life lately

haller! this post has been sitting on my drafts for toooo long, all my chikas are so outdated na. :( anyway, here's what's up!

i jogged 2k straight! would you believe it?! >8D

i can't believe it too! last saturday was our 2nd LSD (long slow distance) training and i was able to jog the UP Oval straight (uhm, round?) without resting with a walk! that's kind of 2.2km you know! feels great! though my knee was nagiinarte nanaman after the run, i find it really really fulfilling! hahaha

book fair haul

no, not those! hahaha

i told you about the 35th MIBF right? IT WAS OZOM! it got me totally broke but i love love love all my purchases!

i tried to get my hands on a lot of chinkee tan and bo sanchez and i frkn can't wait to read them all! even so, i had to PUT THEM ON SALE kasi aaaaaargh #money. the plan is to read them while no one's interested yet! haha

new nailz
before heading on to the book fair, terai and i got ourselves a nail pampering at Nail Cocktales Blue Bay Walk!

i got gold something and terai got the hot pink chuva. it was a pleasant experience! the ate assigned to  me was every bit helpful! she told me how there's square and round nail cuts and which cut is good for me. apparently, she squared me lol, aaaand it looks cool. sabi pa nya i should quit nail biting para hindi na kami tag tipid sa polish looooool. i was able to hold it for a good 2 weeks, mind you! now my nails are back to their same old horrible length. i'm so sorry. but my toe nails remain pretty and long naman. hahaha

i'm opening 2 new special blog post categories! Eats a Must! and Tara lets!

Eats a Must! will be a subcategory of the food posts that i personally recommend! as with the pun, it's a must that you eat there because you're not going to regret it! >XD

Tara lets! on the other hand are for events i'm personally going to and not just promoting! i'll be there, so see you!

now i'm just looking to find the best place to position these links hehe

i keep on forgetting my tech-kit
which is really just a purse with my usb cable and earphones haha. it's quite a bummer, no Play FM and no juice!

facebook flagged my blog as spammy

but i swear this site is clean

i started noticing it around september 20something, in retrospect, i admit to being guilty about excessive linking, but i don't consider it as spamming because hell, i'm posting on my OWN fb page, and the only other pages i post on are blogger communities which are closed groups. i only share on closed groups because i don't want my posting activity to be visible to my friends. okay, i was linking excessively after all. >XS

lesson learned? i have to moderate my syndicating activities. unless someone intentionally marked my links as spam! aaargh! u cows! i feel horrible thinking about it (like i want to kill. #chos). 

anyway. i'm so curious about fb's security policy now that i'm being flagged. huhu. i wish they had given me a warning or a list of voilations you know. grrrrr

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