my life pretty much sucks right now. it's christmas! why am i rotting inside the house with the internet! i think this is too sad, to actually spend everyday of my christmas break online, like my social life suddenly died on me right when i need it the most.

there's nothing quite special to look forward to this christmas aside from the usual family reunion. other than that, i guess i have next year to count for more surprises. i wanted to go out to the mall, but i don't really have business there aside from wanting to eat at yoshinoya (which isn't as valid either). >__>;

before my mom broke my fantasies, i was looking forward to vacationing at bicol where my lola is. i BADLY wanted to go there because i'm getting sick of urban living, i want to see my lola, my uncles, see the Mayon volcano, splurge at DJC, walk by the seashore, pick up shells... blah. T__T; but you see, mom told us we might not be going there after all. >__>; sucks.

hey. finally, i've found a sleeping pill that is being sold without prescription. it's called Sleepasil and costs around 12 pesos/capsule. :) hehe nothing, really. just in case you're a recovering insomniac like me, you might find this useful.

woa. our neighbor literally took care of our pang media-noche! awhile ago, after cooking lunch, they delivered us a bowl of menudo, a bowl of something nice (i don't know what it's called), and a plateful of fried chicken. amazing. XP and seconds after, they came back with a tray (yaaaah! like 15x10 inches big) of buko salad.

haaaay, i so love our neighbors! XD haha

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