my family. yeheeey, they liked it! i liked it too! haha XD

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