awhile ago i was reminded of something i have come to take for granted recently and that is:

first and foremost, i'm a Christian and that in everything i do, i should uphold my faith. i will avoid doing anything that would put my beliefs and values in an uncompromising situation, especially if it's about my career. God first. that's all, and the rest of my life should follow suit.

my decisions should always be guided by the question, "what is the Christian thing to do?" or even the more popular WWJD haha. i'm never usually bold about my faith but awhile ago i was so caught up with something unsettling that caused me to inquire to a couple of my friends (kasi 2 sila wahaha) and my boyfriend about their opinion. i couldn't disclose anything about it but i'm happy and sealed with the decision i made.

thank you so much jeckie, yndi, and dems! <3 <3 <3

good night everyone! have a blessed day ahead! :D


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