how shyness is a form of vanity

so why are you shy?
because i'm afraid they'll laugh at me
why will they laugh at you?
because i'm afraid i'll mess up and they'll notice
why will they notice?
because people notice all the flaws on stage
of all the flaws on stage, why do you think they'll look at you?
do you think you're pretty?
do you think you'll catch their attention even if you messed up?
do you really think the people out there are watching YOU?
it's not like that...
yes it is. you're not shy. you're narcissistic! you're vain! you think when you come up on stage, people will be looking at you. now, let's put that narcissism to good use. why don't you go out there and give justice to what the people are expecting of you, after all, you don't want them looking at you disappointed, right? go there are drown in their ogling eyes. you think you're that pretty right? you're not shy. you're afraid of the attention they might give you. which means you're expecting attention from them. cut your shy-face and go onstage, you attention deficit scum!

ay galit sya. HAHAHA

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