long time no bloooog

draft from 9/30/2011

// since typhoon Pedring hit us, we've lost electricity for almost 4 days now. elec's still out so i just borrowed daddy's laptop to blog heheheehe

// still no luck with OJT.

// started re-reading All American Girl by Meg Cabot and realized how dumb it really is. but it served its purpose, it got me into books which is a huge favor! reading it now, the only thing i find interesting is the inclusion of art in it. somehow i think art classes won't necessarily cripple your creative freedom by bounding you to rules and all. it's actually needed if you really want to stick to being a non-conformist. how would you know you're being deviant if you don't know what the convention is? anyhow. other than that, it kept me rolling my eyes thinking how superficial and shallow teenage flicks are. and to think i considered this my favorite book? it's like looking back at your childhood crush 10 years after and wondering in fits of laughter how you even came to like the person. that. half-way done but yeah. i'll be bearing it. the lack of electricity helped me catch up on my reading list.

// it ardy october. bills payment time! and i thought i should be working by now. argh.

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