[FIXED] MX Player Pro incompatible with latest Android 4.4.4

i love MX Player Pro, it's my favorite android media player because it effectively plays videos with subtitles in .srt! I've been using it for years but just recently when I upgraded to Android 4.4.4 (KitKat), the app stopped working and i get this:

i inquired using the email link found at their google play page and they responded with this:

that's it pretty much, we just have to wait until they release a version later than their August 22, 2014 build.

Meanwhile, any MX Player Pro alternatives you know? 

I switched to HD Video Player for the meantime but it sucks that it can't play subtitles so i'm stuck watching english series for now! huhu can't catch up with Angel Eyes tuloy! >X(

download the latest version finally! 


MX Player Pro released a build last December 28, 2014 that fixed this problem for us! Yeyy! Go download yourselves the latest version, that's MX Player Pro 1.7.35 :D works perfectly!


3 important things I learned at DPOP Professional Blogging Summit 2014

i was really fortunate to have scored an invite to the recently concluded Professional Blogging Summit organized by Janette Toral and Jeoff Solas. It happened last October 18, 2014 at A.Venue Mall, Makati and was co-presented by A.Venue Mall, Salad Box, Island Rose, and Profriends (Property Company of Friends).

the half-day event targeted bloggers, social media specialists, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, etc. so they could learn and discuss how to turn blogging into a sustainable profession.

i was really excited to attend the event, it's my dream to become a professional blogger. it's the only item in my passion list i'm willing to do full time because it excites me a lot!

i came with my friend and former colleague tina and we came in late because we were so lost! coming all the way from the north, we didn't expect the EDSA traffic (srsly, who doesn't expect EDSA traffic?! our bad!) so we had to find a different route. with the help of waze (our new found love), and some guts too, we were able to navigate through the downtowns and reached makati after one and a half hour! when we were finally near, we were literally flailing over the sight of makati city hall like "OMG!!! there's the city hall! we're almost there!" (but nonetheless still late).

New blogger friends! Leo, Donna, Dianne, Me, Tina, Shane, and Vic :)

anyway... here are my takeaways from the event. i learned a lot, made friends, and realized that the summit didn't only cover blogging per se, but its entire impact in the business industry as well.

1. do not build contacts, build relationships
this is how i see a "contact": 

for a good while i only considered the people i worked with as contacts. people i interact with everyday in a professional manner should be segregated from my so called friends. i simply didn't want anyone from my workplace to meddle into my personal life, if that's what having a relationship with them meant.

and i was wrong. 

if i was to do blogging as a profession and kept everyone i worked with as a blogger in this category called "Contacts", sure that's kindof valid... after all, they're contacts naman talaga. but then they'll be forever boxed with my concept of a contact which is: just someone i know... with a number on my phone.

listening to the speakers i was reminded that in order to really succeed in what you're doing, you have to build relationships. and that meant getting to know the person deeper, not just as a blogger but as a person as well.

it's kindof challenging if you ask me cos i'm not really a friendly person, but since i'm running a personal blog... i want to be as personal as possible to everything i've accounted here so far, even the brands i promote, and the people i work with. it's really haaard. HAHA but i'm positive about it! >XD

here's to making relationships!

so... how are you? (err, that was an awkward start)

2. avoid bashing online
and this applies not just to people or celebrities, but also to bad service we get from some establishments. we read a lot of this online, from a worm in one's soup, to a cockroach poop in someone glass of iced tea, yadda, yadda, yadda. 

i must admit, i have a short temper and i get easily pissed with bad service. when i'm greeted with something displeasing from a store i patronize, i just want to take pictures all over in a manner that will tell everyone looking that "this is going online. beware." 

as blogger, i was made to realize that we have great power (yeahh, no matter how small-time you think your blog is!). and you know what's next, responsibility! haha! >XD how do you want your power to be used? do you want it to close down businesses? or to help them improve? instead of ranting online, why not take that feedback form and write down your concern? talk to the manager, and discuss things over. don't make a public spectacle of someone's mistake. businesses are run by humans too, so let's be kind and responsible as bloggers. :)

3. the beauty of social media strategies and target marketing
apparently, not just because you have a large facebook following means you'll get instantly considered to promote this and that brand. it's not that simple. if you were the social media strategist of that brand, you'll have to consider your target market, where they lurk most at online (it's not always facebook, i tell you!), and what they do. then build from there. if you were targeting kids, would you always want to lead them to a blog or a website with lots of text? or would you want to contain them to just a photo on your facebook page with all the information laid out in a creative manner?

i'm not a marketing person so the technicalities involved with brand promotion is something that amazes me a lot. apparently it's not as simple as having a fashion blogger promote your store, and waiting for the horde of customers to come in. haha

this business is crazy and exciting at the same time! 


that's it for me! it was one very informative day! imagine if we came in earlier! aaargh! it only fueled up my passion for blogging more! grabe, someday talaga i'm going to turn this into my 9-5! hahaha! i'm glad that i was able to meet new blogger friends too! :D i came in inspired and came out more motivated than ever!

so...let's start with my ever growing backlog. hahaha

Husay at Malasakit: just what the world needs

Happy throwback Thursday everyone!

Last year I was given an opportunity to do some design work for an organization's fund raising event --- a fun run! Being that I get easily excited with anything that has something to do with layouting and all the nitty gritties involved with it, I took the offer and did most of the design paraphernalia for the event.

The Storytelling Project Run for Reading
click for source
Apart from the proud feeling that people got to wear a race bib I designed, or saw a poster I so carefully thought of, there's also the heartwarming impression knowing that the organization I'm supporting is going to run miles with their advocacy of reaching a community of young learners and impart to them the indispensable value of reading. :) 

This non-government organization., The Storytelling Project is one such effort that is very close to my heart, for it allowed me to share my passion for the arts, and it's also advocating something that I strongly believe in -- education!

Up until now I'm still extending my talents as a volunteer artist. I'm currently doing a children's book project with them and I'm so freaking excited about the outcome! Stay tuned for that! >XD

When it comes to something you're good at, you love doing, and is benefiting a lot of our countrymen, there should be no stopping you! Our greatest passions have the ability to feed our souls in an incredible manner. 

That's my husay and malasakit story, and much like UNILAB, I have taken it to heart to exert my best in everything I do, and consider the many lives i could touch with my passion. 

Being the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, it's no wonder how they have braved the test of time and proved themselves to be worthy of our trust. It's admirable how in spite of the changing times and technology, UNILAB's heart didn't waver in its mission of providing only the best healthcare products to the Filipinos.

Watch their latest TV commercial thrusting their newest campaign and be further assured that UNILAB cares for us. :)

Bawat hakbang may husay
Bawat galaw may malasakit


what's up!

here's an update, i've just become officially terribly busy and i can't be any happier. ANO RAW?!

well, it's a default thing. it's always busy at work, but lately i found myself not succumbing to it totally like a, uhhh, i dunno. maybe my load's gotten lighter, that's got to be it. or is this the effect of working out regularly (and still not losing weight)? chossss.

i have a huuuuuge backlog to attend to (what's new!) and they're piling up day after day! i haven't even blogged about Blogapalooza 2014! i'm afraid i'll just skip it altogether, which isn't a good idea if you ask me because i wanted to share a lot about what happened there. hehe plus it's unfair to the products i've sampled from the event hehe

there's also quite a bunch of writing opps sitting pretty in my mailbox. i'm so excited to blog about all of them. haaaay, work is so much easier if you're writing about something you love! <3 how i wish i could dedicate my 9-5 to this. tsk. haha

i knew a day was gonna come when i have to be reminded about my pending illustrating project. Super Labandera is still hanging on for dear life, after being lost in my radar for an awful 8 months. now i only have a few weeks to deliver and oh my gulay, this is going to be a freaking stressful month for me. wooooh! aja! excited parin ako pero andun parin yung guilt na bakit ba kasi ang tamad tamad ko. hay Lord. give me strength! >XD this is for my favorite NGO --- The Storytelling Project, and the advocacy that's closest to my heart, education. bow.

What really happened at the Quezon City Food Festival?

foreword: this is coming from someone na napagod kalalakad, at naubusan ng pagkain. expect some anger haha 

Maginhawa St.
Around 4pm. Maginhawa x Masaya 
honestly, i was one of those who were overly excited about this event. it was a definite must-go. a food fest at Maginhawa? are you kidding me? it's already a food haven over there and staging a festival in that popular street will be such a gastronomic adventure. 

i only learned about the fest a month or so before the actual event and by that time it has already made an incredible hype. their facebook page was full of teasers that effectively invited over 10,000 likes in less than 3 months! everyone was excited! who wouldn't be?

the vision their agenda gave me looked exciting at first glance, a concert during the day, fireworks display at night, a street full of food, and a 2km road closure. wait, what?

they had to close the entire stretch of Maginhawa from Masaya St. to V.Luna Extension to better regulate the fest. i was griping at this thought at first, specially when i was made to walk some 500m to jeckie's house. argh, i was in such a sour mood i even confronted the marshalls to express my disappointment. obviously, that didn't work cos i was just bitching out. and bitching out never worked. take note. 

by the way, i'm writing this super late after learning so much about DPOP's Professional Blogging Summit, so taking my learnings into account.... I SHALL (try) NOT (to) HATE. keyword: try

you know how hard it is to not rant when you're so pissed off by a certain experience right? so i waited for my furrowed brows to come down and tried to look at the event in a different light. naks. let's not be partial. haha

okay, let's break it down:

  • as a frustrated designer, i found the online teasers and ads very well designed. that included the posters, the infographics, the commemorative plates, and everything they shared digitally. hehe it's one of the reasons why i enjoyed promoting the event. i'm very partial with the design haha
  • they hosted a lot of pre-event giveaways and promos! aaaand as much as i'd love to join, i was discouraged by the amount of people actively participating... so there goes my totally diminished chances of winning.
  • they picked a very good place to hold a food fest. diba diba? haha
  • i believe everyone was well informed about the event... the place, the road blocks, possible detours, who to contact as an exhibitor, tent prices, etc. it's all in their fb page.
  • i must say, kudos to their PR/Advertising team. they did a really good job promoting the event. i think the idea of a Quezon City Food Festival was unique and exciting so it's no surprise it was such a success.
  • i called it a success because from the organizers' view, well that's something to add to their booming portfolio of events handled/designed/executed/headed/etc. i just hope it adds the value they hoped to get from it. >:|
  • from a purveyor's standpoint, amassing an incredible amount of foot traffic meant money, money, and money. i bet every single tent sold out, even those who have never sold out ever since. hahaha!


it was literally The Hunger Games when dusk came about. so many stalls have sold out. there were just SO MANY PEOPLE and SO LITTLE FOOD left to appease everyone's growling tummies (ours included).

i was already at the place by 4pm but decided to take a nap at jeckie's first. we came out around 8:30pm and we're already so freaking late. no more Big B, and everyone's kindof wrapping up their tents already. only chance you get to, uhm, enjoy the night is to buy booze, but then again, NOT ENOUGH SEATS. and can i just add that it's also TOO DARK FOR A FESTIVAL. i thought it was because a lot of stalls started packing up early, but then again, they're not supposed to be our major source of light...rrrright?

another thing, the promised WIFI WAS NOWHERE TO BE FELT. pinalampas ko na lang cos i know better than to rely on public wifi for big events like this, but it seems like even the Smart stalls didn't know they were offering free wifi coverage. when i inquired to ask for some 2 booths, the free internet they were promoting was the one which needs data connection (text FREE to 9999). and that's hardly the wifi the poster was boasting about.

anyhow, we gave up scouting for food when we reached this point:

the crowd has already gone to a toxic level i swear i wouldn't have survived that bottle neck without fits of rage and lots of elbowing. chos. i'm not that violent... and hungry. haha


i'm not sure how to differentiate the bad from the ugly haha kelangan ko lang kumpletohin talaga haha.

in the end, we just came back to their house and ate hotdogs with the family. hihi i'd say it's still fun, after all, it's the company that's really going to save your day! we watched TV all night (but i slept halfway) and waited for the fireworks display. tsss, we could've sold those hotdogs out haha!

oh the fireworks! that's something good right? >XD haha back to the ugly things...

i feel like the organizers don't feel sorry enough for causing so much trouble to a freaking lot of people. a lot of angry posts were littered over their facebook wall, and while some of them got a personal reply from one of the organizers, it still didn't feel right. and i read some really negative posts were deleted too.

yes. i was kindof expecting an apology post or something addressed to everyone, but i guess if they think it was a success, it'll be up to their prides to issue something as humbling as that.  they posted a thank you photo though. nope. that's not an apology.

on a critical note, the success of the event cannot be concurred as a fact when a major fraction of their service endpoint isn't happy! and that's us! aaaargh. it's so frustrating when only the capitalists are being served! kainis!


i hope you learn from this experience. rest assured that i still believe that you all want us to be happy and that half of the bad things i emphasized up there (read: bold red) are out of your hand. you surely cannot be blamed for that, right? how could you have known there'll be thousands upon thousands of hungrybods coming for food? and how could the business owners have prepared for that multitude? then again, you pulled the people in, you're kindof responsible.

hmmm, next time what about putting up a facebook event parallel to the page just to get a headcount of the people joining? >XD also you could setup something banchetto style that wouldn't take an entire street. i think that would be enough. but i guess you wanted to involve the entire food circuit so err, oh well. >XD

as for the bad stuff in blue, i blame you for that! :P

in all honesty i didn't the enjoy the event, but i can't hide the fact that i'm still positive about a 2nd QC Food Fest next year, simply because there's already so much points for improvement that there's no reason not to improve. hehe

whew! were you also there? how did you find it?


The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market

here's a weekend market that's perfect for those looking for artisinal, organic, philippine made, and natural products! catch The Urban Food Collective on all weekends of October to December 2014 at CommerCenter, Ayala Alabang and be part of TUFC's mission of gathering a community of patrons and purveyors who are passionate about quality food and other items!

by the way, ENTRANCE IS FREE!

to be exact, here are the different types of booths that will grace the weekend market, so if you're one of those who are thrilled with these kind of items, you know where to go!
  • Gourmet
  • Artisinal
  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Eco-friendly
  • Philippine-made
  • Handmade
  • Unique finds
  • Bespoke items
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Handicrafts
  • Pop-up shops
bring your family and friends with you and enjoy in this super cute workshop! if you are one (or if you know someone) who has totally bitten into the loomband craze, there will be a free Loomband Workshop at the market this weekend. check out the poster for more details and be sure to sign up! :)

loomband workshop

lastly, Citi will be giving away a thousand worth of Crocs gift certificates to 15 lucky winners! check on the image on how to join or read further for more details:

Crocs giveway

3 steps to join!

1. Like TUFC at Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/tufcph)
2. Follow TUFC on Instagram (@tufcph)
3. Repost the picture about on your FB and IG accounts and tag TUFC. Make sure the posts are set to public for verification.

Winners will be announced on October 31 and prizes must be claimed at the TUFC Weekend Market!

that's it! for more details be sure to follow TUFC's social media accounts on facebook, twitter, and instagram (@tufcph). Their official website can also be found here.


awhile ago i was reminded of something i have come to take for granted recently and that is:

first and foremost, i'm a Christian and that in everything i do, i should uphold my faith. i will avoid doing anything that would put my beliefs and values in an uncompromising situation, especially if it's about my career. God first. that's all, and the rest of my life should follow suit.

my decisions should always be guided by the question, "what is the Christian thing to do?" or even the more popular WWJD haha. i'm never usually bold about my faith but awhile ago i was so caught up with something unsettling that caused me to inquire to a couple of my friends (kasi 2 sila wahaha) and my boyfriend about their opinion. i couldn't disclose anything about it but i'm happy and sealed with the decision i made.

thank you so much jeckie, yndi, and dems! <3 <3 <3

good night everyone! have a blessed day ahead! :D


Coming up! Professional Blogging Summit

hey goys! i've been out and about this weekend and i can't wait to rant and rave about yesterday! haha for now let me plug you in with another exciting event:

Professional Blogging Summit will happen this coming Saturday (oct 18) at A.Venue, Makati.
it's a half day event that aims to gather bloggers, social media specialists, entrepreneurs, etc. in an insightful afternoon filled with discussions about making blogging a sustainable profession.

i've read the agenda and i'm so excited to learn about all the topics outlined! i may not be a professional blogger yet, but it's already in my bucket list! it's the very reason i signed up for this, i want to learn as much as i can so i can further equip myself in what i consider a dream job for myself! >XD

head on over to their website for more details

Just visit their website and fill out the form found at the bottom of the page. By doing so you have to agree to the conditions mentioned there, otherwise, you can pay Php 500! but really, the conditions are simple and almost effortless if you're really interested in the summit. i can't wait to blog about it! >XD

See you there!



i had a dream

i was running late for some marathon that i think was sponsored by nike when i got a fit of rashes on my arms, much like what i had thursday last week (in real life*). i rushed back to the house to get some antihistamine, careful not to bump into my mom for fear that she'll notice my horrible rashes and stop me from joining the run. the end. haha

* thursday night i had a scary allergy attack. scary because my allergies usually just bring me to an indefinite wheeze fest to the point of my ribs aching, but never rashes. round red itchy spots, sprouting on all parts of my body, aching to be scratched. around 8pm that night i started getting itchy on my shoulders. when i went to the bathroom i realized my arms are already full of uninvited redness, and so are my thighs and torso. craaaaaap. >XS i got really scared and wondered what i could possibly have eaten that may have caused the outbreak.

it was really unusual because the only different thing i ate that day would be a cinnamon roll from starbucks, but i had it for breakfast so if i was allergic to it, that's quite a big delay for a reaction. plus, it's not my first time eating that. T__T the only other food item i ate is a homemade tuna sandwich, which is - again -, not new to me. i was wondering if i came in contact with some higad or something, or maybe it's just that my jacket hasn't been washed in 3 weeks na haha! ewan ko ba.

i wanted to rush to the ER but i have a ton of stuff to do (read: OT) and i might not be able to finish it on time if uhm, prioritize my health. #chos

ano raw? kala mo kung sinong workaholic and super dedicated employee eh no.

nope. don't put in that basket cos i'm hardly employee of the month material. haha i'm just concerned about my tasks, which should be finished a lot of days prior but then look at me! with no sense of urgency, and a habit of cramming, you'd really think i'm one big nominee for the most-dedicated-kahit-kinakati-na-sya award ON THAT DAY. the previous weeks were so blah i just want to get home and sleep.

which leads me to the real "dejavu"

Overtime and time again
i've been struggling to accept the "fact" that my job is really prone to OTs. around this time 2 years ago, it was also OT season for our team because we had to finish a development project. uhuh. sounds family diba. haha i don't really mind rendering over times, you get extra money for what it's worth, but you lose precious sleep. something my mom has been aggressively nagging me about most  specially when i decided to work for 15 straight hours, jog at the break of dawn, then head back to work for another 7 hours.

she was so mad, and i was so sorry. i was awake for some 30 hours total and honestly Starbucks' Cafe Americano did the most part in keeping my nerves up. it's a crazy upper. i love it. but i'm not taking it unless i really really need to stay awake for long hours. >XS that's a tip and a word of warning for you, so... you're welcome! haha

Time trial

5k group reprezent!
if i told anyone i was jogging after an almost double shift, they'd most probably think i'm stupid. and i would to. i knew i was being stupid by choosing to run despite an apparent lack of sleep. maybe that's what all nighters do to your brain, they suck out your reasoning and push you to do self destructive things. >XS

but i didn't regret it. i was so alive the entire run. i had a good 3k run around UMAK's oval (from qc to makati in the break of dawn! oyeah!), and the blasted drills worked me up big time. then there's our carbo loading party after that got me extremely elated because someone brought MAKI. trays full of maki. maki that i happily devoured. i was literally glued to the chair where the maki's are sitting. i was so happy. >XD the run was worth it. i didn't feel weak or anything... but i knew i still had to rest. of course. >XD

that was last week! how was your week? :D

life lately

haller! this post has been sitting on my drafts for toooo long, all my chikas are so outdated na. :( anyway, here's what's up!

i jogged 2k straight! would you believe it?! >8D

i can't believe it too! last saturday was our 2nd LSD (long slow distance) training and i was able to jog the UP Oval straight (uhm, round?) without resting with a walk! that's kind of 2.2km you know! feels great! though my knee was nagiinarte nanaman after the run, i find it really really fulfilling! hahaha

book fair haul

no, not those! hahaha

i told you about the 35th MIBF right? IT WAS OZOM! it got me totally broke but i love love love all my purchases!

i tried to get my hands on a lot of chinkee tan and bo sanchez and i frkn can't wait to read them all! even so, i had to PUT THEM ON SALE kasi aaaaaargh #money. the plan is to read them while no one's interested yet! haha

new nailz
before heading on to the book fair, terai and i got ourselves a nail pampering at Nail Cocktales Blue Bay Walk!

i got gold something and terai got the hot pink chuva. it was a pleasant experience! the ate assigned to  me was every bit helpful! she told me how there's square and round nail cuts and which cut is good for me. apparently, she squared me lol, aaaand it looks cool. sabi pa nya i should quit nail biting para hindi na kami tag tipid sa polish looooool. i was able to hold it for a good 2 weeks, mind you! now my nails are back to their same old horrible length. i'm so sorry. but my toe nails remain pretty and long naman. hahaha

i'm opening 2 new special blog post categories! Eats a Must! and Tara lets!

Eats a Must! will be a subcategory of the food posts that i personally recommend! as with the pun, it's a must that you eat there because you're not going to regret it! >XD

Tara lets! on the other hand are for events i'm personally going to and not just promoting! i'll be there, so see you!

now i'm just looking to find the best place to position these links hehe

i keep on forgetting my tech-kit
which is really just a purse with my usb cable and earphones haha. it's quite a bummer, no Play FM and no juice!

facebook flagged my blog as spammy

but i swear this site is clean

i started noticing it around september 20something, in retrospect, i admit to being guilty about excessive linking, but i don't consider it as spamming because hell, i'm posting on my OWN fb page, and the only other pages i post on are blogger communities which are closed groups. i only share on closed groups because i don't want my posting activity to be visible to my friends. okay, i was linking excessively after all. >XS

lesson learned? i have to moderate my syndicating activities. unless someone intentionally marked my links as spam! aaargh! u cows! i feel horrible thinking about it (like i want to kill. #chos). 

anyway. i'm so curious about fb's security policy now that i'm being flagged. huhu. i wish they had given me a warning or a list of voilations you know. grrrrr

C the difference: Mega C Sodium Ascorbate vs. Ascorbic Acid

Ever wondered why there’s a sudden change in the way Vitamin C is being branded right now? Growing up, I have always known it to be Ascorbic Acid, so what’s up with this new variant popping up on billboards and flyers, giving Vitamin C a new face, and claiming to be the better brew?

What is Sodium Ascorbate and why is it rampantly subheading Vitamin C nowadays, overthrowing the good old Ascorbic Acid?

A quick research reveals why:

Vitamin C is available in a lot of forms and the most commonly known one would be Ascorbic Acid. It’s a water-soluble, acidic compound that can be found naturally in a variety of fruits and vegetables such as oranges, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables. Pharmaceutical companies manufacture it in forms such as tablets, powders, capsules, chewables, and syrups. It is widely used as a supplement and is effective in strengthening the immune system and preventing cough and colds, that and a ton of other benefits!

However, due to its acidity, Ascorbic Acid doesn’t jive well with people suffering from gastrointestinal issues and stomach irritation, leading to a need in prescribing a more alkaline alternative, which is (and you guessed it right!), Sodium Ascorbate!

Sodium Ascorbate, on the other hand, is a counterpart of Vitamin C which is simply Ascorbic Acid diluted with Sodium. What’s special about this mixture is that the Sodium acts as a buffer, lowering the acidity levels of the ascorbic acid, making it easier for our stomachs to handle.

While the acidity level is the only major difference between Sodium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid, it could easily become the major reason you should switch to using Sodium Ascorbate instead. A happy tummy is a healthy tummy and our friends from Mega C can very well vouch for that!

Mega C Health Ventures, a leading distributor of health and wellness products, has recently launched its own brand of Sodium Ascorbate, aptly called Mega C. Lifted from their website are 12 reasons why you should make the Mega switch to Mega C Sodium Ascorbate:
  1. Mega C Sodium Ascorbate is non-acidic and has a pH range of 7.5 to 7.8 and it can be taken as much as preferred without the negative effects of other highly acidic Vitamin C tablets.
  2. It helps fight stress by boosting your immune system to help prevent you from flu, cough, bronchitis, respiratory problems and other viral and bacterial infections.
  3. It protects your cardiovascular system, particularly your heart from bad cholesterol.
  4. It protects the body from carcinogens found in processed meats by blocking the reaction between nitrates and proteins.
  5. Its direct effect on collagen has shown that it has the capacity to mend skin and bone injuries, and improve the quality of life of those who are suffering from disorders like multiple sclerosis and spondylitis.
  6. It helps reduce the insulin requirement of those suffering from Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and spondylitis.
  7. Its antihistamine function helps fight all forms of allergies, multiple sclerosis and spondylitis.
  8. It enhances sexual performance by making the endurance glands perform at its peak level.
  9. Its antioxidant properties prevent the weakening of the sperm cells.
  10. It helps whiten your skin.
  11. It prevents constipation and reduces the size of hemorrhoids.
  12. It uses vegetable capsule, which are all natural and retain all the advantages of standard two-piece capsules.
So what are you waiting for? Make the mega switch to Mega C!

Mega C is available at all Mercury Drug and leading drugstores nationwide, and sells at only 5 pesos per capsule! A box of Mega C contains 100 capsules.

For more details, visit their website at www.mega-c.com.

Sources: [1, 2, 3, pictures are from Mega C fb page]


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