[Windows] How to open specific programs/applications using the Run dialog

If you notice, when you hit Win+R, type 'mspaint', and hit enter... Microsoft Paint loads up! i'm assuming it'll work for majority of us Windows PC users! Try typing 'calc', and the calculator should open up. >:) I find this method easier and faster than having to navigate on my Desktop or searching on the Start Menu,

This tutorial will teach you how to open specific programs or applications using the Run dialog.


1. Win+R >> type 'regedit' >> hit enter
this will load the Registry Editor.

2. On the Registry Editor, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SOFTWARE >> Microsoft >> Windows >> Current Version >> App Paths
the items listed on App Paths are the different shortcut keys you could use to run a certain program using the Run Dialog box. >:)

3. Right click on App Paths >> New >> Key

4. Rename the newly created key. For example, i want to create a shortcut key 'word', for Microsoft Word. I will rename the key with "word.exe". Putting .EXE is important >:)

5. The right window pane will have an item called (Default). Right click on it >> Modify >> enter the program path on "Value Data".

6. The program path is the location of the executable file that will load up the program. If you don't know where to get it, go to the folder Program Files, look for the folder containing your program and copy the location of the program .exe file. >:)


On the Start Menu >> look for the program you want >> right-click >> Properties >> copy the path on the Target field and supply it on the 'Value Data' from the Registry Editor

this is majorly just a note to self in case i forget but i hope it works for you too. >:)

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