occupational hazards

2 hours to go before i time out! >XD

i woke up pretty late today, and to add up to the panic, i woke up to my boss' text message! she said she'll be late and i that i should attend to the speaker when he arrives. O_O so i got up and brushed my teeth and blah, i was about to take a bath when she texted that the speaker has already arrived and that she's still on the way!!! haha okay, so forget about my morning bath!!!  i sped to the closet and pulled out something to wear. i sneaked out of the house (cos mommy's gonna scold me for skipping breakfast) and head on to school.

crazy haggard morning!

anyway, because of the very few turnout of attendees, they rescheduled the seminar to a later saturday. which means, we'll be having a total of 5 saturdays to offset! >XD hehehe and also because of that, my boss left early. leaving me in the custody of another boss who also left early so i'm down with nothing (or a very few things) to do... like having the food delivered for the AdEPT trainers and uninstalling stuff on the lab. other than that, i'm working on Burger Shop 2 and surfin around. >:)

also, i'm getting hideously fat (exaggeration of course). i've been eating mcdonald's chicken fillet with rice + sundae for four consecutive dinners now.ajksdghasdgsad

i'm also aware that i must work my brain harder this year so i could earn a latin honor at least! it's one thing to be a chemical engineering wreck and a computer science success bwahaha. i want to say goodbye to my social life for a while looool and also my REM life... much to my dismay.

Dreams Dreams!
- i dreamt of Tirso twice! i just forgot about it.

- i also dreamt about chii. in my dream she was guiding me on a mega dark staircase, she was holding my hand if i remember correctly, and we were running up the stairs, onto a supposed to be 'shortcut' that we could use to get out of the building (i dunno what and where).

then we saw a narrow passageway, behind it was a wall with a movie playing on it via projector. it was the shortcut we're looking for. there was an old man sort of guarding-slash-watching the place and he kindof told us 'yes, this is the way' and we went down... and out of the building!

then i saw JM outside, texting. haha yun lang.
actually, the dream was scary. >X(

PS: one day i'm gonna ask terai to go on an ELBI day-out with me! i probably need 1,500 for the entire uhm, memory-lane-trip, but that's (i think) enough for the fare and food.
LOL fudtrip lang naman talaga gusto ko eh...

-Janges cheeseburger and large chocobanana shake
-Bordo's cheeseburger
-Mernel's chocolate cake
-The Original's banana cake
-DTRI ChocoMilk
-IRRI walktrip + canteen

e ang sarap kasi kumain sa elbi. nakakamiss!

word for word

me: psst!
jm: bagay! dapat laging ganyan!

WAAAAHHHHH pwedeng mamatay sa kilig?! @_@

teach me how to be real

그리고 난 그녀와 내 인생의 모든 순간을 거 싫어요.

어쩌면 정확히지만, 음 10분의 9. 우리는 내가 참을 수있는 함께 보내는 시간의 1 / 10 없습니다. 아, 그건 잘못 됐어. 난 시간이 그녀의 10분의 9을 용인할 수있다. 십분의 일 때문에 그녀가 옳다는 주장 좋아해 몹시의 인수를 시작부터 자신을 억제 것이 시대의 전갑니다. 시간이 나는 대부분의 그녀를 얘기하고 싶지 않지만 그게 의미하는 건 내가 이유를 설명해야합니다. 그리고 내가이 지경 그녀의 태도에 화가다 고 그녀에게 말해 싶지 않아요. 우리가 함께 인내하는 이상 삼주있을 때. 그리고 전체 학년이 계획. 아아. 그래서 이것은 네가 싫어하는 사람들과 함께 갇혀되는 기분이다.

그냥 오른쪽 과제는 내가 필요했습니다.
이 사람이 매일하고 잔인한 있습니다.

Bold what applies to you.

* I’m loud.
* I’m sarcastic.
* I cry easily.
* I have a bad temper.
* I’m easy to get along with.
* I have more enemies than friends.
* I’ve smoked.
* I drink coffee.
* I clean my room daily.

My appearance.

* I wear makeup.
* I wear a piece of jewelry at all times.
* I wear contacts.
* I wear glasses.
* I have braces.
* I change my hair color often.
* I have a piercing.
* I have small feet.


* I’m in a relationship now. 
* I’m single
* I’m crushin’.
* I’ve missed an ex before.
* I’m always scared of being hurt.
* I’ve told someone I loved them when I didn’t.
* I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did.
* I’ve been in love more than two times.
* I believe in love at first sight.
* I’m too awesome for everyone.


* I have a bestfriend.
* I have at least ten real friends.
* I’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend.
* I’ve beaten up a friend.
* I’ve been in a serious fight with a friend.
* I can trust at least five people with my life.


* I’ve been on a plane.
* I’ve taken a taxi.
* I’ve taken a school bus.
* I’ve taken a city bus.
* I’ve made a speech.
* I’ve been in some sort of club.
* I’ve won an award.
* I’ve spent 24 hours on the computer straight.


* I listen to R&B.
* I listen to pop.
* I listen to techno.
* I listen to rock.
* I’m one of those people who play songs repeatedly until I hate it.
* I download music.
* I buy CDs.


* I spend at least six hours a day watching television. 
* I’ve seen and liked the O.C.
* I’ve seen and liked One Tree Hill.
* I’ve seen and liked America’s Next Top Model.

Family Life:

* I get along with both of my parents.
* My biological parents are still together.
* I have at least one brother.
* I have at least one sister.
* I’ve been kicked out of the house.
* I’ve ran away from my home.
* I’ve sworn at my parents.
* I’ve made my parents cry.
* I’ve lied to my parents.
* I’ve lied to my parents about where I am.
* I’ve lied to my parents about what I’m doing.
* I’ve lied to my parents so I’d be allowed out.


* I’ve had streaks.
* I’ve cut my hair in the past year.
* I’ve dyed my hair in the past year.
* I’ve been blonde.
* I’ve had black.
* I’ve been red.
* I’ve been light brown.
* I use conditioner.
* I’ve curled my hair.
* I’ve straightened my hair.

seafood pesto pasta >8D

che. naiinis ako sa sarili ko. sayo. lalo na sayo! at sa mga yon!!! kala nyo ba natural ang pagiging mabait? kahit na feeling ko oo (haha), lintek! mahirap! sobra! bat ang gulo ko? pag tinatry ko magpaka-bait naguiguilty ako kasi feeling ko ang plastic ko. pero pag puro kasamaan ang naiisip ko naguiguilty parin ako kasi nga masama yon. ano ba.

huwow identity crisis at 21! kumusta naman yon? sino bako? haha

ayoko ng araw ng to pero thank you Lord dahil >:)

- terai treated me dinner at napolis! pasta, pizza, chicken galore! >:D 2nd favorite resto! haha
- she bought me shoes! >:D
- LOL if i didn't stop her from splurging too much for me, she'd be buying my entire checklist. dohhhh
- it's her usual payday generosity kicking in kasi! hahaha
- ang sarap maging ate ni terai! spoiled ako! she'd literally buy me anything! ohohoho

dear blog

andame. andame dame kong hindi kayang sabihin na dito ko lang nailalabas.bow.right now i'm semi pissed.

>> there are really people out there who enjoy being cute. which is a clever disguise to flirting. and obviously they're in denial because they want to convince themselves that they're just being fucking cute and nothing else.
>> and  there are also people who exaggerate every small connection they have with every likeable guy out there just so it would seem like they got to them first.
>> and then there are also people who pretend they don't care about (much more, abhor) all the attention (which is mostly virtual) given to them, when in fact, they marvel over it in their dreams.
>> and there are also people whose boastfulness shows more when they try to be humble.

then i feel guilty. for fooling myself and for fooling people into thinking that i'm their good friend. it feels unfair that you notice all the bad things about people who aren't aware of it themselves! it's like, they're supposed to be the bad ones but you end up being the villain because you were the one assuming all the bad things they presumably have. it's frustrating. and you can't just point out how awful their character is at one point... because it's like telling them to change their entire being. what can you do if they were born that way?

i'm confused too. but i'm not dropping the bomb because i have come to care about this friendship so much somehow. and i don't want it to break apart with silly girl issues. after all, diba nga, everyone has a good side. okay sige.

pati sarili ko niloloko ko na.
pero keri naman. mahirap lang talaga makisama pero magagawan naman ng paraan.pwede namang pumaslang BWAHAHA

hmm. then i realized, sus. pare pareho lang naman kaming mga babae. panay insecure.


this is the start of an awesome month. tomorrow has to be an awesomer day and the days to follow has to be at least awesome by default. i am so friggin happy. kinikilig ako! seryoso! i've never been this giddy over something that is not of the male species so. uhm. thank you Lord. you love me so much! >XD

for one thing: I HAVE A JOB! yes i was being a jerk over not getting mam faye's text messages but it turns out i'm part of the summer SA's. i was so bitter over it diba? ranting over twitter, sending out my resume to companies loool i am that desperate to have a job. >XD

because i want that ZUNE! >XD
and of course, my camera paid. FIRST. arg.

it's also crush overload this day!
there's JM! and Tirso! >XD OMGEHHHH!!! and i learned something this day! JM! JM! why must you be so kind like crazy. >XD why?!

tomorrow. dapat si Yeorim naman! HOHO

PS: i just saw 5/7 of my grades and and, i want to faint!!!! >XD

HERBALIFE Herbal Concentrate (green tea)

seriously. this tea kicked me awake for 24 hours straight that i had to force myself to sleep when i realized that i haven't slept in a day.

i like it best with sugar! it's pretty much like a hot version of nestea iced tea. saraaaaappp!

thank you list:

1. finished watching My Princess! feel good series yeahhhhh and i find myself idealizing men too much... once more! you know what, i always tell myself not to rush into things specially in relationships (and even if i tried i know i'll end up cowering on a corner. e wala e, it runs in the genes yata). i try to remind myself that while i'm busying myself at school, God is also busying Himself screening guys for me HOHOHO. o at least someone with higher standards is doing to the selecting for me! >:D haha oyan na! consuelo! kaya naman Lord, bigyan nyo ko ng katapat ko/higit sakin ah?! nagpapakahirap ako magpaka-talino dito! hehehe

2. i smell hope. honestly, i still feel bitter. suuuuper bitter that i wasn't notified if i could start working on monday. owell. then i talked to sir kim and he said, he'll do something about it cos we have a lot of things to do at the lab! >XD Lord. please? i seriously super duper need a job right now.

3. i found Zune sellers in the phils! >XD

4. cooked spaghetti! >:) had chocolate! yehey! >:)

[Windows] How to open specific programs/applications using the Run dialog

If you notice, when you hit Win+R, type 'mspaint', and hit enter... Microsoft Paint loads up! i'm assuming it'll work for majority of us Windows PC users! Try typing 'calc', and the calculator should open up. >:) I find this method easier and faster than having to navigate on my Desktop or searching on the Start Menu,

This tutorial will teach you how to open specific programs or applications using the Run dialog.


1. Win+R >> type 'regedit' >> hit enter
this will load the Registry Editor.

2. On the Registry Editor, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SOFTWARE >> Microsoft >> Windows >> Current Version >> App Paths
the items listed on App Paths are the different shortcut keys you could use to run a certain program using the Run Dialog box. >:)

3. Right click on App Paths >> New >> Key

4. Rename the newly created key. For example, i want to create a shortcut key 'word', for Microsoft Word. I will rename the key with "word.exe". Putting .EXE is important >:)

5. The right window pane will have an item called (Default). Right click on it >> Modify >> enter the program path on "Value Data".

6. The program path is the location of the executable file that will load up the program. If you don't know where to get it, go to the folder Program Files, look for the folder containing your program and copy the location of the program .exe file. >:)


On the Start Menu >> look for the program you want >> right-click >> Properties >> copy the path on the Target field and supply it on the 'Value Data' from the Registry Editor

this is majorly just a note to self in case i forget but i hope it works for you too. >:)

onga pala

i haven't posted a screenshot of this layout for future reference in case i change it again hehe


before i continue watching My Princess

things to thank God for this day:

1. i colored my hair. more like i asked daddy to. HAHA lechon, ayoko ng kulay pero sayang 150! HAHAHA i told mark to buy me one worth 15 but when he came here, naddaaaaaaa! orayt. napamahal tuloy. che. anyhow. it's still something to be thankful for!

2. i'm finally getting over not being hired at school this summer. i only felt bad about it because my boss already told me that we're working on 25 even before finals week started! she's like reserving our vacation month ardy for some major lab revamp, so i blocked it! but then i haven't received a confirmation message from her or from the HR (who's supposed to be the ultimate confirmatory person) so i guess it's a dull case... my other colleague got hired so that makes me more bitter. paasa. yun. masakit cos i've been expecting this all summer. if i had known sooner then i should've spent the finals week job hunting! or had my boss not told me that i'm working on 25 when in fact, it's not her decision who works this summer... then i wouldn't be this bitter.

actually hindi naman talaga ako sure pero ayun lang, the lack of confirmation says it all.

3. i did my resume and i was quite pleased. hello bragging rights! they've multiplied over the months LOL though i dunno what chances i have. the world is a scary place full of scary competitors lol

4. i had chocolate!

5. and spaghetti! >XD

6. and i'm flipping over My Princess. >XD

thank you Lord!

i figured that even though generally this day was crap (because of some piss off at facebook), if i make a daily list of things to be thankful for then it lightens my mood and it feels like calling this day crap is such an overstatement. there's so much things to be thankful for each day. super. and i wish to continue this everrrryyyday of my blogging life para masaya ako lagi. hehehe

there is not really a bad day ykknow. it's just that yesterday was better than today, but doesn't make it bad at all. it's all a matter of perspective. hokey. every body let's be happy! >XD

take note! by being happy i'm not refraining myself from posting crap about people! osabagay, being happy is different from being nice! hoho

dear Lord

sakin na to please. please. please. >:''((((


anu raw??

what is an idea, in the first place? isn't it as generic as a thought? when people discuss about something as trivial as people or as significant as events, don't they input their ideas into it too? their points of view, their stands? and yet quoting (again and again) eleonor roosevelt, "great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." ???

i love that statement. i really do, but when i was "trying" to dig deeper into it... by evaluating if for the most part my mind was being great, or average, or small... i came to wonder what she meant about the type of ideas great minds discuss. is this when albert einstein talks about the theory of relativity with his colleagues? or when charles darwin convinces people that we evolved from monkeys? how about the church going against the RH bill? aren't those aaaaall ideas? IF, and idea is, yknow, simply a form of thought.

naisip ko lang, correct me if my analogy is flawed:
words are to conversations whereas ideas are to discussions
if so, then going back to the quote. we all have great minds, after all conversations aren't turned into discussions without a propelling notion i.e. an idea.

pero joke lang yan. of course i still totally agree to e.roosevelt haha

things to be thankful for on this day:

1. walang nangyaring masama. or relatively masama. HAHA
2. hmm. mahaba tulog ko.
3. kinikilig ako sa My Princess!
4. nakapag-bike ako kahit 20 minutes lang kasi biglang umulan

thank you Lord.

talaga naman oo

this day was so friggin hot! >XO nakakagalit ang init!!!! >_< ambilis ko mabadtrip. hay. hay. hay.

things to be thankful for on this day:

1. sold my phone finally! tumubo pa ko ng 50 pesos yehey! now i'm back to black and white! i realized it's the bestest phone i could ever have. colored phones tend to hang when messages start to stack up. touch phones are a pain when you want to type fast. high-end phones aren't for students who commute everyday and are fond of hanging stuff on their necks. haha last na talaga to Lord. di na ko masisilaw sa mga magagandang cellphone! pag may trabaho na ko for real, chaka na lang ako maguupgrade. for now. necessity ko ang flashlight (pag ginagabi sa daan) at "insert number to text msg" feature that is lacking on nokia OVI phones (primarily why i sold my c1-01 apart from  ayoko dun sa nagbigay ops joke lang.). that feature is a must for me kasi nagloload ako eh! paload ka? >:D

anyhow. i'm so glad it was sold in less than a week!

2. in relation to #1. now i have money to pay my 2 monthly bills! sakto cos kararating lang nung isang bill. yehey.  yehey. paying bills (as in bills of services i personally consume) on time make me feel like a responsible adult. ALTHOUGH at some point, i think i'm too young to be paying bills! feeling ko baka pag laki ko, andami kong gastos sa buhay. anyway, God will provide! yaman din lamang na magiging magastos ako in the future, ibig sabihin, I AM BOUND TO BE RICH! diba Lord? haha

3. coffee and cinnamon! >XD

4.SLEX for the first time in a looooong while. long while meaning, the last time we drove past the toll gate, the toll fee was 65 or something, now it's 151. homaygaaadddd. the roads were definitely better tho! >:)

why bother?

tama. why bother involving myself with stuff that has nothing to do with me in the first place? ika nga diba, curiousity killed the cat... but satisfaction brought it back. pero this time, i give up. i give up na talaga. i'll quit prying into people's business. i'll quit scooping around people's lives. i'll quit asking. i'll quit wanting to know more.

ok lang naman. i can live with it. less gastos! my friend is by my right, LOL. together we'll focus on things that are much more important than gossip and frolics. together we'll kill our social lives and be indifferent. from now on, i'll listen only to the things that are said to me, personally. i'll quit being a digger, even if it kills me inside cos i feel so left out. kayo kayo na lang mag chismisan.

quoting eleonor roosevelt, "Great minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, Small minds discuss people."

ok lang yan. at least i have someone with me, someone who has always been there, someone whom i will always cherish. awww i love you! seriously. more than anyone else in this drying grassland. hahaha tayo na lang! wag na sila!

how shyness is a form of vanity

so why are you shy?
because i'm afraid they'll laugh at me
why will they laugh at you?
because i'm afraid i'll mess up and they'll notice
why will they notice?
because people notice all the flaws on stage
of all the flaws on stage, why do you think they'll look at you?
do you think you're pretty?
do you think you'll catch their attention even if you messed up?
do you really think the people out there are watching YOU?
it's not like that...
yes it is. you're not shy. you're narcissistic! you're vain! you think when you come up on stage, people will be looking at you. now, let's put that narcissism to good use. why don't you go out there and give justice to what the people are expecting of you, after all, you don't want them looking at you disappointed, right? go there are drown in their ogling eyes. you think you're that pretty right? you're not shy. you're afraid of the attention they might give you. which means you're expecting attention from them. cut your shy-face and go onstage, you attention deficit scum!

ay galit sya. HAHAHA

The "Feeler" Quotient: A Social Experiment

what if i tell my friend A, that her friend B has a huge crush on her, when in fact he doesn't (and i have to make sure!!!)? i want to observe how A will react. will she be conscious of her actions? will she avoid B? will she flirt? 

i want to know what goes on in people's head, what silly assumptions they create, when they are presented with a notion that flatters their ego. it's funny and embarrassing if the truth leaks out but i am curious as to what heights people feed their ballooning heads with self-assuring junk. 

which is why the experiment has to be conducted within my circle of friends (the risk is there but. haha idea lang naman!). i have to be my friend A's confidante. she has to tell me what she thinks about B, and his "huge crush on her" looool. will she start noticing B? will she bask in the imaginary attention B is giving her? will she develop feelings for B too? will she recall all the moments she has spent with B, and analyze everything as if there was a hint in it? i bet most girls would. HAHA

wala lang bakit ba.
naiinis ako e. andaming feelingera sa mundo!
sus porket ganto, porket ganyan??? haneeeeeepppp e kung ginanyan ka lang pala e feeling mo crush ka na, ano pa kaya saken?! wusowssss


it's been almost a week since i last wrote here! i think i'm finally getting over the 'blogging hype' HAHA 6 years to recede BWAHAHA

by the way, i was able to sleep for 12 straight hours last night and it was awesome! no headaches after i woke up! >XD probably because i've gone 48 hours awake last thursday and friday HAHA wanna know why?!

JM! JM! you know how we never really talk like taaaalk unless he's asking me for a favor or whatever. hokeeeyy but seriously, when he called last friday asking me for a super duper large favor, which cost me to sacrifice my scheduled 4 hour remaining sleep time AND lunch with my friends for the last time this tri which i seriously regret (gusto ko talaga magjollibeeee kaso. huhu), i was like...

how can he just call me like that and ask me such a thing? i mean even if he promised to pay, it was asked on a jiffy! i was in the middle of debugging an asshole of a vb.net project, and he enters in dumping more load on me like i haven't had enough to bear for day. why?! why me?!

i have every reason to decline the job
first is, as i've mentioned. i have a project to finish
second, they called me pretty late that night and told me the job(which consists of a project, hw and activity for FOUR PEOPLE) is needed the next day at 1 or 2pm.
third, I HAVEN'T SLEPT BITCHESSSS. do you really want to kill me?!?!

but in the end i said, YES
then i realized, why me?! of all people why me?! there are so many others out there who are relatively unoccupied and wants money and can do basic html and crap so why the heck?!
then i went into quite an emotional turmoil, that maybe he thinks i'm stil soooo friggin head over heels for him that i'll do anything he asks! i felt like i was taken for granted again and blaaaahhhh

yes, i still like him cos he's really nice and good looking but that's all. it's definitely superficial. he's not even the man of my dreams. it's good that we became friends cos i was able to get a psych profile of him. if i didn't then i would be voodooing him seriously haha it's just hard to get over him with all the teasing and stuff. it's easier when no one knows. ugh whatever.

o, so yun nga. pero ok lang. i was ranting about it on twitter. and i've been twirling my hair for 2 days ever since i started on the vb.net thingy., it's a mannerism i've developed when i was in LB, and now that my hair is longer it kinda resurfaced haha. it's not really a stress manifestation but it's kinda turning into one. e wala lang, it's fun twirling hair bwahaha.

anyway, they paid naman. larger than i expected pa nga e, and he bought me food blah blah blah. ok naman! thank you Lord! >:D


i just had to blog about this.

kakauwi lang ng ate ko ngayon, as in ngayon lang mga 1:00am (april 11,2011). pagpasok nya nanghingi sya sakin ng pambayad sa tricycle kasi nahablutan daw sya ng bag! so naloka naman ako! edi nagkwento sya,

pauwi na si terai galing SM fairview, sumakay sya ng jeep pa-MRT. dun sya sa pinakadulo nakaupo (yung pinakamalayo sa driver). nung nasa Tulyahan bridge na (yung bago mag NCBA, tas FCM) may pumara na apat na kalalakihan tapos bigla na lang hinablot yung shoulder bag nyang red na may kalakihan. nakipag-agawan pa ang loka-loka at balak pa sanang habulin yung mga panget BUTI NA LANG yung isang lalaking pasahero pinigilan sya, sabe "wag mo na habulin yan, sasaksakin ka nila!" edi natauhan ang ate kong kung maka-graveyard shift kala mo nasa call center! mejo sabog pa yata yung mga snatcher kasi mamula mula pa raw yung mata, kakatira lang yata.

naalala ko pa naman, bago sya pumasok for work on that same day sabi nya napanaginipan nya daw na mamamatay sya! edi shempre sabi ko "hindi totoo yun, magdasal ka kasi!" henako! tas biglang ganito?!?! BUTI NA LANG. BUTI NA LANG TALAGA napigilan sya ni kuya! KUYA KUNG SINO KA MAN, salamat sayo! utang ko sayo ang buhay ng ate ko! mahal ka ni Lord!!!! >XD

hay. nakakapanlumo naman. di mo alam kung san ka lulugar. front seat or back seat? haha wala ng ligtas sa mga panahon ngayon. haynako. biruin nyo naman, nasa dulo na nga si terai eh! katabi nya na yung exit (well, entrance din pala)!!!! ibang klase na mga snatcher ngayon, hanggang sa moving vehicles tumitira! >:(((

honestly, hindi ko alam kung anong ipapayo ko senyo,

gusto ko sana sabihin na wag kayo uupo sa dulo ng jeep (away from the driver) or even sa tabi (kasi ganun din, madaling hablutan), e pano kung nasa loob yung villain? >:(

kaya naman as much as possible, lagi tayong mag-pray!
wag magpapa-gabi mag-isa!
AT wag makipag-agawan sa snatcher, kahit gano pa kaimportante/kamahal/kaganda yung dala mo! ialay mo na lang ng kusa yan kundi baka ikaw ang ialay nila sa tulay.

buti na lang Lord, buti na lang safe parin si terai kahit nabalian sya ng finger at nasugatan yung kuko nya kasi nga!! grrr kulit ng lahi!

osya ingat!

for the lack of things to say.

the internet has turned kids into garish attention trolls, polluting their brains, corrupting their morals, and sowing a false sense of security in their minds. why the hell. >:| i was scrolling through my tumblr dash in hopes of running across an interesting entry (which isn't fandom), and i get this so-tagged TTH post that features a topless picture of that friend of mine. i got curious about what TTH means so i searched it up. next thing i know, the page is loaded with vanity shots of people (Filipinos for the most part) showing off SKIN. girls in their bras, guys in their trunks,  lens flared pacute faces, and for the conservative minority who's riding the bandwagon: just a picture of themselves at (what they think is) their best .

TTH is short for Titillating Thursdays, where everyone is encouraged to post a "titillating" picture of themselves every thursday. purpose please? aside from developing a pornographic domain of attention deficit people? oops sorry, that's probably an overstatement BUT you see, this is senseless. is this some sort of promotion to get more followers? just what kind of followers exactly? argh.

on another note, i've been terribly busy with school lately! >_< there's the blasted SOFTENG revision i have to make before wednesday, the NETWRK2 defense i have to freakin nail tomorrow cos i badly need the exemption, lots of things to hand-write for PROGLAN, and MATHMET! wthell, i have to go through a lot of invisible notes to survive this. argh. and ohyeah, there's the 4THGLAN2 project too!

this is by far, my hardest trimester at school because there's a freakin ton of programming involved! hay! that said, i'm afraid my grades are gonna rocket down this term. i still wanna get a full scholarship but the chances are damn slim. i'd be lucky if i still get into the partial-scholars list. need to work harder! >:(

HAHAHA the mangoes JM gave me last week are still sitting on our fruit platter! still waiting for em to ripe! HAHAHAHAHA no, green mangoes aren't my thing. lol i just accepted them cos i can't leave em rotting at the office. haha

yey! i was kindof financially distressed the past few weeks cos the term is ending and so is my work. and yknow me! i don't really save up! so i was worrying that i won't be able to pay my now 2 friggin monthly bills. thank God cos lately, i was informed that I'LL BE HAVING A SUMMER JOB!!! YEHEEEYYYY!!!! i'll be spending the summer working, and doing stuff at school. i don't care about enjoying summer at all. i'm glad about this "extended" job offer. whew! Lord, sana full time to please!!! >XD i'm really glaaaaadddd cos it proves that God really provides!!!

but honestly speaking, the only thing that excites me about this summer job is the possibility to usher during the graduation LOOOOOL

Ken Out Source Free Job: Scam or what? PART 2

in response to my previous entry about it

after 4 days of spamming my online facebook friends with this link, I'VE FINALLY REACHED $100. well, virtually, that is. now i don't know if they're ever gonna forward that amount to my paypal or not, but for now all i have to do is wait .one of my friends said i have to wait til next month cos they only send payments once a month and i was too late for the march 2011 cutoff. she also mentioned that one of her friends got paid. oh well, HOW TRUE IS THIS?

i dunno if they auto-include users in their payroll but after reaching $100, there seems to be nothing i have to do next. 
a very helpful FAQ page
so let's wait till uhm, early may if this crap is true. if it's not, oh well, there's nothing quite big to lose in here... first, i didn't pay anything... i just had to market the link they gave me by asking my friends to click. so there... we'll see we'll see. >:)

yeah yeah i know i could be banking on scam, which is why i did my best to reach $100 so i could prove if they really pay stuff and shiz. >:)

i've never read a review on this type of job offer Ken Out Source offers so, hmm, we'll seeeeee okay? i'll get back on this in a month or so! >:)

UPDATE: Ken Out Source Free Job: Scam or What? THE FINAL VERDICT

Yahoo Purple Hunt 2.0

Hi. So i entered the game and can't get the YM keyword, that's the friggin first box. i already added ypurplemaster and he has given his default first message which contains some instructions. it says there to type in "help keyword" and other bunch of crap and blah. thing is, HE DOESN'T REPLY. or am i doing something wrong? like, where should i enter that so-called "help" keyword? should i send it to him via chat? ugh. i feel so stupid haha

i was wondering if the keywords are the same for everyone, or does each player get a unique keyword like yeah? idunno. heck. if you're kind of

i wish they'll be doing ayala mall tours soon and be offering purple hunt shirts and freebies like before cos i soo want that! >:D

anyway. HELP! >:D

Day 4: the meaning behind your blogger name

the lack of communication really pisses me off big time! i hate having to wait for someone who doesn't even care how long i've waited, or if i'm still waiting like shit. i hate waiting for someone who is so damn insensitive not to even check me out after 1 fucking hour of leaving me. no phone? who cares. i'm like what, 20 steps away? that shit can't even drop by and say hey i'm in a fuckin glitch so ya have to wait longer. nothing? not even a friggin popcorn? fucking date. waste of my freaking precious time. i do stupid things when i'm angry so when shit got back i was like, "i'm leaving." then i stomped away to the opposite direction. enraged but tryin to keep it together. i was in a super angry mood, the 2 sales hoes who came to me with "hi, pwede magtanong?" i replied with a flat out, "hinde." i could've answered longer with "hinde. wala akong credit card" but i'm not about to waste my words. i'm so freaking maaaaadddd. >:| until now! fuuuuuuck.

here's another rant. i'm kind of being fed up with people who are so fucking self absorbed. friends included. i know i know. i must tolerate shit like this. they're my friends. i have to be nice even if i'm sinning inside. pagbigyan sige pagbigyan. they think they're too important that every whisper is about them. every guy likes them. and every girl is insecure. the fuck bitch. the fuck. why can't you get over your freaking self and stop indirectly fishing for compliments. thing is, everything i hear is so friggin ohkaaay, so what?! significance please? there's not much sense left in the world anymore. i know i'm not making sense but comeon i'm just tired of having to put up with people who assume too much and talk too friggin much about themselves. parang, yeah big deal much? so fucking whaaaaat?! i understand sige, it's okay, it's so freakin okay to be flattered by the SMAAAAAAAALLLEST things. like when tambays call on you on the street. when someone offers to carry your things. when someone opens the door for you. yfeel important of course. when someone confesses to you, yesss  shempre you're the most beautiful creature on earth!

it's cool. it's really cool. but those ain't bragging rights! every tambay would whistle to every girl who walks on the corner. a common gentleman would open the door to anyone, senior citizens included. a naturally nice guy would offer to carry your baggage if it was really heavy duuuhh and while confessions bolster up egos so friggin much, it's not worth the brag. like fuck yeah. it's not like i don't care about the smallest things people do, but yknooow i believe people are born nice! it's like a default predisposition. everything they do nice, is not just for you. you are not that special. everyone is nice! yun lang yun. hindi lang sayo kaya wag lalaki ulo por faborrrrrr.

siguro nga in a different perspective, they're the better bitches. they appreciate every fucking piece of attention given to them. they notice everything that they think has something to do with them. oh why, am i not the same? of course! i'm a bitch too and i'm a terrible assumer. i overthink and overanalyze things to the point of damnation. the only difference is, i never confirm any of my assumptions. let alone bring them up.

i just hate this daaaaay so friggin much. the anger is still in my chest (seryofuckingso!) for waiting for the bastard for one frakkkkin hour. where's my patience? no, where is the shit's politesse!??! and i thought you were tryna make it up to me?! shit man you wasted it.

excuse me, i can wait for hours! as long i know i have to. don't keep me guessing how long i should sit here and rot cos i'm definitely leaving. man you can just tell me, hey this is gonna take 15 minutes. and if it's taking longer, you can go back and tell me, 15 minutes more. and so on and blah. if that was case, i could've waited patiently KNOWING THAT SOMEONE VALUES MY FREAKING TIME. cos my time is GOLD. grrrrr

my goodnesssssssss.

PS: when i was in elbi i was adviced that it's healthy to confirm your assumptions, once in a awhile, specially the strong ones cos you'll never know how reliable your instincts are. (after all by virtue of the scientific method, hypotheses are to be tested out). my problem is, i did that once and i kinda lost a friend. i lost another friend when i did it twice! i keep losing my favorite dudes (uhm and a dudette errr) yknow.

do you even know what i'm talking about?
i don't! HAHA

Day 3: My day in great detail

what is great detail...?
i know this is late HAHAHA

mommy woke me up for church, it's 5 freaking am and i'm groggy as hell so i told her i'm going in the afternoon instead and went back to sleep, ah but not before downing two caps of meds. 3.5 hours later my cellphone rang and it was mommy, telling me ate wilma took the day off and that they're on the way home so i should get up and make breakfast. askdhcabsa crap, i hate doing chores but yeah, no choice. >:| so i went down and cooked longanisa, fried rice and boiled kamote >8D they came, i set the table, we ate and blaaaahhhh. took a bath, went to my neice's baptism as proxy ninang, ate a bit at the reception. talked a bit with my cousins. slept on the sofa. woke up with a bad headache, it's the side effect of the morning caps i take. went home, slept for awhile, woke up again at 4. prepared for church. took the tryke. gonna get down to the bus stop. HAHA joke. i see my friends. JOOOKE. took the fx to sm north. got down at the church. walked up to the audi. which seat should i take? HAHA it's joketime! sang. extreme moral dilemma. gave tithes. listened to pastor dave preach about the rewards of faithfulness. wrote my usual dear lord chorvaness. added items to my 2011 wishlist at the back of my dear lord notebook. muni-muni. end service. walked out. crossed to sm north. lined up the lagro jeepney terminal. paid till FCM. transferred at litex. took the dahlia jeep. went down. yellow tryke. home. ate wilma is back. >:) said hiiii!!!! went up. online. ate dinner. drank coffee. wasted time. blaaaah. is here.

Day 2: 10 likes and dislikes

oh well this is too late!

to make things different... or just so i won't sound like a self-obsessed girl dropping off yet another list of likes in case any of you want to give me gifts bwahehe

i'll be listing my ... 10 favorite YOUTUBERS (i do LIKE them after all) cos i've been hangin around there a lot, lately. or ever since i upgraded from dial up bwahaha

in no particular order.

1. SUNGHA JUNG - he plays the guitar like heaven! i made an entire playlist of him in my player. take note that ripping off videos from youtube and converting em to mp3 is a tedious task for me (aside from being illegal), but that's how much i love his music. >:D

2. KAILE GOH - supercrush! she's so hot and talented! ♥ not really a fan of the songs she covers but i watch her because i love looking at her! hahahaha sorinaman nakakatibo seryoso amp

3. MADDIE JANE - here's a very very promising kid with amazing voice! check out her covers, specially Price Tag and Jar of Hearts. >:D

4. DAVE DAYS - waaaahh supercrush! when i first saw him on DigiTour's promo vid, i was like WAAAAAHHH NERD MATERIAL ALERT ♥♥♥ but no, i kindof got disappointed that he's too cool. WAAY TOO COOL that he can't be a nerd. but i guess he's weird enough. ohwell. check out his cover-slash-parody of Rocketeer. only thing i don't like about him: he worships Miley Cyrus. it breaks my heart. argh. hey, HE'S LEFT-HANDED! >XD

5. LUAN LEGACY - this bitch talks real! HAHA you might find his uber fast talking annoying but his messages are exactly how i feel at times, check: you are not that important haha and also you don't need a boyfriend to feel good HAHAHA oh and THIS: don't ask for advice if you won't listen dang right.

6. KURT HUGO SCHNEIDER - just go check him out! he's one hell of a producer/filmmaker/musician everythiiing! >:)
7. SAM TSUI - he works with #6 and his covers are on Kurt's youtube page. >:D my favorite from him is his just a dream cover with christina grimmie, which brings me to

8. CHRISTINA GRIMMIE - one of my favorite singers! her voice is amazing. HAHA notice the amount of text decreases as i'm being lazy again hahaha.

9. ANDY DORFMAN - because i like her style and music >:) i want to learn this kind of production. and this one, it's a bit eccentric but i like it! >>> Beautiful

10. MARIA ARAGON - because she's so cute! haha

and now, for my 10 dislikes.
ehhhh, i'm not gonna pretend to be nice here BY NOT POSTING my 10 dislikes. i could go on for days if you want but by virtue of being lazy, i'll drop the 10 loathes off! i hate being reminded of what i hate anyway, ruins my day. haha

was that even bought?

the joke is over. i don't even know if people bought it, but i know some who did i.e. my hs barkada. was it fun? yeah it was. but for the most part it gave me the creeps specially when i had to play along with the fake wall posts like uuuughhh. eeeeeeew. that's waaay too much cheese for this friggin fake relationship. LOL see i can't even fake being sweet fogawdsake. so, this is how it feels being public about a relationship for the first time. sofa king WEIRD. or maybe it was because it was erni. LOOOOOOOOL joke lang HAHAHAHA

erni and i pretended to be bf/gf for the remaining 8 hours of april 1 by changing our relationship status at FB. it's a common joke but we're curious on how people would react to it. guess it went well? ugh. hahaha anywaaaaayyyyy

JM gave me mangoes... from their yard i guess? and i was like, P'Shone is that you??? can i be Nam for awhile? (refer to the thai movie First Love) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

oryt. softeng mode. >:|

Day 1: Write some basic things about yourself

basic and obvious
1. i love visual arts: drawing, doodling, web designing, staring into art galleries at SM megamall
2. i love coffee: specifically pioir 3-in-1 organic coffee >:D
3. i have small hands, short fingers and i bite my nails so they're really ugly haha

i'm not sure what basic means haha
hey i have news!

oh, would you believe i have a boyfriend? i don't. anyway, I DO. as of writing i'm in a relationship with a friend i've known for 2 years. we've been together since, hmm, since i switched to sun. LOOOOOOL we tried to keep it down for a while but realized a bit of publicity won't hurt so we decided to spill it NOW cos we know most people won't buy it. we've talked about it and we're cool about sounding like pranksters, building a commotion in the name of April Fools' Day. we don't want a buildup of serious onlookers anyway, so we don't mind a few friends thinking we're only fooling around. hehe srsly.

btw, lemme greet you again.
Happy April Fool's Day
can't put anymore emphasis on that >;)

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