this is the start of an awesome month. tomorrow has to be an awesomer day and the days to follow has to be at least awesome by default. i am so friggin happy. kinikilig ako! seryoso! i've never been this giddy over something that is not of the male species so. uhm. thank you Lord. you love me so much! >XD

for one thing: I HAVE A JOB! yes i was being a jerk over not getting mam faye's text messages but it turns out i'm part of the summer SA's. i was so bitter over it diba? ranting over twitter, sending out my resume to companies loool i am that desperate to have a job. >XD

because i want that ZUNE! >XD
and of course, my camera paid. FIRST. arg.

it's also crush overload this day!
there's JM! and Tirso! >XD OMGEHHHH!!! and i learned something this day! JM! JM! why must you be so kind like crazy. >XD why?!

tomorrow. dapat si Yeorim naman! HOHO

PS: i just saw 5/7 of my grades and and, i want to faint!!!! >XD

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