so it was high-time for tradition to take place again. :)

we went to my lola's house at veterans to celebrate christmas like usual, we were the first ones to arrive so we get to chill out a bit. then more and more people came, the room got jam-packed, it would seem a struggle to reach my bed-ridden lola with so many people trying to claim their space in the room. XD

it was fun looking at our family. we've grown so big over the years, most of my cousins are already happily married with kids... :) lol XD, yeah and i'm still struggling through my bachelor's degree. ;_;

there were just so many kids! :) it made me nostalgic. i was once like them, parading around my uncles to collect gifts, falling in line when a generous uncle suddenly feels like giving away a hundred pieces of mint condition 50 pesoses (??). lol it was really fun getting to hang out with my relatives. XP makes me feel so old.

i ate a lot too. biofit has to work double time this day. :-\

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