truly. madly. deeply.

namiss ko mag-blog for real! there are days when i would backtrack and read all my previous entries from years back and realize how much i've changed! back then, i used to blog everyday, exceedingly and with horrible detail, of how my day went. but now it's all about, err, i dunno condensed thoughts. maybe i'm just not at home most of the time that i fail to blog about stuff immediately. hehehe

i'm gonna post a birthday/christmas wishlist soon, so watch out. as if e no. bwahaha

// finally! saycee and i are going to start our OJT this wednesday at napocor. i call it napocor cos it's more popular but we're actually working under NGCP which is short for national grid corporation of the philippines. unfortunately though, chances are slim that we'll finish 200 hours before the trimester ends, or at least before mam samson submits our final practicum grades. which means that i'll possibly only have 12 units credited this term. consequently leading to my name dropping off the dean's list. argh. yeah. that's my biggest concern about this bullcrap. that's (well, assuming i'm still in the list by next tri) one certificate less. >:|

// nummeth midterms. major major crap! honestly, the items weren't so perplexing! but they aaaall require a painstaking amount of paper!!! it's so easy to get lost cos the solutions are so freaking long and tedious. we sat there for 4 hours with our necks bent down, our spines arched uncomfortably, and our brains bleeding and begging for the 11 torturous items to quit making us sick to the bones. to no avail! it was freakinnnn hardddd. Lord. huhuhu

// by the way! the above lines was supposed to be for last friday... but i kinda left it hanging with so many things butting off in the middle of my writing. hahahaha

// yesterday. i spent the entire day with my boyfriend's family! >XD came to their church, had lunch, met a "few" of his relatives (few pdaw un eh haha), and played badminton at night. kapagod! saya! hahahaha i'm learning badminton! yeaahh HAHAHA i thank God a lot because everyday he assures me that i'm with the right man! i love you jeckie chan! >XD

// and now. i think i have a lot of photoshopping to do. haay pero err... nuod muna ko vampire knight! bwahahaha tagal tagal na di ko parin to tapos! >XO


OMGEE first monthsary!

yey i believe this is the first time i'm gonna talk about my boyfriend for real! who would've thought i'd finally have a boyfriend! hahaha i thought i'd be one of those NBSB for life girls, forever frustrated and never noticed by the opposite sex. but owell, yehey yehey!

this was such a cool cool day! >XD after the ADEPT training, we went to church and spent the rest (well a few hours) of the night at RnB (Read n Brew) cafe near my place. 

first boyfriend!
first devotion together! 
tall mocha frappe for Php 70  >:)
super tall banana smoothie for Php 60

blueberry cheesecake for Php 55

ribs. Php 115. basta ribs yan. >:P

jec's gift! >XD photoshopped 23 peso bill! ♥ ♥ 
my gift! half long bong doodle >XD 
my jeckie chan! ♥

it feels great to be in love.
like srlsy! >XD
thank you Lord! >XD

thank you so much for making this day super duper special! yehey! >XD i love you jericho chanco dave! >XD

moar dreams

it's been a while since i last blogged about my dreams! i hardly remember any of them anymore because the alarms always disrupt them. anyhow!

I. i dreamt that i failed the interview with the starbucks store manager. that's like the last step before getting into barista training. the sm was kindof petite, fair skinned and sorta chinita girl. her hair was long and tied. i think she kinda said that the main office endorsed me too late that she already accepted 2 applicants. there was a small sheet of paper with the 2 names written on it, including their available working hours. i didn't get the names tho. hehe then i was crying and practically begging her to gimme a chance whatever. then my boyfriend came and asked the sm why she's making me cry. apparently, terai who was with me in the store texted him so he came and blah. bwahahahaha weird.

II. this was only awhile ago. but i already forgot most of it! >XO what i do remember is my school mate, olibs, ushering me somewhere to talk or something. cos i think she's consoling me about something bad that happened. something that led to so many people hating me or something. hehe puro something hahahaha. she was like, 'don't think about it too much. i've been hated by so many people too.' then i recalled how she was during highschool and thought, yeah maybe. i don't exactly hate her back then, but we were never close. the place was like holy corridors. or something. okay!!! something something something.

binondo mode! >:D

Mucho Mucho Nachos

here's a supercool food stall that sells nachos at a very affordable and FULFILLING price (beats the hell outta Nacho King or even Taco Bell but i'm not one to say cos i don't usually dine at TB hehe). Say hello to MUCHO MUCHO NACHOS! currently at 2 locations, SM Fairview (annex building, in front of timezone) and SM North EDSA (main building, in front of Toby's. 1st floor i guess?).

The menu (from SM north)!

And my favorite, MUCHO WRAP! >:D at 55 pesos this is such a freaking steal! I call it nacho burritos cos it's really nacho burritos. bwahahaha it's like nacho salad on a pita bread. Look how it's done HAHAHAHA

ground beef, lettuce, salsa, nachos, onion, tomatoes, cheese!!!! >XD
the generous ate wrapping my mucho wrap! >:D
with that, i urge you guys to try out MUCHO MUCHO NACHOS! because it's very very very fulfilling and cheap considering the type of menu they offer.

7-11 is giving away FREE Snickers chocolate bars!

Do you want to win FREE snickers bars at the least, and at most, a samsung galaxy tab?
Well 7-11, in partnership with mars chocolates, brewed this promo for us!!! >XD

so how do you win free snickers bars?
* essential prerequisite: a facebook account
* check your notifications if some of your friends have already given you invitations from Snickers Philippines (it has been going around the town recently, so chances are you've already got an invite)
* if there's none...then
* go to the snickers philippines facebook application at
* allow the application to pull some blah from your profile. or just click on 'allow' lol
* like their page as suggested by the following webpage
* and then... there, once the app loads. the instructions are aaaaall there.

@ get as much of your friends to like the Snickers Philippines page by sending them invites using the app
@ 5 likes = 1 snickers bar

thing is, you have to be the first one to invite your friend, otherwise even if he/she accepts YOUR invitation and liked the page on your account, the credit still goes to the FIRST one who gave the invite.

so some tips for immediate results, and this is how i usually do it too:
$ if you have a lot of friends, go online and send invites to your friends whom you know have only few friends. cos chances are, with the very few friends they have, an invitation hasn't reached them yet.
$ as soon as you've sent the invitation, chat with that friend before she logs out. haha give a generic copy-pasted message telling him/her to accept your Snickers Philippines invite on his/her notifications and blaaah
$ be nice and accommodating! chat like a human and not like a spambot hahahaha

application requests are easily ignored, so unless you tell the person something cool's up with the app request you just sent, he'll never look into it on his own.

anyway. currently on 16 bars! working for more! >XD

let's just hope this is as reaaal as it gets. lurking around the 7-11 fanpage, i haven't read a good feedback about their claiming procedures (even with the other promos). plus, a lot of people are complaining that some 711 stores are ignorant of the promo. LOL  i'm dang crossing my fingers on this. it better be real. >XD

oryt. now if you're up for the promo, edi go!
better tips (aside from creating fake accounts)? ping me!>:D


not cool. why do i feel like i have done so little for the organization's prosperity. >XO 
all the while i was only thinking of myself, of how my activities would spice up my resume. president of this and that, academic scholar and all. but then yknow, i wasn't really being a good pres and crap. i'm too lazy for my own good. my sense of urgency is way off. >:| all of these i have done for myself and myself alone. and also to ease my parent's disappointment (but that's only like a sickening 10%). sometimes i wonder about what was said about all these amounting to nothing when i die.

btw, quiz tomorrow. this time. i'm gonna read my notes. right now (orly? u beliv me?). for the record, if i do this now, it's gonna be the first time i studied at home this trimester. wow.

ah by the way, i don't understand why i've been too emotional lately. like every small thing that touches me makes me cry, every bout of insecurity, paranoia or jealousy tears me up, and every episode of Budoy (starring Gerald Anderson) brings me to tears. when did i ever become this soft and scared and crap. >:|

i haven't touched my notes! craaaappp >XO and nummeth still bums the hell out of me. plus i haven't been working on my OJT requirements. wth. >:| and the light in my room is broken. >:|



nummeth ruined my day. freakin quiz. careless mistakes and more whatnots. how do i get back on this? 2 remaining quizzes and the rest are freakin exams. i need to get my studying mojo back. i never study at home, and quizzes have a habit of surprising us and leaving us point blank dumbshickz. arg. i have no one else to blame but myself and my assumed poverty hahahaha.

i'm busy with another internet promo! this time, FREE CHOCOLATES my golly! i have 5 bars now! how big is 35grams of snickers? hmm... dear Lord. THANK YOU! >:D i am soooo excited like rebecca black on friday. you guys have no idea how i'm trying so hard not to sound like a spammer whenever i ask people to click on my wall ads or like some page and blah. i'm trying. thank you! and i will never scam you! >:D you mark my word on that. hahahahaha joke.

i'm not sure if it's still the menstrual syndrome kicking in or just the mere thought of free chocolates excites me like crazy. i dunno. just. don't ignore my invites LOL. it's for a good cause. it's for my chocolates. my snickers. not exactly my favorite chocs but it's FREE so yeah. >:)

binondo mode! >:D plus maybe if i start noticing these two fitness balls (aero and volley) beside me, i'd start burning some fats while watching. hahaha


moody mode

there are days when i feel extra sensitive like every small thing affects me and makes me cry. like now. err. menstrual syndrome? i want selecta coffee crumble and pretty little liars season 1. i also want some tissue. huhu


tumbling! >:)

// madungis daw! oh well, the texture breaks it. what exactly do they want anyway? hehe
HONESTLY. i'm trying to avoid office trips LOL if could only last there 15 minutes without adding anything to my to do list, that's kindofa miracle already. BWAHA sorry. tamad lang. >:)

// i'm getting fatterrrrrr, where has all the stress gone?! >XO i've been stuffing on sweets and junk the past few days, my throat is starting to hurt and i feel sick already. and why is it that i get headaches a lot recently? >:S

// i'm craving for kitkat aaaaarghh

busy campaigning

// BWAHAHAHA like i have anything better to do right? see, i've finished designing the tarp, stubs and certificates for the coming dean's list awarding and heeeeey, i didn't have to post it HERE. which makes so much sense and confirms that this blog is really cursed. or something.

// steve jobs just died. rest in peace. my condolences go to everyone who's affected by this. hehe not an apple fan so. yeah. i wonder what microsoft thinks.

// economics. i don't understand why our prof is being too considerate of her students. i mean, i do understand why but i don't get why she's too bothered about it. it's not her fault. and the way i see it, it will never be. definitely. she's too kind! if only everyone would study! hehe anyway it's something to be thankful for. where would you find someone who'd let you retake the same exam just to let you pass? sucks that my score didn't change. lol. crap.

// i feel guilty with my campaign strategy #24312. the one where i say hi or hello first to the person, and if he/she replies, i paste the link asap. assuming that they have no reason to ignore my message. but then, i don't really want to get into a conversation so it's guilt-tripping when people actually ask me how i'm doing and all. haha. sorry. manager mode. >XO

// err. sjadjkjhkdf. i really want to get into multimedia arts someday.


draft from 10/04/2011

one of the rare days this trimester that i get home early and not plop myself on the bed immediately. i'm not sure what exactly i'm doing for the last few days (aside from manning the table at 302 for shirt orders) that i always end up really tired when i get home. i feel uhm, greatly unaccomplished! still no OJT! no remarkable progress on the field trip! no money to pay for org shirts! then my parents are becoming extra strict now that i have a boyfriend hahaha! then yknow it's so uncool how i'm so broke and back to being a major bum. even if i was earning so little back then, i'm proud because it gave me the independence i needed to decide on my own and buy the things i want, because it's my money! but right now i'm just argh like, okaaay never mind not having a usb for a while cos that's like 400 bucks. never mind not smelling of white musk for a while, cos that's 800something on a regular day. never mind the samsung earphones, i dunno how much they cost but it's definitely not within budget. never mind checking out for walking flats or clothes, i'm not in an urgent wardrobe update (never am) anyway. you see, the income effect in economics is so friggin true. your income is proportional to your expenses. you earn bigger, you spend bigger. you earn less, you spend less. now it's about cutting off on the luxes, the things i know i can live without for awhile (but will definitely get back to once i get some decent cash flow). >:D hahaha and since i don't want to exaggerate more on my self-proclaimed poverty, i'll see it as a way to, errr, kindof loosen my grip on material longings. LOL and as if. >:P and it's not like i'm being bitch poor. hahahaha

anyway. most of my money is going to food. i've been eating recklessly since the trimester started, a kindof just retribution for the amount of appetite i lost last tri for stressing myself voluntarily. blah.

long time no bloooog

draft from 9/30/2011

// since typhoon Pedring hit us, we've lost electricity for almost 4 days now. elec's still out so i just borrowed daddy's laptop to blog heheheehe

// still no luck with OJT.

// started re-reading All American Girl by Meg Cabot and realized how dumb it really is. but it served its purpose, it got me into books which is a huge favor! reading it now, the only thing i find interesting is the inclusion of art in it. somehow i think art classes won't necessarily cripple your creative freedom by bounding you to rules and all. it's actually needed if you really want to stick to being a non-conformist. how would you know you're being deviant if you don't know what the convention is? anyhow. other than that, it kept me rolling my eyes thinking how superficial and shallow teenage flicks are. and to think i considered this my favorite book? it's like looking back at your childhood crush 10 years after and wondering in fits of laughter how you even came to like the person. that. half-way done but yeah. i'll be bearing it. the lack of electricity helped me catch up on my reading list.

// it ardy october. bills payment time! and i thought i should be working by now. argh.

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