talaga naman oo

this day was so friggin hot! >XO nakakagalit ang init!!!! >_< ambilis ko mabadtrip. hay. hay. hay.

things to be thankful for on this day:

1. sold my phone finally! tumubo pa ko ng 50 pesos yehey! now i'm back to black and white! i realized it's the bestest phone i could ever have. colored phones tend to hang when messages start to stack up. touch phones are a pain when you want to type fast. high-end phones aren't for students who commute everyday and are fond of hanging stuff on their necks. haha last na talaga to Lord. di na ko masisilaw sa mga magagandang cellphone! pag may trabaho na ko for real, chaka na lang ako maguupgrade. for now. necessity ko ang flashlight (pag ginagabi sa daan) at "insert number to text msg" feature that is lacking on nokia OVI phones (primarily why i sold my c1-01 apart from  ayoko dun sa nagbigay ops joke lang.). that feature is a must for me kasi nagloload ako eh! paload ka? >:D

anyhow. i'm so glad it was sold in less than a week!

2. in relation to #1. now i have money to pay my 2 monthly bills! sakto cos kararating lang nung isang bill. yehey.  yehey. paying bills (as in bills of services i personally consume) on time make me feel like a responsible adult. ALTHOUGH at some point, i think i'm too young to be paying bills! feeling ko baka pag laki ko, andami kong gastos sa buhay. anyway, God will provide! yaman din lamang na magiging magastos ako in the future, ibig sabihin, I AM BOUND TO BE RICH! diba Lord? haha

3. coffee and cinnamon! >XD

4.SLEX for the first time in a looooong while. long while meaning, the last time we drove past the toll gate, the toll fee was 65 or something, now it's 151. homaygaaadddd. the roads were definitely better tho! >:)

why bother?

tama. why bother involving myself with stuff that has nothing to do with me in the first place? ika nga diba, curiousity killed the cat... but satisfaction brought it back. pero this time, i give up. i give up na talaga. i'll quit prying into people's business. i'll quit scooping around people's lives. i'll quit asking. i'll quit wanting to know more.

ok lang naman. i can live with it. less gastos! my friend is by my right, LOL. together we'll focus on things that are much more important than gossip and frolics. together we'll kill our social lives and be indifferent. from now on, i'll listen only to the things that are said to me, personally. i'll quit being a digger, even if it kills me inside cos i feel so left out. kayo kayo na lang mag chismisan.

quoting eleonor roosevelt, "Great minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, Small minds discuss people."

ok lang yan. at least i have someone with me, someone who has always been there, someone whom i will always cherish. awww i love you! seriously. more than anyone else in this drying grassland. hahaha tayo na lang! wag na sila!

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