was that even bought?

the joke is over. i don't even know if people bought it, but i know some who did i.e. my hs barkada. was it fun? yeah it was. but for the most part it gave me the creeps specially when i had to play along with the fake wall posts like uuuughhh. eeeeeeew. that's waaay too much cheese for this friggin fake relationship. LOL see i can't even fake being sweet fogawdsake. so, this is how it feels being public about a relationship for the first time. sofa king WEIRD. or maybe it was because it was erni. LOOOOOOOOL joke lang HAHAHAHA

erni and i pretended to be bf/gf for the remaining 8 hours of april 1 by changing our relationship status at FB. it's a common joke but we're curious on how people would react to it. guess it went well? ugh. hahaha anywaaaaayyyyy

JM gave me mangoes... from their yard i guess? and i was like, P'Shone is that you??? can i be Nam for awhile? (refer to the thai movie First Love) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

oryt. softeng mode. >:|

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