a son who doesn't know basic sports etiquette and a father who just watches him boast his ugly upbringing; whoever voted for these scums?

i was taken to THIS PAGE via a link at my friend's multiply. it tells of how mayor nasser pangandaman jr. along with his bodyguards beat up a defenseless 56-year-old man and his 14-year-old son at a golf club in antipolo. the entry was written by the daughter of the victim who witnessed the whole event.

this is not the first time i heard of news regarding politicians beating up defenseless people over a very small matter (which is usually caused by the overly egoistic politician), but this is the first time it struck me really bad. maybe because i didn't hear it from the news first, but from a more credible source -- a family member of the victim. as i was reading her blog entry, my heart was sinking deeper and deeper at the violent turnout of events.

i never liked politics. i never wanted to involve myself in it, even in the smallest ways like debates with a political theme and such. no, you can never count on me to be updated with who's leading on the senatorial elections. i never cared because if i did, i would be always be up against them and that's an effort that will always be rendered futile. that's why i chose to be just silent and unknowing, in other words, safe.

hope they die early and rot in hell!

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